First Time High School Senior (Part 4)

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First Time High School Senior (Part 4)
My last real life story ended with Roy being the “boss” in his basement. His parents went to the shore and his sister was at a friends house for a sleep over. Roy took control of the situation and received a sloppy wet deep throat blowjob, made me get on all fours as he gaped my asshole and fingered it. He finished by standing up next to his bookshelf and cumming on my used up face. He was the boss, he was in control, and he had planned out this whole night in detail.

After finishing in my face and me thanking him for cumming on my face. I told him I needed to clean up. He had a hand cloth on the couch and told me to crawl over and get it and then go upstairs to the bathroom to clean up. I replied with a “yes boss” before crawling over to the couch, cum and spit covered face, grabbed the hand towel and when upstairs to the bathroom as instructed.

I got up to the top of the stairs before getting nervous again. I was completely naked with left over cum in my face in my friends house. it was still light out and my friends house had all the windows open. I knew I needed to make a run for the bathroom that was down the hall. My hope was that noone was looking into my friends houses windows from the street.

While in the bathroom I decided to take a quick shower so that I was extra clean for my friend that night. As I cleaned up I started to think back to when my friend spread my ass cheeks WIDE open. He was so rough, which I liked but i didnt expect him to finger my asshole. I had this feeling that he was going to want to make me spread my ass open for him more often, and finger it more. But I couldnt help but feel really embarrassed about the air that came out accidentally as he made me spread my asshole wide open for him as he fingered in and out, hold wide open, in and out, hold wide open, over and over. I kept thinking its not my fault its not like I meant to do it…. Air just kept going in when he shoved his finger in, over and over. It was so embarrassing knowing that I did that for him. I just kept telling my self that he told me to “just relax, dont worry” as he stuck his finger back in my ass. Maybe I was just over thinking it.

I got out of the shower and grabbed a towel. I guess my friend heard the water shut off and he knocked on the door and asked why I locked the door. I told him it was just a habit sorry and let him in. He told me to never lock the door again. I said ok boss. He smiled and said keep that going. I said yes boss. He told me make sure you come to the kitchen completely naked. I said ok boss. but then it hit me the windows. I said but what about the windows…. He said I dont care your going to be naked all night. I hid your stuff. Fuck lol I stood there with the towel in my hand and had the choice to drop it or wrap it around my body. I dropped it to the floor and went to the kitchen completely nude for him.

He had his athletic shorts on which kinda pissed me off a little but at least i could see his bulge. He made some pizza in the oven as I sat on a stool. We talked about random stuff and what we wanted to do later on. It was pretty normal stuff. Video games, tv, movies, friends. After a little while I got pretty comfortable being completely naked in his house. Little did I know that my friend had other ideas for me besides what we talked about. He told me to grab drinks, and the pizza and bring it down to him in the basement. I said ok boss as he left.

A few mins later the pizza was done and I collected plates, drinks, and the food before taking it all down to him in his basement. As I came down the steps I noticed that he set up a few towels on the ground in front of the couch. He had a belt on the couch and his dogs collar and retractable leash. He also had a mini souvenir baseball bat. I was pretty confused. I asked him what is all this. He told me that he always wanted to try some new stuff and that he was just waiting for the right time to try everything out. He then reminded me that I promised him that I was willing to try w.e new stuff he wanted. I was scared and put down the pizza on the table and replied reluctantly yes boss.

He made me sit there and eat my pizza as I looked around at all the stuff he set up.

It started to make more sense… He had the towels on the ground for spit/cum, the belt was for spanking, the collar and leash for my neck. But I couldn’t figure out the mini bat which worried me.

After eating he told me to clean up, take the collar and leash up stairs put it on and come back down to him like a good bitch. I was so nervous and said ok boss. and started to clean up and grab the leash and collar. Just as I got to the stairs he told me to come back. So I did. He told me I forgot something. He pulled his sisters bright pink and yellow thong out of his pocket and said dont forget to put these on. You are my Bitch for the night right? I replied with yes boss before grabbing them out of his hand. I then went upstairs.

I put everything away and then put on the pink and yellow thong, and then the collar around my neck with the retractable leash attached. I took a deep breath and went down the steps and noticed that the tv was off now and he was waiting for me.

I got to the bottom of the steps and got into the mood… Is this what you wanted boss as I gave a slight tug on my neck with the leash, and did a quick spin for his enjoyment. He told me “your are a good bitch” Get over here in front of the bookshelf in front of him and say and do that again and give me the leash. So I did.

“Is this what you wanted boss?” and spun around in the pink and yellow thong. I then handed him the leash as a sign of being his submissive for the night. He gave it a tug and whispered in my ear. Keep this up and I will take it easy on you bitch. I whispered back yes boss.

He told me he wanted me to bend over and shake my ass and every time that he tugged on the leash he wanted me to come suck his cock a little. So i did I stood up in front of him, shook my ass, spread my ass cheeks apart in the thong and then he would tug on the leash and I would get on my knees in front of him and then suck his cock for 20 secs or so before he would tell me shake your ass. I would then get back up bend over shake my ass spread again and repeat until he tugged my leash. My cock was popping out of the thong at this point and he kept telling me to tuck it back into my thong. It was hard since I was so turned on. This went on for a little while before the last time he pulled my leash and said put my dick head in your mouth and look at me. He then said. Your being a good bitch but I need make sure you stay my bitch.

