iStartLife, chapter 2

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iStartLife, chapter 2
iCarly – iStartLife, chapter 2

Carly Shay just finished her third class for the day and like every Monday; she waited outside on her favourite bench to have lunch with her best friend Sam Puckett. It was usually the first time they got to see each other on Monday since Carly had an early class and Sam’s first class wasn’t until 9.

She was late as usual, but Sam eventually made her way to Carly’s favourite bench. She sat down and look across the table at Carly.

“What’s the matter Sam? Why aren’t you pulling out a steak or some barbecue chicken out of your backpack?” Carly asked.

“Oh, I’m not hungry.” Sam said.

“Okay, tell me what’s wrong,” Carly said, knowing something was up since Sam wasn’t hungry. Sam was and always had been hungry.

“Nothing really is wrong. I just have to tell you something and it’s pretty big.”

“What is it?”

“Do you remember how Freddie and I promised you that we wouldn’t keep secrets from you anymore after you found out that we kissed?”

“Of course,” Carly said, still a little hurt.

“Well… the nub and I are sort of… kind of… you might say… dating,” Sam told her with hesitation.

“What? Dating? Each other?” Carly asked.

Sam nodded.

“You and Freddie? Freddie and you?”

Sam kept nodding.

“For how long?”

“Since about a week before we left Seattle.”

“So for about 4 months? 4 months and you’re just telling me now?!”

“I know Carls, but I didn’t know how to tell you.”

“Didn’t know how to tell me? Oh okay, how about, ‘Oh hey Carls, Freddie and I are dating’. Or even, ‘I’m going out with Freddie, Carls’. Something like that, Sam.”

“It was a little more complicated than that. I knew you would overreact exactly the way you are overreacting right now.”

“Hey, I’m not overreacting. I’m down. I’m cool. It’s good that you two have each other and have had each other for 4 months without telling your best friend about it,” Carly said, in typical Carly speed speak.

“Calm down k**do.”

“I’m calm. I’m perfectly calm. So is there anything else that you and Freddie have neglected to tell me?”

“Well…” Sam started to say.

“Ohmigod!” Carly squeaked. “What is it?”

“The other night when you were at practice. The nub came over with some fried chicken… oh fried chicken.”


Sam took a deep breath. “Freddie and I slept together.”

Carly stared at Sam.

“Carls. Say something.”

“Oh. I see.”

“I only kept that a secret for two days,” Sam said, trying to ease the tension.

“I can’t believe that you and Freddie slept together!” Carly said rather loudly.

“Whoa. Carls keep it down,” Sam pleaded. “Everybody in the state doesn’t need to know.”

Carly thought for a minute. “Sam I don’t know how to handle this right now. I need time to process all of this. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me sooner.”

“We haven’t told anyone cupcake.”

“Still you could have told me. Your best friend.” Carly said.

“You’re right. We should have told you.”

“Well I have a ton of homework and practice again this evening so it will probably be late again before I get back to the dorm.

“Okay. Lunch here tomorrow then?”

“Sure,” Carly said as she got up and flung her backpack over her shoulder. “Tomorrow.”

Sam sat there at the table for a couple more minutes before taking out her cell phone and sending Freddie another message. I told Carls. Now I’m depressed, going home early.

A minute later she got a response. Want me to bring some pizza?

She typed a response of her own. K, but hurry.

45 minutes later, Freddie and Sam were in the dorm room eating pizza and talking about Carly. Freddie was sitting on the couch and Sam was lying down with her head in his lap. He played with her long honey blonde locks as she spoke.

“So I think she’s going to be all weird about it.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have told her.”

Sam groaned and sat up on the couch. “That’s not helping me.”

“Look. Carly is Carly. She’s going to be fine once she gets over this whole not telling her for four months thing.”

“You think so?”


Sam took what was her fourth slice of pizza. “I hope you’re right about this Benson.”

“I am,” Freddie assured her as he put his arm around her.

“Careful nub, mama’s eating,” Sam warned him as she took another bite out of her slice.

It had been an up and down four months for Carly Shay. After a year of careful planning and a lot of luck, she, Sam, and Freddie were all three accepted to the University of Southern California and that wasn’t easy, especially in Sam’s case. But they made it. Then Carly realized just how tough college was that first week. Her classes were a lot more difficult than she thought and of course, Sam was no help. In fact she always seemed to be busy. Freddie too. It wasn’t until now that she found out why that was.

So while her two friends were always busy. Carly closed her books one night and went for a walk where she ended up at the gym during basketball try-outs. On a whim, she signed up and discovered that she had some skill. Enough to make the girls team. Despite feeling like she didn’t have the time for basketball activities on top of her course load, she also felt better after that try-out. She also felt better after the first practice and the first game. So she stuck with it and was now considered one of the better players on the team, even better than some of the ones who were recruited on scholarships.

Then her boyfriend back in Seattle, Adam, calls her up and breaks up with her. Saying that the long distance relationship turns out isn’t for him. She spent all night crying and at her next game she had her best performance scoring 29 points, grabbing 10 rebounds and handing out 11 assists. Carly felt great afterward, especially after she noticed Freddie and Sam in the stands cheering for her.

Freddie and Sam.

That was all that was on her mind at practice. She had a rough practice.

After showering, she sat alone in the locker room remembering all the times that Sam and Freddie were downright hateful to each other and all the times that she had to keep the peace. She snickered a little bit at how all that distain for each other must have been misplaced affection.

“I guess the Seddie fans knew what they were talking about after all,” she said to herself. “I should get home and talk to Sam.”

Like she told Sam earlier, it was late when she got back home. Almost midnight. But if there was anyone that would still be up this late, it would be Sam so Carly came home and knocked on Sam’s bedroom door and opened it slowly.

“Sam?” She asked.

Through the light that came in the door from the hallway, Carly could see that Sam was asleep in her bed alongside Freddie. She quickly closed the door back and walked into the kitchen. From behind her, she heard Sam.


Carly turned around. “Oh hi Sam, did I wake you?”

Sam sleepily shook her head. “No, I was craving a snack,” Sam walked by her and opened the door to the fridge.

“I see that you have a sleepover guest,” Carly said.

“Yeah. I guess I do,” Sam said as she pulled out some turkey meat. “You want a turkey sandwich?”

“No. I’m good,” Carly told her.

“Suit yourself,” Sam said as she started making herself a sandwich.

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