Headmaster’s Punishment Part 2

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Headmaster’s Punishment Part 2
Andrea stood in front of Mr Garvey, her headmaster felling ashamed, worried and slightly aroused. He had seen the video of her sucking a fellow six-form members cock in the school toilets and had threatened to expel her however it seemed it he was willing to offer the teenager another option and she didn’t think she would mind the punishment too much. She stood in her uniform green blouse, bottle green skirt, white socks and black court shoes listening to him speak.

“Andrea you are well aware we do not usually inflict physical punishment on pupils but it does remain an option I am prepared to use in exceptional circumstances. We much rather confront bad behaviour with an interview where the student explains their reasons for their actions and by talking through it comes to realises why they must not offend again. In your case I fell that I have no choice but to combine a series of these interviews with the more traditional method of physical punishment. Do you understand Andrea?”

“Yes sir”

“Good then we will begin now we shall start with the interview phase before moving on to the physical punishment. You must remember to answer my questions fully, comprehensively and truthfully if this is to work to my satisfaction, am I clear?”

“Yes sir” she replies again.

“Good, my first question, you said earlier this wasn’t the first cock you had sucked is that correct?”

Andrea nodded.

“I need to know how many cocks you have sucked.” stated her headmaster recording the question in a note book.

She blushed and clasped her hands behind her back forcing her pert breasts towards her inquisitor. Andrea thought for a minute, how many cocks have I sucked? There were seven boys in the school, a couple of brothers she had met while on holiday with her parents last summer, the lifeguard at the hotel pool and the three, no four she had enjoyed at her cousins eighteenth birthday party.

“f******n sir” she replied calmly.

f******n thought Mr Garvey this is better than I ever expected, trying to remain calm he noted the figure in his book. What to ask next he thought and as his erection grew harder he decided.

“Why do you do you like to suck cocks Andrea?”

There was no hesitation “I like the feel of them in my mouth sir and the taste when they cum.”

“Do you always let them ejaculate in your mouth”
“Mostly I do although sometimes I like to get my face or tits covered in cum. Once I let four boys cum on my face at once sir.”

The headmaster’s cock nearly exploded on the spot, never in all his days had he expected to hear such a story coming from the mouth of one of his brightest and best students. He wasn’t going to be able to carry on the interview much longer at this rate it was time to move on.

” I think we should start on your physical punishment, during every interview you will receive six sharp smacks on your bare buttocks, do you understand?”

The blond sixth form girl smiled slightly, this could be interesting, she had always taken the lead and always boys of around her own age before but submitting to this older man was beginning to turn her on. “Shall I remove my skirt and knickers sir?”

“Yes” he replied, a lump coming to his throat, dear god he thought this is getting better and better.

Without a word Andrea unfastened a button the released the zip on her short dark green skirt, she stood holding it for a heartbeat then let it fall to the floor. Framed by the long tails of her school blouse Andrea’s knickers were now exposed to the awestruck gaze of her headmaster. His jaw dropped at the sight of a bright red thong stretched to its limits containing what must have been a bare pussy. The girl waited watching his reaction trying to gauge the moment to remove it, after what seemed like an age she hooked her thumbs in the waistband. With great delight she slowly, gently, even seductively pulled the tiny garment down her firm legs, her arse rising as the thong descended to her ankles. Andrea stood up and daintily and stepped backward from the pool of her discarded clothing.

Mr Garvey thought he was going to have a heart attack then and there, the headmaster was staring a Andrea’s hairless pussy separated from him by a bare desk width.

“Shall I come to you sir?” she asked in a tone that seemed innocent and erotic at the same time it was all he could do to mumble yes. Andrea looker her headmaster straight in the eye and enquired, “do you want me at your desk or bent over your lap?”

Trying to cling to some shred of self control the headmaster replied horsely “desk please.”

Well aware of the effect she was having on him Andrea turned around, bent forward placing her hands and forearms on his desk. Her firm arse rose in the air and Mr Garvey was treated to a close up view of two magnificent buttocks, a delicate brown rosebud and what looked like the sweetest pair of bare lips he had ever seen. Was that a trace of wetness he could see?

Andrea could feel her juices flooding her pussy, the situation, her vulnerability, the anticipation were new experiences all conspiring to take her to new levels of erotic pleasure.

The first smack delved with an open palm, came on her right buttock and was a shock as she hadn’t heard her headmaster get up from his chair. She let out a started gasp more in surprise than pain and she received the second of six in the same place. She found herself catching her breath as smacks three, four and five landed on her with increasing force and as they did a tingling feeling grew rapidly in her bottom and pussy. Number six connected to her reddened cheek stinging like nothing else and a sensation she had not known before boiled up inside her pussy overwhelming her body with an intense orgasm. Slowly her breath returned to normal and still bending over his desk she tuned her head to look at her headmaster.

Mr Garvey was red in the face, shaking slightly and trying desperately not to hyperventilate. Andrea could make out the unmistakeable bulge in his trousers and needed no further words, he would be quick in his state.

She dropped to her knees before him and with practiced fingers undid his belt button and zipper, reached out to find his stiff cock threatening to bust out of his boxer shorts and gently released it. Not the biggest she had seen and certainly not the smallest but the oldest by a long way and she hoped the most experienced.

Her tongue slipped from between her expectant lips and began a leisurely examination of his rock hard shaft from tip to balls. Her right hand gently slid back his foreskin and she placed a light kiss on the tip of his head, tasting the salty tang of his pre-cum. Yes she thought her headmaster would be quick best not take too long and with that she opened wide and swallowed to its root before earnestly working his cock back and forth.

He was in heaven at the sensation of this practiced young mouth caressing his cock, the view of Andrea’s head and the wet sucking sounds he was hearing were all sending him closer to the edge. It wouldn’t be long now and he gave himself up to her. Andrea’s well practiced senses knew Mr Garvey was close now, there was nothing for it but to get ready for his offering. As she felt the twitch of his cock she heard the door to the headmasters office opening and suddenly her mouth was empty.

She would never be able to recall the exact sequence of events over the next few seconds but they seemed to be that Miss McDougal the deputy head walked into the office with Steve, the boy who had shot the video. Mr Garvey stood up just at the moment of his release and Andrea received torrents of her headmasters cum in her hair, across her face and blouse.

Miss McDougal and Steve looked on open mouthed, Mr Garvey had turned from red to grey and Andrea was thinking what the fuck do I do now?

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