First Married Woman

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First Married Woman
Upon request, a story about a married woman. Only happened once and most of the embellishments here aren’t for the sake of sexiness, but rather because it happened almost a decade ago. My stories are long but worthwhile; if you don’t like the buildup, skip to the middle.

I was working for a moving company one summer(no, really) and I got an easy gig one day because my boss figured I wasn’t a moron (up for debate) and could be polite enough to not offend the high class client. It was an easy gig because going to work moving tables and chairs for a few hours indoors beats the hell out of trying to carry a piano down a spiral staircase in the hot sun.

I arrived at the mansion and knocked. The lady of the house answered the door (a place that big and no staff, kind of funny) and I put on my charming self. She was in her early 30’s, 5’7″, very fit, brunette, skin freckled from the sun, terrific muscular legs and a really awesome rack. She was wearing a yellow tank top and running shorts, leaving little to the imagination, and on her left hand I noticed what appeared to be a small skating rink. I’m usually oblivious to things like jewelry but that rock was as big as a bottle cap.

So she invites me in and tells me how she wants the furniture arranged, where the new pieces go, and so forth. I had been going for a couple hours when she asked if I’d like anything to drink. I declined and she handed me a bottle of water anyway. I thanked her and commented on her beautiful home. She was polite and we started some inane conversation.

I don’t exactly remember how it happened, but she mentioned that she was 42-years old. I do exactly remember my head snapping around and my jaw being wide open. “No way,” was the cleverest thing I could muster. She smiled proudly and stood up, “You’re just saying that,” she said. “No,” I replied getting my wits again, “I went surfing a few weeks ago, and any of the 19-year old girls I was with would kill to look like you do.” She was obviously flattered and even struck a bit of a pose when I said it.

Hey, I’m young, virile, hung and just cocky/stupid/crazy enough to think I had a shot. “I’m serious. A bunch of borderline anorexic blonds? Or a gorgeous woman who I wouldn’t have pegged a day over thirty? No contest.” She blushed, I pressed, “If you were single, I’d do you in a heartbeat.” She looked at me and said, deadpan, “What if it didn’t matter that I was married?” Swing for the fences, “I last considerably longer than a heartbeat.” She paused, I thought I’d pushed it too far. Until she finally said, “Prove it.”

So I did.

I walked across the room and pulled her into me for a kiss. She pulled away, how did I misread this? Did she chicken out? “I don’t want a kiss, you idiot, I want a fuck.” Oh, well, my bad.

I pulled off her tank top and out bounced her perfect C-cups. Surgically enhanced? Like I care, they were epic. I started to pull off my shirt and hadn’t even gotten over my head when I felt my shorts and boxers go. She had dropped to her knees and immediately went to work sucking and slurping my suddenly throbbing dick. This lady was amazing, she was light years better than any dry-mouthed, gag-reflex chick I’d ever had up to that point. I groaned so obviously that she stopped, giddily looked up at me and ran her tongue along the 10″ of my shaft while looking right into my eyes. I shuddered and felt an explosion coming, she said, “Don’t you dare waste that cum.”

I held back and she stood up, I stepped out of my shorts and shoes and she peeled off her skimpy black running shorts. She left her sneakers on, it was kind of hot, actually. She sat back on the dining table and spread her legs, I took one step, angled my cock into her lasered smooth pussy. Her muscled legs instantly wrapped around me and yanked me into her. She threw her head back and moaned as I slid into her. She wasn’t as tight as the surfer chicks I’d fucked at the beach, but the way she gyrated her hips was incredible. I leaned her back on the table and put her ankles on my shoulders, she could take all of me and beg for more. I was thrusting, pounding away at her slick pussy, while she was rotating her pelvis around my hard cock, her magnificent tits bouncing with every stroke. She came over and over and over, I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from coming too early, I wanted this to last.

She screamed at every touch, every lick, every thrust. She was so wound up that she was writhing and moaning from every move I made. If she’d ever been fucked like this, it had not happened for a very long time. I had never had sex like this, with someone who threw themselves so recklessly.

I pulled out and was ready to shoot my load. She asked what the fuck I was doing, I was confused, I started to say something about no condom and she said “bullshit.” She composed herself in about two seconds, stood up and shoved me into a chair. She stepped over me and straddled my cock, we both shivered as she lowered herself onto me one inch at a time.

She took me up to the hilt, and then started to ride me. Hard and fast and like nobody had ever done. I tried to last but when I caught sight of the hallway mirror, her pussy stretched around and sliding along my glistening cock, I couldn’t hold back. “I’m going to cum,” I said breathlessly. “Fill my pussy with your hot cum,” she answered. I obliged and shot wave after wave of cum into her. She moaned and orgasmed as she felt my seed spray into her.

She sat straddling me for a few minutes as we both recovered. My still thick cock inside her still pulsing pussy. We were both sweat soaked and sticky with various secretions, her legs still twitching and shuddering from aftershock orgasms, and I couldn’t have stood up if I’d wanted to.

When she finally did stand up, she knelt again to lick the juices off my dick. She was even good at that! She walked away and got dressed, I took my cue to do the same. She disappeared and I heard a shower go on upstairs. I considered the possibility of offering to wash her back. I decided against it when her babysitter arrived home with her three k**s. (Three! This woman was unbelievable). I finished the furniture moving quickly and slipped out.

First time? Yes. Only time? Nope. Last time? Next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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