Explaining It To His Mother

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Explaining It To His Mother
Richard saw the shock, as well as the confusion, on his mothers face as he tried to explain to her why he was choosing to get married, but that he would not be having sex with his bride!

“So, why get married,” his mother said after a moments silence, “Richard; if by getting married you won’t be having sex with your bride? I don’t understand it. I thought getting married would about…having babies! That’s what you do when you get married!”

“For some that’s true,” Richard replied, and trying to be calm, so that he had any hope of explaining his decision as well as he could, he went on: “but I’M NOT DOING THAT. Your not going to like my reasons, though, so why talk about it? Your just going to get upset.”

“But, Richard,” his mother said by way of interrupting her son, “it’s not right. It’s…it’s perverse. I mean, why wouldn’t a good looking young guy like you even think of not having a baby? It seems…unnatural. It’s just wrong!”

“Okay,” Richard said, pausing for just a second before telling his mother his reasons for his decision, “I’ve become a member of The Black Wave Movement. Have you heard of that?”

“Your father mentioned something about it to me the other day. Isn’t that about so-called ‘racial reparations?’ Where whites are supposed to feel ‘bad’ about slavery?”

“Well, that’s part of it. But there’s more to it than just ‘feeling bad.’ Feeling bad about racism is easy. What’s not so easy is to actually do something about it, instead of just a bunch of words.”

“We no longer have slaves, Richard.” His mother said.

“Do you have any idea of just how despicable our white ancestors treated black slaves here?”

“Of course.”

“But we’ve never really faced that squarely. Or, most whites haven’t. You don’t seem to have faced up to it!” Richard retorted, surprising himself, as well as his mother by the strength of his assertion.

“Our families never owned slaves, Richard,” his mother attempted to counter earlier statement. “We were never part of that.”

“Well, there’s more than one way to benefit from slavery, even if not directly. There’s been all sorts of indirect benefits to whites that actually opposed slavery. The entire culture was benefiting from slavery, even in the North before the Civil War began. Did you realize that?”

His mother didn’t say anything for a moment. Then she said: “So, what you want to do is ‘punish’ yourself, and your family, by NOT having any c***dren. Is that it?”

“Yes. That’s a good way of saying it. But it’s not a ‘punishment’, Mom. It’s justice. It’s doing the right thing. It’s about atoning for the sins of our white ancestors, whether they personally owned slaves, or not. So, rather than pass my
genes on, and more white babies, I want to give the increase to blacks! You can have all the laws against racism you want, but all that can be ignored, or even overturned! But, by whites not passing on their genes, it becomes a huge advantage for blacks to attain parity! I’m not saying that a white baby is bad, but what I am saying is that whites for centuries went way out of their way to suppress blacks! We sold their babies to other slave owners, Mom! We systematically broke up husbands, wives, and their families! We did that intentionally. It was a deliberate POLICY. That’s an historical fact. It can’t be denied. Not if you want to be honest about it!”

Richard’s mother was silent for several moments after he’d said all that.

“So, are you telling me that when you get married, that your bride is going to…to…copulate with another man? And with a black man, instead of you?”

“Yes,” Richard replied immediately, “that’s exactly what I intend to do!”

“Is your girlfriend aware of this?” His mother finally asked.

“Yes!” Richard said. “She IS! It’s something we both want! We both want it because it’s the right thing to do, Mom!”

“I…I simply don’t know what to say, Richard,” his mother finally said.

“There’s nothing to be said,” he replied.

“So, your going to cheat your father and I out of the chance to be grandparents! Is that your plan?”

“If you want to look at it like that, fine. But like I said, this isn’t about either of you. It’s about what’s right! I’m going to make my own atonement, Mom. You don’t have to like it, or agree with it. But this is what I’m going to do!”

“So, you are choosing to be a cuckold! Deliberately.”

“I’m definitely choosing to be that.”

“I’ll never understand this for as long as I live, Richard,” his mother said, with tears starting to show around the rim of her eyelids.

“That’s probably unfortunately true,” he replied. “But I’d hoped you might understand some of it.”

“I never will,” she replied.

“So be it, Mom. I’m sorry. But this is what I feel I have to do!”

“You are a stranger to me, Richard. I have no idea who you really are, I guess.”

“Yeah,” he said, sadly. “I can see that’s true.”

The End

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