Inviting Uncle

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Inviting Uncle
Inviting Uncle
Dad’s brother Tim had called imploring Dad to come help him. He was being evicted from his condominium. His wife passed a year or so ago and Tim was always adamant about not wanting to be in charge of anything, had allowed his wife to be the owner of the condominium. Well, the idiot, the condominium was not fully paid for and the payments were made from her banking account automatically, but with her death, the account was closed, meaning no payments since her death. He had initially just tossed the notices away like junk mail, until the evictions notice came. He easily could have paid the back payments, but hell, it was his wife’s money, not his, so he opted to find a smaller place, and he had to do it in 30 days.

Dad with running the farm and it’s daily commitments, could not just take off and go help his brother, so, he ‘volunteered’ me to travel there, help him find another place, and get him moved into it in the next 30 days.

The airport was exciting and traveling for the first time by myself, it was a bit intimidating as well. But I was well prepared for my favorite pastime of teasing. I wore a very revealing white cowl neck poncho and a bright red split on the side mid-shin skirt with no bra or panties. As I walked to the ticket counter, virtually every man nearby had paused and looked my way.

I got to the counter, leaning down to put my one bag on the platform, my top gaped open providing the handsome young ticket agent with an eyeful of my breasts. He fumbled with my identification, reading my name and checking it against my ticket, while trying to keep his eyes on his work. I just smiled at him, knowing that every movement I made caused my breasts to jiggle nicely under the poncho. He informed me that the flight would depart in approximately 2 hours, and pointed to the airline waiting area.

The waiting area was just like any other set of connected chairs in the airport, perhaps a bit plusher with armrests. Sitting down, the slit in my skirt gave an unobstructed view of my shapely tan legs. There were several businessmen, a woman and c***d, and a couple of well-dressed women sitting around me, just normal travelers, I guess. The seats directly in front of me were empty.

I leaned down to my oversize handbag and pulled a romance novel out, peering over the top of my glasses, I noted one of the men had gotten an eyeful of my breasts. I smiled at him as I slowly sat back up, which apparently embarrassed him, because he looked down and away from me quickly. Now, knowing that he at least was looking, I shifted in my seat some, letting my skirt ride up a bit, and with the slit now exposing my inner thigh.

I opened the novel and started reading with one hand, letting the other hand drop to my lap right on the opening of the dress slit. I allowed my fingers to slip into the void, pulling on it a bit until I was sure that my trimmed pussy hair was faintly visible and spread my legs slightly.

Unabashedly his eyes glued to my private area; again, I smiled at him, and dropped my hand down again, this time using my finger to trace my labia’s outline and spreading my legs a bit further. He almost fell out of his chair, leaning forward to get a better view.
I continued reading my book while letting my fingers slowly open my labia up exposing the pink lips. I felt my pussy start leaking a tiny bit, and ran my fingers thru the moisture and brought them to my lips and seductively licked and sucked them into my mouth, smiling and watching him the whole time for his reaction.

He pushed down on his crotch, adjusting his manhood, which was becoming hard watching me. As I started to insert my fingers fully into my pussy, I heard my flight announced over the loudspeaker. I smiled at him once more, leaned down and flashed my tits at him as I placed my book in the bag and headed for the gates, wiggling my ass at him and smiling all the way.


The line to board the flight was crowded tightly together, all pushing to get aboard and into their seats. I felt a hand brush my ass and I smiled over my shoulder at an older man who, obviously accompanied by his wife, who was on incessantly chattering about getting to their seats. He again brushed against me, this time; I felt his palm give a nice rub on my cheek followed by a squeeze. I did not push his hand away, but the line moved forward, breaking his contact with me. He continued to rub my ass surreptitiously until the attendant took my boarding pass.

The stewardess greeted my warmly, and directed me to my seat with a wave of her hand, saying it was a middle seat. She said if the flight was not full, perhaps she could move me to a window or aisle seat instead if I wanted. I smiled and nodded to her as I made my way back to my assigned seat.

Unfortunately, both the window and aisle seats were occupied. I smiled at them both, as I attempted to squeeze by the man #1 on the aisle, my skirt was entangled on his knee, causing me to almost fall forward onto the middle seat. As I tried to catch myself, the man #2 at the window seat got a full view of my breasts in all their glory, and in this position, my ass was virtually in the face of man #1.

Finally getting into the seat, embarrassed, I smiled at both of them shyly, murmuring my apologies. Both smiled and said no problems at all. The air was blowing full on me, whipping my hair around causing my nipples to stiffen noticeably. I reached up and twisted the knob to stop the airflow, but it did not seem to want to move. Man #2 reached up, his elbow rubbing my right breast, and turned the air off. I smiled at him and thanked him.

