housewife bobby fucked by a black guy

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housewife bobby fucked by a black guy
Hi readers it’s me Bobby (not real name just a fake name) again with
another experience. Again I am introducing myself am 36 year old
beautiful housewife with white color huge sexy boobs and nice curved
ass. My body size and structure is similar to Tamil actress Namitha.
Those who are reading this first time please go through my other
posts housewife bobby fucked by young guy and bobby again fucked
by young guy. Please forgive my mistakes. Thanks for your feedback’
u can mail me at
So coming to story after I had a wild experience with a young guy who
I met in metro city, just a normal sex was not enough for me to get
satisfy. My hus is really bad in sex but I am OK with that guy. But
unfortunately my hus got job in abroad and we settled back in his
native place. Again that loneliness and lack of sex came back in my
life. Moreover initial adjustment issue from metro life to native life
irritated me so much. But slowly life became normal and I became a
part of neighbor ladies group so my lone less went away by spending
time on this kind of companies. But still I starved hard in sex. Many
times I controlled myself by masturbation but it’s not enough for me
so my urge reflected as some medical problems.
Here most of the women’s are so conservatives, since I am little
modern sexy in looks and dressing style also staying without husband
most guys around me had an eye on me, even some local guys tried
to make fship with me with a hidden desire of fucking me in future.
But I neglected all because this guys were not deserved my sexy soft
body.One day I visited a marriage function my neighbor introduced her
cousin to me. His name is Sanil (just a fake name) 27 year old
working in a reputed firm. He is black in color but having a muscular
sexy body, a good character with nice talking style. Many times I
noticed that he was staring my body especially my Navel through the
gap of my sari. I understood that he was interested in me.
After couple of days one day when I was in my neighbor home Sanil
came there just as a casual visit to his cousin home. Actually at that
moment my neighbor was busy so she asked me to give a company
to him. We started casual talkings. I was wearing white tight little
transparent nighty so my assets were partially visible for him while
talking many times he secretly scanned my entire body. Just acting as
accidental I even gave him view of my sexy cleavage. The bulge of his
cock is really visible for me. When he is about to leave casually he
asked my number, I gave him. At same night he called me. So soon
every day we started talking slowly our talk became deep and sexual.
Many days we engaged in phone sex so finally we planned to do a
practical sex.
My home is not safe for doing sex so we just waited for a suitable
day. Finally that day arrived when my neighbor was visiting for a
function by locking her home. As per our plan Sanil arrived there so
obviously she gave him the key and left from there. Once he entered
the home he locked all the windows also locked front door and called
me, I went there and both of us entered inside through back door.
When a person looks from outside he can’t find out that we are inside.
Directly we walked inside bedroom he locked all the windows safe and
covered them with curtains. Now room was cool and semi dark which
is a perfect condition for a passionate sex. He was sitting there in bed
we are in a pause to initiate the real action. So I decided to initiate
first, I went very close to him hugged him, using my hands moved his
face onto my breasts. He started kissing and pressing
After a long time I was getting honey, feelings flooded over my body.
He lifted my nighty above my boobs also lifted my bra cups and
released my huge melons. I removed my nighty completely. He was
looking my huge boobs with erect nipples pointing upwards. He
started to press both boobs so soft wow what a nice feeling. I just let
him to cup and press them with his palms slowly he increased the
power and now he is pressing them so hard. Omg! My white boobs
became so reddish. Ahhaaaaa plss be soft. Ahaa yaa ahaaa I just
moaned by pleasure and little pain.Now Sanil took my right melon inside his mouth started to suck them
with his hard black lips and lick them with his tongue. His lips are so
hard using it he locked my nipples completely inside his mouth and
started to hit my nipples hard with his tongue. Ahhhh really it was a
nice feeling same time he was pressing my other boob so hard. Ohhh
I was excited so much. Now he exchanged his mouth to other and
continued his hard sucking. I just hold his hairs so hard and pinched
his hairs. He was busy in enjoying my melons same time he inserted
his forefinger inside my deep navel hole and rounded it inside there,
oh by this action I smiled a lot. Now he moved down kissed and licked
all over my stomach even he did small bites also. My navel was area
coated with his saliva.
Now he took a break and started to take off his clothes. I just moved
infront of the mirror in the room. Omg then only I am noticing that
due to tension and rush I forgot to wear skirt, now I am only with my
red bra with lifted bra cups and red panty. I can see wet spots in my
panty. Ohh my boobs were totally reddish by his hard press.
Meantime he undressed and just wear only his underwear. His body
was black and muscular. I could see his cock is pointing out inside it.
I just walked and laid on the bed. He came close to me and hugged
me so tight. Ahhaa my white soft body was totally locked inside his
hard black body. He started kissing from forehead followed by my
eyes nose and locked it in my lips. My red rose lips were enjoyed
totally by his hard black lips. We became so passionate in kissing. It
continued for a long time he explored my mouth and mixed his saliva
with mine. Our tongue was fighting each other. Finally we break up
that long kiss .we had again two passionate kissing in which we
explored each other so much.
Now he went down kissed all over my necks shoulders. Now he went
down and lifted my arms and started to lick and taste my arm pit, oh
it was a rare action for me. He licked both my little hairy armpits
saying that it smells so sexy and tastes sweet I laid there letting him
to suck it long, really it was a nice feeling. Now, he moved down
enjoyed my sexy boobs and navel.
Now he removed my panty kissed all over my pubic area, spread my
legs and inserted his tongue deep inside my pussy ahaaaaaaaaa my
god his tongue was searching deep inside my wet hole.ahh he started
both licking and sucking. Ahhaa I got honey and my honey started
flowing out he drank all of my juices. My pink soft pussy totally
trapped inside his mouth with in time his black lips maximum enjoyed
my honey hole. Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sanilll plssss be soft ahaaa
yaaaaa yaaa ysss hhaaa yaaa there. Yaaa ahaaa I made loud sounds
same time he inserted his middle finger inside my hole oh what a
feeling simultaneously he was sucking my upper pussy and fingering
deep inside ohhhhh I was In heaven .slowly he increased his speed to
maximum ahaaa I got so mad I lifted my hips up I just hold and
pinched his hairs so rude. Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa with a loud moan I
had my heavy orgasm. Ohh few seconds I lost my self I laid thereby
closed eyes.After taking in all my pussy juices Sanil climbed up and again hugged
me and started to kiss onto my soft cheeks. After some we
exchanged our posture and I became on top of him I went down
kissing his muscular body and removed his boxer, omg I shocked by
seeing his cock. It was like an iron rod; black thick cock having 7 inch
length and good thickness with red color tip. By that vision just like a
magnet I was attracted towards and I took it completely inside my
mouth. Ohh it was so hard I started to suck it oh. I licked all over his
cock and licked his both balls. I want to taste his cum.
So in order to get it I started a rhythmic up and down sucking on his
cock; slowly I increased my speed. I was doing a hard work to make
him cum but Sanil was just simply enjoying it. I just increased my
speed after a long session of sucking he got a sign of cumming, he
forcefully hold my hairs

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