Instant Need

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Instant Need
Instant Need

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Well past the midnight of a very pleasant weather day of mid-April. Although; ‘April showers, May flowers’ is a very commonly known saying but it has not rained this April and luckily there have been no dark, dirty and dingy dreary days so far. The days have started to be longer but this day had been particularly long and desolate. The best time was that I spent on the dance floor of the bar; being drunk and dancing like crazy.

I do not exactly remember, how I got home but here I am, in my bedroom standing in front of the mirror and looking searching something. I see myself in the mirror but I do not know, why am I staring at myself. My thoughts are not focused and fixed. Did I celebrate my 20th birthday; yesterday, with my Mildred, in the bar. I feel very young but Damn! Very old too. Being 20 years old is definitely being too old.

Once again, I look in the mirror and stare at myself. Why I look so different to me; kind of split personality. I look like a stranger in my khaki jeans and a plain white T-shirt. Why do I have my socks on? I am really lost somewhere, all alone. I do not remember, if I mixed some drink for me, in the glass; or the glass on my night stand had been laying there since the night before. I pick up the glass, the ice had melted but the drink is still a bit colder than the room temperature. I taste; oh, my favorite Gin and tonic. I take 2—3 big gulps to make the glass half empty. I feel the dazing haze thin a little, the night air is surely cool but my heavy cotton t-shirt is too much for the weather.

I pull my t-shirt over my head and let it fall freely to the floor. Well, my chest is really manly with hair, hard ripped muscles and big decently developed large dark pink nipples. My hand roams over the chest, fingers tease through the thick but trimmed hair, nipples felt between the fingers and thumb. A weak and silent sigh dissolves in the air as the belly muscles get grabbed and the hand moves up for the nipples once again. My breathing is heavy and deep, erratic.

A little bit of nipple play and then my both hands undo the belt and unbutton the jeans; taking them off my legs and also removing the socks with each leg of the jeans dropping them somewhere close to the shirt. Here I am almost naked in my designer CK underwear, still staring in the mirror at the closet door in front of me.

By now, my huge cock is already larger than huge, hard, swollen and fully erected. With a deep breath; I let it gently, slowly glide out and both hands run inside the underwear, rummaging through the well-manicured pubes surrounding the dick and the balls. A loud moan and total body shivering happens simultaneously as my hands grip my big fat cock muscle and rub it repeatedly and completely.

I push off my underwear down to my feet and kick it towards the jeans. Now totally naked, I fall back on the bed. Looking at the ceiling, my hands roam all over my chest once again and my basting hot, hard cock and the soft pack of my flamboyant balls. Rolling over on my belly, I kiss Jeremy; passionately, deeply, lovingly, softly. His hands quickly reach the back of my head hair, to the back of my neck, my back and finally clenching hard on my ass bubbles. I reciprocate and rub my all hard 8-inches piece of man meat on his body. Ahh! I did not notice; he is already naked and we kiss madly as our tongues lap off with each other and our moaning grows with the ecstatic pleasure. I am so glad, I am here with him and naked. God! He is so hot and makes me so hard for him. He knows I enjoy him.

Jeremy breaks the kiss from my lips and slowly moves down to my chest. He explores every bit of chest and nipples area, with his tongue and kissing with the wet lips. His hands exploring my lower body as he spends time up on my chest and nipples. O’ fucking joy, he grabs my fully extended man pole and starts jerking me. His grip moves down to my balls with strength and in no time, he is down to start sucking me, swallowing all of the 8-inches as he looks up towards me. His face looks so pretty with a big smile spread on it. He looks at me from across the room as I and Mildred dance on the floor. With the fast paced loud music and the noise of the crowd at the club; it had been a happy hindrance all night for our spotting, glancing at each other since we have been trying to eye each other.

With some excessive drinking, hectic wild dancing; the sensations are aptly rushing into my body and particularly in my fingertips and toes. As the song ends and I stop dancing, standing still with Mildred. My eyes tell her that I was going off the floor; enough dancing for me. I knew, I was leaving her and rushing for him in his direction. The eye contact between him and I is intact as I get closer to Jeremy through the crowd; leaning at the bar. He hands me the drink; he had ordered for me, as we say hello much louder to be heard over the music and the crowd. We danced in each other’s arms for about 10 minutes or so; until we decided to walk out, laughing and enjoying the lust of the moment. He told me, his name was Jeremy.

He is of an average height; like 5’ 10”; looks to be about 22—23, short cut, blond hair but his smile is the most amazing complementing his marble blue eyes. We had decided to go to his place; he said was quite close by for each other’s company, couple of drinks and whatever else happens. Sitting on the plush leather couch in his place; I think I remember looking at clock radio on the side table which showed couple of minutes before midnight. Jeremy’s place is small but very well kept and comfy. With some soft music playing in the background, we lean and kiss for the first time.

The kiss gets deep but fluid, lust rushes from the lips to get into our blood and reaches all the necessary parts of our bodies; converting to an intense and wonderful erotic mood. Jeremy’s hands spreading all over my body as our tongues lap against each other more fervently and zealously. We are hugging, embracing each other as our kissing gets to next level. It is getting impossible to avoid the thoughts about his hard, thick cock in my mouth; working earnestly on it to get him shooting his load into my mouth for the manly taste and its pungent smell; I would love to swallow willingly.

I would love nothing more than sliding my very thick and hard manhood in his nicely rimmed, lubed ass as my hands run on his back and front to jerk him off some more if the desire happened. I would love to cum in the warmth of tightness and WTF; I squirt all around on my body. I cum with an amazing intensity and strength in my hand.

I am alone, in my room, in my bed; masturbating for this so hot guy, I happened to see on the dance floor, earlier that evening. I make sure, every drop that got boiled; gets out through my cock hole, until I cum no more. I turn to my side and drift off to sleep for sexy dreams with Jeremy; I just saw and really wanted to sex with him.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan June 17, 2019.

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