Forced 8

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Forced 8
Forced black suck Chapter VIII

My head was spinning after Daddy’s poker night. It wasn’t too long ago that Daddy forced me to suck his cock, my first cock, and as daddy says, Turned me out. Before that every day was a routine bore, work in the day and home alone in front of the TV at night.

Now, I was a strong Black Man’s bitch who loved the nights when he would come over. I loved to suck his cock for him and loved it when he fucked me. Even making me eat his cum from Tanisha’s pussy was pleasurable for me because he liked that I made his cousin happy.

He knew about Tanisha and my dress up sessions and how Tanisha fucked me with her strap on, and he approved, although he never got with me when I was all dressed up.

Then the poker night happened when he shared me with his friends, at first I was a bit sad because I wanted Daddy to have me to himself. But when I knew Daddy wanted me to do it I felt better, I was still his bitch but he just wanted to share me with his friends.

I liked sucking their cocks for Daddy and giving them my boi pussy because Daddy wanted me to.

Daddy kept coming over whether it was after the bar or whenever he wanted a blow job and some boi pussy, every now and then he hosted his poker night and I would be put under the table to play the “winners” game and other times Tanisha would come over occasionally for a dress up party. Sometimes she would announce to me that she just got fucked and she needed me to clean her up.

Now at work, all the black guys knew and I didn’t care. I kind of enjoyed the secret taps on the ass they gave me. I think the white guys knew but like I said I didn’t care anymore.

One night she told me that Tommy just fucked her and after I cleaned up her pussy she told me that Tommy liked pretty little cross dresser’s like me, I told her I know that and she said he wants to get with you when you’re all prettied up.

I said, I don’t know if Daddy would approve of that and she said that Derrick knows and said it’s OK. I asked if I could ask him myself, and she said no I don’t need to, that she is telling me he said it was OK and she would never do anything to get me in trouble.

I said, OK because I believed what she said was true, I did trust her. After, I was all dressed up with my makeup on, and she had me sucking on the strap on like it was her cock (her strap on had a piece in back of the base of the cock that she put in her pussy, she said that when I bobbed my head on it the piece would stimulate her G spot).

But before she fucked me she pulled me up on the couch next to her and said, you know this will be different with Tommy than when Derrick has you sucking the guys, or even me fucking you with the strap on.

With Tommy, you will BE a gurl. Tommy likes a whole GFE, do you know what that is? I said no and she said Girl Friend Experience, he will expect you to behave like his girlfriend, understand? I said I think so.

Then she asked, do you know how to kiss? I said I made out with this girl in my theater group in High School, but it was kind of awkward, and I think she wanted to have sex until she unzipped me and tried to find my penis and when she saw it and how little it was she just laughed at me and we never did that again. And I haven’t kissed anyone since.

She patted the seat of the couch for me to sit down and she said, Jamie (she started calling me Jamie because she thought it was a nice girls name for me), you need to learn how to kiss a man if you’re going to be his girl. But it will be different than a boy-girl kiss.

You know how you use your mouth to please cocks and ass and even my pussy? Well that’s the kind of kiss you need to know how to do. Tommy isn’t going to fall in love with you but he will want his mouth pleased by your mouth just like you use your mouth to please his cock.

Now lean over here and kiss me like you want to perform oral on my lips and tongue. Well when she said that I finally figured out what kissing was for and how to do it. I put my lips on hers, and she stuck her tongue in my mouth and I sucked it like it was a cock or her clitty.

She said I did good and that to remember how to do it when Tommy tells me to.

Tanisha said that Tommy wanted to meet us at the club that weekend and that she should dress me to the max so I look very passable for a girl. Daddy came over in the morning on Saturday for a blow job and a fuck and I took care of him naturally, then Daddy said it was OK to go out with Tanisha and Tommy because he was going to fuck some white guy’s wife that he’d been fucking for a while.

He said the husband actually knew he was fucking her and he called him a cuckold whatever that meant and the it was actually one of the white macho guys from work but he wouldn’t tell me which one.

When Tanisha came to get me ready I asked her what a cuckold was, and she laughed.

She said it’s a guy who isn’t satisfying his wife sexually and the woman takes a lover to replace him sexually.

The men don’t really have a choice in it because the women threatens to divorce them if they don’t or they make believe that they have a choice and encourage it calling her a hot wife.

Either way the real man, almost always is a black stud like Derrick and his friends and once he starts to fuck his wife the man becomes emasculated and is no longer a true man.

