I got my sister’s ass

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I got my sister’s ass
Things were a bit awkward in our house for a few days after I’d fucked Susie for the first time. I think we were both embarrassed by what we’d done and I felt guilty as hell. She might only be my step sister but it was still wrong, if our parents ever found out what I’d done to her they’d have killed me for sure.

So we went around the house doing our best to avoid each other. To be honest I didn’t trust myself to be alone with her, after that session we’d had, and if I was being truthful I was hungry for more.

A couple of frustrating days passed and I took myself off to my room early one night. I was asleep but in my dream Susie was there pressed against me, stroking my cock and playing with my balls. I woke suddenly and realized it had been no dream, Susie really was there, in my bed alongside me holding my now hard dick in her hands.

“Gawd, Susie, what’re you doing?” I gasped, shocked at finding her there.

“I couldn’t sleep Danny,” she whispered back softly. “You don’t mind do you? I’ll leave if you want.”

Leave? No way was she leaving. I put my arms around her and pulled her back closer to me, she was naked with not a stitch on and I was aroused and rock hard for her.

We ended up screwing that night and every other night that followed. After everyone was asleep Susie would creep quietly down the hall to my room and get into bed with me, going back to her room in the morning just before our folks woke up. My cock had never had such a great work out, I was getting it every night from my horny little sister.

One thing bugged though in this otherwise perfect set up. I wanted to give it to her up the ass, I wanted it badly. But Susie was one helluva tight girl, her pussy was still quite tight despite the pounding it got from my cock every night, but her asshole was almost impenetrable. We tried a couple of times to get my dick up there, but I was just too big for her and it would end with her in tears and I’d feel so guilty we had to stop.

She’d do loads of things to make it up to me, sucking me off, giving deep throat which in itself was no mean feat given the thickness of my dick, and doing little strip teases for me in my bedroom.

One night I knew I couldn’t stand it anymore and I just had to get my cock up her ass. She had done a raunchy little strip act for me and had turned around naked to face the wall, bending over at the waist. With both hands she grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart giving me an awesome view of her pussy and asshole. It was too much for me and I shot my cum all over my hands and the bed.

She turned around grinning wickedly, “Oh Danny you made a mess of yourself.” I sure had, and made her come over and lick up every last drop of spunk.

I had to ride her ass I couldn’t stand it anymore.

The next day I went online and found a site selling sex aids. Butt plugs. Why hadn’t I thought of that before? I figured if I bought a few in different sizes maybe Susie’s ass could be “trained” to take my cock.

So I placed an order and about 5 days later the package arrived. I ran up to my room with it and sputtered the butt plugs onto the bed. The smallest was really thin, not much wider than a finger and I knew she could probably take that. There were three of them in all, the biggest being a fat one measuring around 2 inches and about 5 inches long.

That night when Susie came to bed she got a little surprise. I got her to roll over and inserted the smallest butt plug up into her ass. As I’d thought it went in easily enough.

“What’s this for?” she asked surprised.

“Just keep it in there sis, leave it until tomorrow.” I told her. The thought of her sleeping all night with that thing up her ass turned me on and I had to give her a quick fuck up the pussy although it wasn’t really what I wanted to be doing.

In the morning she got up and went to go back to her own room.

“Leave it in there,” I reminded her as she slipped out of my bedroom.

“But it’s sore when I walk Danny.” She complained, “How am I supposed to go to the toilet?”

I told her she could take it out if she had to use the bathroom but other than that she had to leave it in her ass.

That night I pulled it out of her and fetched the slightly longer thicker plug. Susie groaned as I pushed it up into her ass, this one wasn’t so easy to get in. She lay back on my bed with her long tanned legs up in the air, holding herself as wide open as she could for me. I could smell her hot pussy and couldn’t resist burying my face down into her muff, flicking my tongue back and forth across her clit as I shoved the plug up into her ass. She relaxed a bit as I did this and I was able to ease the butt plug firmly up between her crack, and fully into her ass.

Once I had it in I told her to stand up and walk around a little. By her pained expression I could tell this was hurting her quite a bit and when I made her sit down on the chair she winced. I made her sit like that for a while asking her to squirm around a little on the seat. She did as she was told her hands gripping the sides of the chair as every movement forced the foreign object a little further up her asshole. Watching her sit there pushing the butt plug further up inside her gave me a massive hard on and I started to stroke my hand up and down my hard shaft.

