Jenny Part 3 – The Defloration

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Jenny Part 3 – The Defloration
Jenny Part 4 – The Defloration

All five men were sitting in the lounge of the luxury apartment we had hired. We were dressed in our thick fluffy bathrobes, and driking champagne. After a suitable interval, our thoughts turned back to the lovely Jenny and we knew it was time. Her mother Mandy slipped away to the bedroom to prepare her.

After a bit, the bedroom door opened and Jenny was shoved through to meet us. She was a vision of loveliness. Her mother had dressed her as “The Bride”.
White kitten heels, white holdup stockings with a garter on her right thigh. White, full cut lacy panties. A white half cup lacy bra contained her tits and pushed them out to form a magificent cleavage. As a finishing touvh she wore a white veil. Her mother had even provided a posy of flowers to her to carry!
Mandy stepped out behind her, dressed in a black outfit. Black stiletto heels, black stockings and suspenders, a black basque. Mandy pressed a remote control and the Bridal March struck up as Jenny was made to parade round the room. It was as much as we all could do not to burst out laughing.

At the end of her parade we readied a big designer couch in the centre of the room by dr****g it in towels. I had been selected to “Do the Deed” so I slipped off my robe. My manhood was by now standing out magnificently, like an iron bar. I had fully chaved for the occasion, and even though I saw it myself I was looking good. I have big balls, and they hung down well. My thick cock was ready for the girl.

Mandy lay down on her back on the couch, and put her legs up. She motioned over her daughter who put her posy down on the table. Jennt stood awkwardly as we watched her every move, and my cock twitched.
Mandy told her daughter to lie on her back between her legs and she would hold her and help her through her ordeal. Jenny looked unsure, but finally did what she was told. A vision of loveliness. The slutty, older mother lying there, her smoothly shaved fanny now not on view. Her virginal daughter held between her legs. Maybe a reminder that Jenny was birthed by Mandy years ago. Mandy held onto the girls arms.

I advanced to stand between the girls legs. As a final flourish, one of the guys stepped forward and flipped her veil up. I could swear there wa sa little grin playing on her lips at that moment… Her mother ordered Jenny to get her legs apart and I stepped between them. The act of getting her legs wide showed her lovely virginal mound off to best effect to us all. Her brown curls were fine, and did nothing to hide her secrets. I specially love the tufts of hair she had at the top of her thighs. Her plump uter labia were pulled apart by the act of spreading, and the inner lips were on view. Surprisingly dark for such a young girl. Jenny also has a nicely large clitoral hood. I decided it was time to show all the guys that she was a true virgin. I used my fingers to part her inner labia wide, one hand on each side. Surely enough her hymen was exposed. Another of the guys stepped forward with a stills camera to capture the moment.

I took my hands away, and rubbed my cock up and down Jennys slit. Her mother held her firmly and I could tell Mandy was in seventh heaven. As already explained, Mandy is a cockslut and can take any humiliation. What more humiliation could a woman have than to have her own daughter deflowered as she present her to a perverted and debauched man?

As I rubbed along the girls slit I could feel a little moisture leaking out… Also as I kept doing it Jennys pelvis began to imperceptibly rise to meet me. “Like Mothe like Daughter” I thought. She had been brought in as an innocent. But in a situation where five horny guys were surrounding her and her moter was presenting her virginal body she was thrusting up to meet her first cock. I sensed that we had a good find on our hands.
I should explain that Jenny was not wantonly thrusting her giblets up for sacrifice. Not, I just felt the smallest of tremors as I teased her hairy young slit.

It was now finally time. I grabbed Jennys milky thighs and thrust my cock. I buried the head in her fanny, only deep enough to break her hymen. Jennt gasped in pain. I pulled out, to show the blood and let the camera record this moment.

Then I returned to work, next fully sheathing my cock home in a vagina which had never received one. You can imagine that Jenny was tight. Plump puter lipts can go with a tight fanny. Jenny groaned as I pushed in, finally I looked down to see those plump outer lips straining round the base of my cock.

“Mumm, please. It hurts so” said Jenny. “Shut up Jenny. Do your duty” was the reply. Jenny mother held her tighter as I got into my rhythm and pounded the young girl. Yes she cried out in pain at every stroke, but there was no stopping me and her mother thrust her young body into mine as I ploughed Jenny deep.

Finally my vinegar strokes came and I cocked Jenny as deeply as I could, straining to get my come high up in her. I came magnificently, showers of the stuff. I then withdrew and Jenny slumped.

The rest of the guys came over and gently lifted Jenny off her mother. It was clear what their intent was, but they treated her gently for the moment. some discreet photos were taken. Looking at one crotch shot later on, I saw a dribble of my spunk escaping. I went to fetch a towel but “Not so fast”. This from Mandy.
Mandy was on her knees, crawling over to me. “Let me see that magnificent cock” she said, then proceeded to kneel in fron of me and worship my cock with her mouth.
Mandy slowly licked my cock, covered in a mixture of her daughter’s juices, my spunk and her daughter’s blood. Mandy licked every bit of my cock, then the balls and finally my bottom. The humiliation must have been intense. Worshipping the man who had just deflowered he daugher and then cleaning him up afterwards.

I was spent for the moment. I put my robe on and fetched a glass of champagne, ready to watch the rest of the action.

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