Galley slaves

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Galley slaves
a small improvised story from an idea by gamiema

I can’t take any more. It’s unbearable, it’s cruel, it’s inhuman!
Chained to the bench, rowing from dawn to sunset!
Upstairs, on deck, the Masters are celebrating one of their endless bacchanalia while we’re down here rowing to our last breath.
The Overseer makes sure we row all the time… I daren’t look him in the eye. Nobody does. Out of the corner of my eyes, I can see his bare feet going up and down the passageway. His legs and his whip… and his disgusting Penis.
We are his sluts. He decides who rows and how long she rows. He decides who rests, who eats, who drinks and who dies. Yes, the Overseer decides which of us is useful and will stay alive and who won’t.
He also decides which of us he will use to empty his great ox’s testicles and calm his sadistic instincts for one night. We are his whores and oars, his amusement, his little toys.
God! It was the young girl who rows next to me… Pigs! I can hear them laughing up there. They’ve got women in with them too. They make me sick.

The Overseer stops in front of us. Is he going to give me a lash too?
I row harder, I row with all my strength. The sweat runs down my naked body and onto the floor between my legs. We row naked but the heat down here is awful. And the smell. The Overseer’s whip rubs past my shoulder… I start shaking… God! What’s he going to do to me now?

It smells of a****lic sweat and sex and female slaves down here. It comes from these twenty four female prisoners turned into galley slaves and all at the mercy of my prick. Twenty four highclass females I can **** whenever I fancy. And I make them row until they die of exhaustion or from my little punishments.

No one dared to protest, not even to look me in the eyes. Just thinking about it makes me horny!
Let’s see… Which one am I going to stick on my dick today? It’s a difficult decision, that’s the truth. Maybe I’ll take the two French sisters and have them fuck each other… Or this one, the italian girl, a very young slut. A pity for her that her galley ran aground on the coast of Alexandria! Now she has to lick my arse like a street-mongrel. How are the mighty fallen! How low do their tongues go? And how brown do they come out?
Row, you italian shit!
Upstairs they like to hear a bit of shouting sometimes.
OK. I’ve decided. I’ll take the british girl. She’s young and shiny… sweaty all over, and sticky down below. I think it’s panic that makes her sticky like that.

She’s a light brunette, soft pale skin, brighter than the others. She’s got small, delicate feet, the kind used to wearing sandals. Yes, this is my plaything tonight. When we get into port I’ll take her chains off and take her to the forward room and make get down on her knees and suck my dick while I have supper. It’s bad for the digestion but it’s good for the dick. For sweet I’ll make her fill her cunt with fruit and then I’ll stretch her out on the table with her legs and arms tied to the table legs.
A dish fit for the Gods themselves you will agree!
Then I’ll hang her by her beautiful long locks, on tiptoe, and I’ll whip her legs. I like watching my slaves dance before they serve me. It helps them get rid of their complexes and it gets their juices flowing. When I have had enough of listening to her shouting, I’ll sit her on my lap and stick her on my dick and then I’ll make her kiss me on the mouth and ride me until I empty into her. When I finish, I’ll chain her to the feet of the bunk bed with the handle of my whip up her arse, in case I wake up horny in the night and need somewhere to put it. In the morning she’ll row on the favourite’s bench, the one with the 30-centimetre wooden phallus sticking up out of it…

the End

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