Happy anniversary

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Happy anniversary
I was awoken this morning by the feeling of my blankets being pulled off of me. I knew it wasn’t my wife cause she had gone to work today. I open my eyes to see my hot stepdaughter, Sabrina dressed in white lingerie and white high heels, grab a hold of my dick in her hand with long bright red nails.

“Good morning and happy anniversary Eric. ” said Sabrina as she started rubbing her hand up and down my stiffening shaft.

Today is Sabrina’s Mom, Penny, and my 16th anniversary. When I met Penny, Sabrina was twelve and her brother Tim was fifteen. Sabrina is 27 now with three k**s and divorced. She is 5’ tall, 100 lbs, long black hair, hazel eyes, size c breast, and a nice firm ass.

“Good morning Sabrina. What are you doing? What about your mom?” I questioned wondering if this was really happening.

“Relax Eric. Mom’s at work. Tim is out of town and my k**s are at school. Isn’t this what you want?” She asked while continuously stroking my cock with her soft skinned hand.

“Stop Sabrina. You my daughter. This is wrong. We can’t do this.” I stated wondering how she knew.

“I’m your stepdaughter Eric. And Mom told me everything you told her.”

About a year ago, I was in an accident and ended up spending some time in the hospital. Penny was left to take care of the monthly bills. One day while removing some money from my wallet Penny came across a hidden picture of Sabrina in a two piece bikini and also found a condom. Penny became irate and went home to search my truck. In my truck she found a overnight bag with white lingerie and a blow up sex doll. Penny returned back to the hospital to let me have it. I told her the truth. I have been fantasizing about Sabrina since about the time she turned eighteen. I would place the picture on my visor and fuck the doll imaging it was Sabrina. The condom was to help make it feel more realistic. She stormed out of the room. I was not sure what was going to happen. Penny went back to the hospital after a couple of days to stay with me the remainder of time I was there. Our relationship has been struggling since then.

“She told me about the picture and doll. The whole story. I needed to see for myself to see if it was true.” Sabrina said with her hand wrapped around the base of my penis.

“Yes Sabrina. It’s true. You are gorgeous and I cannot help myself. You make me so horny”

She stared into my eyes while I was telling her. Without blinking she opened her bright red lips and wrapped them around my rock penis. It was heavenly having Sabrina suck my member and squeezing my nuts ever so slightly with her hand. Penny was the only other woman I had ever been with and she would not suck my dick. It wasn’t long before I took Sabrina’s head in my hands and started thrusting my cock into her warm mouth. She never lost eye contact.

Sensing that I was getting close Sabrina stopped sucking my dick long enough to say “I want to taste your cum Eric. Shoot it in my mouth.” She inserted my penis into her mouth just as I started to ejaculate. She took my load and licked the little bit that oozed out off her lips.

After cleaning off my dick Sabrina came and laid beside me in the bed. Our hands were wondering over each other’s bodies. I rolled her over and got her to lay on her back. I took her Breast one at a time into my mouth sucking and biting on the nipples. I lick kissed down her chest stopping at her naval to play with her piercing. After a moment a felt her place her hands on my head and nudge me down towards her pussy. I followed her hints. Her pussy smelt so sweet. Just like I remembered. When Sabrina used to live with us I would go to the laundry room and take her dirty panties out of the hamper and masturbate. It looked lovelier than I could ever imagine. Completely bald. Fat full lips. I wrapped my lips around her cunt lips and started sucking on them. By the way she was moaning I could tell she was getting turned on. Sabrina had her fingers dug in my hair and would not let go while grinding her pelvis into my face. I managed to squeeze a hand between her midsection and my face and spread apart exposing her little clit. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. “Ohhhhh ericccccc!” She screamed as she squeezed her legs very tightly around my head while panting heavily and bucking her hips wildly.

When she relaxed her legs and let my head free I crawled up between her legs and got ontop of her stopping when we were eye to eye. “I want you inside me Eric. I want to feel that hard dick in me. Fuck me like you fuck the doll. Make OUR fantasy come true.” Urged Sabrina. I reached down between us and grabbed a hold of my stiff penis. I rubbed it up and a couple of times along her pussy lips before inserting the head. I paused enjoying the moment. Sabrina wrapped her legs around me, dug her heels into my back and pulled me into her taking all eight inches. Our mouths met and locked into passionate kisses. Our tongue going back and forth from mine to her mouth. I grabbed both her breast one in each hand while grinding my penis into her pussy. This felt wonderful. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen.

“Let me please you Eric. Let me give you what you deserve.” ordered Sabrina. She guided me into my back. Took my dick in her hand and straddled me. Keep focused on my eyes she slid her pussy all the way down on my penis. Once it was all the way in. She started grinding her pussy on my penis. I grabbed a hold of her hips enjoying every bit of it. Damn Sabrina can fuck. It was like if she knew what I liked.

“Fuck this pussy. This pussy is yours no Eric. And this dick is mine.” Said Sabrina as I came in her pussy.

She collapsed onto my chest catching her Breath.

“Did you enjoy you anniversary gift Eric?”

“I loved it Sabrina. You are so beautiful. Gorgeous. Wonderful. I want to do this forever.”

“Well Eric, we will keep this our secret for now. What Mom don’t know won’t hurt her”.

“Can we do it again in the future Sabrina.”

“You better believe we are doing it again. I still need to return all the favors, loans, and bailing out of jail Eric.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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