First time

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First time
So, it seems as if stories with pictures – or pictures with stories – is possible.

The following pictorial is another first time with these pictures, providing the sorts of details that turn me on.

These are the first pictures I have ever seen on someone I know having sex. Even more enticing, they are the first pictures of someone I know having explicit MMF sex.

The first picture sent a thrill through me, recognizing Rosie being fucked, with a second man near her mouth.

I stared, knowing there were more pictures on the camera card my wife had provided, She had known for years I found her sexy, and that she had even cock teased me a couple of times. This picture showed just how realistic the possibility of fucking her really had been. Along with confirming all the hints and rumors that she was a swinger.

My hand had already started running over my jeans covered cock, and seeing the second picture was an incredible turn on.

The first picture had been less than explicit, at least in one sense. This picture was explicit in a way that went straight to my cock, wanting to be either man. It was clear that Rosie was sucking the cock of the man with his finger at her slit, feeling the cock fucking her.

My cock was pressing so good against my jeans, with the next picture being equally hot. This was the sort of group sex that had always turned me on, but seeing a woman I knew get used like this was unbelievable – and so kinky to see.

She was being fucked so deep, with the hand of the man she was going on pressed against her hot cunt. Of course I had opened my jeans by now, bringing out my hard cock.

Which was perfect, because the next picture was explicitly meant to show off Rosie’s fucked cunt. A cunt clearly available for any hard cock she wanted.

And certainly my cock wanted to fuck her so good and deep. It was even more of a turn on knowing that she was such a hot slut, her husband taking pictures of her available wet cunt, her legs being spread by the man that had just been fucking her. Looking at such an explicitly sexual scene, one that she had undoubtedly enjoyed many times over several decades. Reaiizing she was still sucking a cock, imagining just how many times she had been shared like this – and wanting to be another man whose cock had enjoyed her like this.

The next picture was a bit differently lit, not that it made any difference as I jacked off. However, later, looking at the time stamps, it turns out these next pictures were from a second session, about 5 hours later. Not that I cared at this point, particularly as the photographer was no longer so careful to keep faces hidden.

Likely because between sessions, they had all probably shared a couple bottles of wine. Rosie is always a cock tease, but after a few glasses of wine, you can see how her teasing is so she can have sex. However, at the time what made me so turned on was seeing the face of a woman I knew being fucked by another man than her husband, hand on the cock of a man she had gone down on.

By this point, fantasy and pictures were swirling, thinking about fucking Rosie after watching her have naked group sex, imagining how hot it would be to feel her wet used cunt around my cock, sharing her with other men. Fully turned on seeing how wonderfully slutty she was, taking two men in front of her husband.

The last picture was utterly uninhibited, and not even a bit staged like the earlier opened beaver picture had been.

Her filled cunt was so available to lick, knowing she would love it and the man fucking her would not care at all if a tongue touched his shaft. Rosie was clearly completely lost in paradise, open cunt being pounded again.

I have cum multiple times to these pictures, imagining what it would be like to have sex with the only swinger I have ever personally known.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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