Jon and Mandy again…..

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Jon and Mandy again…..
Meeting Jon & Mandy again….

The sun had gone down by the time we left Jon and Mandy but the evening was still warm with not a hint of a breeze but I couldn’t help but notice Marie’s nipples still standing proud. We walked by several guys who clearly had noticed the same thing too, much to my enjoyment.

I had my arm around Marie and we excitedly chatted about what we had just done and how much fun it had been. Our main intention had been to find a couple with a bi-wife who Marie could play with while the husbands watched and then maybe fuck our own partners in the same room so all could be seen but no ‘wife swapping’ as such was on the agenda. Marie turned to me as we walked and said “You’d let him fuck me wouldn’t you”. Without hesitation I said “Yep” and then the enormity of what I said struck me. It was true. For all the nerves, butterflies and second guessing, the fact was that I had totally and thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jon and Mandy and I was not only comfortable with sharing my wife with another man and woman, I really desperately, badly wanted to.

“Would you like to?” I asked my wife, now realizing that if she was into it, I had a great chance of fucking Mandy’s sweet tasting cunt as well. “He was cute” she replied “and Mandy was beautiful too”.

We hadn’t told Jon and Mandy but we had actually booked a hotel suite for a couple of nights in the city anyway. I had said to Marie that we could have a nice couple of nights in a hotel regardless of what happened at our meeting but of course in my mind I was praying for it all to go well. It had gone better than we could have dreamed of.

We stopped off at a water side bar on the walk back to our hotel and found a quiet booth in the courtyard so we could talk openly about our experience without fear of being overheard. We had drunk several glasses of wine by now and the inhibitions were nicely dulled. I admitted how horny it had made me to see Jon fingering Marie and she told me how wet her pussy had been from watching my hand up Mandy’s skirt and how good Jon’s fingers had felt inside her.

I told Marie that I would have gladly invited them back to our hotel tonight and my wife was visibly annoyed. “Well why didn’t you then?” I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at her enthusiasm. I moved my hand onto her thigh and gently pulled her leg toward me, opening her. Marie didn’t resist as my hand slid slowly up her inner thigh until my fingers were at her pussy. Her lips were warm and swollen and almost dripping with her juices. As waitresses and patrons buzzed around us, my fingers entered her and began to fuck her slowly and rhythmically. With her eyes half closed as the pleasure washed over her, I began to question Marie and pushed for the answers I so desperately wanted.
I stopped before making my wife orgasm. Despite the music, Marie is extremely loud when she cums and teasing her is one of my favourite things to do. I did, however, have all the answers I wanted and knew that she was as committed to trying our first 4some as I was.

We finished our drinks and were back at our hotel within 5 or ten minutes. We were both so horny and kissed passionately when we found ourselves in an empty mirrored elevator. I watched our reflection as we kissed. I had Maries skirt pulled up and my fingers dug into the cheeks of her ass as I pulled her open to see her mound from behind. Her hand squeezed my cock and I could feel the dampness of the pre-cum which had been oozing from my cock since Jon and Mandy entered the bar several hours earlier.

Marie pulled away and adjusted her skirt as we reached our floor but the corridor was empty and she pulled her skirt up again for me as I followed her, my eyes fixed on her gorgeous tanned ass.

We kissed again as the door closed and I admitted to feeling a bit disappointed that I hadn’t been braver and that we should have invited Jon and Mandy back with us. Marie agreed with me but was so horny she came up with a suggestion to salvage some fun for us both.

We always take a laptop with a web cam to our hotel stays and we had added several couples, single guys and some single girls to our contact list over the months. Marie suggested we do a group broadcast to whoever was online of me undressing her and using her selection of toys on her before finally fucking her for them all to see in any position I wanted. It was a poor substitute to what we should have been doing but it did sound like fun and Marie reminded me how we had cyber swapped with Jon and Mandy several times so we could imagine them being on line and watching too.

Our suite had two floors and when I came down from the upstairs bathroom, I was delighted to see Marie topless and fondling her tits to a web cam audience. I moved behind her chair and loosened the halter neck tie of her top and teased her viewers by very slowly lowering it until finally my wife’s tits were on full display. I love my wife’s tits and happily fondled, squeezed and stroked them for the viewers for ages.

The camera was focused on Marie’s tits and I noticed that she was fingering herself with her skirt pulled up over her waist. Forgetting the camera, I ducked down and started sucking on her nipples, flicking my tongue over them and Marie grabbed her purple dildo from the table and eased it into her. I repositioned the camera so that our viewers could see, but the angle made it impossible to get a good shot so I told Marie to get on her knees, turn around and bend over the back of the chair. I spread her ass wide open to show off her smooth swollen pussy and began to fuck her with the huge purple dildo from behind. Her cunt stretched to take it, Marie moaned as I worked it deep inside her.

