Hitchhiking home

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Hitchhiking home
It was back in the late 70s when I was 15 that my friend Danny and I hitched to Daytona for the 4th of July NASCAR races. We made it there without any problems, even made it in to the race and had a great time.

We were having a tough time getting a ride home so we split up a good distance apart. I was actually out on the side of the South bound on ramp when a big cab over 18 Wheeler pulled over just past where I was standing. He honked his horn and I decided he must have been telling me to come on so I ran up to the passenger side door, opened it up and heard the driver tell me to hop in as we were blocking traffic. I jumped up in the cab and sat back and felt a cold cloth cover my face.

Next thing I know I woke up in the sleeper of the truck wearing nothing but my t-shirt. We are pulling into a truck stop somewhere south of Melbourne which is where I lived. The drivers partner was in the sleeper next to me and I quickly noticed he wasn’t wearing pants either.

Johnny the driver handed me what I learned was a tire billy, basically a long club they would use to whack the tires to check for flats. He told me I’d best get warmed up with that so that they didn’t tear me up too bad. The billy looked like it was made from a piece of pipe about the thickness of a good sized carrot and about 16 inches long. I asked him what he meant and Ron the co-driver told me to lay on my back and start working that into my ass or he’d just start off with his big cock and not be gentle at all about it. I looked down at his lap and he was bouncing a monster in his hand that had veins that looked to be as big around as my little finger.

I begged them to just let me go because I wasn’t gay when Ron reached over and slapped me, close to knocking me out again. I realized begging wasn’t going to get me anywhere so I took the billy and laid back on the bed and raised my knees up for easier access. I’d played with my ass when masturbating and one of my friends had actually slid a finger in when we were having a jerkoff session so it wasn’t totally foreign to have something back there.

Johnny dipped his fingers in a can of wheel bearing grease and slid his fingers down the club. That sure lubed it up but I’m sure there were more sanitary options they could have come up with. I got the billy lined up with my ass and was thankful the end had been capped off and ground smooth and round. I felt some resistance once I found my bud and pushed a little harder until it slid in. I rested a minute with it about an inch or two inside me then both men told me by to get on with it.

I had it about 4 inches in when I saw a flash and realized Johnny was taking pictures of me fucking myself with this tool. They told me to keep going and Ron reached over to spread my knees apart so they could get better pictures.

Once they had a few more pictures Ron slid his balls up close to face and slapped my cheeks with that massive cock a few times, then told me to open my mouth nice and wide for him. The head alone was like the size of one of those jaw breaker candy balls I used to eat but once he started pushing that thing in my mouth I thought I was going to suffocate. He started working it in and out going a little deeper each push until I could feel it sliding past my tonsils and in to my tight throat.

Ron told Johnny that he was gonna enjoy feeding me with his cock as he continued to push his cock in to my throat. When he would pull out to let me catch my breath I could taste a salty liquid on my tongue. I was still pushing the billy in and out of my ass and he took my free hand and told me to pull on his nuts sack while he continued fucking my face. I could feel his cock swelling in size now and he finally pulled it out of my mouth. My jaws were in a lot of pain but I didn’t get much of a chance to relax because now Johnny joined us on the bed and took Ross’s place shoving his smaller but still sizable cock down in to my mouth, right past my tonsils and deeper into my throat.

Ron moved down to between my legs and told me it was now time to become his bitch boy. He made me pull the tool out of my ass and raise my legs up higher and then he placed them on his shoulders, then I felt the head of his massive cock pulsing against my lubricated bud. Before pushing his cock in he reached down and grabbed ahold of my teenaged nuts and held onto them good and tight. Then I felt the pressure against my bud and he told me to push like I was taking a shit.

As soon as I pushed his cock head slid right in to my ass. He paused for a minute before continuing the assault and after a few strokes and loud grunts by both of us I felt his cum filled balls hitting me. He slowly started picking up the pace and before long my head was hitting the back of the sleeper and Johnny was still shoving his cock down my throat. All I could do was hang on, try to breathe, and hope they finished up soon.

The assault must have lasted a good fen minutes before I felt the cock in my mouth bottom out in my throat and start pulsing it’s load down my throat. I could barely taste his cum until he withdrew his cock slowly from my throat with weak pulses until he had about 3 inches still in my mouth and he told me to milk the cum from his nuts. I reached up while still being plugged by Rons cock and milked his nuts dry until he pulled his cock all the way out.

Ron then grabbed my hips and pushed his cock in as deep as it would go and I could feel him breeding me as his seed pumped deep in to my bowels. Johnny had grabbed the camera again and took more pictures even closeups of cum leaking out of my shredded ass.

Once they both cleaned themselves up I heard another truck idling and then a knock on the passenger door. They pushed someone inside and I realized it was my friend Danny who had also been with me hitching a ride. I was still there with my legs in the air and they made Danny get down between my legs and lick all the cum out of my ass. He spent a good 5 minutes at least tonguing me clean, then they had Danny sit right on my face and I did the same for him. Cum was flowing out of his ass too and I spent a good 5 or 6 minutes cleaning him with my tongue. The whole time we were cleaning each other out the camera was clicking away.

They opened the door and tossed all our stuff out onto the ground and told us they had plenty of pictures and knew where we lived and where we went to school if told anyone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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