I awoke naked beside my teen nephew

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I awoke naked beside my teen nephew
It’s 03:00am, I am awoken by the chimes of the clock, I’m nude and lying on the top cover of the bed, it’s humid, so I have a film of sweat over my whole body, even the air-con is blowing warm air, adding to the suffocating, stifling heat.
The figure beside me stirs and turns onto his back, and as if by instinct, my hand reaches out and touches him in the dark.
He is hard and long and my fingernail scratches a tracing line from his testicles to his ‘Glans Penis’, where I feel it’s opening, my fingertips sensitive lines caress as I open it wide and cause the knob to gyrate.
I soon realize I need a fuck and turn to face this sleeping fleshy pole of desire, my hand encompassing it’s shaft, pleasing to the touch, thick, firm, warm and hard, my cunt wets some more, as my fingers on my free hand feel between my legs to allow me to push two fingers inside, both my hand now holding two sex organs, one female and one male, I start masturbating them both, up and down for the male, and in and out for my own.
He sleep soundly, his breathing even and deep, I wonder if he senses my administrations on his cock, is he wet dreaming as I hold him firm and pull on him in different directions, fuck, I am so fucking horny now, but I resist my temptation, and instead touch myself again, it feels good, but the cock I hold makes my brain scream for me to throw a leg across and mount its owner.
I toy with my clitoris, swollen and wet, sending waves of pure lust through my body, I bend my knees and lift one leg across him and force it between his, I lie on my back and rub myself, determined to ease my heat, before submitting to the carnal desire of i****t.
I look across at the sleeping form of my teenage nephew, yet to reach his mid-teens yet endowed with a penis boasting a good ten inches, why God gave the Penis of an Adonis to a boy, I lay panting just as Aphrodite did, fighting the urge to mate.
I close my eyes and let my mind drift, I need a scene, a dirty story to make me cum, my fingers work their magic, each little spark from my clitoris causes my hand to tighten on his cock, my leg between his straightening, our bodies contacting and I feel my hips contacting him also, then I realize I am pulling on his cock feeling it touch my thigh, just two inches from my cunt.
I close my eyes tighter, I am sitting on a bench, a man approaches and I see he is staring at me, I like that and I look around noting we are alone, and I look at him again, this time he has his cock out and is wanking as he approaches me.
I sit still, daring myself not to move and he moves in front of me, ‘You fucking slut’, he says to me, ‘you want my cum, dont you’, he screams, his cock right in my face, I can smell it and see traces of unwashed semen, the smell is powerful and nauseating, he pushes it into my face and wipes across my moistened lips, ‘Suck it you dirty cunt’, he shouts again and his taste is bitter as he pushes deeply into my mouth.
I suck him deep to keep the taste from my tongue, he holds my head as he mouth fucks me, his hip thrusts ensuring he is taking me deep, and as quickly as he pushed into me he withdraws, and pumps successive spurts of warm semen into my face, each release hitting my open eyes, the sting and the following blindness, adding to my helplessness.
I hear him run off and reach up to try clear both my eyes, I cant see and then realize he has also made off with my bag.
I hear another voice, another man approaches realizing what I had over my face, ‘WTF’, he gasped as he took both my hands and prevented me wiping them further, ‘Dont wipe that stuff, you will just make it worse’, he explained, and even though I could not open my eyes to look at him, I imagined what he was looking at as another mans sperm run down my face.
‘Sit still and let me’, he said quietly and I felt a cloth touch my face as he wiped the seed from my face, but leaving the sperm in my eyes to burn.
He brought the cloth down under my nose and I suddenly sensed the mood change in him. The cloth touched my lips and I relaxed my jaw as more and more of the cloth filled my mouth, ‘That’s a good girl’, he whispered softly into my ear, and then I felt his hand move under my dress, ‘Just relax, I’m going to fuck you’, his voice was tight and expectant, what a nice feeling to be able to walk into a park and fuck the first girl you meet, flashed through me mind, as he reached further up my skirt and found both my tights and panties hem.
I felt his fingers on my bare flesh as he began pulling them down my thighs, I was being bared for penetration and this excited me, and I lifted my bum off the wooden slats that formed the bench seat, to let my underwear peel freely from my crotch and down to my ankles.
‘Kneel on the bench sweetheart, it will make it easier for my cock to go into you’, and I rose up and turned, finally kneeling as ordered, feeling a cooler air waft across my bum as my clothing was lifted high and over my shoulders.
He undid my brassier to free my breasts, and I knelt naked from my breasts to my toes, my head covered with all my clothing, he began fucking me in this self imposed position, now I felt complete, this felt good and my hips moved in unison, groaning with each hip thrust, as I rose to meet him.
I was becoming confused as the fuck took over my senses, I could reach round and hold him in me, his bum felt smaller and tighter and my legs were high over his shoulder, my nephew was savoring the delight of his loving aunt and adult sex, my r****t lover in the park was foremost on my mind as he took me to my orgasm, I was fucking in both mind and body, the joys of physical sex being borne by my nephews huge cock, while my mind excused my i****tuous and pedophilic liaison, by continuing with my fantasy ****, either way all three came in one huge release, where-after my nephew dismounted to find his auntie sleeping, and turned away quietly for fear of being discover fucking her during a dream she was having, I kept my eyes closed but smiled, all’s well, that ends well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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