Fooled into Bed with My S!ster #2

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Fooled into Bed with My S!ster #2
Fooled into Bed with My S!ster #2

Near the end of the evening, as people were starting to leave, I stood in the kitchen talking to Matt and Rick once again. Us three, and some girl who was barely paying attention, were discussing basketball when Melissa came up to me.

“No way, man. Mudiay is definitely the first pick,” Rick assured us, gesturing wildly.

“If you say so, I just think-”

“Hey, Sam,” Melissa said, interrupting me. She wrapped her arms around my waist from behind, her globes mashing up against my back.

“Oh. Hi,” I answered, wriggling out of her grip so I could turn around.

“Come here,” she insisted, pulling me away from the discussion.

She dragged me off into the other room, which had been abandoned as people left.

“So, what’s up?” I asked.

“Nothing. I just wanted to hang out. How did you like the party? Did I do a good job?” she asked, standing close to me.

“Yeah… it was great. Um, good job,” I mumbled.

She did stand very close, and looked like she was pushing out her chest as she looked up at me with a grin on her face. Her breasts, in that tightly fitting black dress and with that amount of cleavage, were very distracting.

“Um, where’s Anna?” I asked.

“Asleeep,” she answered without missing a beat. “She was exhausted, the poor thing. You are staying over, right?”

“That’s the plan,” I said carefully, sensing she was up to something.

“Good. Then since you’re sleeeping here… I’d like it if you slept with me,” she said, biting her lip expectantly.

I stared at her for a few seconds. I’d certainly like to, if she really meant it.

“Are you serious?” I asked, conditioned to expect her to be teasing.

“Yes,” she answered immediately, nodding. “I know guys are supposed to be bad at taking hints, but I don’t think I can be any clearer than that,” she said, grinning wider.

“Uh, that’s extremely forward of you-”

Melissa interrupted me, reaching up and pulling my face down to kiss me. She was good at it too. She latched on to me, wrapping one leg around mine and pushing her body hard up against me.

I could hardly believe it, but wasn’t about to question it. I grabbed her, pushing her back against the wall. She moaned into my mouth as I returned her affection, my hands roaming over her body.

She pulled back, smiling at me.

“You’re not a bad kisser,” she complimented. “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“Then why haven’t you?” I asked. “I always assumed you just liked messing with me.”

She held on to me, keeping her tits mashed against my chest.

“Well, your s!ster is my closest friend… You must have noticed how she gets about you?”

“I guess…” I answered. She had a point.

“But she’s not here right now,” Melissa purred.

She leaned in for another long, wet kiss.

“Meet me later,” she whispered. “In my room. After everyone has left.”

Melissa looked at me with a mischievous smile. “I’ll be waiting for you in my bed. Just sneak in, and leave the lights off.”

“Um, alright.”

She winked at me and walked away, leaving me stunned but excited.

* * *

When the house had gone quiet and everyone seemed to have left I walked upstairs to Melissa’s room. She had disappeared before the last guests left, and I had taken it upon myself to see them off instead.

Anna was nowhere to be seen, so I assumed she was already asleeep. Which left just me and Melissa.

I had been fantasizing about her for years, on and off. Still, it felt weird walking up the stairs, slowly getting closer to her room, and presumably sex with her. I guess I’d always been aware that my s!ster stood in the way of any relationship between me and her. How would she react if she found out?

We were both adults now, though. It didn’t seem reasonable that I would allow my s!ster to dictate my love life. Those thoughts in mind, I walked up to the door.

Surprise me 🙂 a note said, taped to the white wood of the door.

‘Surprise her? I supposed I can do that,’ I thought.

It was pitch black in there.

After a moment’s thought, I decided to close the door behind me either way. With any luck we’d be making a lot of noise before long.

I carefully stalked over to where I knew her bed would be. I could see the dark outline of Melissa, laying on the bed. She wasn’t speaking. Hopefully she wasn’t asleeep.

‘She did say to surprise her,’ I thought.

I carefully climbed up on the bed and leaned over her, grabbing her side as I located her lips with mine. It seemed she was only wearing panties and a bra.

She let out a short squeak at the contact, which was silenced as I was able to kiss her properly. At first she seemed hesitant, and pulled away from me for just a moment. I was way too into it to be dissuaded so easily however, and I pulled close once again. I brought my other hand up to her cheek, stroking it lightly while keeping my face as close to hers.

