His punishment (translation “mijn straf”

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His punishment (translation “mijn straf”
His punishment (translation “zijn straf”)
After a turbulent night at the bar (as you can read in story one), Mr J and me got into a relationship. Maybe it wasn’t the best start of it, but ah well, you can solve every problem with a good fuck. I did have trouble with his autocratic behaviour.. Anyways, furthermore there were no problems. I like to experiment a bit, but sometimes I’m too shy to bring it up. Therefore I haven’t been able to do what I secretly want. That’s why I always note my secret thoughts in my diary.

We seemed to do all right, but our habitual sexlife got a twist when I caught him lying!
In my tiny village and my spare time, I rescue a****ls. Not only to find the variety and beauty… I also like the job since u get in all weird places. Mr J worked as head of a construction site. I didn’t mind besides the fact that he comes back from work with bruises and scratches. “Well it’s just part of the job” I thought then. He works 5 days of the week and me, I work sometimes a few hours a week. (I’m multimillionaire, so I don’t have to work of course ;)). I live together with him in his house. Time I don’t spend with the a****ls, I spend on doing some chores and make sure his beer and flipflopfluffy shoes are there when he comes home. Not because I am old fashioned, I just like to please him. Also cause he can be kind of mad if I didn’t do what he wanted, and we get into a conflict. Also, our sexlife had become a little bit dull. Well apparently it is normal in “relationships”. (Hate the word).

While Mr J was on his job for some time, in the begin of noon I rolled out of bed, just to rescue a****ls. Cause next to that, I love sleeping. The day is going as usual until I get a call about a bat that seems to be stuck in a building. So, I jump into my car and drive to the given destination. I’ve never been in this part of the village. People advised me not to go there, since there always seem to happen strange things there. Despite that I take a deep breath and enter the area. All around me are weird looking ppl. They all seem to look at me as if they wanted something from me. I feel a cold chill over my back.

Luckily I see that I’m on the right address already. It’s a brick building without any sign what would tell what it was. This should be a plant. Cause the bell isn’t working, I knock on the door a few times.
After the knocks I see a weird looking women standing in the doorway. She is wearing black makeup and wears boots with enormous heels. She was wearing a rubber motor suit-like outfit. (Who the hell wears that?!) Obviously she is wearing a wig, because the black colour of the hair doesn’t match her white skin. Luckily she doesn’t see the way I am eying her. I follow her into the building. I always try not to judge someone on their appearance, and this time, it wasn’t any different.

The building is built with a hallway, and rooms on both sides. Despite the bad lighting, I see some posters hanging on the wall. (Did I just saw a picture with a woman spanking a man??!!) This makes me kinda exited, but I also feel very discomfort able. Weird sense of taste these people have. I think. I decided I wanted to leave as soon as possible. She shows me the spot with the bat, and I scoop the critter in the box I took along with me. I close it and the women and I walk through the hall, with the intention to leave. I hear some weird sounds coming from the rooms but it doesn’t really bother me. Next to some weird sounds coming from one of the rooms, I just hear the click-clack of her heels. It’s just like a rhythm of a song! I start to find a text for this new hit.

Once walking back, I feel more relaxed. But still, I would be happy to be out of here! Then I hear someone screaming. I stand still and turn around. “Well, I can find the way back on my own”, I hear myself say to the women with the wig. I was shaking like a leaf. Meanwhile I start to “walk” to the exit. I want to be out of this place, I think. Then I hear the women laugh. “Chill, it’s not what it seems. “She says, with the echo of the hallway. Fuck… I wish I wasn’t so curious!

I turn back and walk towards the woman. I look at her, waiting for an explanation. She says: “this is mistress hall” and continued, “Some man need submission. We give them what they need.”. “Something like SM?” I ask her. “For example, yes. I’ll show you what I mean.” Before I could tell her kindly I really don’t want to see that, she has opened the door.

What I saw there was really bizarre. There are steel constructions, and there was a woman in the room. She was wearing the same outfit as the women I was with, but she is holding a wooden plank. There is a wooden x-shaped construction where I see a man’s ass, red of the spanking. He is tied to the wooden X. It is scary and thrilling at the same time. “Eh, hi…” I say, fidgeting my hair.

Ey bitch, someone is talking to you!” Yells the women at the man, and hits him hard with the board. “Ehh… hi” I hear the man say. His voice makes my eyes big of astonishment. “LOOK AT HER, AS IF YOU MEAN IT!” the women yell again, this time hitting his but even harder. The man turns his head and my astonishment was legit. The man hanging there was Mr J.! When he looks at me, his head turns red. Mine did to, but by another reason.

