Halloween to remember

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Halloween to remember
Halloween, this is my favorite “holiday” of the year. More so after this last year’s Halloween night.
I was going to a Halloween party with my girl friends like we had done the last 5 or 6 years. It was always at a little club in our town and normally a really fun time.
I packed my stuff in my bag and went over to my friend Grace’s house. We were all over 21 finally so we could drink without getting caught. Not that were drinking much, but we did not need much to feel the affect either.

I was dressed like a witch with lots of dark face paint and also a mask. My dress was very slutty and I felt very sexy in it. My friends thought I was crazy to go out in such a short skirt. They did not know that I was totally commando underneath my mini-skirt too. I loved the breeze under my skirt when we walked to the club.

We had a blast and I danced almost non-stop after we walked in. I had one drink, but that was it.

I danced mainly with my friends since we were a pretty big group of people. We had been there for not even two hours, when I danced in the corner of the dance floor and started to flirt with a guy who was cute. We danced closer and closer. All of a sudden he grabbed me and pressed me against him while dancing. It was OK at first, but I wanted to get away and he held me tight. I felt his hands on my ass and they suddenly were under my skirt. I got scared when his hands started to rub my naked ass and went into my crack in the back. He smiled at me and said that he liked this commando style. I felt his hard cock against my tummy when he grabbed my ass and pulled me into him. I was really turned off and did not want him to touch me. I started to struggle and told him to leave me alone. He would not let me go and his hands moved allover my naked ass and he tried to get his fingers down to my pussy. He thought he found my vagina and stuck his finger into my ass. It was very uncomfortable, no pain, but a creepy feeling. I started to protest and really struggle to get away.
Sudden he was ripped away and one of my friends pushed him down to the floor. My friend asked what the fuck he was doing with me. My friend is a huge guy who use to be a linebacker on the football team, so he was very intimidating. The guy got up and told him I wanted it. I shook my head and my friend punch the guy right in his face. He went down like a sack of potatoes.

I quickly removed myself from the scene and was pretty shook up. My friend came over and asked if I was OK? I told him it was time for me to go home and asked if he could help me get in a taxi. I felt pretty good when I finally got in alone in the taxi and told the drive to take me home. I was sure that the guy would never know who I was since my costume and face paint with mask made it impossible to tell who I was.

My parents had a big Halloween party every year. There were so many people there that I did not know and hard to know who some of them were since it was a costume party. I felt a lot better to be home in this safe environment. Nobody asked who I was when I walked in. I went and grabbed a drink and sat down on a high chair next to the bar. I watched all the people at the party and everyone had a good time. Some people were pretty drunk, including my mother. She did not know who I was and did not talk to me either.

