Emma the nudist florist

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Emma the nudist florist
I felt a little uneasy as I pulled off the road and headed down the long drive to the car park. This was my first ever visit to a naturist club and despite my age I was still unsure of whether I would actually go through with going naked. It’s odd really because I suppose I have been a bit of a secret naturist for many years. We have a seating area in the garden, which is not overseen by any of the neighbour’s windows. The people who live in the houses at the bottom of the garden can view the area if they so choose but even they lose the view in the summer when our cherry tree has its foliage.

This has given me the opportunity over the years to sit in the garden naked without fear of being seen by anyone outside the garden. The only drawback is my wife who does not feel the same way as me and frowns upon me enjoying the freedom that being naked gives you. I tend therefore to restrict going naked to times when my wife Judy is out or in bed. Yes indeed; there have been occasions when I wait for her to go to bed and then strip off to go and spend time in the garden. Very often it is too cold to stay out there very long but at least I get my fix.

Judy can be a bit of a tease because when we go on holiday we always try to choose cottages that are located in secluded or remote plots so that we would have the place to ourselves. She has even hinted that she would be willing to let me fuck her outside which I would love to do but the one occasion we had the opportunity to do it she chickened out. We were staying in a lodge which was one of five lodges. The first week of our holiday we were alone; none of the other lodges were occupied and I tried desperately to get her naked on the grass outside so that I could fuck her but she backed out. I did fuck her but it was back in the bedroom. The closest we got to outside sex was a few years ago when the property we were staying in had a dry stone wall all around it. I put a blanket down and lay down completely naked and she gave me a blow job. It was good but I would have preferred more. Judy of course remained fully clothed. Actually I just remembered; she did give me a hand job in our garden once; that was nice; and unexpected but again she remained fully clothed.

I have spoken to her about coming to a naturist club with me but she remains totally against it; always changing the subject whenever I bring it up. I have shown her lots of information on the internet including letters from new nudists to try and persuade her to no avail.

Recently, however, we were sat outside having a glass of wine and I was saying how wonderful it would be if we were sat there naked which sparked off another lengthy discussion. Finally, she said “Why don’t you go?” “What? On my own?” “Yes” she said. “You want to do it, find yourself a local club and make some enquiries; those ones you were showing me last time invite people to come and try it out to see if they like it before they join. You could do that. You might find that it’s not for you and then you can stop badgering me about it” “But what if I like it; what then?” “That’s something we shall have to consider then” she replied. “Why don’t you come with me?” I suggested “You don’t have to take you clothes off if you don’t want; which would be a pity because you look far better naked than I do”. “Flattery will get you most places” she said “but it won’t get me into a nudist camp”.

I thought about it for a couple of days and then I did it; I called the club and arranged an invite to view the facilities and spend some time there. I was not able to go for a couple of weeks because they had events which were all booked up which is why I was here now on a bright and sunny Saturday morning in late June. The car park did not appear to be huge but looked about three quarters full. I noticed though that there was another parking area in the trees and there were cars there too. I parked up and made my way over to a ‘you are here map’ to check the layout of the grounds. I studied the map long and hard; using it as a delaying tactic trying to decide whether or not to proceed. My concentration was interrupted by a male voice asking if I was lost. I turned around expecting to see a naked man but he was fully clothed; as was the lady he had with him. They were both older than me but I found her to be an attractive lady. “I’m just checking the layout” I said, “I’ve not been here before. To be brutally honest I’ve never been to a naturist club before” “Ronnie, we have a virgin” the lady said. “Not a problem said Ronnie; we’ll show you round to the reception; I’m Ron by the way and this is my wife Celia” “Andy” I said shaking both their hands. “Thank you. I’ll just grab my bag. As we walked round Celia pointed to a caravan parked near the woods. “That’s ours” she said “you are welcome to pop round later; are you staying overnight?” “Well, I was going to see how things panned out and decide later” I said. “I have a tent and sleeping bag in the car” Ron said that they do have some accommodation in the clubhouse and there are a few chalets but they are always booked up well in advance. Mind you it was crowded last weekend so there may be something available. “Not to worry” I said, “I might not need it”

As we approached reception I caught sight of the swimming pool and many more naked people. There was a tough old guy swimming lengths in what must be pretty cold water but the others were just sat around presumably feeling less brave.