I step back while I gasp for air. I’m overwhelmed with anger and disappointment… How could he do this to me, am I treating him bad? How many times has he been here, and is this the reason of his injuries??? A rain of thoughts runs through my head. “YOU!” I scream loudly. , “HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME!!” in pure rage I see the wooden plank the women had left in the room. I grab the thing and beat his ass as if it was a piñata. “YOU GOD DAMN ASSHOLE, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME! IM GONNA DESTROY YOU!” I foam with rage.

AUCH, stop it! It hurts! Stop ittttttt! He screams almost begging. I see the board has splinters and run it across his back. “NOW YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU DID TO ME!” while spanking him, I see bruises coming up. After all this rage I get overwhelmed with calmness. I am still pissed off, but figure I can do anything to him, without him having a choice but to submiss to me. In the room you find enough tools and toys, to give him a day he wouldn’t forget. Weirdly, this thought turns me on.

I notice he is crying. “What kind of a pussy you are! You’re all so tough, but now you are whining like a little baby. So shut tha fuck up. I don’t wanna hear from you anymore, unless I ask you to. Oh, by the way, from now on you can call me mistress!” “Ok,” I hear him say almost whispering. “OK WHAT?” I ask him while jamming a splinter deeper into his skin. “AAAAH OK, OK, ok mistress, I ment! “That sounds more like it”, I say calmly. From now on you’re my little whore. I put the plank away and take a good look into the room. There lying and standing things I’ve never seen before. Alien-like toys and weird looking constructions. One of the things I do recognise are breast clips. Although, these have a little wire and batteries on them. Nice, this should be electric nipple clips. I’ve never used one, but can’t wait to do so. Then something else draws my attention. It’s a ring gag. I laugh to myself, because he always wanted me to put one on (which I hated), and now I can turn the tables. I feel great, having this much power over him.

I sneak on him and surprise him with the ring gag. He tries to get it out of his mouth, but his efforts are in vein. “Keep that in, my little whore!” I say while pulling the leather strep of the gag extra tight. Hmm now I have to find a way to clip those clips, since it’s hard to reach with that x-construction. I look around and see some metal chains with leather cuffs. I put them on his hands and ankles, and release him from the X. I pull the chains and he ends up with his legs spread and his arms wide. To my astonishment, I see his dick is hard! “WHAT? You like this shit?! U filthy whore! You should be treated this way.” I slap his dick till its slapping his legs with sound.

I get kinda annoyed finding out he even likes it. So I get the electric nipple clips and put them on. I see some screw at the clips. I twist them until they are that tight, that he screams out of pain. “Yeh, you liked this right?” I say. He looks to the ground, while some saliva is starting to drip down. I grab his hair and pull his head up rough. “Are you too stupid to understand my question?” without thinking I bitch-slap him on the face. “You’ll pay for that!” I put on the electricity of the clips and increase the voltage slowly. “No mistress, I am not stupid.” I hear him mutter cause of the ring gag. SO YOU WANNA BE A SMARTASS? YOU SAY I LIE? HOW DARE YOU! He stepped into my trap. Whatever he would say would make him pay for what have done. “Oh, you got a hard dick, so you can’t think straight, you say? I’ll help you think then.”

With his clips still on, I grab a little jar witch red Viagra. “Let’s see how far your stupidity goes.” I am guessing very far, with the IQ you have. Let’s see… what to do, what to do… AH, the gag! I grab a few pills out of the jar, and pretend to put them in his mouth. He looks at me with anger and fear in his eyes. “Meh, way to cliché… or… ah well what the hell. I put a pill on his tongue and look for a bottle of water. Of course I know what would happen. When I pretend to look away, I see him pushing the pill out of his mouth with his tongue, and it drops on the floor. You could see they didn’t have a good maid.

I grab a bottle of water and walk back to him. “Let’s see… “ I say. “Hey, what is going on here? Did you accidently lost it honey?” ah, silly me, you can’t reach for the pill, the way you are standing now. I grab the pill and throw it back in his mouth. “Yeh, you like the taste of other people’s cum don’t you, little whore of mine. Just keep it in this time ok? Else mistress would get angry.” So, I was just thinking, you are too stupid to understand physics? Let me show you something.” his gagging reflexes of the filthy pill distract him from the question I asked him.

I grab the bottle with water, and poor it into his mouth. “Do you know what happens with electricity in combination with water?” In the meantime some water is pouring down his chin onto his chest and dick. With the electric clips on, he gets, well let’s say, some action. His nipples are all red already, and the water makes him gurgle and scream at the same time, while having the water in his mouth. I’ve always wondered what that would sound like, but now I know. He spits out the water and continues screaming cause his dick and chest+ nipples are hurting. He starts shaking and eventually the clips fall off.

