Fantasy to Reality

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Fantasy to Reality
I masturbate compulsively and my wife knows it and knows why. I am obsessed with the thoughts of her being fucked by a big black cock. I don’t know why I feel this way and can’t remember exactly when it started, but there it is.

I want her to cuckold me by fucking black men. As many as she wants and I want to watch. I have to watch her being filled with black cock and all the scum they can ejaculate into her.

I need to see her hairy vagina slimy with their seed.

I am sick and we both know it.

It’s bad enough that she knows my fantasy, but it’s even worse that it came true and I helped make it happen.

My wife Donna wanted to have a baby. She stopped taking the pill and would try to get me to fuck her as much as possible.

The problem is that I was constantly beating off, so when I did fuck her, there wasn’t much semen coming out. Initially, I was having trouble getting it up, but since she knew what sickness turned me on, she would talk about black men all the time. She would see them on TV and comment how hot they were and would wonder aloud about the size of their cocks.

This would get me aroused and she knew it. We’d get in bed and she would continue to taunt me about big black cocks and how I had better hurry up and get her pregnant before some big black cock did.

Well, I would get so excited that I would cum almost instantly which ended up just frustrating her sexually. She would get out of bed and look for what little cum I had deposited in her and several times even commented that she needed to be fucked. On at least three occasions I know she slipped off into the guest room to masturbate herself to orgasm after my unsatisfactory effort. I listened outside the closed door and heard her moans as she brought herself off.

Over time, this became the norm and I believe she was becoming more and more interested in really fucking someone black. The issue of her becoming pregnant by a black man became an every day part of our twisted fantasy non — sex life. Eventually, she stopped fucking me entirely and we would just mutually masturbate while verbalizing what we apparently both wanted to happen.

Then it did.

A guy I served in the military with ended up having business in our town. Kenny is older than us, in his late 40’s and we are in our early 30’s, but is very fit for his age. Donna and I had attended his 3rd wedding a few years ago, to yet another white woman. At the ceremony his bride remarked that, “She loved him so big.” Everyone laughed, but that Freudian slip only served to remind everyone that this black man had a big cock and she loved every inch of it. Donna even asked afterwards if her comment was what she thought it meant. I told her that indeed it was — that Kenny had a really big one. She let it drop at that, but I knew she always looked at him differently after that.

Anyway, Kenny told me he was coming to town and I suggested that he stay with us. Yup. You got it. I was thinking of the fantasy — get a black man into the house and close so my wife Donna would fuck him in front of me.

He was hesitant and tried to say no thanks, but I would have none of it. I insisted and even told him Donna would love to see him and I think that convinced him. Kenny, divorced yet again couldn’t resist white women and they apparently couldn’t resist him either.

So I told Donna that Kenny would be coming to stay for a couple of days. She didn’t say anything and was oddly quiet. That night in bed I finally asked her why she was so quiet.

She told me that she knew I was setting her up to fuck Kenny and while we both enjoyed the fantasy of her getting laid by a black man, that the reality of the possibility was something completely different. She wasn’t sure she could do it and also was really NOT taking any birth control.

We had a long discussion about the real possibility of this happening and the real possibility of her ending up pregnant with his black baby.

Her biological clock was ticking big time and in the last couple of years I hadn’t succeeded in knocking her up. Her frustration at not being pregnant was real so I told her that if she did fuck him and got pregnant, she would have the baby and we would raise it together.

Her long stare into nowhere reflected how deeply she was thinking about it. We didn’t have our masturbation session again before Kenny was to arrive and Donna was distant and quiet the whole time.

Finally, it was the night Kenny arrived. It was good to see him and Donna, dressed in tight slacks and a loose blouse with no bra was positively beaming when she greeted him with a kiss and a hug that was very close and a little long. She purposely pressed her crotch to his when they hugged and that was not lost on Kenny who looked at me somewhat oddly. I returned his look with an uncomfortable smile.

