In Prague

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In Prague
I arrived in beautiful Prague for a conference, dressed up smart for business, smelling of cologne, when my friend Stephan showed up at my hotel room. He wanted to fuck – Now – so here I am on my back, pinched to the wall with my legs in the air, being seriously buggered by a huge, Czech weight lifter.

Oh, he takes me hard as usual, pumping away at my tight ass hole like there was tomorrow. I’m moaning and screaming from the massive pressure and lustful pain up my anal tube. Sweat is dropping from his forehead, his face strained by manly concentration on the target – to fuck the hell out of this hole.

Stephan likes his men in business suits, the more important the better. We are a perfect match since I prefer to be my usual submissive dressed up. I’m still in my dress jacket, my pants are on my left leg together with a shiny, Italian shoe. My underpants are ripped open, exposing my poor little man pussy. My left foot have lost the shoe, but my dress socks with garters are in the air together with my dignity – Stephan likes that.

Me too.

Stephan’s specialty is married family men. He likes the idea that they, after their encounters, stumbling home to wife and k**s with the strong feel of his manhood up their ass and still the taste of man milk in their mouth. Stephan is huge, very kind but with a strong sex drive. His intake of stereoids helps this process.

I’ve been involved when he’s plugging two men together. It’s great, I get to be fucked in front of others, which I like, and then I can look on when a “bottom brother” get’s the same treatment. Yes, he’s huge, Stephan. His cock is not the biggest one, I can suck it to the brim, but it’s quite thick, so you really feel it when he mounts you.

Stephan pulls out of my ass, grabs my tie and roughly he turn me around. The finale will happen on all four with my caboose up in the air. I give out a loud sigh of fear and pleasure when he enters me again and now he really fucks me hard, still holding my tie as a leash. The sound of our bodies slamming to each other fills the room together with our male grunts and moans.

Oh, his power and pride, it’s too fucking much. My cock is hard now, knowing he’s soon going to come. He never gives me a reach around, I’m just his fuck slut at the moment. He announces with his strong East European accent – “I’m gonna come, bitch”, and he pulls out of me and drags me violently backward because I’m not quick enough. He rips of his condom and he emptying his cum on my face in strong spurts.

Yes, he’s happy, panting hard with satisfaction when he stands up in all his glory, looking in triumph down on me. I’m a mess, fucked out and used, forced to release my itch by jacking of in front of him. He smiles – “Okay”, he says, “see you later”. Then he leaves me and I come hard, howling out my pathetic orgasm.

I’m forced to hurry up, get my trousers on, button up my shirt, clean my face from cum and hurry to the conference. I can’t sit properly during the rest of the day and people ask me if I feel well. I look flustered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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