Fete Attractions

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Fete Attractions
Stunning fashion slut Rebecca White meets her match in seemingly daggy, geeky, shy Alexandria Tanner, when a vibrator is found in a box of donated items when setting up the trestles for a church fete….

“Who is organising it?” Adam asked his mum… feigning disinterest. He still really didn’t want to help …unless…

His mum had volunteered to set up the second hand stall but now couldn’t go and had asked Adam at short notice to help in place of her. He had sort of agreed to.

“Ah” responded his mum, “So you’re only interested in helping if Rebecca is there”

“So it is Mrs White organising the hall” he pressed.

“Go now and help till lunch…have the afternoon surfing okay…you don’t need to do the afternoon like I was going to”

“Sounds the go” said Adam, “But is it Mrs White?”

“Yes” but Mrs Henderson held the tease…only answering as she went out the door on a late call into work… a couple of minutes later…” Look be a dear, don’t complain and just go… okay”

As the door shut…Adam was already daydreaming of Becky White. Her arse which was a natural attraction package in any jeans, skirt or dress. Then his imagination lingered on her unseen but known outlined shapely chest muffins, the titty type that are defined by a bra, yet don’t need a bra, they jiggle slightly even in their sling captivity, they have a natural sway, they are god’s gift to all male eyes. And there is nothing more exciting to a college virgin lad than the hint of erect firm nipples, eased up and alert because they have been buffed against fabric or the even more tantalising prospect…Becky White is having randy sexy thoughts and her nipples are the evidence.

Adam finished his coffee. He thought about a porno induced wank. Then he restrained himself as he hoped beyond any likely prospect that somehow, somewhere in a church hall volunteering to set up trestles for the jumble and book and bric- a -brac sale for Saturday’s Church Fete, Becky White would just present herself naked and want sex….while her cougar mum …well Adam was generous …she could have it off with the vicar….

Yeah, well we all have that fantasy woman who will just appear naked for us: for Adam it wasn’t Eve, it was Rebecca White….

Adam got on his scooter; he had a thirty minute ride to the hall….

“Rebecca…can you come out here…..Rebecca…Rebecca” tried Mrs Cynthia White again not getting a response from the smaller side rooms full of boxes and clothes and bric-a-brac to be set up today for tomorrow’s white elephant sale…the charity part of the fete.

Alex Tanner was fidgeting and then chewing her nails. She knew how stylish Mrs White was and well blonde Becky made her feel like one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters, if Alex was anywhere near her. Unfortunately Alex’s mum had made her ‘volunteer’ for this. She was uncomfortable just waiting.

‘Seriously’ thought Cynthia White, who had her hair appointment in twenty minutes, Alex at eighteen was a daggy, nervous, skittish young thing…but at least she had volunteered to help.

“Rebecca” she tried again with an exasperated raised voice, “Rebecca”….. at eighteen , so wilful, thought Mrs White.

‘Shut up you impatient old cow’ was Becky’s only passing thought. Her immediate fascination was with a stunning watermelon pink sexy crossover halter top that really accentuated her already awesome breasts. She was trying it on and thinking: God the awesome stuff people donate to church bazaars. Yes Becky knew she had stunning breasts, she loved them and delighted in flaunting them.

There was no time to get it off and get her bra back on. She got her fashion label rugby top on quickly… as her old cougar called again “Rebecca”

“Sorry mum …I was concentrating on sorting boxes of clothing” a cunning believable liar was our Becky. Her mum still thought her virginity was intact.

Becky saw the Tanner girl…what the fuck was her name…mental blank…oh yeah…Alexandria. Old fashioned name to match her dress sense. And the nerd never said boo. Fuck those thick rimmed glasses had to go and that girlish ponytail. If ever a girl needed a makeover or fashion tips; here was the girl.

Still help was help, well the Tanner girl could do the sorting while Becky herself filched for her own wardrobe. This loser wouldn’t know what to do if she came across a thong….let alone an accidentally thrown out dildo…

“Rebecca…Alex will help you…Mrs Henderson will be in this afternoon…I need to go…bye” and she was gone…

“Start on those boxes over there” Becky instructed Alex, in the sorting room, off from the hall; knowing from a cursory early rummage they were full of baby’s clothes, male trousers and stuff her grandmother still wore.