Lots of times the wife and the stud or Bull as they are known, humiliate the husband, put their useless penises into cages and have them clean up after, licking up the cum from their wife’s pussy and the Bulls cock, like you did with Derrick and me.

It’s not unusual to have a big guy with tattoos and a motorcycle or truck be made to wear panties and girly things while the Bull is fucking their wife in front of him. Derrick is actually fucking a couple of those white guys at work wives.

Again, I was in shock! Those guys all looked so rough I couldn’t imagine them sucking Daddy’s cock and eating his cum. But if Daddy and Tanisha said so then I believed it.

Anyway, Tanisha dressed me up so fine that night, I had a little tight dress on that was like the one Tanisha wore the first time I met her. It just covered my ass cheeks and the tops of my thigh highs showed.

I had on 5″ heels which I had been practicing walking in, a cute lace bra and panty set and small breast inserts to make it looked like I had cute little boobs.

We drove over to the club, and walked in for free, women and TGs didn’t have to pay. I loved the walk from the parking lot to the door I felt soooo girly and free. It didn’t hurt that I was getting these amazing looks for the guys 🙂

The music was loud and the lights flashing to the beat and we went to the bar and got a couple drinks, I don’t drink a lot so I asked for a rum and coke but light on the rum.

We were sipping our drinks when a couple hot black guys came over and started talking to us. They were very friendly and touchy feely and it felt kinda weird being treated like a woman with their hands all over me groping and squeezing.

Tanisha was fending her guy off, letting him have some but not too much but this was new to me and I didn’t know how to stop him from doing whatever he wanted, and anyway it felt good!

Soon he had his hand under my skirt and panties and was teasing my hole with his fingers. There was a crowd around the bar so not too many people saw it.

But then they took us over to their table and when we sat he took my hand and placed it on his cock, Tenisha’s guy did the same but she just looked at him and pulled her hand away and said, that’s a little forward don’t you think baby?

The guy laughed and said, I never know unless I try and look at your friend there.

My guy had placed my hand on his cock in his pants and was guiding my hand up and down on it stroking it.

She looked at me and said, Um Hmm look at you gurl!, and said to the two guys, this is her first time out dressed up and she doesn’t know how to restrain herself lol.

Tanisha’s guy put his arm around her and squeezed her close to him, Tanisha allowed it, and he said let’s just watch this show a little then.

You like that don’t you Jamie, you like feeling and looking like a girl to these hot men? I said, yes I feel so feminine and soft and his cock feels so good it feels natural that I should be doing this. Almost like when Daddy is watching the game and I’m next to him on the couch, but having the lingerie and heels and makeup makes it very different.

My guy, who’s name was Neil, said that’s why we love these CDs and TSs. They truly enjoy their sexuality and their femininity and that sluttyness that goes with it, don’t you Jamie. I said, maybe that’s it but I’m not sure, all I know is it feels right.

We chatted for a little, they were nice, and Tanisha told them how I was turned out by Derrick, who they knew from the neighborhood, and Tanisha told them that she loved my little girly butt and she had decided to play dress up with me and that Tommy wanted to meet with them with Jamie all girlied up.

She told them that she figured it was about time for me to get out and BE Jamie and told them how she dolled me up and they came here and Tommy was going to meet them there.

Neil was nice and said, Oh! so you have a date with Tommy tonight? I didn’t know and I won’t interfere with that but is it OK if he hang with you until he comes? We both said sure and the called over a waitress and ordered drinks for everyone.

Now mind you, all the while I was absentmindedly stroking Neil’s cock, even when the waitress came over to take the order and to bring us our drinks. I saw her look me in the eye and then glance down and I realized she had seen me and I pulled my hand away at once.

The waitress winked at me and smiled and said oh honey I’ve seen way worse and walked away.

That’s when Neil looked down and saw a little drop of liquid seeping through his pants. I guess I had milked up some pre cum and it was coming through. Neil said, oh shit we can’t have that can we? He unzipped in a flash and said to me, now go in and get that thing and get it out of my pants before we make a bigger mess.

I put my hand into his pants and through the opening in his silky boxer underwear, which were even more wet than his slacks and struggled to get his big semi hard cock out.

Neil wouldn’t help me he made me do it on my own and I finally had his cock out. He said you can go back to stroking now baby and I did.

We talked some more and they asked me questions about how Derrick turned me out and if I liked being his bitch and stuff. It was very casual and nice, I think they were genuinely interested.