As happens with friends that haven’t seen each other in a while, we ate, drank and stayed up late catching up. The whole while Donna was hanging on his every word. She was also teasing him mercilessly. Her tight fitting slacks left little to the imagination as they hugged her perfect ass and her protruding camel toe made it evident that she was not wearing panties either. She would bend over to pick up our empty glasses, showing her crotch and even bent over so he could see down her shirt and glimpse her perfect breasts.

Finally we said an awkward goodnight. It was obvious to everyone that Donna was throwing herself at Kenny but no one said anything about it.

Getting in bed together I couldn’t hide my raging boner. I was so aroused by her performance I was ready to spew right there. We lay in bed together spooning with my hard cock pressed against her bare ass.

She was so hot and had me so aroused that I could barely stand it. I was just about ready to roll her over and fuck her, something I hadn’t done in a long while when she suddenly sat up and said, “I think I had better check and see if Kenny has everything he needs.”

With that she got up and reached for her dressing robe as she was completely nude. She hesitated a moment perhaps waiting for me to object and when I did not, she came to me and kissed me hard and deep while putting my hand on her vagina.

When a woman is ovulating, there are clear signs. One is an increase in cervical fluid. It’s more abundant and stickier. You can also clearly smell a woman in heat. Others are swollen and tender breasts. Another is a musky flavor to her saliva.

Well it was obvious why she kissed me and placed my hand on her pussy. I could taste her mouth. She had that taste and her pussy was positively gooey with the thick white mucus.

She broke the kiss and stood. Now that her intent and her physical status was confirmed between us she looked at me one more time, giving me one last chance to stop her from being impregnated by a man other than her husband.

I said nothing, but nodded slightly. She needed some sign that I was giving her my permission to leave the bounds of our marriage and the nod was all she needed.

Following behind her with my hard cock leading the way, I peered around the corner into Kenny’s room. Lying on the bed between the sheets with light on, Kenny looked up as my wife opened the door.

Standing in the doorway, my beautiful brunette wife simply asked him if he had everything he needed. Kenny replied that he was all set. You could see that it was a struggle for him to keep the lust off his face, but he had to assume that she was just being a good hostess.

The point of no return was here.

Donna said, “No, Kenny, I don’t think you do have all you need.”

And with that, she opened her robe exposing her self to him and then dropped the robe to the floor.

He took in the sight before him, the supple breasts, the dark thatch of pubic hair with the dew forming on the hairy lips and then threw back the covers to his bed revealing that he too was naked.

On his side, his massive black cock lay long, fat and smooth on the bed. Heavy and pulsing it was almost all the way hard but was growing still.

The invitation obvious and her willingness confirmed, she walked to the bed and got in beside him. Laying on her back with her knees up I could see her ass and the hairy crack of her sex opening.

He reached a hand between her legs and stroked her moist opening teasing the flowering clitoris out of his hiding.

He asked her about me and she replied, “It’s OK. He’s watching. He wants this as much as I do.”

That was enough for him. He leaned in and kissed her. She was so scared she was shaking, but couldn’t deny him. Her breasts and face flushed she opened her legs to her lover allowing him access to her womanhood.

Inserting his thick finger, he began to prep her for the invasion of his massive black cock.

Insane with desire, she rotated her hips around his probing digit, humping herself frantically toward him as they kissed deep French kisses.

Since she was obviously ready he needed no more encouragement. She was soaking wet, and open and practically panting.

Getting between her legs, she reached for him, and guided the fat dripping head of his cock to her opening.

He paused to ask her if he needed a condom and her reply was an immediate no.

With that he began sinking the ten inches of fat black cock into my wife. Slowly, but with increasing pressure he pushed himself into her.

She aided the mating by humping back at him and rotating her hips simultaneously. Grabbing at his back and burying her head in his shoulder, her eyes tightly closed she fucked back at his as best she could, trying to get all of his meat inside her to capture all his semen when he finally came.

Now fully embedded inside my wife, he withdrew, distending her vulva until just the head of his cock was inside her. With only a short hesitation, he then pushed firmly and gave her the first of many down strokes.

Surprised by the sudden emptiness and then the sudden fullness, my wife cried out in ecstasy as he mashed his pubic bone into her clit both stimulating her and confirming that the fertile woman had indeed taken his entire length.