Becky had a large treasure trove box of sultry slinky provocative tops to explore, the box where the halter top had come from; boy would she be the life of her next several parties and the parked cars at the bluff.

“Wow” she said aloud in her excitement, there were a pair of stunning black and red boob tubes; she just had to try them on.

Now Becky was never shy with her titties around other girls or guys. She had it, she showed it, in the change rooms or at the beach.

The blonde had her rugby top off and the earlier halter top. Her gorgeous twin peaks fetchingly flouncing free as she reached down for the black boob tube. She had already decided sexy red would excitingly follow.

Alex saw Rebecca’s scoops of deluxe flesh and even as a girl was stirred and impressed. She was staring.

The blonde noticed and liked it.

“Yeah they are fantastic aren’t they” said Becky…well she didn’t have to underrate or understate her chest bundles…she had it all.

In her excitement she said; “Tanner get your top off…try some of this gear…it will change your life”

She ferreted around quickly and pulled out an eye-catching lacey bright red bra.

Alex was standing there… looking on in stunned silence.

Becky went the whole hog. She got those glasses off, pulled out the ponytail, shit the girl had beautiful auburn locks and stripped off her endless floppy, daggy upper layers and unclipped Tanner’s bra…

“Well fuck me …you’re hiding a decent upper deck girly…stunning nipples, pink like my kitten’s nose…so cute…”

She moved behind Tanner and cupped the bra and clipped it. Fuck the girl looked sexy.

Alex realised she looked frickin good too. She actually was holding her own with Rebecca White, who was looking at her breasts while still half naked herself.

“OMG…great cleavage Tanner” said Beck sincerely.

Alex was a convert to sexy clothing just like that. She quickly rummaged through the goodies box looking for something special…her hand felt an object like a plastic cucumber at the bottom …she lifted it out…her face went flushed scarlet…she was holding a flesh coloured vibrator in front of Ms White…

Well you never know what’s going to release the pent up woman in the girl…Alexandria Tanner flicked the on switch and moved over to a distracted Rebecca, about to put on the red top from earlier and began vibrating around Becky’s fun bags and buffing across her quickly hard nipples…without a moments hesitation.

“Oh shit…oh shit…that feels fuckin good…don’t stop…I like it…I really like it”

Rebecca hadn’t done girl on girl…she hadn’t got past boys yet or her own fingers when needed…but she was then cupping and squeezing the red bra on Tanner and then her fingers were inside the lace and those succulent coral tips of the auburn headed girl were between her lips. Wet under her tongue like her kitten’s nose.

“God…oh my god…mmm…mmm” was all Alex got out as she savoured her first ever nipple experience…she hadn’t even touched them herself.

Rebecca had Ms Tanner’s long skirt and unfashionable underwear off. There was nothing inelegant about her bushy coopery-chestnut expansive pubes…they were a breathtaking turn on. But that paled in the horniness induced in Becky as she parted the wetness of the fleshy lips hidden in the beaver pelt of this girl. Her fingers wandered in search of Tanner’s clit. Well an exploration wasn’t required; it was a bulge of ripe, ready raunchiness. It was prominent clitty.

“Oh God…fuck me…oh shit…oh my …aww…aww…” it was beyond description, her first feel up ever.

Becky realised Tanner was quivering, shuddering, close to convulsing, and she brought her to her first ever orgasm, so frickin quick…not surprising given the size of her bud and her obviously repressed until this moment sexuality.

Alex was so fulfilled. So calm. So happy. And now so focussed. She had Rebecca’s jeans wriggled off and her stylish high curving black lace undies snapped down and the vibrator, where a vibrator loves to be…touching a clitty…glossing this one up to peak lustre…burnished with over flowing fem-pleasure….the blonde was moaning…the sensation was staggering, complex in its spreading bliss…she had never toyed before…

‘Fuck’ Becky thought ‘I’m taking this clitty love device home…’

“Oh god…Oh god…” she groaned ‘, then added “Stick it in my fuckin hole…now”

Tanner was on her knees …she took in Rebecca’s fuzzy springy, light blondish pubes… tufting out in all directions, long and crinkly… but they couldn’t hide her fleshy pinkness eager for additional touch. Alex parted the blonde’s crinkled folds, so easily, she gasped at their ripe pinkness and wetness, so sticky already…and the quivery movement of her body with that first stab into her willing openness.

