Fergie Takes It Up The Ass

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Fergie Takes It Up The Ass
It was two hours before show time. The black-eyed peas were all in their dressing rooms getting there outfits ready for the show. Fergie, the newest and only female member of the group, was putting on her tight short schoolgirl skirt and a skintight tank top. She had finished dressing and went to go check on the rest of her band. She first entered Will.I.Am’s room.

“Will are you ready yet?”

“Yeah Fergie this place is bumpin. I’m ready to get out there.”

Fergie was feeling a little anxious. She was new to the group and hadn’t done that many stage performances with them before. She felt like she was going to puke.

“Will I’m a little nervous. Do you think we could do a little practice in here before the show? I’m shaking so much I might not be able to move my hips.”

“Sure Fergie lets practice Hey Mamma, just you and me.”

Will walked over to the stereo and put on the cd and went to hey mamma. The song began to play and Frgie began to shake her hips. Seeing Fegie in her tight little skirt was getting Will really turned on. He stared moving to the music and danced towards her. Fergie moved towards him with her back facing him and began to grind on him with her tight little ass. This wasn’t helping Will out any as he immediately became erect.

Fergie continued to grind and noticed a large projection poking her in the ass. She immediately knew what it was and was startled by it’s size. It had to be at least nine inches she thought to herself. She decided to grind a little harder. She found the top of the projection and started to squeeze it with her pussy as she grinded on it.

Fergie wanted it bad now and so did Will. Fergie quickly spun around and got to her knees. Will looked like he was about to say something but Fergie was so quick in taking Will’s cock out and inhaling it that all that came out of his mouth was “MPHH!” She started moving her head, licking up and down the shaft. It was the most wonderful thing he ever felt. He thought he was going to bust right there but then he took a glimpse down at what he really wanted.

Will knew what he was going to do and he immediately grabbed Fergie by the waist and lifted her off her feet. “I wanted that ass since the first time I saw it bitch and now it’s mine,” he said as he carried her over to his dressing room table and bent her over. Her tight little ass was sticking up in the air and was accentuated by a small black thong. Will immediately grabbed the thong and ripped it down her legs leaving it a floor by her feet. He unzipped his pants and unleashed his throbbing ten-inch cock.

Fergie was already dripping wet. He aimed his missile at her silo and started to push it in. He could only get 3 inches in on the first thrust because she was so tight. Her pussy clamped onto his cock like a vise and wouldn’t let go. It was by far the best pussy his cock ever tasted. Two more inches went in on the next shove.

“Oh god will you’re filling up my tight little pussy. Fuck it baby, Fuck that little pussy.”

“Oh I will baby. That pussy’s mine. That sweet soft pink little pussy is so good. You like my fat black cock reaming you baby?”

“Oh I love your fat black cock! It’s stuffing me so good.”

That was all the encouragement Will needed as he thrust his whole cock into her pussy time and time again. The feeling was unbelievable, by far the best he had ever had. He began to really slam it in her now. He took long deep strokes and was fucking the shit out of her. Fergie began to have an unbelievable orgasm and just as it was ending Will saw something he couldn’t pass up.

He licked his finger and began to work it into her asshole as he fucked her. She was startled by this, after all she had never had so much as a suppository up there let alone a finger. She had heard about women getting even better orgasms with a finger in their ass while they got fucked so she figured she’s let him do it. Little did she know he had plans for bigger and better things.

After a couple minutes of lubing up her ass with his finger he figured it was time. He took a long stroke out of her pussy and shoved his cock right in her tight pink hole. It was so tight that the head barely penetrated and Fergie screamed like she was being murdered.

“Will it’s to big, I’ve never had anything up there before, Take it out, take it out!!!!”

Will was too caught up in the moment though and pushed harder until three inches were buried in the best ass he’d ever seen. It was like being in heaven. He had a hot little blond in a schoolgirl skirt bent over his table and he was fucking her in her tight little ass. Fergie was still screaming for him to take it out but Will began to move it more. In and out, in and out. Soon Fergie got a strange feeling and started to like it.

Will almost had the whole thing up her ass now and began to really ream her. Ferie started to scream again but this time she was telling him to fuck her harder. Will began to slam her small pink asshole.

“Fuck that ass Will. I want to you to cum in my ass. Fuck that little ass and fill it with your cum baby.”

“You want my cum bitch? You got it.”

Will took a few more deep strokes and unleashed a monster load right up her ass. It was so big that it began to shoot out the sides and dribble down her leg. At the same time Fergie had had one of the best orgasms of her life. She knew at that moment that she would have cock up her ass again someday and it would probably be soon.

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