The flight took off, and once in the air, I was still chilled. I asked the stewardess to bring me a blanket, covered myself, and closed my eyes to try to rest on the long flight. I had dozed off for a few minutes when I felt Man #1’s hand under the blanket, gently rubbing on my thigh directly where the slit in my skirt was. I smiled but did not open my eyes, and let my legs open slightly at his touch. My movement allowed his hand and fingers access to my inner thigh, which of course, he capitalized on and began exploring more. I felt him lean forward and tap Man #2 on the leg. Barely opening my eyes, I saw him mouth, “I got my hands between her legs!”

Man #2 let out a low moan and within seconds, I felt his hand go up under the blanket as well. He gently ran his fingers up my side from my waist to my underarm several times, and I let a tiny almost inaudible moan of pleasure slip from my lips. His hand moved to my stomach and he traced upwards between my breasts. I felt him slip his hand under my poncho and begin to cup my breasts, kneading them softly, tracing my areoles with his fingertips, causing my already hard nipples to tingle.

Man #1 watched Man #2’s hands groping at my breasts and he was emboldened, pushed my legs open further, and moved to grab my pussy. He was rough, not at all gentle, as his fingers ground hard on my pussy. Making a fist, with one finger out, he forced it into my slit. Loudly, I cried out and he shoved the blanket into my mouth to stifle me, and threateningly whispered, “Be quiet slut! I’m gonna finger fuck you good, just like you want it.” Unable to hide my pussy’s juices that flowed onto his fist, I just nodded at his rough insertion.

The combined efforts of the two men working on my breasts and pussy, quickly brought me to an orgasm, my body shaking, hips rising up to the finger fucking, I grabbed the hands at my breasts and squeezed them, pulling at the nipples hard, as I came. As my pleasure subsided, each man took a hand and directed them to their crotches. Both of them had their cocks out covered by my blanket. I started stroking them both at the same time, pulling their cocks up and down. My fingertips detected them both dripping cum from their tips, and using this, I greased their cocks, letting my hands slide freely up and down their members.

I opened my eyes and spotted the stewardess coming towards me. I did not release either man’s cock, as she stopped and leaned towards me asking if I wished to be moved to another seat or not. She was fairly well laughing to herself, seeing the blanket with two tents over their cocks and obviously with my hands stroking them. She smiled widely saying, “I guess not. Looks like you have things well in hand. If you need help, just let me know.” She turned and walked on down the aisle smiling devilishly.

The excitement of the stewardess talking to me while I was stroking them both had apparently almost driven them crazy. Within moments, I felt both men’s cocks start jumping and spew their white cum all over my hands and the blanket. I kept milking them with my hands until their cocks subsided into small nubs in their hairy crotches. Releasing them, I wiped my hands on the blanket, closed my eyes again, and went back to sleep until the flight landed at the airport.

I straightened my skirt and blouse, stood up and filed off the flight with the others, handing the sticky cum soaked blanket to the waitress, smiling widely, and thanked her for the wonderful service on the flight. She smiled back, and said, “Thank you for your service on my flight as well.” She patted my ass as I walked past her, and said “Please cum again.”


Uncle Tim was waiting in the baggage claim area. He had not seen me in almost 7 years and he would have let me pass right by him had his eyes not been staring at my bouncing boobies as I approached him. He tried to look around me, as if my girls were not what he was looking at.

“Uncle Tim!” I exclaimed hugging him tightly, making sure he felt me against him. “It’s been so long, don’t you recognize me, your niece, Frolic?”

“Wow… um I mean, WOW!” he stammered. “You certainly have grown up Frolic. I did not even recognize you for sure.” He held me at arms length, his eyes roving up and down my body. “My goodness, what are they feeding you on that farm anyways?”

Playfully punching his arm, “I’m corn fed now Uncle. That and fresh milk, builds strong bodies.” I turned and started walking towards the baggage carousel, looking for my bag. “Look for a red ribbon on the handle of the bag, which will be mine.” He followed closely and stood behind me, obviously checking out my ass.

The bag was retrieved and we departed the airport and got into his car. We chatted back and forth about Dad and the farm. He asked about my brother and sister and of course, my mom. I told him that mom had left Dad like 6 years ago and was surprised that Dad had not told him. He and Dad were not ever very close, and we never really heard from him unless he was in trouble or needed help.

We got to his condo and as we entered, I was shocked at the disarray. Partially packed boxes, wrapping material strewn all over the place, piles of his belongings here and there; it was utter chaos. I just shook my head looking at it all. The next two weeks were spent sorting, packing and throwing away the unnecessary trash.

The sleeping arrangements were a bit uncomfortable for me, a lumpy couch in the living room, which no matter how I tried, I was unable to get comfortable on and get sleep. It was after one week, that I discovered how much alike my Dad and Uncle Tim were. I had been showering and changing in the bathroom each night, placing my dirty items in a bag that I left beside the sink.