The pleasure hit Becky doubly…she was flicking her clit and Tanner was flourishing around the vibrator deep, then teasing the edge of her fem-channel… the pleasure was swelling fast…the glorious pleasure waves escalating through her whole body in a rapid sequence as physically euphoric as a shattering chandelier…shards everywhere…slivers of sluttish sensual delight overwhelming her young body.

Two happy girls…looking to continue the pleasure…fuck any refractory cuddly tender fem-moments… when you have a hot partner giving their all like you…and you are young…well you keep going…and going…

The Tanner girl was actually more adventurous and took the lead…never having had any sexual boundaries she wasn’t setting any up today…

They were lying touching each other’s breasts on a pile of yet to be sorted clothes, when the auburn haired she bitch, yes she had escalated her sexual status fast… had the vibrator on again and was teasing around Ms White’s surprised butt hole…

Beck’s skin ring was so pliable, fully sensitive and wholly responsive and completely receptive to the vibrating pulses; the buzzing throb, and the undulating joy of the sex toy. It was sky-high pleasure defined in that moment.

“My your arsehole is a tight little ring “said Tanner, amazed at the sinking indenting and the puckered drawing out of flesh around the ribbed pleasure device. Its ribs designed to capture and hold flesh and guide it backwards and forwards. So easy to watch.

Alex succumbed to the lustful need to know what Ms White was experiencing. She withdrew the pleasure gadget and handed it to the blonde.

Becky was about to complain about being left a tad short of another orgasm but the lure of playing bad girl and ramming it into the auburn haired lasses tooshie was too compelling….

Well let’s just say Ms White wasn’t fucking polite about it…she insisted Tanner spit on the tip and she added a wad of dribbly saliva too and she just shoved the toy into the former nerdy miss’s back crack …. cracked her open unceremoniously…filthy happy work…

Adam arrived at the hall and parked his scooter and entered by a side door. He saw the trestles were partially set up but there was no one around…No Mrs White…he was despondent because it meant: ‘Fuck no Becky, too…what a bummer’.

‘What the fuck though was that buzzing sound coming from a side room’…then an unmistakable female sexual moan of pleasure…that stirred the butterflies of virginal sexual anticipation in Adam’s stomach and sent copious amounts of blood instantly pumping into his prick….

He peered into the room… it was surreal…beyond any fantasy or his limited virginal imagination…Ms Rebecca White, her amazing titties bouncing around, had a vibrator deep in…he took a second look at the other girl…yes it was…. Alex Tanner’s puckered pink arsehole…

“Oh fuck me…you bitch…deeper ….harder” said Tanner

“Like this” responded the blonde as she pressed into the happy butt hole with utter smiling delight.

“ Oh shit yeah…yeah…deeper again…you bitch”

As Alexandria Tanner, the previously to Adam…demure, daggy, quiet, shy, Alex brought her own fingers through her legs to her exposed big beady clit and moaned with added pleasure as she teased it….he released his own trapped aching cock for a fondle.

Adam had never seen an actual girl naked; he had never seen so much wild free auburn hair, on a head or between a real woman’s legs… fuck she had a mound of fur…thicker than shag-pile above her clit but gorgeous individual long pubes splaying off in crinkled, glistening coppery, wiry strands. Fuck it was cock teasing and cock drawing…

Adam knew this was the opportunity of his lifetime …his moment of virginal defining destiny and being led by his throbbing dick…which he had in his hand, self pleasuring it: he didn’t care which girl got his cock in her pussy…

He stuttered out from a brain that was nearly rendered dumb… in the delirium of an overload of pussy, arsehole and breasts …so close…

“Can…can… I join in…in”

The dual smiles of the young women in his direction were flagrantly sexually drawing; unashamedly cock entrapping…they had what they really needed in view now… and Becky just discarded the vibrator like it was junk.

Well there was just too much fucking fem-skin explicitly exposed…Adam stepped forward…

Becky, kneeling… gave a coy wink and held her hands under her chest juggettes, bouncing them up and down…a stunning invitation.

Ms Tanner…the bitch…just spread her legs and then her lipettes with her fingers and out popped her clit…a dazzling invitation.

Adam just walked forward with his summoned pecker in his hand…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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