Hitching Home

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Hitching Home
It is easier if I just tell it how it happened, I was 21X6 and hitch hiking home from visiting my girl friend. I was getting desperate for a lift when a large jaguar pulled up, as I opened the door I was facing a guy in his mid 40’s who was smartly dressed, when I told him where I was headed he told me to hop in as he passed close to where I wanted. I knew from past experience that it took about 4 hours to drive from here so thought I might as well get comfortable. We talked as we went and I found out his name was Steve and he travelled all over the country as a rep selling electrical components

“It gets boring driving around the country but I am well paid so I put up with it “he told me “And I get loads of sex so that makes it O.K. ” he added

“You get lots of pussy then? ” I asked him, enjoying the risqué conversation. Steve gave me a sly grin.

“I get lots of everything, if you know what I mean ” I didn’t understand and told him so “Well anyone can give you a blow job and you can fuck more than just pussy. ” He was laughing as he told me and could see my embarrassment “Haven’t you ever tried it ” I shook my head in answer, as I did not know what to say.

“Open the glove box ” he told me “take a look at some of those magazines ” I did as he told me and began flicking through the mags, the first one was a guy and woman fucking and having a 69 but the second one was something I had never seen before, 2 guys playing with each other and sucking each others cocks. I sat there open mouthed staring at the pictures amazed at the size of their cocks and without realizing what I was doing began rubbing the front of my jeans as my cock hardened.

Steve was laughing at me “well I can tell you like that then ”

I nodded my head and said;”I have never seen a cock that big it’s massive “I hadn’t noticed but Steve had pulled the car off the road into a rest area and we were in the far corner on our own.

“Tell me would you like to see a big cock for real “he asked me.

I nodded my head and watched as he unzipped his pants and I gasped as he pulled his cock out, it wasn’t stiff but must have been 6“ already and looked fantastic.

“What do you think of that then, do you like it ” I licked my lips and managed a “Yes “but couldn’t say more as I marvelled at his gorgeous cock. Steve began to wank himself slowly until his dick stood proud ,it really was a fantastic sight.

“How big is it ” I asked him as I rubbed my own cock through my jeans.

“I am just over 8“ and 3“ thick do you want to touch it? ” he asked me.

“I won’t know what to do ” I told him which made him laugh.

“Do you wank yourself off ” he said and when I nodded he answered, “Well just do the same thing to me.”

I leaned across and wrapped my hand around his shaft and slowly started to wank him, I could feel the heat from his member and was amazed at just how hard he felt. Steve asked me if I wanted to take my own dick out but I shook my head.

“Why not I have got mine out don’t be afraid ” I began to blush as I told him I was ashamed of my cock compared to his.

Steve leaned over me saying “Nonsense it doesn’t matter how big it is as long as you get pleasure ” he pulled my flies open and fished out my little 5“ dick which felt harder than at any time in my life. “There you go ” he stroked my little cock and fondled my balls and before I could stop myself cum was spurting all over his hand. I didn’t know what to do but Steve did, leaning over he licked my juices up until I was cleaned up. I was anxious to apologise but Steve laughed it off.

“Don’t be sorry mate it proves you enjoyed it ” Without him asking me I knew Steve would like me to reciprocate so I ducked my head down and put my mouth round the head of his cock as I continued to wank him as fast as I could. I am not sure what I expected but I wasn’t ready for him to flood my mouth with his spunk, gagging I swallowed as much as possible and then licked up what had escaped on to my hand.

“God you sure are an expert at that ” he gasped as he tidied himself up “I thought you said you didn’t know what to do, you really are an expert cock-sucker.”

Now it was my turn to shook him “That was my first time, I have never done that before ” I could see the surprise on his face as I said it and I knew it would not be the last blow-job I would give.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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