“Ah, why do you act like that…? I just tried to teach you something.” Out of breath he looks at me upset. “Ah I won’t bother explaining what just happened, with the physics thingy. You’re just way too retarded.” ”well, let’s do this differently. I tried to find them as suppository, but couldn’t find them. Ah well, this would do. We don’t need those clips anymore, cause I don’t want you to be distracted from the all the fun. “I start smiling, and put the pills back in the jar. I see him sigh from relief. Time for real punishment, I think. “You were homophobic right?” “Yes mistress” he says, hoping he had guessed the right answer. “You think that that ass of yours just an exit is? And you fuck ME in the ass? That’s just not fair. Whores and gay’s get fucked in there asses to. I don’t like people who are not treating all people equally. Let’s put this straight.” I grab a tool which looks like gym equipment, ehrm… in Holland you call it an “easel” it’s a bench like thing. Its soft on the top, and has 4 legs. Ah well. Whatever it is, I shove it close to his legs and loosen the cables of his arms. This way he bends over the “easel” with his stomach on it and his head free, with his legs still wide open.

“Now it’s time to release you from that nasty gag, don’t you think? I ask. “Yes mistress”, he answers talking unclearly because of it. “Ah well, I’ll rescue you from it.” I say. I untie the leather straps of the gag and I hear him breath with relief. Without him even noticing I have some pills in my hand. I spread his buttocks, and before he can respond, I push a pill into his ass. He screams again, which motivates me even more to push it in even further. Secretly I always had a fantasy to do something to a man anally. Why wouldn’t guys like it while a lot of women do? I grab the next pill and push it in as far that I feel the other pill to. In the meantime he doesn’t scream anymore, he looks defeated. I do feel his arse tightening with every movement I make.

“Just relax,” I say. I kiss your ass. “It’s all gonna be all right, just 3 more and then were done.”
The last brand’s pills are a lot bigger than the other one. Immediately is it also noticeable by seeing his response to it. “Yeah I k now, it aint that bad”…I say, “…compared to what is gonna happen next.” I see his expression of astonishment, and it gives me a kick. ”Hey, what do we have here, a strap-on. Let’s see what I can do with that. “Always wanted to know what it’s like to fuck a guy, instead of the other way around. I put the strap-on on and admire the size. Would that fit in one try? Ah well, we’ll see.

“Oh wait, silly me! “I laugh as if I’m talking to him. I grab a cock-ring and put it around his dick and balls together. While I’m doing that, I feel his heartbeat in his dick, and see his veins swell up. This time I hear him scream for real. Love it, I think. “Oh, where were we! Oh, right. How does man do it to women… hmm ah, BJ first, of course. I grab his hair and shove his mouth on my fake dick. “Loving it, Gaywhore of mine” I see tears starting to show in his eyes, and I enjoy it badly. I start forcing his head up and down the fake dick with his mouth, as if his mouth was a pussy I was fucking. “Take it; take it deep u dirty slut!” I hit him with a flat hand. He starts gagging. “AH, GROSE!” I say, honestly upset. I remove his head from my dick and check the damage. “HOW DARE YOU, FUCKING ASSHOLE! Wanting to puke over my dick eh? I’ll teach u respect my dick!” I yell. I move behind him, and shove the dick roughly in his ass. “AHHH NOOOO PPLLSSSSSSSSSS, SORY SORYYYYYY!!! I’M SO SORYYYYY” he wails.

“It’s too late now! I grin. I put the fake cock in him, deep, and I feel him resisting. After 5 minutes variation the speed; soft, then fast again, I just hear nothing more than his moan. I see blood on the dick. And I feel my pussy burn. I wanted to have some fun myself, so I find another way to place him. This time, I put him on his back (still full with splinters) on the ground. I grabbed the nipple clams for the second time. “Noo, noo noo, not again…” he whined. Well, Allright then. Meanwhile, his dick has become almost double the size and a little bigger as usual. That gotta hurt. I place the clams on his –almost purple turning- ball sack, and turn on the electricity.