One late evening after I had gone to bed, I saw the light flowing from the bathroom door, which was partially opened. I heard soft slapping sounds, and my curiosity was peaked, so I crept quietly to the door and peered in. Uncle Tim was naked, his body reminded me immediately of my father, and the same muscle toned back, small buttocks and an almost identical cock.

I realized that he had dug into my dirty clothes and had removed a pair of my soiled panties and was whacking himself off with them wrapped around his swollen member. I heard him murmur, “Oh Frolic, you little hottie, let me push this into you deeper, make you feel your Uncle.” Although I should have been shocked at this, I felt the familiar tingle in my womanhood and felt the trickle of my juices dribble through my panties and onto my legs. I fingered myself gingerly watching him stroke his cock. His saying my name made it even more exciting to me.

I saw him tense up, his buttocks clinching tight together, as he unloaded his sperm into my dirty panties. I quivered seeing it and my fingers plunged into my pussy. My orgasm while mild was still very satisfying. I turned and quickly headed back to the couch, covering myself up and feigning sleep. He crept out of the bathroom and stepped behind the couch, his cock still semi-hard, was directly over my head, with a bit of sperm still dripping from the tip. He stood over me and played with himself, until he managed to get hard again.

He leaned down, directing his cock towards my mouth, touching my lips with the sperm tip. Still feigning sleep, I opened my mouth a tiny bit, and licked my lips. My tongue touched his cock head and I closed my mouth again, letting his tip remain against my closed lips. He started sliding it across my lips, back and forth, my mouth on the sensitive underside of his cock. Again, I barely opened my mouth and licked my lips and his cock. With my mouth open and my tongue against him, he moved slowly back and forth. I closed my mouth once more, but my lips were around his cock. I could tell he was about to ejaculate again as his movements were faster. I opened my mouth letting my tongue flash out alongside my lips on his shaft, wetting his cock. Within seconds of feeling my tongue, he started cumming again. He pulled back so the tip was almost in my mouth, and I felt his hot sperm seep into my mouth and run down my cheeks and chin. I licked, opening and closing my mouth, tasting his cum on my tongue.

He pulled back now, his dick hard still, as he looked down at me, I opened my mouth so the cum was visible on my tongue, then swallowed, making a murmuring slurping sound, turned my head, and continued acting like I was asleep. I know he was shocked that I had not awakened. He turned away and padded softly back to his bed. I doubt that he slept very well, thinking that he had just had his cock in his sleeping niece’s mouth.


Nothing was said the next morning. I intentionally left his sperm on my cheek that left a crusty whitish spot there quite visibly. He kept staring at it at breakfast and I smiled all the way through breakfast. Once breakfast was finished letting my tongue touch the crusty sperm, I licked it clean, and told him how delicious breakfast savoring the flavor and smiling.

“Uncle Tim, what are you going to do now? I mean, where are you going to move and stuff?” I inquired. “I mean, you haven’t gone to work these past three weeks. Did you have vacation or just take time off?”

He frowned heavily, speaking slowly and quietly, “I…I’ve lost my job. I have very little money left from the severance pay I got, enough for a couple of month’s maybe; I just don’t know what I’ll do.”

I smiled, “I have an idea.” I picked up my cell phone and went into the bathroom, closing the door for privacy and called Dad. We talked for about 10 minutes. As I walked out of the bathroom, Uncle Tim looked up at me, and I smiled widely at him.

“Uncle Tim, what would you say to moving to the Farm with us? You could have one of the bungalows on the farm as yours. You would of course, have to work for Dad around the farm. You could have meals with the family and still have your privacy?”

He looked in shock at me and the proposal, “Frolic I don’t think your Dad wants his wayward brother there with him. While we have never had any disagreements, I know he has never approved of me as his brother.”

“Well, when I called him and told him of my idea, he agreed to it almost immediately. He desperately needs more help on the farm; it is growing, and is getting to be more work than he had planned on. You would only be another farmhand. We have a farm manager that takes care of the hay fields and oversees the farm in general. I am the second in command, I do the books, manage the accounts, oversee the purchasing and deliveries. If you can handle working for Dad and I, you will be welcome to come join us.”

“I just don’t know Frolic. I’ll have to think about it some before making a decision.” he replied.

“Well, I have to fly back home, day after tomorrow. The movers will be here to get your things moved to the storage building tomorrow. When you decide, you just call us and give us your decision.” I stepped over to him, gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek,
“I won’t mind you being under me on the farm.” Winking, I turned and continued marking boxes.


Three weeks past and we received his call; he would accept our offer of a farmhand job and would be arriving the following week. Lots of things to be done for his arrival, getting the bungalow cleared, cleaned and ready. We all were excited, and I know I was anticipating him cumming in my panties many times in the future.

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