She finally responded to my touch, leaning up just a hair to meet my lips once again. Perhaps she really had been asleeep. She was awake now however. Very much so. Her hands took hold of my head, pulling it down upon her as she slipped in some tongue, letting it whirl around in my mouth as we kissed.

For a long time we only did that. Kissing wildly while my hands roamed her sexy body, feeling her breasts, ass and naked skin. She responded with passionate fervour, snaking her legs around mine and moaning with pleasure into my mouth.

After a while she groaned, pushed me back off her just a few inches and started fumbling with the buttons of my shirt. I let her work on it, while trying to make out her face in the darkness. I wasn’t quite able to. I was pretty sure she ripped some of the buttons off while removing the shirt, though I didn’t care much at the moment. It got the job done.

As soon as she got the shirt off her hands found my naked chest. She stroked my stomach and pecs with an appreciative moan, then pulled me down on top of her once again. I kissed her neck, and moved down toward her breasts. Her bra, unfortunately, was in the way.

She realized, and seemed to fumble to unlatch the thing for a moment. With a little help from me, she got it off and threw it off the bed.

Her moans intensified as my mouth met her nipples. It was incredibly hot, to finally be able to suck and lick her amazing breasts. They seemed smaller than I had thought they would be, in the darkness of the room. Not that it mattered.

At that moment, they were perfect.

I licked, massaged and worshiped her tits, leaving her nipples hard and coated in a layer of saliva. Melissa breathed heavily above me, stroking my head encouragingly.

I was very hard, and eager to release the tension that was building up in my cock. Still, I knew that the first impression was vital, and I was determined to leave a good one.

Slowly, I moved down along her body, kissing and licking as I went. I could feel her shiver as I passed her sexy, flat stomach, getting closer to my destination. I got off the bed and sat down with my knees on the floor before reaching out and pulling her closer to me.

She had on a thin, lacy pair of darkly coloured panties. Her heavy breathing filled the room as I bit into the top of it and pulled it down with my teeth, eager to get to what was underneath.

“Oh god,” she whispered silently, between breaths. Her voice was excited, sounding lighter than usual.

I kissed the sides of her thighs and touched her pussy cautiously with my fingers, feeling its wet swollen form. Melissa whimpered in pleasure as I found her opening with my fingers and pushed inside.

My mouth followed shortly, licking up and down the valley between the lips of her pussy. I groaned as I made contact. The taste of it was intoxicating. She tasted just good as I’d imagined. If I had to describe it, I’d say it was a fresh, sexy and somehow familiar taste.

I ate her out with a hungry ferocity, her sexy moans encouraging me as my fingers and mouth pleasured her.

Right then, the lights came on.

“April Fo-ah?” Melissa called out, only to stop herself short. “Oh, shit.”

‘Melissa? But…’

I stopped what I was doing, suddenly confused.

I heard a loud squeak from ahead of me. Looking up, past the drenched pussy in front of me, I saw Anna. My s!ster.

Our eyes met in a moment of shared confusion and panic before I jumped back, falling onto my back on the floor.

“Holy shit,” Melissa exclaimed. “Holy fucking shit.”

“What the fuck?” I contributed.

“S-Sam?” Anna asked at the same time. She was sitting on the edge of the bed now, covering her sex with one hand and holding the other over her breasts. Her face was beet red.

“You guys were only supposed to kiss, or… or something. Not… that,” Melissa said, one hand over her mouth. She looked shocked.

Anna watched us both with stunned disbelief.

“What do you mean, supposed?” I asked, standing up. “You did this? You set us up?”

“It was supposed to be funny,” she said in a panicked voice. “I didn’t expect you to go straight for, uh, you know…”

She looked to Anna and back to me. “How the hell did you guys not notice anyway?”

She had a point. I should have noticed, even in the dark, that it wasn’t Melissa. ‘Holy fuck,’ I thought. ‘I ate out my own fucking s!ster!’

A few, extremely awkward, seconds passed as we let what had happened sink in.

“Fuck…” I said, breaking the silence, not knowing what else I could say.

“Sorry,” Melissa mumbled, looking extremely apologetic.

“I… need to get home,” I said, walking out of the room. What else could I do? I needed time to process, on my own.

“W-Wait,” Anna called out to me from the room. A few moments later, she met me in the hall carrying most her clothing with her in a bundle.

I didn’t object. It wasn’t like she had any other way to get home, after all.

