Husband shares me with his Buddies

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Husband shares me with his Buddies

We have been married just over eight years, and my husband and I got along very well. He had his friends, and I had mine, but we were together a lot. I still found him very sexy and I believe he found me equally as attractive.

This weekend, he was having some of his college buds over for drinking, football, and more drinking. My job was to smile, and to keep them supplied with beer and food. I didn’t mind. It was all in good fun.

Eight of his buds had traveled to our house, some from far away. David, my husband, with a twinkle in his eye, had requested that I dress nicely for the evening get together. I complied, and felt excited to do so, as this was a diverse group and some of his friends were handsome. I wanted to look nice for them. Nothing more.

As they started to arrive, I greeted them at the door and welcomed them to our house. I appreciated the complementary looks, and even the overheard comments to my husband, of how I looked when I opened to door for his friends. At my husband’s request, I was wearing a classy, yet sexy outfit: black pleated skirt (maybe a little on the short side), a crisp white cotton blouse, heels (not too high, but high enough), a pearl choker necklace, and plenty of make-up. Perhaps more important was what I was wearing underneath. David always appreciates the effort and I even feel sexy, when I wear a garter belt, and stockings under my street clothes when in public (we’ll consider our house “public” for this event due to the number of his friends coming over).

As long as I didn’t bend over, my skirt hid the white lace garters and the tops of my white hose. I caught several of his buds stealing a glance my way, and sidebar comments to my husband all evening.

They got into the game non-the-less, and I kept the beer and shots flowing. I heard a lot of cheering and comments about the game and did my best to stay out of their way. I was sitting in the kitchen, reading, when David came in and approached me. The game was over, he told me. Then he surprised me by asking if I minded if they watched some of his port videos.

I know that men like to watch porn, although I’m not sure of why they are so obsessed with it. I don’t mind it, and don’t object when David wants us to watch it (he has a substantial collection that I think he uses to masturbate with between the times when we are intimate). I admit that some of it can be stimulating. David used to have me watch videos to encourage me to give him blowjobs after I had protested when we were first married. Seeing the girls doing it so readily in the videos convinced me that it was normal, acceptable and pleasurable for the man. I have even gotten to the point where I enjoy giving it.

Anyway, I was surprised when David came to me in the kitchen to ask for my permission, but I appreciated his sensitivity. I agreed and said that I would go upstairs to give them some privacy. He thanked me, kissed me on the mouth, and went back in the TV room.

I took a glass of wine upstairs and stretched out on the bed. I could hear some of the video sounds and comments from the men. I was fine with it. Finally, I returned downstairs – as quietly as I could, still wearing heels – to refill my wine. Curiosity got the best of me, and wine glass in hand, I quietly moved to the doorway and peeked around.

The room was chaotic watching the porn on the big screen TV. A partially clad woman was on her knees giving a group of men blow jobs. The guys in the room were mesmerized, and they were making lude comments and having a great time – including David. I found myself watching. They were taking bets on which of the actors on the screen would “cum first” (their slang), and as each of their actors climaxed, they had to do a shot of vodka from the bottle on the table. I never quite understood why men were so obsessed with their semen, particularly spraying their manhood on the face of a woman. Oh, well… Men!

So, as the various actors emptied their passions on the smiling, sucking, scantily woman, the men in the room did their shots with gusto! Then, one of them turned and spied me peaking around the doorway at them. Rats! “Hey, guys, we have a visitor!” he declared. Everyone, including my David, turned to see me.

David stood, and with a drunken smile, motioned me into the family room. “Erica, dear, come on in. Join us. It’s all in fun…”

Put on the spot, I had to agree to join them. As I gingerly walked into the room, with the porn still playing on the big screen TV, one of the men handed me a shot glass filled with Vodka. Knowing that I was trapped, I accepted the shot glass, and tossed it back in my mouth. “Wow!” I sputtered as the guys cheered. I was handed another shot, and although I attempted to resist, I tossed that one back, as well. My head was spinning already!

“Guys,” my drunken David was declaring, “my wife loves to watch porn with me. How many of you can say the same about your wives?”. I was shocked that he would say this, as it wasn’t really all that true. Only a couple of the guys raised their hands.