Then Neil looked down at his cock and said, oh oh looks like there’s a big drop of pre-cum there again and we don’t want it on my pants do we. Whatcha gonna do about it sweety?

I looked at it and took my finger and wiped it off and was just about to wipe it on a napkin when Neil said, really baby, you want to waste it on the napkin? And took my finger and brought it to my lips and I licked and sucked it off my finger.

He said isn’t that better, you like how it tastes right? I said yes and he said, well good for you then you worked to get it you should enjoy it. Meanwhile all this was happening kinda under the table so unless you were at the table or very close to it, it just looked like we were drinking and talking.

I continued to stroke absentmindedly but I was taking the pre-cum as it came out a little at a time and rubbing it around his cock head, and occasionally licking my fingers for the salty flavor.

But then Neil said, stop smearing it around baby, get a nice drip on the end again. Latisha and her guy were chatting it up together, I saw him sneak a kiss of two and tried to get some feels from her but she wasn’t giving it up easily but they were still watching the”show” as they called it of me stroking his bare cock and playing with his pre cum.

So when I had milked a nice drop I said to him, like that Neil? He smiled and said, yes just like that and he reached around my shoulder and gently put pressure on me to push me down in his lap and said, this time taste it from the tap.

I resisted at first, I heard Tanisha and her guy say oh boy here we go! and they looked around to see if anyone was looking and they said go for it baby no one is looking. So I glanced around quickly, saw that no one was looking and dropped my lips quickly to his cock tip and sucked the glob into my mouth and quickly sprung up again. I looked around and didn’t think anyone saw and Tanisha and her guy gave me a little applause and said way to go gurl!

I felt naughty and proud and I smiled and I could feel some of the precum on my lip so I made a show of licking it off, everyone started laughing. Neil said, see that was easy and no one noticed, now go down on it again and stay there and suck it. As long as no one sees you go down they you won’t be seen and we’ll make sure no one is looking when It’s time to come back up.

I said, well I don’t know and Tommy will be here soon and I’m his date for the night. Neil said, of course baby when Tommy gets here you’re his girlfriend for the night. I looked at Tanisha and she said go ahead baby, Tommy knows you ain’t no prim and proper virgin.

And with that I looked around and when the coast was clear I went down quickly onto his cock and started to blow him.

While I was blowing him they talked about me, like she’s pretty hot you did a good job with her Tanisha, she said well it was Derrick who turned her into a cock sucking easy fuck bitch. I just helped her gurl come out and it looks like there was a lot of gurl in there lol.

I was enjoying sucking yet another beautiful black cock when out of nowhere our waitress came to see if we wanted more drinks1

When I heard her I started to pop up but Neil held me down and shoved my head down and down and up on his cock making me know I wasn’t supposed to stop. I was hoping she didn’t see all of this but then she literally leaned over the table to look at me and asked, and you too? Ready for another “ahem” drink? I looked up at her blushing with Neil’s cock in my mouth and nodded yes.

She teased me some more and said that was a rum and coke right? I was sooo embarrassed but I nodded yes again and she teased some more saying, I’m sorry hun I didn’t get that was that a yes? I nodded again and she said what was that?

Well Neil was having fun holding my head down on his cock so the only thing I could do was mumble out a “yes” with my mouth stuffed with his cock. Everyone laughed but she didn’t let it go, she said that was a screwdriver right?

I looked up at her and sighed and with his cock still in my mouth I mumbled out No, rum and coke light on the rum.

Everyone laughed and she reached over the table and patted my head and said thata gurl now get back to your meal lol. I was a bit humiliated for sure but when Neil release his hand from my head, I didn’t think twice about continuing to blow him.

Then I heard Tanisha say, Oh there’s Tommy and she called him over. I got up from Neil’s cock and Tommy saw me clearly knowing what I was doing. He looked at me and back to Neil’s glistening wet cock and laughed and said, lookat you you little slut. Now get back down on it and finish the brother off.

Neil said, I know you have a date with her tonight Tommy so I’m much obliged for this. I’ll help her out getting me off. He grabbed his cock and started jerking while I held his cock head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it.

His fist would hit my lips and nose sometimes but I stayed on him and soon enough he grunted and I felt his hot cum spurting into my mouth, he shoved my head down on it and I let him fill my mouth until his spasms stopped and swallowed every drop and then like I was taught, I milked up every last drop from his cock and balls and ate them too.

