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We lived in a quiet neighbor hood, 3 bedroom home. About 20 years ago, my Dad passed away. Mom after 18 years or so finally remarried, but they guy she married is a straight asshole. I was 13 when my Dad passed. Dad was a good man, great provider and wonderful father. Before mom remarried Ben, they were dating. I remember coming home early one day from High School I was in tenth grade and found Ben fucking my mother on the couch in the living room. I walked in and was like MOM! GOSH! You could at least be in your room. Ben looked at me and smiled then winked his eye, and started pounding even harder on my mom.

I hated Ben after that, I ran out the house across the street to Pete”s house my best friend. I told Pete what I saw, and he was like “dude, I’d kick his ass”. I stayed that night at Pete’s house I was too embarrassed to face my mom. The next day I went home, and mom acted like nothing happened. When Ben saw me, he grabbed his crotch and licked his tongue out at me. I flipped him off and said to myself oh, your day will come.

About 2 months after that happened, we were all having dinner, mom Ben and I, when Ben mentioned that his mother was coming to town, and would need a place to stay. Allison, my mom was like so where is she going to sleep? You know the spare bedroom is full of all your tools and junk! Ben laughing say’s, Ma can share the room with your boy, ha ha ha ha.. laughing and making that face he made when he was fucking my mom. Then mom asked, how long is she staying? Ben replied she’ll be here the Holiday Season and it was just October.

The next day, mom came to my room and asked me to get prepared for Agnes to come. She said, I hope you don’t mind sharing a room with an 79 year old lady. I didn’t complain, just did what I was asked and started cleaning up. I was like mom, do we have to share my bed? Mom was like unless you want to sleep on the floor or on the couch.
So I went ahead and got the room ready. Ben”s mom was going to get dropped off by a cab and wanted me to be ready to get her bags.

Ben yelled out to me, “get the camara, mom loves to take pictures” Me, mumbling under my breath, gotta waste my film on this old bag….Grrrrrrr She’ll be here any moment.

I was in my room fumbling around for the camera when the doorbell rang. I heard mom and Ben greeting Agnes at the door, Mom yelled out “Grandma Agnes is here!” by that time she was already halfway up the stairs, when I said smile! and got this shot.

I was like OK! Look at Granny Agnes. Big saggy double EE breast, nice body, about 5ft tall. I’m saying to myself, this may not be so bad after all. I took Agnes’s bags to my room and showed her where she would be sleeping.
Agnes looked in the room and said thank you, by then my mom came in and said, Agnes you and my son will have to share this room, your son Ben has all his shit in the other room. Agnes smiled and said OK, fine be me.

We sat and had dinner, mom made meatloaf, Agnes favorite dish. Dinner was a bit more interesting with Agnes there, Ben just went on, and on about how mom did this, and how mom did that. I was eating my vegie’s when I looked at Ben, put fork in my mouth and licked it. Winked my eye at him and gave him that look back that he gave me when he was fucking my mom in the living room that day. Ben’s whole facial expression changed, when he just realized he put me in same room and bed with his mother. Ben quickly said to my mom Allison, I’m going to get that room together tomorrow so mom can have her own room.

Agnes helped mom with the dishes and I went upstairs to take a shower. I was in the shower when Ben came in the bathroom, I was like “HEY!” Ben said relax it’s just me. Ben said, you better not try anything with my mom. I was like get out of here before I tell my mom what you said. Ben slowly walked out and closed the door.

I was laying in bed when Agnes came in the room. She looked at me and said, is that a full size bed? I was like yepp. We’ll make the best of it. Agnes then asked me for towels so she could shower. I had a half bath in my room, sink shower and toilet. Agnes asked me to come help her unzip her dress I leaped out of the bed. I was only wearing my underwear. I slowly unzipped her dress to see her in her black bra, panties and pantyhose. Oh my dick got so hard.
It was poking out of my boxers. Agnes said, can you undo my bra strap please? My mouth started to water. I slowly unsnapped her bra and Agnes wiggled her shoulders and her bra dropped to the floor. She said, can you start the shower… Of course I said. Turned on the water and grabbed her towels. Agnes then sat on my bed to take off her pantyhose and panties! She was sitting on my bed naked looking me up and down. I took her hand and helped her stand and led her to the shower. Agnes smiled and said, I’ll be right out.

I locked my bedroom door, and turned the TV up a little louder. While Agnes was in the shower, I started stroking my dick wondering what was going to happen next. After about ten minutes I hear the water stop. Shower door open and out comes Agnes, wet with the towel wrapped around her. She said, can you help me dry off dear? I got up to help her dry off. Rubbing the towel on those gigantic tits so big and soft, I had to lift them up to dry underneath them. I told Agnes to hold her arms up and I got behind her to dry her back ass, and legs. My dick was hard as a rock.

Agnes went back into the bathroom to brush her teeth and put on some perfume. She then came out and jumped in bed with me. We were laying on our sides face to face. I put my hand on her leg and started rubbing, she grabbed my dick and started stroking it. No words were said, we both knew it was about to go down. Agnes rolled over on her back and I got on top of her inserting my dick into her pussy, I slowly eased my dick in, putting my tongue in her mouth and gently easing my dick in and out of Agnes’s pussy. It was so wet but tight. I didn’t think to grab a condom figured no need, she’s 79 years old.

We’re laying in my bed, kissing and fucking, and told Agnes to get on top of me. Big saggy titty’s in my face and me holding her ass cheeks open so I can bang that pussy good. I kept stroking then I thought about Ben fucking my mom and the strokes got more intense and more intense, pumping faster and harder the head board is now knocking on the wall. After about ten minutes, my door fly’s open and it’s Ben…. I just kept fucking. I looked at Ben and said, not so funny when it’s your mama.. ha ha ha ha ha ha… and kept on fucking.

Everyday, Agnes takes a new picture for me, and we fuck all night. I’ll have to tell you what happened at XMAS next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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