Influence To Particpate in a sex act…3

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Influence To Particpate in a sex act…3
I laid there weeping and wiping the spunk from my face as Jerome exited the room. As I tried to get up from the bed Bruce and Charlie came barreling through the door.

Diving on to the bed, they both tackled me around the waist and twisted me about like a rag doll till I was once again on my stomach with Bruce trying to enter my butt and Charlie trying to open my mouth.

There was no way to keep Bruce from penetrating my butt hole, it was well lubed now and possibly standing wide open. Bis cock slipped in like a hot knife through soft butter.

As soon as Bruce made entrance in my butt I opened my mouth to yell and Charlie managed to get his huge cock head pass my teeth and warned ‘don’t you bite my dick, if you want to keep your teeth’.

The two of them bounced me back and forth from dick in my mouth to dick in my ass. Till Bruce shot his load of baby making fluid in my anal cavity, Charlie quickly pulled from my lips and replaced Bruce in my anus.

Charlie was some what bigger than Bruce, not as large as Daniel and smaller than Jerome. Charlie lifted my hips into the air and pushed my head down into the mattress. Charlie than proceeded to slam into my up turned butt making all types of sounds with his cock and my butt hole.

I could barely moan as he worked my very tender butt hole, Bruce was sliding his limp cock across my lips trying to get hard again. The door opened and Daniel and Jerome came in, Jerome was still naked from waist down Daniel had on his boxers.

Daniel said to Charlie ‘hurry up and bust that nutt we have some business to discuss with David’. Charlie quickly slammed into me till I felt him explode in my rectum, he pulled from my anal canal and left the room with Bruce both looking at each other smiling and than back at me as i fell to my side holding my stomach.

Daniel and Jerome came to the bed, I lifted my hands pleading with not to bother me again. Daniel just took my hand and rolled me to my stomach and crawled between my legs. His huge cock head sliding up into my butt crack and than right above my anus.

There was so much cum in my butt that Daniel’s cock entered with a very audible slurping sound and me groaning in pain. ‘I hear you gonna have Jerome s baby, bitch. What you do fall in love with my cousin or you just want to get fucked regular’.

I tossed my head from side to side as Daniel worked his large cock deeper and deeper into my agonizing anal opening. I couldn’t speak, even though I tried I just couldn’t get the words to form.

Daniel licked the back of my neck as he grind into my aching butt, for the next twenty five minutes I was in agonizing pain as Daniel worked his gigantic cock in and out of my butt.

Just as soon as Daniel emptied his baby making juice into my butt he slipped out. Jerome mounted my butt again and his softball size penile glans pushed against my ruptured butt hole.

His massive cock plopped through my juice filled butt and I could feel all the spunk as it flooded from my forever stretched anal opening. Daniel came around and lifted my head and cradled it in his crotch my face nestled in his pubic hair.

Daniel said roughly ‘start sucking bitch, you just as well get used to it, this is how it’s gonna be. When you ain’t in school, you gonna be here letting one or all of us get this here boi pussy till we get tired’.

Surrendering to my fate I slowly opened my lips and allowed Daniel to stuff his limp cock into my oral orifice as Jerome grind deep into sorely tender butt hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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