Fantasy about meeting my new Mistress

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Fantasy about meeting my new Mistress
I was feeling excited about and looking forward to Friday night. The reason for this was that I intended to dress up as my alter ego, Tania Harvey, and to go for a night out to a club nearby that is popular with TG’s, TV’s and other like minded people. I took a lot of care and attention over the way I dressed and the application of my make-up. I chose to wear my favourite red dress which is tight fitting in all the right places and shows of my figure to great effect. Underneath I put on a very sexy black corset, a pair of very sheer black stockings and a pair of lacy French knickers. I had already made sure that my body was completely smooth and shaven all over. With one last glance at my wig and make-up in the mirror, I slipped out of my house and quietly walked to my car which I had parked close by earlier. Part of the fun of doing this is getting ready and then driving or walking through the streets at night clad as a beautiful, desirable woman.

On arriving at the club I found that a big crowd of ‘girls’ were already there. I chatted for a while to a couple of girls I knew from previous visits. Eventually my eye was drawn to two tall, slender girls who, in my eyes, were utterly gorgeous. Both were wearing very slinky, tight fitting latex dresses which made them even more desirable. One was obviously a trashy transvestite like me but I was surprised to discover that the other girl was a real woman with astoundingly beautiful legs which were made even more glorious by the outrageous high heel shoes she was wearing. She also had amazingly big breasts and long auburn hair. Summoning up all of my courage, I decided to go and talk to them. After introducing myself the Tgirl told me her name was Nicole and that her female companion was called Hot Sandra. They seemed very pleasant and likeable and we soon were engaged in a very interesting conversation about fetishes. Sandra offered to buy a round of drinks whilst Nicole and I continued our conversation. After a few minutes Sandra returned with three glasses of white wine. I had already had a few drinks earlier but the wine began to have a very strange effect on me, I began to slur my words and feel very inebriated. Nicole and Sandra both looked very concerned and offered to take me to a quiet room so that I could sit down and try to recover. That’s the last thing I remember…

I don’t know how much later it was when I woke up but I quickly realised something was wrong. There was a large object in my mouth that made speech impossible and I was also completely unable to move. As I slowly regained full consciousness, I could see that Sandra and Nicole were both in the room looking at me with what can only be described as wicked, naughty smiles on their faces. ‘So the little slut is awake now’ Sandra said to Nicole. Now that I had full realisation of my situation I understood I was at the mercy of two very domme girls who were obviously intent on using me for their pleasure. I also realised that I was securely tied to a chair, my dress and knickers had been removed leaving me feeling very vulnerable and exposed. My ankles were tied to the chair legs and my hands had been handcuffed behind the chair back. I also had a large ball gag in my mouth which made it impossible to talk.

