It’s your birthday pt 1

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It’s your birthday pt 1
This is my first story written for someone.
It is setting the scene ready for part two which will follow shortly.

“Come on Mary” shouted Steve from downstairs. “We are going to be late”.
You come down the stairs in the new outfit that was bought for you. Well, it is your birthday after all. Steve watches you as you take each step closer to him. The tight black skirt that hugs your hips and finishes just above your knees, shows off your hips with every step. The tight, black silk blouse that only buttons up 3/4 of the way hugs your tits and shows a great deal of your cleavage. You are wearing your long, red hair down and high heel shoes. As you get to the bottom step, Steve kisses you on the cheek and says to you ” You look stunning, we really must get going if we are going to make this booking for your birthday”.

Steve holds the door open of the car for you and you get in. “Where are we going?” You ask. “To a new place on the outskirts of town” replies Steve. There is a short pause as you think about it. “The only new place on the outside of town is that expensive hotel, tell me you have not booked us to go there!. “Yes” came the reply, ” further more, I have booked us a nights stay as well and came home this afternoon early to pack a suitcase so do not worry”. Steve looks at you with a big smile and says “Happy birthday, me bonny Irish lass”. You love it when he calls you that.

” Leave the cases in the car, lets eat first as we are already late” you are told just as you are about to open the boot. You are both greeted and shown to your table. Steve orders a bottle of white wine, a large Jack Daniels for himself and a large brandy for you. You look over the menu and give the waiter your order. “I’m wearing the bra and knickers you bought for my last birthday, along with the stockings and suspenders. I never really had the opportunity to wear them before tonight”. Steve thinks back and remembers the black lace outfit her bought and a smile comes to his face once again.

An hour later your meal arrives. Your pasta dish is the wrong one and Steve’s steak is over cooked. Neither of you normally complain but this was not good enough. Your meals were re-done and a complimentary bottle of wine was put on your table.

Steve gets the case out of the car as you finish the wine off. You see him arrive at the desk and get up to join him. I’m standing next to the receptionist and look up at you as you approach. Your hips swing lovely from side to side and with the alcohol and high heels really do insinuate your movement and your red hair is bobbing up and down. The receptionist greets you and I snap out of my trance. Steve mentions the poor meal to the receptionist and to add it to the room. You are handed the key by myself but you don’t really take much notice. Once at the room you enter first and want to cry. In the room is a large table with chairs all around. Back downstairs you both come and the second complaint is made. I ask the receptionist which rooms are available and she points to the screen. “This is a treat for my wife’s birthday” calls out Steve, “our first impressions of this place are really not that good”.

“Good evening Sir, Madam. My name is John and I am the owner of this hotel. Please, come and step into my office and let’s see how we can resolve this”. I go on and apologies for the meal which I heard you complain about as you checked in. I mention the room was set up ready for a meeting in the morning but should of still been set up as a suite. “The only room we have available is the Embassy suite which I can offer you at half price”. Neither of you are prepared to pay the £1500 for the room and both look at me to make a better offer. Steve wants to make your birthday a great one and you want to get him upstairs and show him your underwear. I take a deep breath and bite the bullet. “You can have the room for the same price as the room you have booked”. I turn to your husband and tell him he stays in the tv room all night and a bottle of Jack Daniels will keep him company along with the free satellite channels. Then I look at you. “I noticed you as you got down from your table and walk into the reception area. You are a very pretty lady. I want to spend the night with you”. My heart is beating faster, I can feel a few spots of sweat drip from my forehead. I look at your husband half expecting his fist to come over the table as I can’t believe I have been so bold and even contemplated such a silly idea. “You have always wanted me to fuck a stranger and for you to be close by so you can hear, now is that time” you mention to Steve with a smile on your face.

Is this really happening? Did I just ask that of this well presented couple? Is it your drink talking or the fact you want to get to bed now?

Steve gets up, looks at you, tuns to me and puts his hand out to shake mine. “Deal” he says. We walk out. I pick up the card for the room and your case and you follow me to the room. You both look around this large, two room suite and discuss the situation a bit more with lots of smiles and kisses. I am on the phone sorting out the complimentary satellite tv, bottle of Jack Daniels and bottle of Brandy for you.

Pt ll to follow.

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