Then I got her to come over to the bedside where I was sitting, my cock throbbing between my hands.

“Suck me off,” I told her pushing my dick into her mouth, I reached over behind her and gave the butt plug a little shove just to make sure it was firmly in there. Susie’s eyes widened in pain and she started groaning, it was just as well her mouth was full of cock or she might have yelled out and our folks would have heard. Within minutes she’d sucked me off and I shot my load all over her face and into her long hair, the creamy spunk dripping all over her cheeks and lips. She sat there on the floor for a while looking up at me pleadingly as if to say why are you doing this to me? To tell the truth I got a kick out of humiliating her like this.

Somehow Susie made it through the following day with that thing still stuck up her asshole, I had to hand it to her she was doing pretty well. I could tell by the way she walked that it was painful for her and it made me feel pretty good to know she was doing this just for me.

That night as usual she came to my room. I got her to bend over and touch the floor and pulled the plug out of her ass.

“Please Danny, do we have to do this?” she pleaded.

I was getting a bit tired of waiting to get my cock up her ass, so I decided to skip one of the plugs and just use the biggest one. I rubbed some lubricant onto the rubbery black surface and told her to hold herself open for me. She pulled her ass cheeks wide apart exposing her hole and I rubbed the lubricated surface of the butt plug around it getting it as moist as I could. This was one pretty thick, it wasn’t going to be easy.

I had to struggle for a few moments to get it stuck up her. This worried me a bit, it was nowhere near as wide as my cock, so if she was having trouble with this I wondered if she’d be able to take my dick.

Susie groaned and had to hold the wall with one hand to support herself, the other hand holding her ass apart as I pushed on her hole with the plug.

“Relax. Push back on it,” I said

“I’m trying Danny, I’m trying, but it’s so thick.” She said and moaned as I shoved a bit harder against her ass. I got the tip of the plug into her hole and the ring of muscle clamped hard onto it. I shoved two fingers of my other hand up her pussy, hoping to get her a bit wetter to ease things along, but she was too uptight and even her pussy was bone dry.

I was determined to get that butt plug up into her though and kept shoving against her tight hole. Her ass looked like it was collapsing inwards, then suddenly it gave and the plug shot in.

“Aaaaaarrrrrrgghhhg” Susie shrieked, “You bastard, that hurt!”

She bent over double and the sight of that big wide plug in her ass was too much for me, I’d been stood behind her naked and a spray of hot spunk shot out of my cock and across her back, down the crack of her ass. It was the first time in my life I’d ever cum without even being touched, it was an amazing feeling.

Susie crawled into bed and lay for a while curled up with her back to me. I felt pretty bad at hurting her but I tried explaining to her it was for her own good, it would make things easier when we did it for real.

The next morning at breakfast Susie wouldn’t, couldn’t sit down and Dad started to get mad with her. He demanded she not stand there but take a seat and eat her breakfast properly at the table with the rest of the family.

Slowly Susie eased herself onto her chair and I knew that thing had to be hurting her ass pretty bad. She looked like she wanted to be sick and winced as it wedged itself a little deeper up her butt. Knowing this made my cock rock hard and I had to excuse myself and go into the bathroom and give myself a quick jerk off. As my cum spattered across the bathroom floor I imagined it instead going up her asshole and knew I’d have to do it tonight, I couldn’t wait any longer.

That night I went up to bed pretty early and gestured to Susie to follow me soon. She must have been most eager to get that thing out of her ass because she arrived in my room only about 10 minutes later. We were taking a risk because our folks were still awake downstairs, but I had a lock on my door so at least they couldn’t just walk in on us.

I told Susie to get undressed and to get onto the bed on all fours with her butt stuck up in the air. The base of the plug was stuck out of her ass and I immediately got hard at the sight of it. I gave her fat little pussy a squeeze at the same time as grabbing the end of the plug with my other hand, it pulled out with a plopping sound and Susie groaned with relief. A trickle of juice came out of her pussy and I got down behind her to lick it up, trailing my tongue over the rim of her asshole, breathing in the musky smell. I licked her ass like this for a while, fingering her wet cunt at the same time.