The lady in reception, Elaine was naked too; she was in her late forties maybe early fifties; not unattractive but sporting a body that like mine had seen better days. She was really nice and put me at my ease. She asked whether I would like to remain clothed for the tour but I felt that I was perhaps ready to take the plunge. I was a little on edge with excitement. She showed me to a locker room that was quite spacious; “I’ll be in reception” she said as I chose a locker to put my stuff in and started to get undressed. As Elaine left a girl came in. A pretty young thing in her early twenties wearing only a towel wrapped around her slim waist like a skirt. She walked in with her mobile pressed close to her ear and went down to the other end of the room. She paid me little heed as she passed me seeming oblivious that I was even there. I only had a fraction of a second to glimpse her breasts but they looked just perfect. I was happy that my penis made no effort towards any erection

I turned my back to her and got undressed stowing my belongings in the locker. I put my wallet and my phone into the bag that I had brought, slung it over my shoulder; put a towel over my arm and made my way to reception. “All set?” Elaine asked and I nodded more confidently now although I still felt like a c***d setting out on his first day at school. As we made our way around the complex we passed Ron and Celia; they were both naked now and smiled as our eyes met.

The tour was brief and only really covered the buildings and some of the rules regarding club etiquette. Elaine pointed through the clubhouse windows to where the chalets and sports facilities were; and she gave me a leaflet, which had a map of the grounds. It looked a really nice place and there were many woodland walks, which I know Judy would love. We went back to reception and Elaine gave me lots more information regarding the club and some of the functions and societies that they run. I asked her about rooms and luckily there were two rooms vacant this weekend. They are not usually available to non-members but she agreed to let me have one of them, as they generally remain unoccupied if they are not filled on a Friday.

Elaine filled in a couple of forms and took my details before handing me a key to my room. It was very basic but it did mean that I didn’t have to pitch my tent and it overlooked the pool, which was nice.

I decided to check out the woods and set off across the grass and into the trees; I was in my element; Judy would not be pleased that I was having such a good time although she would have enjoyed the walk through the woods. I encountered many other walkers and it just seemed quite natural for everyone to walking round in the buff. I would have to discuss it with Judy but the longer I stayed here the more I wanted to join and do this regularly.

I found myself coming out of the woods and into the main field again; I could see the clubhouse on the other side and decided to go and get something to eat. I made my way over to the poolside bar ordered a pint of bitter and a burger and grabbed the only available table to enjoy my lunch.

The service was not great and I drank most of my pint with no sign of a burger. But I was here to relax; the sun was hot so I lay back in my chair, closed my eyes and pushed my head back wallowing in the sunshine. My peace was disturbed by a female voice “are these seats taken?” she asked. I sat up and noticed that two gorgeous female bodies stood before me. I was in the throes of saying ‘no they are free when I noticed that the girl who had spoken to me was Emma, my daughter’s florist friend with a big cheesy grin on her face. “I thought it was you” she said. “Wow” I said “Emma what are you doing? Err, sit down, I’m sorry; I’m just a bit gobsmacked seeing you here. There is just no way I expected to see you here. “Well I am just as surprise to see you too, she said” “Oh this is Emily my daughter” Emma said proudly “Emily, this is Katie’s dad”. I looked across at the girl sat opposite me; “Hello Emily” I said “call me Andy” Emily looked like she was in her mid teens and was almost a perfect clone of her mother. Her breasts were almost as big as Emma’s were and she was just as pretty. This was not the first time that I had seen Emma naked; I have actually fucked her twice in our living room while Judy was out working although that was ages ago.

