First time with girlfriend

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First time with girlfriend
This story is original and not copied. Thanks.

Senior year in high school was finally over and two months of summer awaited my girlfriend and I. Her name is Jennifer and we have been dating for ten months. She has been a year older than I. I turned 18 years old a few weeks before the senior prom and she is already 19 years of age. Jennifer was held back a grade because her birthday is near the month of December. This summer was particularly special to me because I need to spend as much time with my girlfriend as I can before I leave for college in September.

I can honestly say that I am in love with Jennifer. She knows I only had one other girlfriend before her but it could never compare to the relationship I share with Jennifer. I believe that when you date someone, you are not only lovers but best friends as well. I would never lie to Jennifer, much less keep a secret from her. One day, I told her the truth and said that I would like to make love to her before I move away. Yes, we are both virgins.

She thanked me for being honest with her. She held my hand and explained why she wants to wait until when it would be best for us to do it. She appreciates how I express my feelings and she admitted to me that she was quite nervous. I respect our relationship and smiled back at her. Then she blushed and said that she has thought about making love to me as well.

I spent the summer showing her much affection. I have never seen her happier than I do now. We did not let things get awkward over that certain conversation. Our relationship was stronger than ever and was happy to be her boyfriend. Near the end of summer Jennifer invited me to the park because she wanted to talk to me. This made me worried. Many things were racing through my mind. The very thought of her breaking up with me tore me apart. I hope that is not what she wants to talk about.

Her and I met at the park around sunset. She led me to a bench far enough away to be sure that nobody could hear our talk. I was shaking, Jennifer noticed. she rested her hand over mine and assured me that I was not in trouble. I turned red and my face was heating up.

“Jenn are you breaking up with me?” I asked her quickly.
“Oh heavens no. I would never do that,” she assured me.
“Okay what a relief,” I replied humorously.
“I actually wanted to talk to you about, you know, having sex. I have been thinking about it quite a lot,” Jennifer states calmly.

I remained quiet, stunned, looking into her eyes.

“I know you have been patient. You have made me very happy David,” she said.
“I would do anything to make you happy Jen.”
“I love you. You make me feel amazing.”
“I love you too,” I said with a smile.
“You need to know that I want to make love to you. For the past week it has occupied my mind. David, I am ready”
“Wh- what? Are you sure Jen? We can wait it is no trouble,” I replied.
“I am sure. I have never been so sure in my life,” she told me.

I leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek. She blushed, leaned over towards me and gently kissed my lips.

“David, my parents are leaving for their anniversary this Tuesday. I will be the only one home, I would be is perfect,” Jennifer said with excitement.
“That sounds good. I hope we do not get caught,” I said.
“We will not. Dad always takes mom out to a fancy restaurant out of town and they will not be back until midnight or later. Be sure you need to get condoms babe.”

Monday night I went to a liquor market to find some condoms for the special night. My plan was to buy chips and a drink along with the condoms. It would take off some stress as apposed to walking in only to purchase condoms. I did not want to spend a lot of time at the liquor store. My eyes spotted a blue pack of condoms near the register. They seem all too common, but they were lubricated. It seemed like a good idea to get those. Once I paid for it, I ran back home alert Jennifer that I bought the condoms.

On Tuesday, nothing could distract me from thinking about Jennifer. My thoughts were focused on her face, not so much her body. My friends tried to call me throughout the day. My cell phone was set on silent mode to save me trouble. I spent most of the day relaxing on my bed looking at the package of condoms in my hand. When mid-afternoon hit, I decided to clean myself up for tonight. I began with bathing, following by shaving what little facial hair I had. Jennifer prefers me the way I am, she is thankful that I am not as hairy as my peers. Next I flossed and brushed my teeth. For a minute or two I stood in front of the mirror wearing a towel. Jennifer has seen me shirtless many times and admired my slim body. I was curious about the idea that Jennifer might not be satisfied with my private parts. My friends considered me average when we compared our sizes, it made me glad that I was not the smallest either.

The last thing I did in the bathroom was trim my pubic hairs. I did not want to make a big deal about it. After I finished I rinsed in the shower. When I was done I headed to my room to get dressed. I put on a clean pair of boxers first and my favorite pair of jeans second. Before I grabbed a shirt, I placed the condoms in my book bag. Once I was dressed I waited for Jennifer to call me and inform me what time to come over. About fifteen minutes later, she did call me. I grabbed my things and ran to her house with a smile on my face.

