I Thought Someone Was Hurting You

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I Thought Someone Was Hurting You
I Thought Someone Was Hurting You

Cat was walking all the way to Jade’s house to work on a science project, it was 90 degrees outside on a Saturday afternoon. When Cat finally reached Jade’s house, the door was unlocked.

“Jade?” Cat asked walking in.

“AAAAAAAH FUCK!” Cat heard Jade scream from upstairs.

“JADE!” Cat screamed, she heard a couple rough slaps.

“You like that slut?” said a semi-familiar voice.

“Oh my god, someone’s up there rayping Jade!” Cat screamed trying to find something to grab. She grabbed a steak knife and went up the stairs. Cat saw Jade’s bedroom door closed, she opened it and ran in.

“OH MY GOD!” Cat screamed is shock of what she walked into. Jade was naked on all fours, her ass red from apparent slaps while her hair was being pulled by Tori Vega who was wearing nothing but a strap on dildo and had it deep inside of Jade.

“Oh my god, Cat! This is not what it looks like!” Tori screamed pulling the strap on out of Jade and taking it off.

“Why did you even come up here?” Jade asked angrily, sitting up.

“I thought someone broke in and was rayping you.” Cat explained.

“Didn’t I tell you to NEVER come in my room if the door is closed?’ Jade asked standing up.

“But, I thought someone was hurting you.”


“Hey Jade, relax, she didn’t know.” Tori said as Cat started crying.

“Shut up Tori.” Jade said.

“Why don’t you make me?”

Tori stood up and walked over to Jade.

“I let you in my house, I let you fuck me, don’t press your luck Vega.” Jade said low hushed tone. Tori went back and sat on the bed.

“Since you didn’t listen, you’ll be punished. Tori, strip her.” Jade demanded.

Tori without a moment’s hesitation, took off Cat’s tank top. Cat didn’t move at all, she was frozen with fear. Tori took off Cat’s bra. She tackled Cat onto the bed and started sucking her breasts, hard. Tori got so into it, she started biting them.

“Ouch! Tori, don’t bite!” Cat screamed, feeling her nipple almost being ripped off.

Cat’s screams only made Tori’s biting get harder as she took more of Cat’s boob into her mouth.

“Tori please!” Cat screamed. Jade laughed.

“It’s no use Cat, there’s no stopping her when she gets like this, you just have to lie there and take it.” Jade said with a seductive smile.

Cat had remembered what she walked into and concluded that Tori was going to be the dominant one in this whole “punishment” thing.

“Stop squirming!” Tori demanded, slapping Cat hard in the face. Cat tried to fight Tori off of her but Cat was too small and weak.

“Jade, get me the handcuffs.” Tori said.

Jade handed her two pairs of hand cuffs Tori tied each of Cat’s hands to the ends of the bed.

“Hey, where’d the red 10″ one go?” Tori asked looking through Jade’s toy box.

Jade reached under the pillow under Cat’s head and grabbed it. It had a small vibrator on the other side to give pleasure to the dominant person. Tori strapped it on and turned on the vibrating switch, she took a small 5″ vibrator she got from the box. She turned it on, lifted Cat up by the legs and lined it up at Cat’s asshole.


Tori grabbed Jade’s underwear that she was wearing earlier and shoved them in Cat’s mouth, tying them with a rope. She slowly put the 5-inch vibrator into her own mouth before shoving up Cat’s ass.

MMMMMMPPPPPPPPPGGGGGGGGGHHH!” Cat screamed, being muffled.

Cat started to kick wildly as Tori turned on the strap on.

“Hey Tori, wanna tie her legs up too so she’ll stop kicking?” Jade asked.

“By the time I’m done with her, she’ll lose feeling in those legs. Tori said.

Tori shoved the strap on inside of Cat and started fucking her vigorously, loving Cat’s muffled screams.

“Fuck Cat, you’re so innocent it’s pathetic.” Tori said slowly reaching orgasm.

“I’M GNNNNN CMMMMM!” Cat screamed through her “silencer”, Tori pulled out of Cat and pulled the small dildo out of Cat’s ass. She took her strap on off.

“We can’t have you cum just yet Cat.” Tori smiled.

“WWWYYY NNNNTT!” Cat screamed.

Tori ignored Cat’s question and un-hand cuffed her, she flipped her over on her belly as Cat struggled to get free. Tori began spanking Cat’s ass until she stopped resisting.


“Ow, stop Tori?” Tori asked in a teasing matter. Cat nodded her head frantically.

“Cat, the pain hasn’t even begun.” Jade said putting on the strap on that Tori had just used.

“Now Cat, I’m gonna take this underwear out of your mouth for one purpose and one purpose only, do you understand what I’m saying to you?” Cat nodded.

Tori positioned her sopping wet pussy right at Cat’s mouth before taking the underwear out. Cat immediately began licking and sucking at Tori’s pussy, teasingly tickling her clit.

“Oh my god Cat! I might cum already!” Tori screamed gripping the back of her head.

Cat screamed as Jade with no warning (or lube) shoved the strap on into Cat’s asshole.

Tori shoved Cat’s mouth pack onto her pussy loving the vibrations from her screams.

“I like this silencer better the other one.” Tori said close to climaxing.


“Fuck Cat, I, SHIT!” Tori screamed, cumming sooner than she wanted to. Jade pulled out of Cat and grabbed a green strap-on dildo identical to the red one.

Jade shoved the red one in Cat’s pussy while Tori strapped on the green one and shoved it in Jade’s ass.

“Fuck yeah Tori” Jade screamed. Tori looked down at the hottest sight she had ever seen. Jade on top of Cat, what made it even better was knowing she was on top of Jade.

“JADE! I’M GONNA CUM!” Cat screamed.

“ME TOO!” Tori said.

“AAAAAH FUCK!” Jade screamed, Tori was pulling her hair and slapping her ass red, picking up on where she left off earlier.

The three all came at the same time, after they all caught their breath, Jade and Tori burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Cat asked.

“We set this whole thing up just to get you to have sex with us!” Tori explained.

“I… What?” Cat asked in disbelief.

“You think I’d actually leave my door unlocked while Tori was making me her bitch, and invite you over if I didn’t want you to walk in?”

The three just lay there silently, smiling at the knowledge that their threesome relationship had only just begun.

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