As I was people watching, this big guy in a Dracula costume with a face mask came over and started to talk with me. He was an older guy and funny. We chatted for a long time and he got me another drink. It went down quickly while we talked more. Suddenly I had another drink in front of me and half way through that one, I started to feel a bit tipsy.
When I get drunk and I also get pretty horny.
I decided to tease this Dracula character a little bit before retiring to my room. So by “accident” my leg went up between his legs and rubbed the inside of his thigh. He stopped talking and looked at me. He said that I did not want to wake up the monster… Then he laughed a deep sexy laughter. I countered that I was sure there was no monster there and that as a witch I could handle any monsters or magical wands for that matter.
He started to get cocky and said that I had never met a monster like what he could produce. I kept rubbing his inner leg and without thinking about it, I also exposed my naked pussy to him. He did not notice at first either, I think he was just enjoying my foot flirting with his thigh. He put down his drink and looked at me. Then he told me this could not go on, because the monster was hard to get down after it woke up. He looked down and kind of stopped in his tracks. I kept rubbing my foot around and worked it a little bit higher. I was only half way up his thigh when I felt something against my foot. I moved my foot up a little bit more and felt it twitch by my touch. That’s when I realized that I was massaging his cock. It quickly got harder.
I looked down and saw that my pussy was totally exposed to him. He grabbed my thigh to keep me from closing my legs, and by so he moved my foot closer to his cock too. He did not intend to do that, but the way he grabbed my leg it made my foot go up. I was amazed how big his cock felt. when my foot pressed into his shaft, it felt like it was longer than my foot. I thought he must be at least a foot long! Dracula had us covered by his robe, so nobody could see what we were doing.
His hand moved up so his finger touched my slit. I was surprised how wet I was when he rubbed his finger over my opening as couple of times.
There were tons of people around us, but we did not even think about it. I was enjoying the moment and did not think ahead at all.
With his fingers rubbing my clit and slit, I closed my eyes and let him play with me. I was getting so turned on, that I thought I would cum soon.
I felt Dracula move around as he brought me closer to an orgasm. I felt my orgasm built and I was getting closer by the second. My whole being was focused on the movement of his fingers and how they made me feel.
Then without much warning, I felt something at my pussy opening. My eyes opened and I watch him come closer as my pussy started to get penetrated. His cock head felt huge, but I was so wet that he still could slide into me.
I had never experienced an orgasm while a man was inside of me, but as he started to slowly fuck me while still rubbing my clit. I exposed in an intense orgasm around his cock. I hugged him closer to me and felt his cock all the way in me. I was so stretched and full of cock as my climax was overtaking me.
I could see the room over his shoulder and watched my father approach us, as this man was fucking me slowly on the chair.
It was so fucking erotic to feel this big cock in my pussy as my father walked up and started to talk to Dracula.
I should say that my father was talking, Dracula was only grunting.
I had my head into his chest and suddenly felt his cock expand even more. Without warning he was cuming in my unprotected pussy. I had no clue who this man was under his mask, but he was now depositing his cum into my fertile little pussy. Instead of getting scared, I started to cum again. It was so exciting to sit in the corner of my parents’ bar and getting fuck by an older man and have him cum in my pussy, with my father standing behind us and talking. I moaned loudly and felt him deep in me.
When opened my eyes and looked around. I was expecting that everyone would be looking at us, but nobody noticed that we had just had completed an erotic fuck in full view and my father had walked away. Dracula’s cock was still inside of me, but was getting soft quickly. My pussy felt like I had a great workout and when my tightness pushed him out, I felt a void and a stream of cum leaking out. He was still very close to me and whispered in my ear that I was fucking amazing.
He told me we should get out of here and go somewhere else.
I thought I was totally insane, but I agreed. He pulled back, I wiped my pussy clean and the seat with the big puddle.
He grabbed my hand and moved out of the house. We walked up to a big BMW and he opened the passenger door for m. I got in and he walked around and got in the car.
I leaned back and wondered what would happen next. He drove away and asked it was OK if we went to his place. I nodded and grabbed his hand. I pulled it down between my legs and put it on my pussy. I asked if he was going to fuck me again when we got to his place. His only response was to push his finger into my pussy.
We drove to his place with our masks on and did not talk most of the way.
His home was not far from my parents, but in a district of the city with very large expensive houses.

When we pulled up the drive way he said that maybe we should give each other our names. I told him I was Alice and he said his name was Robert. I racked my brain for any friend of my parents that was named Robert or Bob, but I could not come up with one person.

When we got to his house and walked into the house, he showed me the living room. I walked ahead of him and turned around before I got to the couch. I hugged him and kissed him. He put his hands on my ass and lifted me up against him. Then we walked with me up to the couch and laid me down. He opened his pants and let out his huge cock. It was the first time I saw it and it was massive. I had felt it was big, but when I looked at it was much bigger.
I felt a little scared, but then remember how good it felt when it was inside of me.
I laid back and spread my legs. I told him to stop wasting time and fuck me.

He fucked me hard, just as I was cuming in unison with him. I reached up and pulled off his mask.
In my orgasm and while feeling Robert unleashing another big load in my pussy, I saw his face and realized I was letting the owner of my father’s job cum in my unprotected pussy for a second time…..

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