Erotic photography

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Erotic photography
(My first try writing an erotic story. The story is slow and sensual and written mostly from a woman’s point of view, so this is not something for the ones who like to go straight to the point. I do have a special man in mind as inspiration for this story, but you can of course see what man or woman you like when you read this, that’s the great thing about a fantasy. This turned out to be pretty long in the end, and English isn’t my main language so I don’t always find the right words, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! -Catgirl_-)

There was a couple who had been together for a while and they decided to try out this idea they had been talking about for a while, to get a professional photographer to take some nude photos of them.

She was curvy but slender with round medium size breasts and a nice round ass. She had long blond hair, dark blue eyes and her skin had a light suntan. He was tall and slim, had a nice firm ass, was naturally hairless more or less all over his body, and had long blond hair and light blue eyes. He had a few tattoos, one on his left shoulder, his right upper arm, his right lower inner arm, one on each thigh and one on his ass and he looked like a rock star.

They knew a photographer they trusted and would feel comfortable to work with and decided to ask him. He found the idea very exciting, and challenging since he’d never been taking nude photos before, and said yes. After some back and forth on where to take the photos they decided on their own bedroom since they would feel more relaxed there.

The light was set up and they both felt a bit nervous, but it also turned them on. In the beginning they left their underwear on. She had on a white satin bra and white thongs and he was wearing white undies. At first they didn’t know what to do, they wanted the photos to look real so decided the best thing was to do what they normally did when they were alone.

He’s standing behind her and put his arms around her waist as he start to kiss and lick her neck. She lays her hands over his and enjoys every touch of his soft lips and tongue. She can feel her heart is beating faster, both are still very aware of the photographer but try to forget he’s there. He opens her bra and let it fall to the floor as he place his hands over her breasts and slowly caress them, still kissing and licking her neck, as he start kissing her shoulder she feel his long hair tickling her arm and turn around, look into his blue eyes and kiss him softly on his lips. They hardly notice the blitz from the camera anymore. He bend down and kiss her breasts, she feel his tongue playing with her now very hard nipples and moans in pleasure. She let her fingers run through his hair and hold him close.
As he sits down on his knees he let his hands run down her back and place them firmly on her ass, kiss and lick her stomach while he massage her ass. He then put one finger on top of her thong and pull it slightly down as he licks her right above her clit. No one of them even care about the photographer now, all they see is each other. He licks her on her inner thighs up to the thong before he slowly pulls the thong off. He let his hands stroke her legs from her feet up to her hips and then pull her closer and let his tongue slowly run on the outside of her pussylips. Then he places his thumbs on her pussylips and slowly open her up and let his tongue slide over her pussy several times before he start sucking her clit, she’s now breathing heavily and lets out a moan. She can hardly stand still and start to shiver from the pleasure of his tongue. She falls to her knees, pull him close and kiss him deep and passionate. He feels her breasts pressing against his chest.
She let her hands run down his arms before she put her arms around him and stroke him on his neck and down his back, his skin feels so soft. She pull his hair to the side as she lick his ear, biting lightly on his ear-flip, kissing him on the side of his neck and his cheekbones before she let the tip of her tongue touch his lips light like a feather. He opens his mouth slightly and she let her tongue slide inside his mouth and kisses him as she let her hands run down his back and place them inside his undies and squeezing his firm ass.

She asks him to lie down on the bed. She sits down on her knees beside him and bends over him. She continues to kiss him down the side of his neck and down his shoulder as she let her hands stroke his arms. Then she goes down to his chest and lick his nipples and bite them lightly before she goes down to his stomach and lick him around his navel, he moans and she can feel he’s shivering. He feels her hair tickling his chest and stomach. She puts one hand down his undies and stroke his cock very gentle before she take off his undies. He sits up slightly as she lie down between his legs; she put some oil on his cock and strokes him very soft, she love to tease him. She start to lick his balls and let her tongue and lips slide up his whole shaft before she pulls back his foreskin and let her tongue roll around the head, she does this over and over. He starts to breathe heavily and feel her hair tickling his stomach as she teases him. She start to suck his cock as she let her hands stroke his chest, his stomach and his inner thighs before she lightly squeeze his balls with one hand. She pulls her hair back and look up into his eyes as she continue to suck and let his cock slide as deep into her mouth as she can, up and down slowly, still caressing his balls with one hand and let her other hand slide over his stomach and inner thighs. She can feel his cock is growing harder in her mouth and he start to moan. The photographer is still taking photos but they don’t even care that he’s there anymore.

