GraniteFlight wants me to spend a day making him c

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GraniteFlight wants me to spend a day making him c
9:02 am, January 1 GraniteFlight

I am now working on an oil rig in BFE North Dakota, I work 2-5 weeks on a rig then have 1-3 weeks off(during which I drive back to Indiana, but could go anywhere in the country). To be honest i am a pretty average guy. To be completely honest and open i have a serious girlfriend but we have an open relationship.

But, like i said i am in the middle of nowhere and haven’t even seen a woman in 8 days so sorry if this is crude…. but… God I want you to suck my dick dry over and over… I want to do so many things with and to you… but right now I just want to feed you my hot cum over and over… I want you to spend a day seeing how many times you can make me cum. Getting a picture of my dick down your throat or my cum in your mouth every single time you make me cum and you swallow it… Then 3 days later I want you to try to beat your record. I have cum 12 times in one day, can you top that? Can you handle it? Will you be my personal cum guzzling princess?

5:29 pm, June 19 GraniteFlight

*pulls your nipples* :-p

1:43 pm, June 18 GraniteFlight

Hello there,

First I just wnat to say, jesus fucking christ you have a lot of videos and pics…. And they are all extremely hot.

I’ve been browsing here for a while but just got up the nerve to sign up a while ago. Just discovered the other users and uploaded a couple of pictures then decided to take a look around. I saw you and thought I would send you a little message to say hello.


Hope you enjoy the pics once they clear, if you have any requests let me know. Anyways, hope you’re having fun and feel free to message me back if you have any questions/are bored :-D.

Just thought I’d give you some more random info about me to get the conversation started… I’m 50% polish and a mutt for the rest… I graduated from Ball State (Indiana)…I work for an environmental company, doing geology ..

How’s life treating you, anything interesting/new? I pulled 20 hours on Monday and took off Tuesday to screw around, good times. Feel free to ask me anything, I wish I could think of more to say but I can’t… so here are some stupid question/answers:

What’s the most important thing in life? My happiness, my families happiness, my friend’s happiness.

What kind of music do you like? I’m into just about everything actually, smallest amount would probably be country, only like a very small amount of that… here’s a random list of artist’s: Rob Zombie, Tool, Breaking Benjamin, A perfect circle, The rolling stones, Jim Croce, The traveling wilburys, Tom Petty, AC/DC, Basshunter, Bob Marley… etc.

What’s your favorite position? That’s a hard one, doggy makes me come quick, cowgirl is fun for playing with clits, reverse cowgirl is fun for playing with asses… Hurrmm I can’t pick.

*hugs* Thanks,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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