I sat by while he took his daughter upstairs

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I sat by while he took his daughter upstairs
This is a story of titillation, of a young girl, just married and seduced in the course of an evening, a girl experiencing physical sex and the consequences of her adulterous liaison with her new husbands friend, on the night of her honeymoon, read on and enjoy how a girl surrendered more than her womanhood on that sacred night, but the womanhood of their illicitly conceived daughter, on the night of her eighteenth birthday.
Here is my side of the story, and I know once you avid readers digest it, will comment on it as it unfolds before your eyes.
We had drank a lot of champagne, long after our guests had departed, all except one, my husband’s friend George, who was staying on at the same hotel as we were.
The plan was for us to depart the following evening on our official honeymoon, but for this evening, to stay on and be fresh for our journey.
It was early morning and still I sat in my wedding gown, part drowsy as it had been a long day, but mostly drunk, exhibiting a naughtier side through my drunkenness, which brought laughter from both my husband and George, who exhibited an unhealthy desire for me to continually show my stocking tops.
I was being titillated and turned-on by him, seduced within a short distance of our marital bed, my bridal gown remaining high on the side facing him, while my husband drink hard liqueur, I was toying with the notion of taking on my first adulterous affair, with a man in my bridal suite, who should never have been there, especially at the point in time, I was primed for sex on this night, and my husband was drifting in and out of consciousness, while I looked at an alternate source and exposed myself to him, the sluttiness of my actions, clearly defining my need of sex, ‘Looks like my darling husband wont perform tonight’, I commented brazenly, and as if to emphasize my meaning, I swung my exposed leg in Georges direction, letting him see deeper into my soul and meaning, as my shaven pussy came into view, and I slid forward on my seat until my bared ass was over the edge.
George responded as I guess he always knew he would, he stood up and dropped his pants, releasing the biggest cock I had ever seen, fully erect and stiff as a pole.
I lay in my rudimentary copulating position as his foreskin peeled back on its own will, revealing an angry red swollen head, bobbing up and down as it descended to my waiting wet organ, the last thing I saw was a bubble of clear liquid dribble from its opening as it ploughed into me, stretching and tearing me open, pleasuring me as one would expect on such a night, only the honer of this sexual act fell to George, and I clung to him via his massive cock, my own sex organ doing me proud by holding him home and in situ, until both of us collapsed satiated, the transfer of bodily fluids completed without hindrance, as neither of us had consider the use of a condom, not that George would have contemplated its usage, you see George has a history of impregnating girls, and I had just added my scalp to his bedpost.
George disappeared from our lives that early morning and I set about having at least one liaison with my drunken husband the next day, before our departure, so nine months later when our beautiful daughter was born, and my husband was none the wiser that my womb had been fertilized by another on that night of expectation.
She grew up to be more beautiful than I, tall and statuesque, with flowing locks of pure blond hair, she was a perfectly formed woman by her sixteenth birthday, the beauty of her mother, the libido of her unknown father, something a mother sees in her offspring, especially one conceived by a sexual predator.
I came home on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, to the sounds of merriment in our living room and shocked to my roots, with my scantily clad daughter sitting on her biological fathers lap, no doubt feeling his prowess between her pert cheeks, her squirming clearly mimicking my moves all those years back.
I wanted to scream out my disgust, let him and her know of their true relationship, but I could not, having lived the lie for all her life.
She was of age and of her own mind, and I felt powerless to intervene, so I watched as she ground down on the very organ that helped to create her, at one point turning to him and raising her bum of his lap, I clearly saw her knickers had disappeared between her cheeks, and his hand was caressing her.
My husband was just too happy to have his bosom friend back, so he was overlooking his groping hand under her skirt, besides our daughter had made her view known about sex, so we kept a safe distance.
George was staying over and I was outnumbered on this count, he watched me with a look of lust in his eyes, was that for me or our daughter, I made my mind up to tell him, partially due to my own deep and growing urge for him, and shockingly out of jealousy of my younger self seen in my daughter, whose hand was occasionally fishing her knickers from between her cheeks, while lingering on his swollen cock, now nestling between where the wet cotton strained.