“Have you had lunch?” I asked “Let me order you something, I have a burger arriving anytime now”. “No, its all right” Emma said “we have already eaten”. “Well let me buy you a drink” I insisted “I’m gonna get myself another beer”. “That would be nice” Emma responded. When I got back to the table Emily had decided to brave the water. I sat down and admired Emma, which I could feel was starting to have an effect on my cock. “I’ve never seen you here before” Emma said, “No this is my first time’ I’m on a bit of a recce to see if I like being naked amongst other people” I replied “Is Dan here?” “No” Emma replied “He doesn’t come here; I used to come long before I met Dan. When our relationship started getting serious I told him that I came here and I would expect to be able to continue; reluctantly he has accepted it. I know he is not keen so I do not come here as much as I used to but every couple of months or so I find it relaxing to come here, get naked and relax”. “How did you get into it” I asked “Well” she said “It may surprise you to learn that Jo was coming here before me; indeed she brought me here as a guest one weekend and that’s when I got hooked. Jo’s Mum and Dad are both naturists and they are all here this weekend; they brought her here when she was a young girl”. “Jo is here? Jo is here walking around naked; all that time she was shying away from the camera as a c***d she was coming here and living naked; that’s astonishing” I said. “What about Emily?” “Well this is Emily’s third time. The whole family knew that I came here and just got on with their lives while I was away. The boys have firmly sided with Dan but a few months ago Emily said she wanted to come with me. I was a little apprehensive at first but in the end I brought her with me. She loves it; she even started walking around the house naked but I have had to put a stop to that” “She’s a good looking girl” I said “She looks just like you did when you were younger” “A lot of people say that” Emma added. “I take it Judy is not here then” “No” I said “Judy is like Dan I’m afraid; she won’t even set foot in the place. I have spoken to her about it and she is just not interested in naturism; however, it was her suggestion that I come here to see if I liked it as much as I claimed I did. I was worried that I would get an erection if I encountered any sexy looking women but I didn’t have a problem with that until you sat down” Emma looked at my cock. “Oh I still turn you on then” she said and reached over to touch my cock. It responded immediately. “Oh dear” she said, “I had better stop doing that” “Yes” I said “I am getting hard on my own just looking at you now, thinking about fucking you. I will never forget those times in my front room” “Who knows?” she said. “Maybe you will get to fuck me again; are you staying overnight?” “There is no way I can go home with that sort of offer” I replied. She smiled and blew me a kiss. I grabbed the end of my towel and covered my erection as I notice a girl from the bar bringing my burger over.

The afternoon passed quickly and I enjoyed being in the company of two very attractive girls. I couldn’t help thinking about Dan and how lucky he was to have Emma in his bed every night but also considered the torment that he might to go through keeping his hands off a step daughter as attractive as Emily.

Eventually the sub dropped lower in the sky and the air got cooler. We decided it was time to make a move. Emma suggested that I go over to their chalet for dinner. I thought that was a splendid idea particularly as I hadn’t given much thought to what I was going to eat.

I went back to my room to put on some shorts and a polo shirt and made my way over to Emma’s chalet. I called in at clubhouse bar on the way to pick up a couple of bottles of wine. I paid slightly more than I would normally have done but that was to be expected I suppose.

Emma and Emily had dressed for dinner too although neither was wearing very much. We
Were treated to some Spaghetti Bolognese and mighty fine it was too; the wine washed it down beautifully. It was such a nice evening that we decided to sit outside for a while and grabbed some fold up chairs that were hidden away in a storage box next to the chalet. We spent the evening drinking and talking; reminiscing really; telling Emily stories of things that happened when Emma was her age. Emma allowed Emily to have a glass or two of wine and eventually she decided she was going to bed. “Yes I had better be off too,” I said. “Why not stay here” Emma suggested “the sofa folds down into a bed, you can sleep here”. “Are you sure? It would save me walking across that field in the pitch black” I agreed. We all went inside and Emily disappeared into her room emerging with a bundle of bedding and dumped it in the chair. She kissed her Mum goodnight and amazingly came over and kissed me too. “Good night Mum, goodnight Andy” she said “don’t get staying up too late,” wagging her finger at us. “She is lovely” I said, “She is” Emma agreed. Just think if you had fucked me all those years ago when I wanted you to as a teenager she could have been your daughter. Emma put a disk in the CD player and pressed play.