He then told me close my eyes and swirl my tongue around his cock head until he said stop. I nodded my head and said mmmhmmm with his dick in my mouth. He told me again in a more serious voice. ” dont you fucking stop sucking my dick and dont you fucking dare open your eyes Bitch!” I could feel him lean over to the side of the couch and then come back be adjusted my head a little more up towards him. I didnt know that was happening since my eyes were closed. I just kept sucking his big mushroom head like he told me to. My eyes were shut for about 3-5mins while I held this position with my head tilted towards him. He told me now play with his balls with my hand. So i did still holding the same position. then he said now dont open your eyes! grab my cock jerk it and lick my balls. I took his cock out of my mouth and went down to his big hairy balls and started licking as I jerked. He said good Bitch! lick my hairy balls bitch! Who’s the boss bitch? I replied your the boss! He then said What did you shave for me. I stopped licking to respond. I shaved my dick, balls and ass all for you boss and went back to licking his hairy bushy balls. He then said go back to my dick head and tilt you head up towards me like a good bitch. He reminded me to keep my eyes closed no mater what! I nodded and out of nowhere we smacked my face and said good bitch. Hold my head there. I really felt like his bitch. And then I could feel something on my forehead. I first thought it was his finger. But then I could tell he was writing something on me. It was the third letter now. T Still confused 4th letter C, I thought o my fucking god and then he finished with a H. Roy just wrote BITCH on my forehead!!!

He then made me hold still and swirl my tongue a little more. I was soo embarrassed but still followed his directions and kept my eyes shut. Then he told me I want you to lick my balls for 5 seconds then put your tongue in my big bush above my cock, then grab my cock go all the way down to the bottom so my pubes are in your nose stay there as long as fucking possible and then come back up take a breath, Kiss my dick and then tell me your the fucking boss and I am your fucking bitch, and then open your eyes and look at me! He then smacked in the face again and said you get it bitch?! I said yes boss!

I felt so degraded. I knew he wrote bitch on my forehead, I had a leash around my neck, his sisters pink and yellow thong on and now I have to completely submit to my friend Roy and do what I am told. Like the times before this I just kinda worked through it and did what Roy wanted.

I licked his balls for 5 secs, pulled his dick out of the way and licked his big hairy bush, took his big meaty hairy thick cock, took and deep breath and deep throated until his pubes were in my nose and held that position, Roy took his hand and placed it on the back of my head as he thrusted his cock deeper in my mouth. I gagged, choked and had spit coming out of my nose, my eyes were tearing up and i could feel tears coming down my cheek. After about 20 secs he let his hand go and I took a big deep breath. I then popped his dick head back in my mouth swirled a few times, kissed it and then told him ” Your the fucking Boss Roy! And I am your fucking bitch (and I added) that does all your freaky shit that you like!

I opened my eyes and noticed that Roy had his digital camera in his hand and the video light was on!!!! The shock on my face, the embarrassment I felt was tremendous. Before I even said anything he said Good Bitch! and smacked my face. I said give me that camera! he said nooo. You told me I could do w.e. I wanted. I said yeah but i didnt think you would video tape me doing this stuff!! He said well you thought wrong. I was shocked and then remember he wrote on my forehead. I got up to go to the basement mirror. But I forgot that he had the leash on me. after about three steps he tugged on the leash pulling me back.

I was so upset I tried to cover my face. He yanked harder and pulled me back to him retracting the leash and locking it each time so i couldnt go further. he told me kneel in front of him. I told him know and your still videoing me. Stop as I tried to cover my face. He told me get back to your spot and we can talk…. he yanked the leash. I had no choice but to go back on my knees as he videotaped me. His cock was still rock hard and I could tell he was enjoying this. I asked him do i have Bitch on my forehead? He told me ya. Your my bitch so its only right. I asked what did you write it with. He showed me red lip stick. I was sick to my stomach that he did all this to me. I knew he liked degrading me in a sense but i didnt think he would video me doing and saying all that stuff. He told me he wanted to video most of the night. He told me he wouldnt show anyone as long as I did what I was told. I was stuck! My mind was racing and all I could think about was how I could delete the video eventually.

So I agreed to his demands….. like a bitch lol.

He smiled and told me he was videoing the bj before from the bookshelf. That’s why I kept making you face that way. So now this is the second video. Roy then told me I know your thinking that you could delete this video and be good but if you do I already uploaded the other video to my computer in a secret spot. If you delete this video I might just have to share the first bj video… and of course me fingering your stretched asshole. I think you remember what took place.

My face turned bright red!! Roy had me backed into a corner. He planned this whole thing out…

Roy then said… seems like I am going to be videotaping this whole night so get use to it Bitch. He had everything reaction and thing recorded.

He stood up placed the camera on the bookshelf as he tugged me along with the leash. He then pointed his ass towards the camera while he was in doggystyle. He then instructed me to spread his hairy ass for the camera. So I did. He said keep it spread and tell the camera who the boss is… and dont forget to smile before you lick my hairy asshole.

So i did what he said and spread his hairy ass cheeks apart so the camera could see what I was going to be licking. And then I just got back into pleasing Roy. I had no other choice. I looked at the camera smiled and said Your the fucking boss Roy smacked his ass and dived face first into his hairy asshole and crack. My thought was maybe if I give him what he wants he might be more incline to delete both videos.

So I licked Roy’s hairy ass from top to bottom, from left to right, looking at the camera smiling while spreading his wet ass cheeks. I was officially his bitch I knew he was in charge and I just needed to do everything possible to keep him from showing these videos. I thought the more i did the better my chances so I told him and the camera… Boss do you want me to stick my tongue in your asshole? He said YES bitch! I replied do you like it when i spread your cheeks and shove my tongue in your asshole? Yes Bitch Lick my asshole! I spread his ass wide open! his asshole opened slightly, I looked at the camera and said You get w.e you want boss and blew the camera a kiss before sticking my tongue in Roy’s hairy asshole. Roy moaned as he felt my tongue slid in his hole. I knew then that Roy was going to get the video he wanted that night.

To be continued….
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