How my wife got me to get her best friend pregnant

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How my wife got me to get her best friend pregnant
I think it was my wife’s idea but I’m not sure. Sure I enjoyed fucking Arlene and she didn’t complain either especially after her having orgasm after orgasm. You probably think I’m talking about my wife but I’m not, Arlene is married to Dan and it was my wife’s idea for Arlene and me to have unprotected sex with each other. So do I have you totally confused enough? Let me tell you what happened.

See, my wife Maggie and me having been holidaying With Dan and Arlene for the last 6 years or so and Arlene and Dan seemed to enjoy being around our 4 k**s so much that my wife and I wondered why they hadn’t started their own family. They got married 4 months after we did but we have 3 girls and a boy. Where the boy come from is a totally different story which I may tell you about someday, just not now. Lets just say my wife think our son is my son but I know different.

Anyway this year we all decided on going on a cruise to Alaska. My wife and me had a two bedroom suite so there was enough room for us with the girls and our son slept in Arlene’s and Dan’s room. I noticed that Arlene seemed to be very unhappy and just not herself which wasn’t her at all. She is always the first with a joke or to do something to crack us all up but not on this holiday. On our last day at sea I noticed that my wife and Arlene were in very deep discussions with each other and if one of the k**s got near they were quickly sent my way. I walked over to see what was up and was told that I wasn’t welcome to their woman’s talk. Ok sometimes I feel like Leonard on the Big Bang Theory when I’m around my wife. Maybe cause my wife not only looks like Penny but talks like her too.

After the cruise was over Mag as I call her finally told me what was up, and it seems Dan and Arlene have been trying to start a family for over 4 years and not even a missed period. Arlene and Dan got tested to see if there was a problem just a couple days before our holiday and Arlene got the results the morning we left for the ship. It showed that she is very fertile but Dan, well if he had gone to a doctor to be made sterile he couldn’t of done a better job. I felt bad that they were going to have to use some other man’s sperm to have the family they had always wanted.

My wife said that we have something to talk about that night after we go to bed. The last time she said that is when she hit a post in a parking lot with our brand new pickup truck. That’s not what she wanted to talk about this time, this time she floored me by starting out with “I want you to get Arlene pregnant.” I must of had a shocked look on my face but she went on saying She wants to have a baby by the natural way, and Dan can’t father the baby and you and Dan look somewhat alike so, we decided that you and her should have sex to give her a baby.”

Ok I knew it my wife went totally insane, what the fuck is she talking about, me fucking the wife of our best friends, is she out of her fucking mind. I could see it now standing in front of a judge saying “It was my wife’s idea for me to get her pregnant.” And the judge giving everything I have to my wife in the divorce. I guess I was looking at her with my mouth wide open cause Maggie said “Don’t look so shocked, after all I seen you checking her out last year when she had that tiny white bikini on. I think she wanted you to look, and get a eye full which you sure did, didn’t you?”

Well ya I did check her out but my wife didn’t complain later in bed when I was fucking her brains out as I was remembering how Arlene looked in that almost not there bikini. I mean Arlene maybe in her mid 30s but she looks like she’s still in her early 20s. I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to go through with this having my wife know all about it. But Mag went on, on how Arlene was going to be at her most fertile come Tuesday, and Dan was going on one of his trips. See Dan drives semi trucks mostly around town but a couple times a month he is gone for 4 to 7 days on longer trips.

I looked at my wife saying “Are you trying to tell me that I should go to Dan’s place, when he’s gone, to get HIS wife pregnant? And you think its a good idea! That I make love to some other woman? You must think I’m a crazy as you seem to be.”

Mag said “No honey you got it wrong, well ok maybe you would be making love to her but, its only to give her your baby. Its not like you and her were having sex behind my back. Think of it as doing her and Dan a service and who knows you may enjoy it.”

What the fuck is she talking about, of coarse I would enjoy it, I’ve dreamed about what it would like to get between those sexy fucking legs of Arlene’s for years. So I said “If I do this, and I’m only saying if, what does this do to our marriage? I mean if this would hurt our marriage or trust for each other, then I say no fucking way Mag.”

She said “Well to tell the truth, I have always wanted to watch a couple make love in front of me, and who better then my best friend in this whole world and the man I love with all my heart?”

She wanted to watch me get her best friend, her married best friend pregnant. This is getting kinkier by the minute. I said “I don’t know if I could do something like that and with you watching, I’m almost sure I couldn’t do it honey, I mean cheating on you with you watching this is beyond insane.”

She pulled the covers back and removing my cock which was totally soft from my boxers saying “I could always do this to get you ready for Arlene.” She can give great head when she wants too and she wanted to tonight. When I got close I pulled on her shoulder knowing she don’t really like me shooting in her mouth but she only pull off to say “Just think of my mouth as Arlene’s hot fertile pussy.” As she lowered her head taking deeper then I can remember her ever taking me before.

I started firing off enjoying getting a raw complete blow job and feeling Mag swallow my baby makers. After I was done coming Mag laid back beside me saying “Next time you cum I want to see you coming deep in Arlene’s pussy honey, and who knows I may lick up the extra from her and you.” She just hit a fantasy of mine, I have always wanted to watch two women bring each other to climax.

I said “Ok Mag I will do what you want of if, you do what you just said, and I want to watch you bring Arlene to orgasm. If you agree to this I will do what you want me to do. But what happens if she doesn’t get pregnant the first or second time Mag? Just how long I’m I supposed to keeping fucking her, I mean it could take months, to get her pregnant, are you going to watch every time or what?