Almost immediately Emily walked into the room; she was naked and my cock stirred. She went over to the CD player and turned the volume down; “it’s a little bit loud” she said; blew us both a kiss and disappeared into her room again.

“Better sort out this bed” Emma suggested and we unfolded it to reveal quite a sturdy looking bed although it did creak a bit when you sat on it. The music stopped and Emma changed the CD, “Oh I love this song” she said swaying in front of me “Come and dance with me” “It was a slow smoochy song so I agreed willingly. As I got to Emma she crossed her arms grabbed the waist of her flimsy dress and pulled it over her head throwing it on the chair and standing naked before me. “You too” she said “we have to be naked” I didn’t need to be asked twice. She came forward and pressed her gorgeous body against mine and we rocked and swayed our way around the room with our arms wrapped tightly around each other. In no time at all my cock was getting hard and pressing against her lower abdomen. “Someone’s pleased to be with me” she said and reached up kissing me on the lips. “I’m always pleased to be with you” I said and tightened my embrace. “Hold on a minute,” Emma said releasing herself from my grip. She poked her head round the corner to check that Emily’s light was off. She gave me a thumb up and came back to me; this time taking my cock in her hand while cupping my balls with the other. “I never thought I would be getting fucked this weekend” she whispered to me pushing me down onto the bed. She knelt between my legs paying lots of attention to my scrotum squeezing and caressing my balls gently. I lay back on the bed enjoying her touch. She leaned forward and put her mouth over the head of my cock. The foreskin was still covering the head of my cock but then she pulled down the shaft with her hands exposing my glans to the warmth and wetness of her mouth. She sucked hard on it and licked around pushing her tongue against my meatus which was now leaking with precum.

She released my cock and raised her head; “don’t want you shooting your load just yet” she said “I’m gonna want that in my cunt”. She said climbing into the bed and straddled me kissing me hard on the lips; then raised her body and dangled her lovely breasts over my face lowering them, moving from side to side rubbing them all over my face. I took a breast in each hand and squeezed them taking each protruding nipple into my mouth in turn. They were rock hard and I pressed her breasts together so that I could get both nipples in my mouth at the same time. She seemed to like that. She started to back down the bed pressing her breasts against my chest until she felt the head of my cock touching her labia. She raised her body and took my cock in her hand, pushing the foreskin back and using the glans to rub against her clitoris. She started to moan as her clitoris responded to the closeness of my cock and its gentle rubbing under Emma’s expert guidance. Clearly she knows how to use a cock; every now and then she would move the glans between her labia picking up the moistness within just lowering herself enough for the head of my cock to slip inside her. I loved that, it was so warm and wet inside her but she continued to tease me and use me as her human toy.

I loved watching her but I was gagging for her to taking me into her juicy cunt. When the moment came it was sheer heaven. She had worked herself up so much that when she chose to impale herself on me my cock slid right up to the hilt with ease. With me fully inside her she started to rock back and forth and round in a circular motion. I reached up and fondled her breasts rolling her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. While she rocked she fingered her clitoris until she started to cum. Her body shook violently as her orgasm took hold and eventually she fell forward on top of me.
I started rock her back and forth easing my cock in and out of her and pretty soon I was close to cumming myself. I rocked her forward and as I pushed her back I raised my buttocks pushing my cock hard into her advancing cunt. I started to increase speed and pressure until I started to fill her with my sperm. I held her tight to me until my cock had finished pulsating and the final drops of my cum were safely deposited inside her wonderful vagina. We lay there for some time without moving; my cock lost its hardness and started to withdraw bringing sperm and cunt juices seeping out and over my legs.

