Friends With Benefits

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Friends With Benefits
Friends With Benefits
By: Londebaaz Chohan

“But then why did you ask me to join you for a ride to Harrisburg all the way from Camden”. Dev asked his Egyptian friend, Mahmood.

Mahmood only smiled and repeated that he never had a girlfriend in the State of Pennsylvania or particularly in Harrisburg. By now they had hit a rest stop on the highway and Mahmood pulled into it, got out of the car and left for the bathroom, asking Dev to wait there. It was unusually a long wait for anyone to hit the bathroom and be back, making Dev very concerned. Finally, when Mahmood came back, his shirt was all wrinkled and untucked, his jeans also looking rutted and craggy. He opened the driver side door, got in and sank in the seat like he was beat badly and lit a cigarette.

Dev’s curiosity was killing him, so he asked Mahmood, if he was alright and what the hell happened to him.

“I do not know, how to tell you or how will you react; but honestly, I have a boyfriend in Harrisburg and we have not been able to get together for over four months”. Mahmood said with no hesitation and continued to say that he was seriously thinking to quit this long distance relationship because, it was not helping his sexual desires and he always had to think of new venues and new scenes to satisfy his sex needs.

“What the fuck, are you saying; Mahmood. Why are we going to Harrisburg then, if you are not clear about your relationship”? Dev was a bit angry. “I asked you, what happened to you”.

“Take it easy, Dev; if you cannot help, at least be kind to imagine my situation”. Mahmood told Dev in a meager tone. “If you must not know”, Mahmood continued; “I am gay and I just fucked a man in the bathroom stall”.

“Really”, Dev was stunned.

“I am not k**ding and it was extremely hot sex too”. Mahmood said with confidence, “He was hung and very forceful too. Made my innards jolt. He was awesome”.

After about 5 minutes, he started the car and they were on the road once again, driving in total silence. Dev did not know, what to say and Mahmood had nothing more to tell Dev or something. They must have driven for at least 15-20 minutes, when Dev broke the silence, asking him; what was it like to do; I mean having sex with a man. Mahmood only gave Dev a sneering smile and said, “The only best way to get an understanding and feel of it, Dev; is to experience it yourself”.

Dev told him, he was not gay and Mahmood right away said that it did not matter at all, although he insisted that he had seen Dev eyeing every beautiful boy, ever since they were in college together. It was right then that another rest stop was seen and Mahmood took an exit for it. He parked in the farther end of the parking lot where there was a sign for the bathroom and had no cars nearby. He shut the engine off and they came out for smoking a cigarette, leaning back at the car. Soon an SUV looking small truck pulled and parked close by and Mahmood suddenly stopped talking.

He was in the middle of explaining Dev that a cock in the rest area was not much different from the cocks in the colleges, bars, adult stores or others in its intent of needing sex and right now. At that moment, just like a que; a young man came out of that SUV. He looked like a fresh student from some nearby college, clean shaved, wearing jeans and a tight T-shirt, showing off his big muscles. Approaching very close, he took a puff of the cigarette he was smoking and gave Dev a huge smile and a wink as he continued to walk towards the bathroom.

He must have not gone, 10 steps away when Mahmood nudged Dev and whispered for him to follow and Dave did that like a robot. Entering the bathroom, Dev took the urinal next to him as he stood there and took his cock out. As if he knew Dev for years; his hand went behind Dev and started rubbing Dev’s ass cheeks and then quickly turned to face Dev showing his at least 7 inches of very nice looking, clean shaved, uncut, fat cock and perfectly matching heavy hung balls. Like a parade drill, he extended his hand to reach Dev’s cock and balls and held it for a quick second before dropping his jeans and entering the first stall. Dev turned and followed him into the stall, locking the door behind him. The guy quickly jumped from the commode seat, he had already sat on; pulled Dev towards him, undid his jeans and released Dev’s stiff, solid 6” cock for him. He did not even take time to savor the beauty of a monster breeder but simply opened his mouth and took it in his mouth only making sure that the skin was pulled back from the purplish black cock head of Dev. Dev felt a lot of saliva being used on his shaft to lube it while his hands got involuntarily extended to hold the walls for bracing and keeping the balance as the guy started sucking Dev fast and furious. Dev simply had lost control when a deep moan emerged from his throat and said, “Mmmm, you fucking highway bitch; you are a true champion cock sucking slut”.

“This is only the beginning, babe”, the guy took Dev’s cock out of his deep gullets and said, kissing fully swollen, dangerous looking slick cock head. In a continued motion, he stood up and got bent over the commode with his ass being offered holding the thick pipe in his hands.

“I have a nice little tight hole also, for you to take and enjoy”, the guy did not mince any words as he slapped his ass bun pulling Dev’s attention to his white young cheek and obviously a small hole tucked in there, somewhere. Dev did not delay and rammed the guy from behind. “Yeahhh, fuck!! I knew your ass was sure fuck worthy”. Dev complemented the guy for his ass being obedient and readily taking his cock in to the hilt for the very first attempt.

“Jerk me off while you fuck me”, the command was heard by Dev very loud and clear.

He did as ordered, jerking the guy off as he pounded the pulp filled ass canal repeatedly. The guy was continuously moaning and telling Dev that his cock was feeling too thick but so good in his ass. Dev was also feeling in heaven and he was appreciating the repeated squeezing and relaxation of the ass ring by the guy sending strong sensations to Dave’s balls getting ready to fill him up with his seed.

Seconds later Dev emptied his balls squirt after squirt into the guy’s rectum and right then he felt guy’s cock twitching and ejecting his cum covering his hand with the slush. After they both came back to earth, the guy pulled out paper towels from his pocket and both cleaned up saying thanks to the other. Dave came back to the car with ruffled clothes and Mahmood asked him, if he was alright. Dave had a huge smile on him when he answered, “Holy cow! I came very hard and loved it”.

“So, can we go back, Now”? Asked Mahmood.

“Only if you let me have a go in your ass when we get back to your home”, was Dev’s reply and Mahmood agreed readily.

It is over a year to that freaking day. Mahmood and Dev are still close friends with benefits but Mahmood has convinced Dev that there is no climax like a nasty roadside climax and though they fuck often but they take trip on the highway also quite often fucking each other crazy if they don’t get lucky otherwise.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan May 15, 2019.

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