“To women who love porn!” someone called-out. Another full shot glass appeared in my hand, and everyone raised their shots to me in tribute. I smiled and blushed, and then tossed back another shot! Everyone cheered and I was invited to join them on the sofa. I was a little shaky on my heels at this point, and stumbled as I went to sit down. As hands shot up to steady me, I tumbled across several laps of the men sitting on the sofa, my skirt flying up. They hooted good naturedly, as I attempted to fix my skirt back in place. They had all gotten an eye full of my lacey garter belt and panties. Oh, well…

Everyone was talking and carrying on, and the porn continued to play on the screen. Men! “So, Erica,” one of David’s friends asked, “do women enjoy fantasizing about sex as much as men do?” Not waiting for an answer, another man asked me “do women like to masturbate as much as men do? My wife won’t even admit that she touches herself…but I know she must!”. Then a third man asked the room, “how many of you guys get blow jobs from your wife?”. I was stunned, buy my head was spinning, too.

This resulted in an outburst of discussion and comments, and about half the hands went up, including a smiling David. Now I was embarrassed and got up to leave. Again, I stumbled, and sat back down. A cry went up, “to wives who enjoy giving their husbands blowjobs!” A shot glass was placed in my hand, and against what remained of my better judgement, I tossed it back like the others. “Hear! Hear!”

I knew I was getting drunk, and should get away, but when I tried again, my husband insisted that I stay. I figured if all of this was okay him, that I was comply. Then, through my haze, I heard David say “who wants to see how much Erica enjoys sucking my cock?”, and the room erupted in cheers!

OMG! What was going on. Again, I attempted to protest unsuccessfully. I looked up from the sofa and saw David standing over me, smiling. He leaned down to me, and said in my ear “Please, Erica, it’s no big deal. You look so sexy. Please?”

“Okay. Fine”, to my amazement I agreed drunkenly. He helped me stand up, and then knell in front of him. A shot glass of vodka appeared in my hand, and I threw caution to the wind, and drank it back. I was drunk!

As I fumbled to undo his pants, I felt hands around me removing my skirt and blouse. My panties were pulled down, and with David’s help, I stepped out of them. I was still wearing my white garter belt, stockings, pearl choker necklace and heels, but my bra had disappeared somewhere along the way, as well. I didn’t protest and looked good on the video. I then knelt in front of David. He had his erect cock in his hand and was pointing it at me. When I hesitated, I felt someone’s hand on the back of my head push me forward. Opening my mouth, David’s cock went in.

I remember beginning to give my husband a blowjob, the sounds of moaning and groaning from the porn video still playing in the background, and the excited chatter in the room from his buds. Then, things got fuzzy…


What I know about the rest of the evening came from my husband, and from watching the cell phone video one of his friends recorded.

To the cheering encouragement from his buds, I sucked my husband’s cock in the middle of the room, dressed only in my lingerie. The video showed me enjoying myself and bobbing my head and pumping my hand on his erection with enthusiasm. I kind of remember this, but not clearly. You hear my slurping as I sucked him. Then, with a grunt, his hands on either side of my head, he stiffened and climaxed in my mouth. The video zooms in on my mouth and captures my husband’s semen leaking out and running down my chin. The room cheers! Then, something unexpected happens.

Several erect cocks appear on camera, next to my face. On no! I didn’t do this, did I??

One by one, the camera captures me servicing each of these cocks! When David showed me this recording in the privacy of our home, I was embarrassed and ashamed. He was totally okay with it! In fact, he almost seemed proud. Men!

With drunken vigor, I greedily gave four blowjobs. I was surrounded by men and their erect penises. Holding their erections in their fists, they guided my lips onto their cocks and either put their hands on my head, or over top of my hands on their erections, to guide me. What happened next was like one of David’s porno films. Instead of climaxing in my mouth, at the point of orgasm, each guy pulled his cock from my mouth and masturbated on my face! The iPhone camera zoomed in to show my drunken smile as they ejaculated on me, and I could hear guys cheering. My mascara was running down my face, and white gobs of semen clung to my checks and chin. I didn’t seem to mind.

Then the camera pulled back to show me being led to the couch. My husband’s friend, Steven, was reclining naked on the couch, holding his rather large erection.