“Fuck me Danny,” I heard her say, “Give it to me, now, I want you Danny.”

I sat up and held her ass apart, looking more closely at her, I could see straight away that my idea hadn’t worked, her brown hole was still as tiny as ever.

“Danny,” she said, looking up at me with pleading eyes, “Go slowly, please.”

I told her I’d stop if I thought it would hurt too much, but I think she realized as I did, that once I’d started there was just no way I’d be able to stop.

I asked her was she sure she wanted to try this and she nodded saying she’d do anything for me, that she knew I wanted this so much, she would do it for me.

Her panties were down around her knees and I pulled them off completely to get better access. Reaching over to the bedside table I grabbed the bottle of lubricant I’d ordered along with the butt plugs and rubbed a glob of it over her asshole, working a finger in and out. She sighed and clutched onto the pillow a satisfied smile on her face. I worked some of the lube onto my stiff cock, rubbing my hands up and down greasing the length of it.

“Ok, then, this is it sis,” I said parting her ass cheeks. I looked at her little asshole and wondered what it would look like after being violated by my cock.

I held the end of it against her asshole for a second, steadied myself against her and then pushed against it. It resisted but not as much as before. The skin around her hole tightened as it got stretched and Susie let out a little groan into the pillow. I pushed the cheeks of her ass further apart as far as they’d go and shoved hard against her virgin hole. Susie gave a muffled shriek into the pillow as her ass seemed to cave in under my cock. The head of it went in with a pop and I looked down at her stretched little ass, it must have been spread at least 2 inches apart.

Damn she was tight. It actually hurt me to get inside her, maybe not as much as it hurt Susie though. I knew she was in tears now, I could hear her muffled sobbing.

I briefly asked did she want me to go on, I would stop if she said, but she shook her head and said she was ok. I stroked her bald pussy and rubbed her clit to get her a bit more aroused and it seemed to work, she stopped sobbing and began to push her butt back against my hips.

Inch by inch I worked my big cock up into her ass. The feeling was incredible, nothing had ever gripped my cock as hard as this, I was scared I’d cum too soon and wanted to prolong the sensation as long as I could. Looking down the sight was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, Susie’s ass cheeks were split wide apart and I couldn’t believe how stretched her asshole was as my cock inched up inside her deeper and deeper.

“How are you feeling sis?” I gasped

“Full. I feel so fucking full.” She gasped back.

She seemed to be easing up now, gradually getting used to the feeling of something so large up her rear passage and had reached under herself and shoved a couple of fingers up inside her sopping wet pussy.

I picked up pace and began to slam my dick into her harder and faster. It wasn’t easy given how tight of a hole it was and I struggled at times when it felt like my cock was being pushed back out. My balls started slapping against her wet pussy and I couldn’t tell if Susie’s groans were of pleasure or pain, maybe both. She was making strange a****l like sounds I’d never heard before, her brown hair matted with sweat as her head thrashed around on the pillow.

I felt my balls swell and that familiar tingling in my groin and I knew within a few seconds I’d be filling her ass with my spunk. I had no intention of pulling out. Her muscles contracted and it sent me over the edge, I exploded inside her drenching the walls of her ass with cum. It was a mind blowing orgasm helped along by the contractions of her butt and Susie shuddering underneath me. I looked down and saw my cum oozing out the sides of her dilated hole lubricating my cock as I carried on plowing into her.

Finally she squeezed the last drops of seed out of me and I collapsed gasping for breath on the bed, my dick pulling out of her with a plop. Susie lay for a while moaning softly into the pillow her ass still stuck up in the air.

I sat up and took a close look at her. Her once tight little hole was now gaping open,

I was shocked to see it hadn’t closed up immediately. She shifted on the bed and my cum oozed out of her open asshole but it wasn’t creamy white but instead a sort of pale, milky brown color. I caught some of it on my hand and rubbed it into her tits and over her pussy. This made her smile and she lay for a few moments letting me cover her in this curious mixture.

The cum was still running out of her ass when she left my room in the morning and I noticed she had difficulty walking. Just in time she got back to her own room as I heard our folks get up in the next room.

this was just the start of more anal adventures

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