“We had better get cleaned up a bit” I said “we are a little bit messy down there”. “I know” she said “isn’t it wonderful”. Emma reached over and pulled a towel from the back of the sofa and we wiped each other clean. “I’m sure it gets better every time I fuck you” I said “it’s good for me too” she replied and we sat and had another glass of wine. It was too much for me to sit there without touching her and as we chatted I fondled her gorgeous breasts; she placed her elbows on the table allowing her breasts the freedom to be massaged by my gently hands. “That’s enough” she said “we ought to get to bed, I’ve enjoyed today, perhaps this could be an opportunity for us to enjoy each other’s bodies more frequently” “I’d like that” I said. “Me too” she agreed.

The bed was surprisingly comfortable and I was soon asleep. I was woken some hours later by someone in the bed with me. There was a hand on my cock stroking it and then I felt a tongue followed by warm soft lips around my glans. My cock slid further into her mouth. “Oh Emma” I said “that feels so good” although I didn’t have time to finish what I was saying before my secret caller left me. She covered my mouth with her fingers with a subdued SSSHHHH; then clambered off the bed and disappeared. It didn’t dawn on me at first; I couldn’t understand why Emma had dashed off like that. What if it wasn’t Emma? Surely it couldn’t have been Emily. I took longer to get to sleep this time with my mind running in overdrive but eventually I was woken by a beautiful naked Emma sitting on the bed. “How was the bed then?” she asked “It’s a lot more comfortable than it looks” I said “I dreamt that you came out to me in the night and gave me an amazing blow job” “Did you enjoy it” she said “Of course I did; I always enjoy having my cock in your mouth; it was just so realistic; it felt like you were actually there and it wasn’t a dream at all” “That’s good then” she said. “The only thing I am putting in my mouth this morning though is breakfast; I’m starving” and with that she went round to Emily’s room and invited her to get up and come through for breakfast. Well done Emma I thought; I’m still none the wiser; she managed to skirt round all my probes. Why didn’t she just say it was not a dream; maybe it was Emily; but she is so young?

Emily came out of her room with her hair looking a little disheveled and sat at the table. “Morning Emily” I said “Morning” she replied but you could see she was still half asleep and looked like she may be sporting a hangover. Emma suggested bacon and egg and I agreed although Emily said that she would have cereal and see how she felt after that. I put the kettle on for coffee. I needed it I had a mouth like the inside of yak’s carpet slippers. All that wine I suppose.

Breakfast was good but then again you can’t go wrong with bacon and egg; unless you burn it of course. We drew straws for showers and winner Emily disappeared into the bathroom emerging not much later looking better than she went in. She disappeared into her room; leaving the door open.

I was last to shower and when I came out Emma was on her mobile. “Don’t worry” she was saying. “I’ll do it; I can be there in 40 minutes” it’s not a problem; calm down; I’ll be there soon”. She put her phone into her bag “I have to go” she said “we have to deliver a bouquet this morning; Margaret was going to do it but when she was getting out of her car she dropped the key to the cold room down the drain; now she is in a right panic”. She called through to Emily “Come on Em we have to go”. “Oh No” Emily complained another ruined weekend. The teenager started coming out in her. “Sorry about this Andy” Emma said apologetically. “Its all right” I said these things happen. “Couldn’t I stay here with Andy; you wouldn’t mind would you Andy?” “You are not going to be gone long and we could tidy up here and do the washing up while you are away” “Oh I don’t know” Emma said hesitantly “Oh pleeease” pleaded Emily. “Do you mind Andy?” “It will be a pleasure” I said “I’ll take this moody teenager off your hands while you make your delivery. “Thanks Andy” Emily shrieked excitedly and came over giving me a daughterly hug but I could feel her fine breasts pressing against my arm.

Emily started washing up and detailed me off to do the drying up; just like being at home really. What a sight Emily made washing up stark naked with yellow marigold gloves on. We were fairly steaming along when she suddenly dropped the bombshell.