When I arrived my finger moved to ring the door bell. It did not take long for Jennifer to answer and invite me inside. She locked the door behind me and grabbed my hand to lead me up to her room. I have been in their once or twice to watch movies but her parents told her to leave the door open. There would not be any disturbances for hours she assured me. She said that I can sit on her bed while she went to her bathroom. I retrieved the condoms from my book bag before I removed my shoes and jacket. Jennifer returned in her green robe, I noticed she held two candles which she placed on her desk.

“David, get undressed silly. It will not be the same with clothes on,” she giggled.

I slowly removed my T-shirt and placed it near my book bag. My hands worked quickly to unbuckle my belt and take off my trousers. My socks were tossed by my shoes. As I was undressing, Jennifer was cleaning her room. I saw her clean her desk, pick up laundry, and closed the window blinds shut.

I was sitting on her bed in her boxers. She tilted my head up with her hand so I can see her drop her robe to the wooden floor. My eyes adored her body clothed only by underwear. She wore a grey bra and pink undies. Her shaved legs were very appealing to me. Jennifer blushed as I stared at her, she sat beside me and placed her hand over mine.

“Are you sure you want to do this Jen,” I asked nervously.
“Yes. I am positive. Since we are both new to this we can take our time exploring. Can I see the condoms you brought?” she said calmly.
“Here you go. They are lubricated,” I said as I handed her the package.
“We will open them later. You look handsome today,” she stated.
“Thanks. I trimmed down there, just in case,” I replied.
“Really? I asked my friend for advice on shaving crotch,” she added.
“Jen I respect you. I hope I do not mess things up tonight,” I told her softly
“David don’t worry. There is no way you can mess this up. I will not judge. This is my first time too. Hold on,” she said.

She rose from the bed with her hands unhooking her bra. The straps fell down her arms, she turned around holding the bra against her chest. She made eye contact with me and suddenly dropped her bra allowing it to hit the wooden floor. She lowered her chin to hide a smile. I watched her get close to kneel before me. Jennifer said I could touch her breasts. My hands slowly moved to caress her breasts, moving them in small circles. She bit her lip in response. She placed her hands over mine and lifted them from her breasts.

She asked me to stand, I did so and she slid my boxers down my legs.

“Wow David. I am impressed, you did trim after all,” she stated.

She told me to lay on her bed. I noticed Jennifer rub her hands up my legs. It tickled, an erection began to appear. She smiled as she grabbed my shaft with her right hand. Her fingers wrapped around my head. She said that she admires my foreskin, she played with it. Next she started to jerk me while her left hand went under to rub my sack gently. My jaw dropped in awe leaving my mouth wide open. I listened to the sound of her hand moving up and down my shaft.

She did not jerk me for a long time because she lowered her head to lick the tip of my head. Her tongue traveled around my head leaving it moist. The next thing Jennifer did was wrap her lips around the head and begin sucking. It was the most intense feeling I have ever felt. I could never have achieved as much pleasure by simply jerking off. I released a soft moan and Jennifer giggled in response. She must have continued to jerk and suck for another minute before she let go and let my shaft slap against my belly.

Jennifer removed her undies and kicked them off the bed.

“It is your turn, babe. You can experiment with my pussy. Wow that sounded hot. It is really soft since I shaved it,” she said sensually.

She laid in the spot I was just in on her bed. I could see her spread her legs apart and rub the outside of her crotch. It made me so hard and I jerked my shaft for a moment before leaning near Jennifer. I felt the outside of her with the tips of my fingers. She was indeed smooth as my fingers ran down her outer lips. The scent of that area was not so different from the scent of my private area. I gently tried to open her and look inside. Her pink pussy was so beautiful. I licked my fingers and put two inside. It was really tight, only the tips of my fingers could fit. I tried just inserting my index finger and it slid in to about half of its length.

Would I dare lick it? I put my head close and licked the tip of the lips. Jennifer moaned ordering me to continue. I moved my tongue up and down that one spot slowly. little did I know, that is what is known as a clitoris. She grabbed one of her breasts and rubbed it hard. Her other hand was resting on her belly. Jennifer asked me to stop and she moaned softly, catching her breathe from the excitement. She rubbed her crotch and sat up to kiss me hard.

“Thank you David, that was amazing. I was close to orgasm, but I wanted to wait. Come on, let’s put that condom on. Hurry,” she said.

I handed her the box. She opened it to find try condoms. She took one in her hand to unwrap. She used the thumb trick to figure out which way it would roll down. When she did, she placed it over my head and slid it down to the base. It was tight and uncomfortable. Jennifer kissed my cheek and laid down with her legs spread apart. I slowly got close and asked for her approval once more. She nodded and watched me rub my shaft on the outside before inserting it into her opening. I pushed in as far as I could go.

To be continued…

This better be long enough.

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