We left without saying goodbye. Without saying anything, really.

The ride home wasn’t any better. I tried to concentrate on the road as Anna put on as much of the clothing as she could manage in the seat beside me.

Perhaps I should have said something. But what could I say? ‘Sorry, I thought I was about to fuck your friend, not you? Or Whoops, I guess I ate out my little s!ster. My bad?’

We managed to get home, and into our separate rooms, without so much as looking at each other. Sleeep came with great difficulty.

* * *

Being around Anna got awkward after that. I tried avoiding her, but couldn’t do so forever. After almost two days of avoiding each other I manned up and decided I needed to talk to her.

“Anna?” I called out, knocking on her door.

A few seconds went by before she answered.

“Come in,” she called back.

She sat on her bed, wearing dark pants and a white blouse. Our eyes met for a moment before she looked away, hands held together in her lap. Her blonde hair framed her beautiful, uncertain face.

“We need to talk,” I said.

“I know…” she answered, sighing. “I guess we have to.”

“Look,” I started. “It was a misunderstanding. Neither of us can be blamed for what we did, but I still get it if you feel disgusted by me or resent me for what happened.”

Anna looked up at me with a sudden movement.

“I-I don’t feel that way. I don’t resent you at all. If anything, you should be disgusted by me,” she exclaimed, grimacing at the last part.

“No, Sis. I’m definitely not disgusted by you,” I assured her. “Let’s just… put it behind us. I’m kind of missing spending time with my little s!ster.”

“I miss it too,” she admitted. “These last few days have been horrible.”

I smiled at her, and she returned my smile.

I couldn’t help but see the absurdity of the situation, and let out a relieved laugh. Anna joined me in my fit of laughter, and before long things felt like normal again.

“Thanks, Bro,” Anna said, moving over to hug me tightly, resting her head on my shoulder while I held her toward me.

I did feel a spark of attraction as I held on to her though, a feeling that I desperately tried to ignore.

I released her, and stood up to leave.

“Sam?” Anna asked, stopping me.

“Yeah?” I turned around to face her. She was picking at her nails, an uncertain look on her face.

“Was I… was it good? T-The kissing, I mean,” she quickly added, face turning scarlet.

That certainly caught me off guard.

“Good? Why would you ask that?” I wondered, not sure why she would bring that up again. It clearly made her embarrassed.

“It’s just… I wanted to know how I compare to other girls. If I’m any good,” she said in a low voice. “Sorry. Forget it. I shouldn’t have asked.”

I considered leaving, but she really did look as if she wanted the answer. Was she that uncertain of herself?

“No, it’s okay. It was…” I tried to think of the right way to describe it. Amazing, sexy and fucking hot all seemed terribly inappropriate, however. “…good. It was good.”

“Really?” she asked, looking up at me with pleading blue eyes that were begging for confirmation.

“Yes. You were pretty great at it, to be honest,” I admitted.

Her face turned an even deeper shade of red, but she smiled. It was good to see her happy.

“Thanks. I just wanted to know.”

“No problem,” I said, leaving her to her thoughts.

Everything didn’t quite get back to normal. Things were still awkward between us, but they were better. A day later we decided it was time to patch things up with Melissa. The coming Friday, when her parents would be away again, we decided to meet up and watch a movie at her house.

Part of me wondered if her words had all been part of the prank, or if Melissa had meant some of the things she said.

Part of me wished she’d never interrupted my s!ster and me.

Part of me hated myself for feeling that way.

* * *

We left for Melissa’s late in the evening. We had already picked out a movie to watch and Melissa had popcorn ready for us. I suppose we all figured it was a good way to avoid talking too much.

We parked on their driveway and walked up to the front door. Melissa opened it before I could knock.

“Hi guys,” she said, making an obvious effort to act normally.

She wore a bulky gray sweater, which was unusual for her. It still didn’t succeed in hiding her impressive bosom.

“Hey,” Anna replied.

“Hey,” I echoed. “You, uh, doing well?”

“Yeah. Fine,” she answered.

We made some small talk before moving to the living room. I sat down in the couch and Anna took one of the armchairs.

The tension between us was palpable. For the whole duration of the movie, no one spoke. It was a comedy, which helped to relieve some the tension. By the end of the movie, we were talking like we normally did, discussing the plot and characters, which were both subpar.

“So… we’re fine?” Melissa asked suddenly, voice pleading and unsure.