“How long have you been fucking Mummy?” she asked. “What? I said; almost dropping the plate I was drying. “How long have you been fucking Mummy?” “I haven’t been fucking Mummy as you put it; and what kind of language is that for a girl of your age?” “I think you are fibbing” I said “Fibbing?” I was at a loss. “Yes fibbing, you know lying; like not telling the truth” she said menacingly. “I don’t know what you are talking about” I said. “Oh I think you do” she said. “And do you wanna know why?” She turned to me, pulled off her rubber gloves and reached down taking me cock in her hand. “You see” she said “I came out to you last night and I was sucking your cock and you thought I was Mummy. There was no doubt in your voice; no surprise you just expected me to be her” “That doesn’t prove anything” I said. “I know” she said “but there is something else; something that leaves me in no doubt. You see after I went to bed I wanted a drink of water and I came out to get one and there you were together. Mummy was on top of you and you were thrusting your cock into her. I watched you; it got me very excited, I fingered my pussy while I was watching. I had to slip away as you started to cum so that I wouldn’t get caught. But I decided that I wanted to feel your cock for myself.

She started to stroke my cock just as she had during the night. “You shouldn’t be doing that” I said. “I know” she said and I shouldn’t have been sucking it last night but I was and I’m going to suck it again now”. She went down on her knees and started pushing her tongue inside my foreskin pressing the tip of her tongue against my meatus then pulled the foreskin back as far as it would go and took my cock into her mouth. God she was good; considering she was supposedly a novice. My cock touched the back of her throat and she started to withdraw and then started to take me in further still. She started to play with my balls. “These are just so fascinating” she said before plunging my cock into her mouth again. I started to thrust my hips pushing my cock further into her mouth and I felt that I was going to cum but I pulled out of her mouth and took her arms pulling her back in the standing position. “I have something for you” I said and I picked her up and carried her in my arms into her room and laid her on her bed. “Have you ever had your pussy and your clitoris licked?” “No” she said “I am the only one who has touched my pussy” I pushed her legs wide apart and started to probe her labia with my tongue; pushing it inside her and then up to her clitoris. I put my mouth over her pussy and sucked it into my mouth pressing my tongue hard against her clit. She was frantically panting and moaning and I felt that she was probably right; she has never felt the pleasure of someone else touching and probing her virginal cunt. It took no time at all to make her cum but she pleaded with me not to stop and that was fine because I didn’t want to anyway. I raised her legs into the crouching position which allowed me access to the little rosebud that was her ass hole. I licked it probing with my tongue and then pushed a finger inside her. She squirmed beneath me as I pushed my finger in and out of her tight ass and licked her labia and clitoris pushing my tongue into her. She had another orgasm. I let her legs down and fondled her breasts as she lay on her back recovering from her second climax.

She looked up at me; “Andy I want you to fuck me; I want you to take my virginity; fuck me like you fuck Mummy. Let me feel how she feels with your hard cock inside her” “I shouldn’t,” I said “I know,” she said “just like I shouldn’t have sucked your cock; just like you shouldn’t have licked my pussy. “OK I said” “just a little way in so you can feel what it’s like”. I started to rub the head of my cock up and down her labia daubing it in a mixture of her pussy juices and my saliva and then pushed in parting her lips; watching my glans consumed by her eager pussy. I pulled out and rubbed her labia with my cock again. “Push it in again” she demanded “I want to feel it inside me” I pushed into her again going deeper this time; it was good she did not seem to be in any pain but I was still only a short way in. “Deeper” she said “push deeper, I want to feel it all inside me I want you to fill my baby cunt”. “It will hurt” I said, “I don’t care” she said “I want it all” I pushed forward and she let out a scream that I figured the whole camp would have heard. I withdrew and pushed again less forcefully; her scream was less deafening now. With each gentle thrust her noises turned into moans of pleasure. I could enjoy it more now that I could see that I was not hurting her. I started to work up a rhythm; gently sliding in and out of her very tight pussy; her tight grip on my cock started to bring me off; I could feel that I was going to cum. I started to moan a little myself and my breathing became more laboured as I neared the critical point. And then I was there I could hold back no longer and I started to shoot my hot sperm into this little girl. I stayed with my torso pushed up against her cunt with my cock inside her. My scrotum was resting against her perineum as I pumped all my fluid into her. Emily lay there with a wicked grin on her face as she watched my face contort as I experienced the ecstasy of filling her cunt with my sperm. “Do you want to taste my cum?” I asked her and she nodded enthusiastically. I raised her legs up and slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy. I quickly went down on her licking and sucking her labia, lapping up my sperm as it oozed out of her. I climbed on top of her and she opened her mouth accepting my cum laden tongue. “I want all of it in my mouth next time” she said; “next time I suck your cock I want you to fill my mouth”. “We may never get a next time” I added “but if we do, rest assured you can have my full load in your mouth.

