How my granny obsession started

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How my granny obsession started
At 23, I graduated as qualified medical masseuse and worked specifically with young patients who were recovering from severe medical trauma such as car accidents etc. At no time was I anything but professional. But that changed when I was asked by my head of department if I would be willing to help his aged aunt who suffered with stiff joints. Not willing to upset him I agreed. Up until then I had normal sexual tastes as far as women were concerned all except, I absolutely loathed the modern trend of shaving their pussies and I liked them to be nice and plump. It got to the point that I only ever had relationships with hairy and bigger women.

As his aunt found it difficult to get about my boss arranged for me to meet her at home. I turned up in the late afternoon and was met by Aunt Judy who it seemed was in her late sixties or even early seventies. Like most old ladies she had a nice face with a few wrinkles but her eyes almost twinkled. She was a good size 16 with all the weight in her belly.

‘This is so good of you, Jason to help me. Just lately my leg joints have stiffened up to such an extent I can hardly walk. The doctor says it is not arthritis just old age and my doctor recommended regular massages. I hope you can help me’.
‘I’ll do my best Judy’

Over a cup of tea, we talked politely about our respective lives and she probed about my girlfriends and I about her married life which turned out to be a disappointment I found out.
‘Now Jason, how are you going to work your magic on my legs. Would it be ok I laid down on my reclining chair. I checked the chair and it did indeed recline flat. ‘Now, Jason I don’t want to embarrass you but tell me what clothes I need to take off’. I was in a flummox and went red. ‘There, you are embarrassed, I knew it. Tell you what, if I lay down and close my eyes, you can remove what clothing you need to work on me. How’s that’.

We agreed. So, I sat her down adjusted it in a semi reclining position and took off her cardigan, then trousers and, what a lovely surprise, her stockings. I then fully reclined the chair and told her to open her eyes.

Judy looked down and remarked that her legs were not the best. But instead of looking at them my eyes were fixed on the sheer amount of hair sprouting from the sides of her granny pants. And her pants could not hide her bulging pubic mound either. I just stared in wonderment and started to get a hard on. No matter how much I tried, my cock was tenting my trousers. That had never ever happened with any woman I had seen in just their under-ware.

Not wanting Judy to see it, I turned around and got out the lubricant and warmed my hands. I asked her where the pain was and she said ‘Well, in my calves and upper thighs’
Starting on her thighs I started working all the way up to her thighs and all the time Judy was sighing. ‘Oh Jason, your hands are wonderful, so delicate yet I am starting to feel better already. My calves are really good, can you work some more magic on my upper thighs or maybe if you feel ok with it, into my groin.’
She looked at him in all innocence but that twinkle was still in her eyes which were hovering around his semi erect cock.
Jason, did not know what to make of it, but all he could now think of was burying his fingers up her hairy cunt. With more lubricant he started on her thighs working from the knees up to the point where his hands were brushing her hairy bush.

‘Oh, that tickles – but it is nice. Jason, its been a long, long time since I have felt this good. Now I think you should progress further, and in doing so, don’t hold back. Here let me help you’
She lifted herself enough for Jason to take off her grannie pants. ‘By the look of you Jason, this old bird has got you quite excited. Let me see it’. Jason was relieved to get his cock out as it was getting painful. ‘Oh, that is nice. Now will you please massage my groin’.
Slathering lubricant over her fanny he started playing with her fat lips and then encouraged her clit to come out and play. ‘Oh yes, more please, deeper, all the way’, she pleaded.

Parting her lips, I gently pushed in one then two and three and started finger fucking and using my thumb, tweaked her clit. Oh, Jason, I’m cumming’.
After several minutes and Judy had calmed down, she said, well, now as I am well lubricated, you have to fuck this old bird. ‘What do you say?’ as she opened her fat thighs, I slid on top and fucked her brains out.
From then on, we enjoyed our weekly massage sessions and my boss was absolutely delighted in the difference I had made to his old aunt.
It also made a big difference to me as from then on, I was a devoted lover of grannies and all their wrinkly bits.

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