When I was done I sat up and wiped my lips with my forearm, and standing over the table delivering the drinks was the waitress, with a hand on her hip, head tilted and giving me a look. She said to me, you are a little slut aren’t you, winked and walked away.

Tommy laughed and said to me stand up and let me see what Tanisha has done with you.

So I slid out from the booth and stood up so he could see me and he just whistled and told Tanisha, you really outdid yourself with her Tanisha. He made me spin around slowly and felt my ass as I did. Then he lifted my skirt to see my ass and squeezed it.

Then said, OK go into the ladies room and rinse out your mouth with some Listerine. I don’t want to have you kiss me until you rinse his cock out of your mouth.

Tanisha handed me a small bottle from her bag and I went to the ladies room. I smiled proudly when I saw that I wasn’t the only gurl rinsing out her mouth. The gurls were giggling and talking to each other about the guy they sucked and how he got them to suck in the club and how naughty and hot it felt.

They asked me and I told them what happened and I told them but now my date is here and he wants me with a clean mouth. They said most real men want a clean mouth on us gurls, that’s why they were rinsing, a real man doesn’t want to smell cummy breath on their gurl.

When I came back the other two guys had left and I slid in the booth between Tommy and Tenisha. He put his arm around me and pulled me close, then turned my chin towards him and gave me a little kiss on the lips.

OMG it was like electricity shooting through me. I was sitting next to this handsome well dressed black man with his arm around me and I had gotten my first kiss from a real man. I felt so womanly it was amazing, I totally forgot that I was a boi under the girly clothes and makeup, I WAS a woman.

Tanisha said, Tommy likes his mouth pleased Jamie, show him what I taught you. So with very little hesitation, I wet my lips and kissed his plump black lips.

Tommy didn’t “kiss back” he just let me do the work. It was my job to please his mouth so the next kiss I opened my mouth and slid my tongue between his teeth and slid it into his mouth. He opened his mouth for me to have access, and like Tanisha taught me I started to use my tongue to please him.

My tongue swirled around in this mouth caressing his tongue, I know I was doing it right because he moaned a little, and then he stuck his tongue into my mouth allowing me to suck it like it was a cock.

I guess it was having the proper effect because his hands started wandering over me, it felt great to be felt up like a real woman while making out. Then he started taking the initiative with the kissing and he started making out with me.

I got sooo hot from him treating me like this that I could feel my panties getting wet and I put my hand on his cock and started stroking. But instead of pushing my head on it he stood up and pulled me out of the booth and told me we were going to dance! I said OMG Tommy I don’t know how to dance! He said don’t worry it’s a slow dance and all I need to do was stay close to him and follow him.

He took me out to the dance floor and there were other gurls dancing with their men so I hugged him close like the others were doing and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close and started swaying with me. He pushed my head down into his chest and I felt so warm and satisfied that I sighed and smiled. I guess he heard it and he lifted my chin and gave me a long wet kiss.

I could feel his thick cock pressing up against me and his hands slid down to my ass cheeks and he pulled me even tighter to him and started grinding his cock into me. I wanted to drop to my knees and suck his cock right there!

We danced for a while and eventually his hands were under my skirt and his fingers were under my panties playing with my boi pussy. When the dance was over he said to me it’s time to go, he said goodbye to Tanisha and she said to me have fun baby, enjoy this night and we went to his car.

He kissed me again and started his car and then put his arm around me as he pulled out of the lot and then with my head on his chest he put my hand on his cock and I knew what to do then. I unzipped him and went down on him for the ride home.

I felt Tommy’s big manly hand on my head as he drove, it felt soooo good I felt warm and cozy inside as he stroked my hair. I kissed the tip and licked all around it and sucked gently on his cock head while he drove.

Every now and then he would push on my head gently and he would raise his hips to get more of his cock in my mouth and face fuck me for a few thrusts but then he would let me enjoy sucking the head again.

It wasn’t long before we got back to my place and Tommy took me in his arms and kissed me. I don’t know how else to put it but Tommy made love to me that night, I felt like I was his woman and I loved it.

Tommy make me keep my gurly things on because he said he wanted me as a gurl. He kissed me as he left and said we would do it again soon.

After that night, Tommy would let me know when he wanted to come over, he always checked with Daddy to make sure it was OK with him. Most of the times he would be alone and we would be like a couple and he would make love to me but sometimes he would bring Tanisha over and he would fuck us both like whore bitches.

I loved those nights too, I guess I just loved being able to dress up for him and be his gurl no matter what he wanted

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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