I left Emily and took another quick shower then went into the living room. Emily came out of her room with a towel and walked past me. “You shouldn’t be sat in here on a day like this” she said and stepped outside. I made my way to the door and watched her lay the towel down on the floor before making herself comfortable on it. She did look good. She was right I should be outside enjoying this; I might not get to do this again. I stepped outside placed my towel on my chair from last evening and made myself comfortable. It felt good; the sun beating down with just a hint of breeze brushing over us now and again. I drifted off into sleep.

I was woken up by the alarm on my phone; I was in bed at home. “What time is it” Judy asked “What?” I asked trying to get my bearings “what time is it?” Its 9 o’clock” I said “Fuck, I must have been dreaming” “You certainly had a very active night; you were tossing and turning, you kept waking me up”. “Sorry about that” I said “I was dreaming about that naturist club I am going to; it was very realistic; almost like I was there” “Do you want to tell me who Emma is?” I responded with “Who is Emma?” “Well I was hoping you could tell me; you were talking in your sleep and you woke me up just in time to be treated to you moaning Oh Emma that feels so good”. “Dunno” I said. “Oh wait a minute though; YOU know who Emma is. It’s Katie’s friend Emma, the florist” “What was she doing in your dream then?” “Well amazingly she is a nudist and has been going there for ages; in my dream she was there with her daughter Emily” “So what did she do for you that feels so good?” “She was rubbing sun block into my shoulders round at the pool; you know how you always insist on it”. Don’t really know how or why Emma got into my dream though. Did you know that Jo’s mum and dad are naturists and what’s more Jo is too. Well in my dream they are, that’s just something my devious mind added” “Well we know you were dreaming now; there is no way Jo would be seen walking around naked” Judy said, jumping out of bed naked and wagging her ass at me as she left the bedroom.

I got up, showered and packed my stuff. I was heading to my first naturist club. “Come with me” I said leaning down to kiss Judy goodbye. “No” she said, “be away with you, have a good time; see you tomorrow” “You might see me tonight if I don’t like it” I said and disappeared through the front door.

I felt a little uneasy as I pulled off the road and headed down the long drive to the car park. As I said this was my first ever visit to a naturist club and despite my age I was still unsure of whether I would actually go through with going naked.

The car park did not appear to be huge but looked about three quarters full. Amazingly it was exactly how it had been in my dream. I knew without looking that that there was another parking area in the trees and there were cars there too. I parked up in the space that I had in my dream and made my way over to the ‘you are here map’. I didn’t need to study it because I knew the layout. I stood looking at it trying to figure out how I could know all this. Just as before, my gaze was interrupted by a male voice behind me asking if I was lost. I turned around and there stood a man and his wife. I recognized them. They were both older than me and I still I found her to be very attractive. “No” I said “I am not lost. I should be because this is the first time that I have been here but I seem to know the whole layout of the place. I dreamt about it last night and everything is exactly how I imagined it. It’s very surreal. I’m Andy by the way and if my dream is correct you must be Ron and Celia; you have a caravan over there by the trees” “How did you do that?” Celia asked. “How do you know our names and how do you know that we have a caravan?” “You told me; when we met in my dream. I know this sounds unbelievable but I seem to be going through some kind of Groundhog Day. You very kindly showed me round to reception and we past an area near the woods and you Celia pointed out your caravan and told me that I was welcome to pop round anytime”

“This is all very strange” Ron said rubbing his hand over his cheek “very strange indeed” “You told me it was crowded here last weekend” I said “when you were telling me about accommodation” “Yes it was very crowded last week”.