Marie was facing away from the camera as I fucked her with her toy from behind but I knew she would be as excited as me when I saw the small window appear on the screen. “J&M are online”.

Of course we knew Jon and Mandy were staying in a city hotel but we hadn’t thought they would have their laptop with them and we certainly hadn’t thought they would be on line thousands of miles from home. But there it was. I shut down the broadcast of Marie’s pussy (much to the disappointment of several viewers) and told her to look at the screen.

“What shall we do?” I asked her. We didn’t want to seem too keen and frighten them off but we were so horny it was hard to think straight. “Leave it to me” Marie said and I sat back stroking my cock as I watched her expertly engage Jon and Mandy in conversation.

To our delight, Jon and Mandy had enjoyed our meeting as much as we had and were more than keen to meet up again the next night in our hotel to take ‘things further’, and luckily they were only a few blocks from where we were staying on the water front. Marie and Mandy were chatting on line and agreed that we would meet around 6pm for dinner and take it from there.

Marie stopped typing for a moment and kissed me, squeezing my balls gently as she did so. “Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?” she asked with a mischievous smile on her face as she rubbed her tits against me. “Never been more sure of anything” I replied and she turned quickly back to the keyboard, typing deftly with one hand as she slowly wanked my cock.

I heard the lid of the laptop snap shut moments before Marie kissed me. “Get dressed” she grinned, “they will be here in 20 minutes”. “You’re k**ding!” I stammered and grabbed my jeans, pulling them on in a frenzy of different emotions.

Marie disappeared upstairs to prepare herself and I tidied around the room, leaving the laptop out just in case we wanted to web cam our activities later. I looked everywhere for my shirt and then Marie appeared in it at the bottom of the stairs. I thought for some reason she was ‘getting dressed’ but she stood in front of me in just stiletto’s, black hold-up stockings and my plain white long sleeved business shirt. As I stared I could just make out the silhouette of a tiny black g-string too which barely covered her mound.

I was just about to run upstairs to grab another shirt when there was a knock at the door. “Just sit down and relax” Marie said to me as she headed towards the door, half-naked, to open it. She looked gorgeous as she glided across the room and answered the door to Jon and Mandy like this was an everyday occurrence. Her confidence was both hugely erotic and remarkably calming for me and I stood to greet our guests, shaking Jon’s hand before embracing Mandy and kissing her once again.

As Marie wrapped her arms around Jon for a welcome kiss, her (my) shirt rode up giving Mandy and I a great view of her ass and stocking tops and then an even better view of Jon’s hands pawing at her. When they finally broke their kiss, Marie turned to Mandy and pulled her in for a slow passionate kiss too. There was no groping this time, just two gorgeous women enjoying a deep, sensual moment together.

Marie took Mandy and Jon by their hands and led them to one of the couches, asking what they would like to drink as she did so. The hem of my shirt danced around Marie’s ass as she turned and walked to the mini bar to fetch our guest’s drinks and she shamelessly bent over displaying her ass and stocking tops as she pulled the bottles from the low level fridge. I noticed both Jon and Mandy’s eyes focused on my wife which made my cock throb painfully in my jeans.

I watched as she delivered the drinks and was suddenly aware that my shirt was only buttoned half way up so I was sure her tits were on display as she bent over to serve Jon and Mandy. It felt like my cock had been hard for days by now and I was desperate to cum.

As Marie stood and turned to join me on our couch, I swung my legs up and stretched myself out. “I’m comfy here babe” I said to her “I’m sure these guys wouldn’t mind if you sat between them for a while and I’d love to take some photo’s of you all”.

Jon and Mandy moved to the ends of the couch making room for Marie to squeeze in between them and I jumped up to grab my camera, making no effort to hide my very obvious hard-on. The first few pics were pretty tame with the usual smiles and arms around each other. Then I told Marie and Mandy to kiss. I wasn’t sure what to expect but to my and Jon’s delight there was no objection and they kissed for a minute or two while my camera clicked non-stop. As they kissed, I could see up Mandy’s skirt and was delighted to see her stocking tops and that she still had no knickers on. Embracing my role as photographer, I began to suggest poses for all three of them and they gladly did as I asked. I told Jon to grope Marie’s tits as the girls kissed, then I swapped it around and had Mandy groping Marie as Jon kissed my wife. Finally I had Jon and Mandy pull Marie’s legs open so I could see her tiny g-string and her mound as they undid her shirt and both sucked on her naked, tanned tits.