‘Play time I think’ said Nicole as she pulled up Sandra’s tight fitting latex dress to reveal a beautifully shaven pussy complete with a small gold ring through her clitoris. I also noticed that she had a very big tattoo of pink and red roses which stretched from the back of her left thigh all the way up to the top of her left shoulder. ‘I think so too’ said Sandra who pulled up Nicole’s dress to reveal a very swollen and engorged cock. I watched them as they began to play with each other’s bodies, kissing each other deeply on the mouth, forcing their tongues down each other’s throats. ‘Time for our guest to join in the fun’ Nicole breathily intoned. They both stood up and walked over to me. ‘Now listen you little bitch, this is either going to be very nice or very nasty for you. I am going to take out your gag. If you shout or scream we are both going to slap you very hard, it will be much easier if you just do as you are told. Tonight you are going to be our little fuck toy. Do you understand?’ I nodded, the truth was that I was starting to feel aroused myself and could feel myself stiffen. Nicole noticed immediately and slapped my cock very hard. ‘I am afraid you are not allowed to do that’. Sandra had also noticed and reached over for a strange looking device which she opened and then quickly snapped shut around my now limp cock. Although I had never used one before I realised that it was a chastity device that would stop me from getting an erection. Working as a team, Nicole grabbed hold of my balls and tugged down hard on them. Sandra then expertly clamped a thick, stainless steel clamp around my distended testicles. I whimpered in shock, my balls were now stretched and hanging an inconceivably long distance from my cock. ‘Suck this you little bitch’ said Sandra as she removed my gag only for it to be immediately replaced by Nicole’s throbbing cock. She had been standing in front of me waiting for this moment. Pulling on the back of my head she forced her cock deep down my throat until I was gagging. After my initial revulsion I decided that I might as well enjoy the experience and began licking and sucking Nicole’s cock with great enthusiasm. ‘The little bitch is starting to enjoy herself’ Nicole remarked to Sandra. ‘We can’t have that, can we’ Sandra replied. Working quickly, they untied me from the chair and led me over to the bed. I was forced to lie on my stomach. My wrists and ankles were tied to the four bed posts so that I lay spread eagled and completely immobilised with my face buried in a pillow. The next thing I felt was a very sharp stinging sensation across my naked buttocks. I immediately cried out in pain and was rewarded by having the ball gag forced into my mouth again and fastened around the back of my head. Although I couldn’t see what was going on, I knew that they were taking sadistic delight in whipping my pearly white buttocks and turning them an angry shade of red. The whipping stopped and then I felt the relief of some soothing lotion being massaged into my very sore bum. What an amazing relief! It felt so good. However, soon my buttocks were forced apart by a pair of strong hands and then I began to feel fingers rubbing and stoking my anus and then gently forcing it apart. I realised that the ‘lotion’ was actually some kind of lubricant and it was easy to guess what was going to happen next. My intuition proved to be correct as I felt a very large, firm object forced deep into my anus, I gasped in shock as I wasn’t ready for it and it happened so quickly. ‘That is just something to open you up and get you ready’ Nicole whispered menacingly into my ear. ‘Turn your head and look at me slut’ Sandra commanded. I lifted my head and saw that Sandra was putting on the harness for an impossibly large strap on cock. A much smaller dildo faced inwards which Sandra pushed deep inside herself before tightening the straps on the harness very securely. She walked out of my field of vision and a few seconds later I felt the butt plug being removed from my ass and then her giant phallus thrust deep inside me. The initial pain was almost unbearable as she filled me up completely. After a few small strokes she began to work her cock deep inside me with powerful strokes, Nicole removed my gag and pushed her hot cock deep down my throat again. It was impossible to do anything about the situation except to try to relax and, if possible, enjoy it. After the initial pain, my ass had become used to the girth and length of Sandra’s strap on and I was indeed starting to enjoy myself. She must have sensed how I was feeling so she withdrew her cock then walked around to my head and, taking over from Nicole, pushed her cock into my mouth. Her cock was of course dripping with my ass juices and much bigger than Nicole’s cock. My mouth was stretched open as wide as it would go and I was gagging and choking unable to resist the forced penetration.

Sandra slowly withdrew her cock from my mouth and then unbuckled the harness of the strap-on from around her waist and thighs. Finally she pulled the inward facing dildo out of her cunt, which was sticky and glistening with her juices. ‘Clean it’ she commanded. Doing as I was told, I licked every inch of the dildo with my tongue until every trace of her was removed. My mouth and tongue were now coated with the delicious taste of my tormentor. Although I would not admit it, I was starting to enjoy myself despite the fact that my cock was still sheathed in a chastity device and my balls were stretched and swollen because of the heavy metal collar that had been fastened around them earlier. ‘Well time to leave you girls’ said Nicole. ‘I have a hot date with a young stud I met earlier, have fun!’ Nicole flounced out of the room leaving myself and Sandra alone. ‘Stand-up, it’s time to continue your training’. I did as Sandra asked and rose to my feet. As I did so, Sandra produced two identical chains. At one end of each chain was a fastening clip and at the other a small steel ring. ‘Lift your left leg’ as I did so, Sandra slipped the ring of one of the chains around the stiletto heel of my shoe. ‘Now lift you other leg’ Sandra repeated her actions with the other chain as I lifted my other shoe off the ground. ‘Now bend your knees slightly’. With my knees slightly bent, Sandra took the clips at the other end of the chains and attached them to fastening points on either side of the metal collar around my balls. ‘Now stand up straight’. As I stood up the two chains, which were anchored around the heels of my stilettos, pulled taut and hard stretching my balls even further. The pain was intense and my balls now looked very large and swollen. ‘Stand up straighter!’ Sandra commanded. As I waited, quivering from the pain, she walked over to the other side of the room and picked up a small whip with a leather handle and several short leather strings attached to it. She returned to where I was standing and without saying a word started to gently flick my swollen testicles with her whip. Initially I experienced only a mild stinging sensation but Sandra quickly intensified the power of her stroke until it was all I could do to remain standing and accept my punishment. Each lash had now become incredibly painful on my sensitive skin. At last, when I thought I wouldn’t be able to take any more, she stopped. Squatting in front of me, she took each of my balls in turn into her mouth and gently kissed and licked them. The contrast between the pain I had experienced only a few moments ago and the pleasure I now undergoing was extraordinary. Sandra stopped kissing my balls as abruptly as she had started ‘Don’t get too used to me being nice you little bitch, now get on your hands and knees’ I knew better than to question her order and immediately dropped to the floor. ‘Now I want you to crawl to the other side of the room’ Doing as I was told moved across the floor on my hands and knees. Each time I moved forward the chains pulled cruelly on my abused balls. Finally I reached the other side of the room. ‘Do you want your cock unshackled?’ Sandra asked. I nodded in reply. ‘Lie on your back then’ As I did so, Sandra removed a thin chain from around her neck to which was attached a small key. She then took the chain and key, spat on it and inserted it deep inside her cunt. ‘If you want to be released you have to get the key yourself…. but you can only use your tongue!’ Sandra positioned herself above my face and then lowered herself until her cunt was directly on top of my mouth. I began using my tongue to part the lips of her cunt before pushing it inside her. Sandra began to gently moan as I probed inside her for the chain and key. However, I was unable find anything. Arching my neck and straining hard, I pushed my tongue deep inside her until finally I felt the metal chain. I slowly worked the chain down from inside her cunt until a few links of were exposed at the mouth of her pussy. Gripping the links between my teeth I pulled, at the same time Sandra stood up and the chain and key were yanked from inside her. She moaned with great pleasure and smiling at me for the first time said ‘You have finally pleased me so now I am going to reward you.’ She took the key from my lips and unlocked the device that encased my cock. As she did so I could feel the blood surging into my member and it began to feel thick and heavy as it slowly became rigid and hard.