We walked round to reception and I said “I bet when I get in there I will find a lady named Elaine behind the desk” “You will” Celia said “It is Elaine” today. Ron and Celia headed off towards their caravan chattering and shaking their heads and I stepped inside.

“Hello Elaine” I said my name is Andy Richards; I called a couple of weeks ago and arranged to come here today for a trial weekend. Well, I had dreamt that Elaine was nice and she was nice, very nice indeed. I went through the ritual of getting undressed in the locker room and watching the young girl more closely this time. Her breasts were bigger than they were I my dream. We followed the pattern of the tour and the form filling

However, I decided to change the pattern of my day and instead of going to the woods as I had in my dream but I would just go and sit by the pool. I decided to see if the bar service was any better and ordered myself a pint but I changed my food order to a basket of chips with mayo. I knew instinctively where the only table was and headed straight to it with my pint. I took a healthy swig of my pint and then settled down. The sun was hot so I lay back in my chair, closed my eyes and pushed my head back wallowing in the sunshine. My peace was disturbed by a female voice “are these seats taken?” she asked. I opened my eyes and there; just as I expected was the gorgeous Emma however; she was not with Emily she was with Jo; I looked around I was not by the pool I was outside Emma’s chalet; Emily was there stretched out on her towel. “Look who I bumped into on the way over” Emma said with a smile. Jo looked at me and shrieked “Oh my God, Andy”. Emma told me she had a surprise over here but I was not expecting it to be you”. “I am not totally sure that I am here” I said “I’m sorry; it’s like someone’s been fucking with my head. I sat there stunned for a moment. I sat in this chair and fell asleep, my alarm went off and I found myself in bed with Judy. I made my way here and sat by the swimming pool; close my eyes and wake up here again; it’s insane. I’m sorry Jo I’ve just been having a very weird dream I guess. I sat in silence for a couple of minutes trying to figure it all out.

“Anyway, how are you Jo, I haven’t seen you for ages. Have you got a man yet to take care of that lovely body of yours?” “I have” she said “he is over at the bar with mum and dad” “Oh he comes here then” “Yes, I met him here 7 months ago; his name is Neil” “Well that’s nice” I said “Its about time you got yourself settled down; although I was really thinking that’s a pity because she is a very attractive girl. She is a lot slimmer that either Emma or Emily with much smaller breasts and I knew as soon as I had come to my senses that I dearly wanted to fuck her.

I checked my watch and decided that I would call it a day and head off home having had more than enough excitement for one day. “Thanks for looking after Emily” Emma said “It was my pleasure” I said although clearly I was not able to tell her just how much pleasure it was. I went inside, grabbed my clothes and bid the girls farewell. I kissed Emma on the cheek, slung my clothes over my shoulder and started making my way back to the locker room. I had not gone far when I heard Jo calling to me. “Wait; I’ll walk back with you she said. She came up alongside me. “Has anyone told you you’ve got a nice ass?” she said. I was a bit taken aback but I told her that Judy is always telling me exactly that. She put her hand on it and squeezed my cheek and then slapped it. I felt my cock respond to her touch. “How many times have you been here? She asked. “I am a naturist virgin” I said this is my first time”. “Have you enjoyed it enough to want to come back?” “Yes I think I have” “Good” she said “I am pleased, we need more new members and it is nice if it they are already friends.

We reached the clubhouse and I made my way to my unused room to pick up my gear. I packed all my clothes into my bag and went to reception to pay my dues. It was Shirley on reception, a much older lady and her breasts had badly been affected by the earth’s gravitational pull. She too was keen that I should perhaps consider becoming a member.

I decided to stay naked until I reached the car walked through the trees to the car park. It felt strange to be walking into the car park with no clothes on particularly as there were other people arriving but I liked it. I decided that I would be back; I had enjoyed it far too much not too. All I had to do was convince Judy that my love of nudity should be allowed to flourish. Unless of course I wake up in the morning and find that this whole week-end has been just a figment of my imagination.

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