No one said anything for a while. Anna sat with her hands on her knees, looking at the floor.

“Um, well…” I said, coughing to clear my throat. “That was a bit too much for an April Fools prank.”

I turned to face Melissa, who looked intensely ashamed.

“I-I didn’t mean for that to happened…” she said defensively. “I was just trying to get you guys back for last year.”

“Well, you certainly did,” I said, half-jokingly. By the look on Melissa’s face, that wasn’t helping her feel better.

“Isn’t there anything I can do?” she asked. “I’ll do anything. I just… want us to be friends again.”

“I don’t know…” I said, looking over toward Anna. She returned my helpless gaze. “It feels a bit awkward between the three of us now and I’m not sure how to fix that.”

Again, a heavy silence fell between us, no one offering any answers to the problem.

After a few awkward moments Anna took a deep breath and spoke up. “What if we embarrass you too? You know, to make us even?”

“What?” Melissa asked carefully. “How?”

“I don’t know… Take off your clothes?” she suggested.

Both Melissa and I were taken aback by my s!ster’s sudden suggestion.

“It’s the only way to make it even. You need to be embarrassed as well,” Anna spoke with growing conviction showing in her voice.

“I… Um, okay…” Melissa agreed. “I’ll do it.”

It was a strange idea, but I supposed my s!ster’s logic made sense, in an odd way.

Melissa stood up and looked like she was going to strip on the spot at first, but then seemed to hesitate.

“Do I just… do it here?” she asked.

Anna considered the question, apparently the one in charge at the moment. “No. Your room, I think. On the bed.”

Melissa seemed to accept this and left for her room without a word.

“What are you doing?” I asked Anna, after Melissa was out of sight.

“Making us even. She’s always messing with us anyway,” she explained. “If you’re okay with this?”

She waited for my answer, looking like she needed me to support her crazy idea. I sighed, nodding my head.

“Okay, fine.”

Anna nodded back to me and we walked together into Melissa’s room.

She was already down to her dark blue underwear. I wasn’t sure Anna realized how much I appreciated the situation we were in. Melissa looked beautiful.

“Here goes nothing,” she muttered, unlatching the bra.

We watched in silence as Melissa unveiled her breasts, holding her hand in front of them for a moment before taking a deep breath and displaying them freely. She bent over and slid her panties down, her breasts staying surprisingly firm as she did. The whole thing turned into something of a striptease.

“Like what you see?” she teased, looking in my direction.

I glanced in Anna’s direction, who was looking daggers at me. I wasn’t sure why she was upset. It had been her idea. To be safe, I didn’t say anything.

Melissa giggled, which didn’t seem to help Anna’s mood.

“Good,” Anna said, her voice firmly in control. “Now lay on the bed. I’ll be right back.”

She left us alone in the room for a minute or two, though it might as well have been hours. Melissa lay silently on the bed, while I stood watching, trying to adjust my pants to make my excitement less obvious.

Anna came back into the room, throwing me a silvery roll.

“Here,” she said. “Use this.”

“Uh, this is tape,” I noted.

“Yes. Silver tape. Tie her hands up.” She pointed at the metal bars at the head of the bed, holding a pair of scissors in her other hand.

“Wait, what?” Melissa said.

“We need to punish you somehow,” Anna explained, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Now lay still.”

I did as she said, sitting down on one side of the bed and tying Melissa’s left hand to one of the metal bars. After I was done Anna took the tape and scissors, sitting on the other side of her naked friend.

“Sooo… what are you guys planning to do exactly?” Melissa asked, not sounding very bothered by the possibilities her situation presented.

“Not anything like that, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Anna said, finishing up on her side.

“I was thinking we might leave you like this, see what your parents think,” she explained. “Maybe leave some lotion and the dildo I know you’re hiding in here out for them to find.”

Melissa’s eyes went wide. “What?! No, wait,” she begged. “You can’t!”

“Is it really worse than what you did to us?” Anna asked.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for it to go that far,” she said, a note of panic in her voice.

Anna sighed. Looking at my s!ster I could tell she wasn’t serious. It seemed very likely that she just wanted to scare her a little.

“Fine,” she said, dropping the bad-cop routine.

“I really am sorry,” Melissa continued. “I figured you’d notice right away. I didn’t know he would go straight to eating you out.”

“It’s fine, rea-”

“I really thought you’d notice it was a guy right away. You know I like making out a bit before the big event, right?” she rambled.

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