He can feel her every soft touch and look into her eyes as she sucks him, his cock is hard as a rock now and he wants her so bad. It’s like she read his mind, she let her tongue run from his balls up the shaft, his stomach and his chest as she sits herself on top of him. She can feel his hard cock against her wet pussy. She bends over him, sliding her pussy back and forth on his cock, and kiss him. He place his hands on her neck, he can feel her breasts and hard nipples pressing against his chest and her wet pussy against his cock. As her kisses get more demanding he let his hands run down her back and place them firmly on her ass and lift her up, she help him place his cock against the opening of her pussy and he slowly push his cock inside her. Her pussy feels so wet and tight as he slow and easy slide in and out of her. She sits up and places her hands on his chest as she goes up and down on him. She feels his hands as they caress her breasts and as he let them slide over her waist, hips and stomach. She sits down on him, place her hands on his thighs and feel his cock deep inside her as she starts to rock back and forth. He places his thumb on her clit and let it roll round and round. She breathe heavily and moans, close her eyes and just feel, it’s almost like she’s dizzy and it feels so good.

He put his hands on her waist and lay her down on the side, pulls her close and kisses her. She turns around with her back against him and put her upper leg on top of his. He put his arms around her and slides his cock inside her from behind and kisses her on the side of her neck. He lay one hand on her breast and the other on her stomach slowly let it run down and massage her clit while he starts to fuck her faster and faster. She bends forward a bit so he can get deeper inside her and push against him. She’s so wet now and feel his balls slamming against her pussy, both are breathing heavily now. He is moaning and pulls out of her.
She turn around and lay down on her back and he get on top of her. He smile at her and kiss her, kiss her cheekbones down the side of her neck, further down to her breasts, she feel his hair tickling her, it feels good and she let her finger run through it. He pushes her legs up and back as he slide his cock back inside her. She let her hands run down his back and grab his firm ass, massage it as he’s slowly pushing in and out of her. He let go of her legs and she wrap them around him and pull him close. She can feel his weight on top of her, hear his heavy breathing, feel his breath on her skin and it turns her on even more. She put her feet down on the bed and start to push against him as he start to fuck her deep and fast, it feels so amazing.
He sits up on his knees, lay his hands on her hips and pull her close. She pushes up against him, feel him deep inside her now. He let his thumb roll around her clit as he fucks her, then lay his hands on her hips again as he go faster and faster. She let her fingers stroke her clit while he fucks her deep and hard. She moans loud now and start to feel dizzy again, she is so close now. He knows her well and know she is close to burst and keep going. Her whole body is twitching and shaking as she orgasm; he lies down on top of her and has to hold her tight. She moans loud and her nails are scratching down the bed sheets. He’s still inside her and can feel her contractions around his cock. As her body is relaxing again he kiss her, she put her arms and legs around him and hold him close as she kiss him back, warm deep kisses, look him in the eyes and smiles.
He pulls out of her and she turns around with her ass in the air. He slide his cock back inside her, put his hands on her hips and fuck her deep and fast, she push against him, he can hear every time his balls are slamming against her pussy and he moans loud. He keeps going and push deep inside her as he cums, she can feel him cumming inside her.
He lies down on his side and she lies down in front of him, he smiles at her and she kisses him. As they lay there kissing the photographer sneaks out of the room, they don’t even notice he’s leaving.

About a week later the photographer came over and gave them all the photos he’d taken. Trust me, there was there a lot of very hot photos, I wish I could show them to you all, but I’m sure you already see them in your own fantasy 😉

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