Employee Discount

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Employee Discount
“Tariq, you need to go get a suit for Uncle Mack’s funeral,” Jackie Woods instructed her twenty-four year old son.
“Okay, ma,” grunted the fast food worker who was on his day off playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
“I’m serious. Do it today. You can use JC Penney card.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Tariq! Have that suit before we leave for Cleveland tonight.”
“Okay,” the six-foot-one-inch slim dark-skinned guy huffed as he paused his game. “I’ma get ready and go now.”
“Thank you,” the exasperated woman sighed. “I’m gone to the beauty shop. See you later.”

Tariq rushed out of the bedroom he’d had since c***dhood and took a quick shower. He threw on a pair of Royal Blue brand relaxed fit gray denim jeans, an Akademiks red striped polo, and red Adidas high top sneakers. Before grabbing his keys, he stopped off in the kitchen to get a bottle of cool blue Gatorade. Tariq started his black 2002 Lincoln Continental and backed out of the driveway.

About twenty minutes later, the former high school athlete pulled into the mall parking lot. Inside the department store he began to browse.

“May I help you,” inquired a soft voice from behind Tariq.
“Yeah,” he said turning around. “I need to buy a, uh, uh, um.”
“You need to buy a what,” the sales associated prodded.
“A, uh, suit,” Tariq stumbled sizing up the slender, brown-skinned guy in front of him sporting a rainbow-colored grown out buzz cut and shimmering clear lip gloss.
“I can help you with that? Where are you going to wear it?”
“A funeral.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I guess you want it dark then, right.”
“Um, yeah.”
“Follow me.”

Tariq complied with the order as the pair weaved through the clothes racks. He couldn’t help but notice how the salesman smelled like sugar and citrus fruits. He adjusted his pants and willed himself to think of scenes from Faces of Death. It had been three weeks since he had gotten some pussy and around ten months since he last fucked a femboi. He didn’t fool around often with sissies – especially not this close to home – but he had on occasion after his first encounter at nineteen when he was attending junior college on a basketball scholarship.

“What do you think of this one,” the five-foot-eight-inch employee asked displaying a slim fit charcoal coat and slacks.
“Yeah. That’s straight.”
“What’s your size?”
“I’m gonna guess you need about a 30 by 32. I can check real quick if you like.”
“Naw. That sounds bout right.”
“Okay. Let me grab some shirts and ties. We have some great deals. I’ll be right back.”

Tariq watched the fairy disappear. Moments later he returned with an assortment of shirts and ties. Amazingly, he was also carrying two shoes.

“I just thought you might need some new footwear since you didn’t already have a suit,” the associate beamed.
“I can see you a good salesperson,” Tariq complimented him.
“Been doing this for a while,” he smiled. “I’m Braxton by the way.”
“That’s what’s up. Tariq,” he said extending his hand.
“Strong grip,” the fairy remarked.

Tariq settled on the lime green ones and headed off to the dressing room. He also informed Braxton that he wore a size eleven and liked the second shoe the best. When he exited, the associated went on and on about how nicely the suit fit and how dapper it looked. Braxton also offered him some dress socks and the box containing the shoes. Tariq slid them on.

“Your girlfriend will go, ‘WOW’,” he exclaimed.
“Yeah,” Tariq blushed.
“She will. Let’s ring you up.”
“Hold up. How much is all this?”
“Well, we have a twenty percent off sale. Just a rough estimate before I ring you up is probably two twenty or so.”
“Whoa. Y’all ain’t got no more discounts.”
“Hmmmm,” grimaced Braxton. “That’s all we have right now. If you were related to me, you could add my employee discount on top of it.”
“You mean we not cousins,” joked Tariq.

“Or if you had a baby mama working here,” Braxton laughed.
“I don’t need one of those yet,” Tariq jumped in.
“I know, right? But looks like you need something.”
“You’re pitching a tent,” Braxton whispered.
“My bad,” Tariq said biting his lower lip.

Braxton darted his eyes towards the dressing room and Tariq headed back. Braxton slid in just as Tariq closed and locked the door. The sissy was on his knees in no time pulling down the brand new slacks and navy blue boxer briefs. Tariq braced himself against the wall as Braxton licked the shaft of his seven inch cock. “Oh shit,” he groaned.

“You like that, big boy,” Braxton checked slapping the fat member against his face.
“Hell yeah.”
“Good. You wanna fuck me too?”
“You already know.”

Braxton crawled on all fours and Tariq began plunge towards his apple bottom.

“Ooh, nigga! Gimme that big fat dick,” Braxton winced trying to be quiet as he was on the clock.
“That’s whatchu wanted. Take that dick!”
“Fuck me in my faggot ass.”
“Ooh we.”
“Fuck me. Fuck that hot wet boipussy.”

Tariq shoved his meat stick repeatedly into Braxton as the panted. The warm, wet anus felt like heaven.

“I’m finna nut,” Tariq said just loud enough to hear.
“Nut in that faggot ass, baby,” Braxton whimpered.
“Ahhhhhhh,” the customer exhaled as he flooded Braxton with cum.

They both stood quickly. “Meet me at the register in two minutes. I’m sure we have a great sale going on now,” Braxton smirked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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