I watched the recording with a flood of emotions. David seemed happy and proud. I was pulled between embarrassment, shame, hurt, anger, and strangely, a tingle of fantasy and desire.

David was guiding me over to a grinning Steven. He helped me straddle Steven’s hips and then sit down on his erection, slowly guiding it in me. From the video recording, I watched as Steven’ hips thrust up and down and I held on. (Although I was shocked at what had taken place, and had been recorded, I must admit that it sent a tingle through my loins when I watched the replay). I was bounced up-and-down rather roughly by Steven’s thrusts for several minutes. My eyes were closed and when the camera zoomed-in on my face (which was still dripping with semen), it certainly looked like I was enjoying my ride! It is erotic, and almost surreal watching yourself having sex.

David held my face in his hands and kissed my mouth as my body was bouncing around. Then, I heard a noise that I could identify: I heard my own moans, heavy breathing and exclamations! I knew I was approaching a climax! Right there, on the screen. OMG! I think the gathered crowd suspected it as well. They began to offer us both encouragement. This was so unreal to watch, let alone picture it happening in real time!

Then I heard it: “AH! Oh! Yes! Oh, yes…yes! Oh! Fuck!” and my body shook in a climax. I watched as I ground my hips into his, burying myself on his hard cock! I could see Steven’s body tense, and hear his friends cheer, as he came inside me. Then, my limp, partially clothed body collapsed as I passed out (combination booze and sensual overload!).

Steven withdrew his dripping penis from me, and shifted so the men could lay me out on the couch. I heard David assuring them that I was okay. I woke up and did my best to sit up. I was offered my glass of wine to “refresh” myself. David then informed me that three of his buds hadn’t gotten their turn with me yet. He asked if I was still up for more sex. Watching the video, now sober, this made me angry.

“David, how could you?!” I shouted at him. He shrugged and gave me a silly grin.

“Just keep watching, dear” was his reply.

My on-camera response, a slurry, “Oh, heck yeah!” I turned and gave my husband a dirty stare.

The guys conferred, stood me up, and walked me around to the back of the couch. They had me bend at the waist, over the couch. Still wearing my stockings and heels, the iPhone camera zoomed-in on my exposed body from the rear. You could see the evidence of Steven’s activity leaking out and glistening. As I watched the video, one of David’s friends, pants around his ankles and hard erection in his hand, moved-up behind me. With one quick thrust, he buried his cock inside me. You could hear me react, but not hear what I said. He then placed his hands on either side of my hips and began his sex motion, pulling me back into him on each thrust as he did so.

I then noticed one of the two remaining guys move to stand in front of me. Leaning in from the front of the sofa, his erect cock found my mouth. When the guy pushed into me from behind, he would drive me forward and my mouth down on the other guy’s cock. Back-and-forth, in-and-out. I was just a sex toy at this point, drunk but having fun! Slap-slap-slap, gag-gag-gag!

The man behind me, tensed, and from the video, it was obvious that he had climaxed. I watched as he withdrew, and the last man took his place. As you would expect, he slid into me easily. He began to thrust just as the guy in my mouth exploded! OMG! I have never seen so much semen! I could see that I had tried to swallow several times, but I couldn’t hold it all. I gagged and a mouthful of semen gushed out of my mouth. Someone had the foresight to shove my black skirt under my mouth as this fellow continued to spurt his semen in my mouth and on my face. I was a mess! My make-up! Of course, the camera caught all of this. Jeez!

With a grunt, the last dude finished off inside me. The camera caught a view of David with an excited, crazed smile on his face as he received thanks and praise for sharing his wife with the group. Then the camera centered on me, passed out on the sofa. Semen covered my face and smeared my body. David pulled a blanket over my still, but breathing, form and kissed me kindly on the lips. On the video, I heard him say, “Erica, I love you!”. Then the video stopped.

I was speechless. “You used me like a sex toy whore!” I exclaimed to David.

He just smiled at me. “But you did like it”. I just looked at him. “and I liked watching you have fun, too.”

True. “But I’m not saying I would do that again. I’m your wife, not the neighborhood toy.” I smiled, and we kissed.

Our sex live ratcheted-up a notch after that!

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