Mag looked at me and said “I’m sure you will her pregnant in no time just like you did me, but if it takes a little longer well I guess you and her will just have to try to do the deed without me cause my parents will start to wonder if I take the k**s over to stay with them too often.”

So Tuesday afternoon we are dropping the k**s off to stay with the in-laws and on our way to Dan’s. Arlene opened the door wearing a sexy short housecoat I’m sure she uses to get Dan’s motor running. Like I said before my wife is a cute little blond but Arlene is a olive skinned black hair beauty. Once we were inside she turned to me and said “Dan can’t know anything about John, not a thing. Maggie thank you so much for your help, your a true friend.” So what the fuck I’m I swiss cheese?

We ate dinner that Arlene had cooked and as we sat back having some wine which I noticed Arlene drinking more of then I have seen her drink before, my wife said “Maybe you two should try getting to know each other a little better.” I looked at my wife and she went on saying “John why don’t you sit next to her and maybe kiss and hug a little bit?” I felt like a school k** on his first date, but once I kissed her, and I felt her returning my kiss it started to feel a bit more normal.

After sometime had gone by Arlene opened the top of her robe offering me her very erect nipple on what I guess to be C cup breast. I cupped her breast, rubbing her nipple between two of my fingers as I kissed her with the need I felt building up inside of me. She give a moan as her own need built as we kissed and once we broke our kiss she pulled my mouth to her nipple telling me to bite them. I did as I was told not biting to hurt but hard enough to give her what she needed. She took my free hand placing it under her robe and just above her pussy which I could feel the heat coming from.

I stood up taking her by the hand pulling her to her feet leading her towards her marriage bed. On the way she let her robe fall to the floor leaving totally naked, and once beside her bed she began undressing me. First she removed my shirt kissing and sucking on each of my nipples which I found went straight below my belt. Arlene then sat down on the bed undoing my pants letting them drop to the floor but she had to pull my boxers way out to get them over my harder then normal cock. She looked up at me and opened her mouth enveloping me almost to the base. On her 4th try I felt her chin hit my balls and for the first time in my life someone took all of my cock in their mouth. I’m not saying that am huge but Mag says it’s over 7 inches.

I wish I didn’t have to stop her but, she had me just to close to shooting down her throat. I gently pulled her off me pushing her back on the bed spreading her legs looking at her already wet pussy. I couldn’t stop myself I just had to taste her love. To my surprise she almost tasted sweet, not bitter like I find most pussies taste including Mag’s. I soon had her pulling at my hair as she pushed her pussy into my mouth and with a gush she came. She’s one of these quiet ones who don’t scream out but when she orgasms you know it. I drank her sweet love and we both moved up on the bed as she said “Please John give a baby, please make me cum again I need you inside of me.”

I slid into what I would say was the hottest pussies I have ever been in and she had a way of grabbing me with her pussy muscles that I’ve never felt before. Oh god I loved being inside her, and she said just loud enough for me to hear “John please never stop making love to me, I love you.”
What was she saying, that she’s in love with me, or she just really enjoying what we are doing, that had to be it, she’s just really into me making a baby with her. Then I heard a very loud moaning coming from across the room.

I forgot all about Maggie, but there she naked, was pulling hard on her one nipple as she looked to have most of her hand pushed inside her pussy as she came. Maggie made eye contact with me as she said “Fuck her John, Fuck her good, knock her up honeeeyyyyy, oh fuck I’m coming again.” I had never seen Maggie so fucking horny in our lives together. Her hand was fucking her pussy fast and hard and I could smell her from across the room.

Hearing Mag seem to make Arlene start to go off as one after the other orgasms hit her and she finally let lose yelling that she loves me and for me to keep fucking her forever. I looked back at Mag but she was to far gone fucking herself to hear her friend. Arlene then did something no one has ever done to me in my life, other then the doctor, she pushed her finger up my ass. Well fuck am not a fag but I came so fucking hard that I almost blacked out. I laid on top of Arlene and when the room came back into focus she said very quietly into my ear “John I don’t want this to ever stop so even when I get pregnant I still want this John, I love you, and what you just did to me. Please can you do it again right now?”

I got up on my elbows saying “After that are you k**ding, it will take me some time to recover.” I looked back at Mag who was coming down from her last orgasm and as she pulled what now was her whole hand out of herself, her cum come running out of her. I thought to myself that she must’ve enjoyed that better then any fucking I had ever give her.

She slowly got up walking to the bed saying “It looks like its my turn.” She waved her hand for me to move out of the way and got between Arlene’s legs.

Arlene said “Mag, what the fuck are you doing?” As Mag lowered her mouth to Arlene’s cum soaked pussy licking and sucking her sweet cum from her along with mine. Arlene threw her head back as she said “Mag I didn’t know, oh fuck ya right there Mag.” Arlene’s hands went to Mag’s blond hair as she pushed her pussy against my wife’s open sucking mouth. Arlene’s ass began bouncing off the bed as she came in Mag’s mouth. I may’ve came just a few minutes before but I felt myself starting to raise once again watching my wife eat that sweet tight pussy. After Arlene came for the second time Mag turned to me licking and sucking every inch of not only my cock but balls as well.

Soon enough I was hard as a guy can get and Mag was telling me to go get Arlene pregnant. In all I came in Arlene 3 times that night and was so wore out the next morning I called in sick. Mag said that Dan wont be home for a few more days, so we could try again tonight. The real problem is, I think I maybe falling in love with Arlene and her with me. this could get very messy.

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