Holiday heat.

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Holiday heat.
Im in Italia with my honey right now and for 2 weeks there is no distractions of work ect.
All day and night loving possibilities so I will do this little quiz here.

The night before last I sat on the edge of what being ate slowly by him?

A the bed
B the bath
C the pool
D a chair
E all of the above

I last night had something wonderful between my thighs what was it?

A my honeys mouth
B my honeys cock
C my honeys hands/fingers
D a toy held by my honey
E all of the above

The bed here is with a massive headboard how have I held it while he has ate me?

A standingfacing it while he ate me from behind
B standing facing away from it while he ate me from front
C squatting facing it while he ate me from behind
D squatting resting against it while he ate me from front
E all of above

Andi has ate me in many positions in the last 2 days but which has he ate me mostly?

A doggy position
B lying on my back
C on tummy half on half off bed
D sat on his face
E all of the above

We took a banana to bed after breakfast what did we do with it?

A peeled and ate it on bread
B used it like a toy and put it inside me
C peeled it the put it in me then ate it
D non of the above

I wore most which colour lingerie?
A black
B white
C red
D cream

What do I like best how Andi eats me?

A when he licks my lips
B when he nibbles my lips
C when he sucks my lips
D when he probes his tongue inside me

I love when Andi undresses me while I put his hand into my panties but where do I love his mouth kissing at that time?

A on my mouth
B on my neck and ears
C on my breasts and nipples
D on my tummy and belly button

We have an ipod app of 69 positions how many do you think we have done already?
A up to 15
B 16 to 30
C 31 to 45
D 46 to 69

We have had champagne and ice but where has he ate the ice from most?
A my tummy belly button
B my mouth
C my breasts
D my vagina

He has come into me a few times but where got most?
A my mouth
B my vagina
C my bum
D my breasts

Thankyou for your answers possible I will tell soon answers.

Hope you like my little quiz hehehe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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