‘I didn’t say that you could get hard did I?’ Sandra said as she slapped my erect cock with her hand. I was shocked by the stinging pain in my throbbing member and her savage response to my erection. I thought she would be pleased with it.
‘Make it go down, I don’t like the way it’s flapping around’.
‘I can’t’, I pleaded, ‘Once I get erect it stays hard for a long time’.
Sandra stared at me icily, ‘You really are a disobedient little slut aren’t you?’
‘Yes, Mistress’ I mumbled.
‘What did you say?’ Sandra asked.
‘I was just agreeing with you that I am a disobedient little slut’ I replied.
‘Good, at least you understand that much, there is hope then that you can be properly trained’
Sandra strode over to the other side of the room and picked up a long piece of rope and something else that I couldn’t identify.
‘Since you can’t make your fucking cock go down I am going to do something about it to stop it from moving around’, ‘put this on’ she commanded handing me four rubber rings connected together with a small leather strap. I realised that what she given me was a device that was meant to be fitted around my cock and balls. One of the rubber rings was larger than the rest and I guessed correctly that it must be slid down my cock and then I had to force my balls through it as well so that it squeezed them up tight. The other three rings were only just large enough to fit around my shaft and once they were pushed into place they began to squeeze into the flesh of my cock further inflaming my erection. Sandra took the rope and doubled it up at the middle to form an open loop, she then put the loop across my belly and fed the ends of the rope around my back and back through the loop at the front. Pulling down hard and tight, she took the loose ends down either side of my cock and between my legs. The ends were then pulled tight across my buttocks and brought around the front again and fed through the two ropes at the front. Sandra then pulled very hard on each end and I gasped at the sudden restriction it caused. ‘Did you enjoy that bitch?’ Sandra asked with an evil laugh. I knew what I had to reply, ‘Yes Mistress, it feels nice’.
‘Good, you are learning’. Sandra then proceed to tie a complicated diamond pattern with the rope around my upper body before finally feeding the rope back between my legs from the rear.
‘This is that part I really enjoy’ she breathed in my ear. Taking one of the rope ends, she wrapped it three times around my left testicle. She repeated this with the other end around my right testicle. The pain was exquisite and looking down I could see that balls now looked two swollen, fleshy plums. Sandra then took the rope ends from around my balls and forced then through the upper rubber ring around my cock, wrapped them around the rope around my waist before finally tying them off around the back of my neck. Sandra stood back to admire her handiwork, ‘That’s much better’ she said approvingly. I could see that from her point of view it was, my erect cock was now completely immobilised and secured to my body, unable to move. My balls looked very swollen and vulnerable. Sandra whispered into my ear ‘I think it is time for you to be milked’. She grasped hold of my bound cock with her left hand and with her right hand she pulled down on my already very stretched balls. ‘I am now your new Mistress and I am going to train you to be a complete and utter slut who obeys my every command’ she said as she slowly moved her hand up and down my shaft. ‘I want you to cum for me now and then clean the mess up afterwards with your tongue’. No longer able to contain myself, I spurted a small fountain of cum out of the end of cock and all over Mistress Sandra’s legs and shoes. ‘You silly bitch, look at the mess you made. Now clean it up.’ she commanded. I started licking and cleaning my sticky cum off her body. I thought to myself that if all my tasks were as pleasurable as this then I was certainly going to enjoy serving Mistress Sandra…

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