My daughter was watching me also, sensing a rival for her neediness, and when my husband rose and left to go to the toilet, she turned and kissed George full on his lips, before turning to me and saying, ‘I knew you fucked him’.
I sat dumbfounded, not knowing what to say, as she turned to him and began kissing him again, this time not caring what she was showing, as she rose from his lap, her knickers were missing, ‘Come’, she reached out to George and pulled him from his seat, ‘Mum we are going to make George’s bed, stay away’, and at that they both staggered up the spare bedroom.
I panicked, I knew what was happening, I had to stop this, and as I got up my husband walked back in. ‘Where are you going he asked me, somewhat firmly, ‘Upstairs’, I replied, ‘You just stay here and leave them be’.
I had never seen my husband so angry, ‘Sit’, he barked, and I did so. I tried desperately to think of another approach, ‘He is 48 she is 15 for Christ’s sake’, to which he shrugged his shoulders and looked into my eyes, ‘Jealous’, he retorted, I sat dumbfounded at his home truth.
He leaned forward in his chair, ‘I watched you both that night’, my face went ashen, ‘You Fucked him as if he were the last man alive’. My head dropped as the distant memory flooded back, I was embarrassed with the thought of him watching me in my wedding dress begging for cock, on my wedding night.
‘So now he’s banging his daughter, and you will sit here while he does it’, and as if to emphasize his exact wording, our daughters moaning cascaded down the stairs, illuminating my husbands face as he smiled, with the knowledge a fathers cock was reaming his own daughters willing cunt, how he was going to enjoy telling them both of their special relationship.
I sat with my teeth clenched as each moan spoke volumes of their pleasure, I felt strangely detached from the girl who had just told my to fuck off so she could fuck her father, the later she could be forgiven as she was ignorant of that fact, and for an instant I smiled, as if my justification for trying to stop her, would be evident when she found out, ‘That’s it dear’, my husband said quietly, ‘Let them finish, he is a fertile man’.
I had never thought for one minute about him fertilizing her, they were as two peas in a pod, a pair of horny sods, separated by four decades, I could visualize her long legs over his shoulder, just as mine were, my fingers dug into his buttocks as I pulled him in as far as he could go, I guess his daughter was doing the same right now, he never thought twice about seeding willing females, so why stop now.
There was silence now they had finished and I looked across at my husband, ‘Ok’, he said, ‘Now go and tell them’.
I got up from my chair, feeling slightly giddy and light-headed, somehow confronting a father and daughter after copulation, had a strange air of i****tuousness naughtiness that appealed to me.
I opened the door to catch them still connected, the first thing I saw was as if ‘Deja-Vu’, were playing tricks on me, our daughter had her long legs around his neck, his heavy ball sack was crushed against her bum and her long fingers had drawn blood from his buttocks, I smiled, it was as I had thought.
‘You guys enjoying yourselves’, I closed the door behind me as I walked over to the bed where they were fucking, they never replied, just kept the momentum going, ‘Fuck off Mother’, she gasped, as my eyes fell on her tight pink hole, all puckered below his massive girth embedded deep into her.
I sat on the edge of the mattress, facing their copulating organs, marveling how it had changed when I last played with him. I reached in between them and cupped his balls, squeezing them as if wringing them dry, to empty them into our daughter, and as I held them they orgasmed, and I could feel their pleasure being transmitted through his balls into my soul, and as they spasmed and convulsed I sat loving stroking him as he pumped into her.
He rolled off her and she made no effort to cover her nudity, instead brazenly showing her nudity as a final act of severing those maternal apron strings, very much a woman now, what better way than showing your mother after a good fuck.
‘George, say hello to your daughter’.
The room fell dead silent, the look on both their faces was priceless. I reached out and took his fat flaccid cock in my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, it felt nice to hold him again, and as I felt him I looked at our daughter, ‘Why dont you roll over and let Daddy finish in your ass’, and at that point pulled him hard onto her leg, and left him lying on it, got up and left the room.
I felt triumphant as I walked through the door, the guilt and shame were out, and their debauched act somehow exonerated me, their shame was worse than mine, or so I thought.
They both remained in that bedroom for a few more hours, and when they emerged they both left together, possibly digesting their relationship, but no doubt still enjoying the thing that helped create her.

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