I stood there jerking off helplessly watching as my black friend fucked my wife to the point of insanity. She was babbling and groaning literally flopping all over the bed.

The vaginal juice was literally running down the crack of her ass leaving a damp spot on the bed matting her thick dark pubic hair and coating his black cock, lubricating it and leaving a sheen that made it look even darker.

Both participants being so aroused, this wasn’t going to last long. He asked her if he should pull out; if she was on the pill.

Donna groaned, “No. I’m not on the pill. I’m at my most fertile.”

Leaning up and looking into her eyes for an answer, she begged, “Cum in me. Oh God, do it in me. I want you to make me pregnant.”

Confused, but unable to resist the beautiful white wife begging to be inseminated in front of her husband, he resumed his fucking, but now with a renewed purpose. He was going to give this woman what she wanted. He was going to give her a baby. His BLACK baby.

He didn’t care about any consequences. This was a primal mating.

Stroking harder and faster, both the male and female grunting now with effort, bodies locked tight awaiting the approaching explosion — her legs stretched out straight underneath him, she screamed.

She was the first to pop.

The excitement was too much. He orgasm assaulted her very being. Her entire body contracted and pulsed and her vagina clamped down on the huge slab of black meat inside her, pulsing frantically to pull the needed fluid from it.

As she screamed through the throes of her orgasm, he began to pulse. The excited, fertile female was too much. One last deep push and he exploded inside her. His ejaculate blasting into her cervix with each shot, her pulsing body sucked the scum into her womb instantly surrounding the awaiting egg with his DNA. So much sperm was blasted into her, more than 8 contractions that her womb was filled with his spend fertilizing the egg before they finished the act of mating and long before they decoupled.

In my own way I shared their moment by spraying the biggest load I had seen from me in years all over the wall.

The room smelling of sex, secretions and sweat, the couple lay there exhausted from their efforts, his cock slowly deflating, but still deep inside her.

Eventually, his cock would be expelled from her leaving his sperm deep inside her, his job done.

Retreating to my room, my soft cock dripping my useless sperm, I got in my bed.

Eventually, she returned to our bed a freshly fucked and impregnated woman. She smelled of sex and was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I went to kiss her, but instead she put her hands on my shoulders and pressed down. The intent clear, she wanted to rub my face in her infidelity; she wanted me to go down on her and get the proof of her insemination up close.

Aroused beyond belief, I did not fight her. I complied with her desires.

Her crotch was a gooey mess of semen and vaginal mucus. Her hair matted and now tangled was a jungle of their secretions.

I dove into it like a man possessed, alternately licking and sucking and her nasty, cheating hole. When she pulled her legs up revealing her hairy asshole, I dove into that with the same gusto and cleaned her front and back.

My excitement overwhelming me yet again, my own orgasm was close. I jumped up and ejaculated on her impregnated belly while she smiled at me with a serene look of satisfaction then pulled me down to lick up my own cum from her.

I fell over and onto my back, panting with exertion. No more words were said.

She fucked a black man.

She was pregnant.

I ate their cum.

I ate my cum.

I dozed off but was woken by the screams of my wife getting fucked once again, this time riding the massive log like a bucking bronco.

He stayed for 2 days and fucked my wife constantly. She wanted to make sure the job was done. She was constantly leaking cum and made me lick her whenever she felt his jizz escaping her.

Now, all pretense of modesty removed from the situation, they fucked in our bed right along side of me. My job of cleaning her slimy cunt was added to by cleaning his cock with my mouth and later the job of fluff boy; sucking his cock to hardness so he could fuck my wife yet again.

Eventually, he had to leave. But he would be back next month. And while her period did not come proving that she was impregnated that first time, the couple nonetheless had sex just as much with me doing my job as cum sucker in chief.

He came to visit for the next few months, but lost interest as she became too big to fuck hard the way he liked and eventually moved on to a new white conquest.

Nine months from the date of the first mating, Donna delivered a beautiful coffee colored little girl. As she nurses the baby, she told me she was already thinking of having another one. Who will be the father? I don’t know, but I know it will be a black man.

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