Fiona’s cum addiction

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Fiona’s cum addiction
The first time Fiona and I had sex she said I could fuck her but musn’t cum inside her. It wasn’t for fear of pregnancy as she was past that and she said she would suck me off, which of course was wonderful with the added bonis of cumming in her mouth.
After the same thing happened for the next three or four months I felt I needed to say something. After making lots of excuses she eventually confessed she was addicted to the taste of cum. With a lot of coaxing she told me how it all started.

Here is her explanation.

When I was 14 I was living at home with my mum and dad and my 16 year old brother. dad was at work all day and during the school summer holidays my brother and I were always around. I started to notice than whenever my mu went to the shops which was daily my brother would go to his room and shut the door and wondered what he was doing in there. One day he didn’t shut it tightly and I peeked in through the crack and saw him lying on his bed rubbing his cock. I was amazed at how big it was and even more surprised when he spurt after spurt of white fluid shot out the top. The look on his face told me he enjoyed it too.

The next day as soon as mum went out he dashed up to his room. I gave him a few minutes and suddenly rushed in. He was naked on the bed and rubbing his cock. He shouted at me, ‘Fuck off, get out.’

I said, ‘I saw you yesterday, I want to watch you or I’ll tell mum.’

‘Fuck off,’ he said again.

‘OK, you’d better get ready to explain to mum what you’re doing then,’ I replied.

‘OK then you win, just sit and watch, and just this once,’ he rpelied.

I was fascinted by th size of his cock, the only time I had seen it before it was tiny but now it was think and over 6 inches long and the end was very red. I sat at the end of the bed as he started rubbing it again and the look on his face showed me he was enjoying it. It also gave me a funny feeling in between my lesg too.

I asked,’Can I touch it, can I rub it for you?’

He said, ‘OK then.’

I reached out and loved how hard and hot it felt. I started rubbing it and he told me to slow down. I did as he said and then he suddenly said, ‘I’m cuming.’

I didn’t know what he meant but I assumed it was when the white stuff shot out. I carried on rubbing and suddenly spurt after spurt of thick white stuff shot out. I held out my hand and a lot of it landed on my arm and hand and it felt so hot.. I don’t know why but I put it to my mouth and licked it up. I immediately loved the taste and texture of it and licked it all up and sfter swirling it around in my mouth for a while I swallowed it all.

The next day mum went out and we both dashed upstairs and I took his clothes off and he was already hard. I wanked him and as I flet him about cum I slowed down and made it last longer for him. When he was about to cum I made sure I got all of his cum on my hand and licked it all up and again loved the taste of it. That night in bed I kept thinking about what i as doing to him and found myself very wet in between my legs and loved the way i felt.

I couldn’t wait for mum to go out and suggested we went to his room to listen to some music. Straight away I undressed him and started wanking him. I had made a big decision last night and just before i knew he was going to cum I positioned my mouth over his cock and made him shoot his cum right inot my mouth. I loved it as it hit the roof of my mouth. I didn’t want to swallow it staright away as i loved the feel of it in my mouth and left it there for a while before I swallowed it. We listened to music for a while and then mum knocked on the door and said she was going to the shops. I started wanking him again and while I did it I had my mouth very close to his cock again. I was also geting this wonderful feeling between my legs and i told him. he said, ‘Let me feel.’

I opened my legs and he rubbed my panties and it felt wonderful. I was getting wetter and wetter. My body was shaking and I felt wonderful and then suddenly I had my first climax. It was sensational and I rubbed his cock faster and faster and then he was cumming into my mouth. I just lay there with my mouth full of cum and my cunt and my brother started calling it feeling absolutely wonderful.

After that, every day we played with each other and I always took my panties off before I wen into his bedroom. It soon progressed to me sucking his cock and playing with his balls as I sucked on his cock and made him cum in my mouth every single time and he woudl always make me cum.

I realised that from the very first time I licked my brothers cum off my hand I was addicted to it and have been so ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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