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It was Sunday night. I was returning home after attending a function. The bus was not that crowded. I found a seat beside a guy in his forties. Before long I could feel his elbow slowly digging into my side. At first I thought it was an accident. But then it became persistent. To test him I raised my left hand and placed it on the seat before me. I have been jacking in buses from my school days and so I know all the jack-tricks!! Placing my hand on the seat exposed my breasts. I wanted to know whether he would go for it – then I would make my move.
I was horny as hell the whole day. The night before I watched a blue film and it aroused me so much that I masturbated in bed before I fell asleep. But when I got up I still felt sexually aroused and wanted some meat very badly! But being a Sunday I had many chores to do and I had this function to attend. So I could not think of organising something naughty! But this guy trying to be funny with me instantly doubled my sexual feelings. If I could have this guy before I could go home it would be fabulous I thought!

He went for it. I felt his upper arm touching my breasts. He was slowly rubbing. I kept quiet ……… but not my pussy ……….. it started twisting in pleasure!! I turned my body a little towards him to give him more ‘breast’ area to play with. By now he must have sensed that I am game for, his probing became more and more bold.
My mind was working overtime. I was wondering where we could go. Then it struck me. We could go to the beach area! I have done this before many times in the past …….. do bus jacking, talk to the guy and take him to the beach and have him! We were at Kolpetty and I knew places in the beach area in Kolpetty where I could have him.
And when I felt he was enjoying himself thoroughly by rubbing my breast with his arm. I turned to him and asked him whether we could get down and go to the beach. He looked surprised that I talked to him and then when he understood what I said he said ‘okay’ and I saw shock in his eyes! He could not believe that I talked to him and that I wanted to have sex with him! Yippee ……. I had him!

We got down and walked down Sea Avenue which leads to the beach. I have used this route many times since my schooldays whenever I go to the beach with schoolboys to be naughty and even later in life. The beach at night offers a splendid chance to have open air sex without any inhibitions!
At the end of the lane I turned left and we walked for about 200 yards and I stopped at a place which had a small hut like thing which belonged to the railway department. What it contained I do not know but it has been there for donkeys years since I was a schoolgirl. It was beside this hut that I used to raise my school uniform and let horny boys cup my thighs (gal kapanawa) or fuck my ass in broad daylight or suck them off to swallow a mouthful of thick teen cum! I do not allow pussy fucks as I did not want to get pregnant! And those days condoms were not that popular and schoolboys dare not go to a d**g store to buy some!!

It was a good location too as from one side I would be totally covered but can still see through to my left and right for a thousand yards to see if anyone is approaching – giving me enough time to pull my frock down and behave as teen lovers. Believe it or not I have even had sex stark naked on the beach areas in Colpetty and
Bamba. Unlike today those days there were no security problems and security men – the beach was so free!
Most of the guys strolling on the beach come looking for sex with homosexuals or with couples (husband/boy friend watching his girl being fucked by a passing stranger) or with beach prostitutes or sometimes even with single, horny females (like me) looking for a few quickies.

There was no one around. We were all alone. I leaned against the wall and I could see to my left and right. If anyone was approaching I could see his silhouette hundreds of yards away although it was dark! I had done this hundreds of times and it was a piece of cake for me.

The guy came towards me and kissed me. I kissed him passionately as I was bloody hot and horny. I asked him to put his tongue in my mouth and sucked it. His saliva was all over in my mouth and I swallowed it greedily with high tension sex feelings! I felt for his dong. It was already big. I groped for it and he helped me in taking it out. I held his strong dong in my hand and my knees went weak with sheer pleasure! I gave his dong a rhythmic handshake while he sucked my tits which I exposed by lifting up my top and bra. His tongue at last found what he was groping at in the bus!

Then he went down on his knees and lifted my skirt. I spread my thighs and jutted my pelvic area at his face so that he could get all the pussy he wants. I wore no panty – I generally do not wear except during menses time. I do not know what he thought about me not wearing a panty??
Soon I felt his tongue all over my hot pussy. He nibbled gently all over which increased the sex feelings. Many guys do not know this but always gently nibble at the pussy area all over when doing cunnilingus (pussy sucking) – the woman will love it – you will know she loves it when she writhes or when she moans!
I did both – writhed like a snake and moaned like a she cat. This guy knew about pussy sucking. He put a finger in my pussy and fingered my G-spot while working over my clitoris with his tongue. Small bombs exploded. I caressed my tits and pinched my nipples to increase sex feelings. I felt his hands massaging my buttocks. All in all my body was surrendering to this assault with no shame!

I held his head against my pussy and rubbed my pussy all over his face frenetically! And all the while he kept working on the clitoris and the G-spot. Then I exploded with a loud moan. My body bucked like a horse a few times and I leant against the wall weak but fully satiated.
He came up and gently caressed and sucked my tits. He kissed me too. After I had regained some strength after the brief respite I gratefully went down on my knees and took his still rigid cock in mouth. The top was wet with his love juice which I wiped with my tongue hungrily. I sucked him gently and then rapidly. It was a strong cock and thick with a length of about seven inches – a good size!
I broke the suck now and then to lick his balls all over. I lowered his trousers and licked all over his inner thighs adjacent to the balls and the groins too. He moaned in pleasure. Then again I went for his balls. I was wishing I could lick his asshole too but this was no place for an all out fuck session – this was a quickie!
I felt his cock grow more rigid. I knew he was about to come. Then he suddenly withdrew his cock from my mouth and started shaking to leak. I knew instantly that he thought that I may not like him leaking in my mouth. I turned to take his cock in my mouth when he started leaking. The first jet of kari (semen) hit my cheeks. I did not want him to waste his kari. So I grabbed his cock and shoved it in my mouth and sucked him.
He moaned like a constipated pig and shot a whole lot of kari in my mouth. I swallowed it with my body shivering with sex feelings! He had a lot ……. boy!

We walked back to the top of the lane talking about Mahinda Chinthanaya. At the top of the lane we parted. I took a trishaw while he walked towards the bus halt.
I never even knew his name – nor he mine! Hmmmmm…………not a bad evening!! Maybe the few shots of whiskies I had at the function gave me dutch courage!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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