Then he starts to whine and cry and acting like a pussy. It really annoys me. “OK NOW U HAVE GOTTA STOP, OR I WILL force U YOU TO STOP!” I ramped. NOO NOO NOO PLS TAKE THOSE THINGS OF MY SACK!!!!!!!!” “Well, ok you have asked for it” I say to him as if he was a little c***d. I take off my short skirt, and feel my pussy. It’s incredibly wet and my clit is swollen up as never before. Even my labia feel sensitive and I can’t wait for some action. Meh, those climbs are getting a bit cliché and I put them off his sack. I pinch it a bit and bite on his dick, teasing. He responds more opposing than I am expecting. “Hmm, apparently kinda sensitive…” I notice.

“As you know, you haven’t licked my pussy for a long time… what about doing that now?” J. Looks at me, almost released. Finally something good! I lean towards him and he is looking at me dubious. I place my pussy over his mouth, and he starts liking like crazy. “Oh, you like that eh, whore of mine??” I put my pussy closer to his face. I feel his tongue sliding into me, and the more I like it, the more I am gonna sit on his face. Then, all of a sudden, he starts struggling for a bit, and stops licking. I get alarmed… ok, that wasn’t my intention…I almost choked him! I look at him and see him gasp. With my fingers, I take away the juices on his face. “My lil whore should stay awake, eh!”

I am gonna stand above him and he looks at me frightened. Ok, just a lil more before I’m done with you, dear! I grab a dildo-like mask which was lying around. (As a mask with a dildo on it) You are supposed to put it on the head and get fucked by it. Sounds like fun! J doesn’t object anymore and acts well-behaved. “Honey, I wish you were acting like that more, I say teasing him. When he sees the mask, he looks at me as an obedient dog, and asks: “what do you want me to do, mistress?” “This device is going on your head and you are gonna fuck me with it just for a change.”
I tell him, content with the state I got him in.

He’s always acting all tough, but see him now… He has turned into a well-tamed a****l. Well, let’s see how this is gonna work out. I grab the mast and put it over his face. He doesn’t see shit with that thing on his head. I am gonna sit on it and enjoy the reward I am getting after all that hard work. Because of my wet pussy, it shoves on the fake dick without any problem. “Mm, I love it, you are useful after all!”

I fuck myself with his head, and when I got enough, I put off the mask. I see him blinking his eyes, trying to adjust to the light again. I undress a bit more and put my breast in his mouth. I feel him sucking and biting on my nipple, while his tongue circles around it. Cause of that, I get chills. “Are you gonna behave, if I release u from these cables?” I ask him. “Yes mistress “he says softly. I unbound his chains and see a deep pressure on his legs and wrists. He sighs of relief, and I stroke his hair. “You know I love you, right?” “Yes mistress, he says.

I kiss his sweaty face and slowly go sitting on his dick. “I’m not mad anymore. Will you behave next time?” When I see he wants to say yes, he gets disrupted by the piercing pain of my pussy gliding tightly over his to big, with blood filled huge dick. . “I know you will behave, cause you know what will happens next.” He nods. I release him from his cockring which was around his dick and balls. His dick stays just as big and hard it was with it. “Ah, good! “I say.

I hop on his boner and start fucking him again. He looks as if it hurts, but soon I hear his breath getting heavier and notice he is really horny. I look him deep into his eyes and kiss him tenderly. Then I bitch-slap him, just to tease. Then I turn up the speed and I feel his dick revoking a bit. My puss feels so right, I demand him to fuck me, cause I have played for his services (figure of speech… ah well, what’s the difference…) he puts me on all fours and fucks me really hard. You can hear the sound of the body’s slamming each other, together with the scent of hornyness.

I finger my clit while he is taking me from the back, and I feel that I am gonna cum. I hear him breathing heavily, and he begs me: “I wanna cum, may I? “Well allright then… I moan.” He fills me up with his cum and I just feel it getting inside me… FUCCCCKKK that’s a lot of seamen!! I feel my pussy getting hotter and hotter, and feeling that cum, it brings me to the last face of ecstasies. I moan a few times when I squirt all over the place…

Ending 1
He looks at me curiously and I pull him on the floor again. Then he says “this was deliberately, cause I have red your fantasy in your diary. When I did, I have set this up. But I never expected this.” “My diary???!!!! I ask angrily. Every time he surprises me again..” not always in a good way, though. “What did u wanna do about it, bitch??” he says with an eerie glint in his eyes….

Ending 2
I wake up, frightened. What, where,?? Èh?? Woops, I’m lying in a tiny pile of cum on my mattress. I remove my soaked tongue. It is the middle of the night and J is lying next to me. Quietly I giggle and strangle my arm around him. I whisper: “ah, I love you so much,.,,” I didn’t notice the splinters in his back..

I hope you have enjoyed this story, and maybe there comes a big turn into the next story. Suggestions for inspiration are “welcum” of course.

Have a hot day,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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