“We need champagne!” Marie announced as she stood and took Mandy’s hand. “We will be in the bath so bring it up when it arrives would you? I want some time alone with Mandy before you boys fuck us both”. I mumbled some kind of agreement as Jon and I watched our wives head upstairs before grabbing the phone and calling room service. Marie gets out of control on champagne so I ordered two bottles just to be sure.

While we waited, Jon and I had a quick chat about how we felt. Were we really sure we wanted to fuck each other’s wives? There were no mixed feelings on either part, we were both fully ok with what we were about to do.
Finally there was a knock at the door and the waiter pushed the trolley in with two bottles of Moet in ice buckets. I noticed my hand shaking slightly as I signed the bill and I remember wondering if this young chap had any idea what was about to happen in our suite.

The door shut behind him and Jon and I grabbed two glasses and a bottle each and headed upstairs, unsure about what awaited us. We could hear the jets of the Jacuzzi as we approached the bathroom and soon saw the girls relaxing at either end of a huge bubble filled tub. Jon poured some champagne and handed it to the girls before taking a seat on the edge of the tub by Marie’s head. Following his lead, I sat by Mandy and we began to massage each other’s wife’s tits through the foam.

“Can you give us 30 minutes and then come back up?” Marie asked “Mandy and I have agreed we will make it worth the wait”. “30 minutes on the dot” I said smiling “Have fun”. The thought of our gorgeous wives’ together made it an easy choice so Jon and I retreated back downstairs to wait in nervous excitement.
I pulled up some of Marie’s videos on the laptop for Jon to watch but it was hard to concentrate as we could hear them giggling and splashing around upstairs until finally, we heard the Jacuzzi stop and it was obvious the girls had moved to the bed.

As 30 minutes passed, Jon and I headed up the spiral staircase, cameras in hand. The stairs came out at the foot of the bed and the sight that greeted us was spectacular. Knowing we would be taking pics and video, the girls had left the lights on for us and Mandy was on her knees naked, licking noisily at Marie’s pussy who lay naked on her back with her legs spread as wide as they would go while she squeezed and stroked her own tits.

Jon knelt behind Mandy and placed his hands on her ass cheeks. He spread them wide giving me a great view of her lips and asshole. I gently squeezed Mandy’s ass but I could tell Marie was close to cumming from her breathing. I managed to slip a finger into Mandy as I told Jon that Marie loved to kiss as she orgasmed. I motioned to him to join her on the bed. Camera in one hand and Mandy’s pussy in the other, I filmed it all. My whore of a wife came loudly to climax thanks to Mandy’s tongue and two of her fingers, while her husband kissed my wife’s mouth and his hands groped at her tits. Her body twitched and bucked wildly and she devoured Jon’s kiss as her orgasm it her and then slowly faded.

Mandy slid up Marie’s body and lay next to her. Once again the girls kissed and the sight of Mandy’s glistening lips, covered in Marie’s juices was indescribably sexy. As they lay there, it was obvious that we had missed Marie bringing Mandy to orgasm and I wondered if they would still be keen to continue.
I turned off the camera and Marie told Jon and I to go back downstairs as it was our turn next. To this day the picture in my mind of my wife laying there naked between Jon and Mandy as their hands caressed every inch of her is mind blowing but we did as we were asked and impatiently awaited the arrival of our wives’ in the living room.

Finally the girls appeared hand in hand, both wearing the fluffy white hotel robes and with a glass of champagne. Jon was still fully dressed and sat on the other couch to my right. I just had my jeans on and noticed a dark circle of pre cum that had soaked through the material. I mentally congratulated myself for remembering to set up the video camera as I noticed the red ‘record’ light blinking in the corner.

It was clear our wives’ had a plan so we just sat and watched as they moved to the centre of the room between Jon and I. Again they embraced and kissed deeply for a while before Mandy told Jon to take a seat next to me. Jon did as he was asked and soon after, the girls broke their kiss and walked towards us, Marie kneeling in front of me and Mandy knelt in front of Jon.

Almost in unison, the girls freed our erections and began to stroke them, talking to each other as they did so. “I wonder what Steve would say if I touched Jon’s cock” Marie asked Mandy. They talked as if Jon and I weren’t there which was incredibly sexy. “I know Jon would love to see me stroke Steve’s cock” Mandy replied. Marie reached across and took her hand and guided it onto my shaft. I looked down to see my wife’s hand grasp another man’s cock for the first time since we had been together and it was incredibly sexy.
“I think you two should change places” I managed to whisper and Jon mumbled his agreement. The girls stood to swap places and removed their robes before kneeling again, naked this time, in front of someone who wasn’t their husband.
Mandy soon had my balls in one hand and my shaft in her other and Jon looked across and said “Suck him Mandy”. Marie, Jon and I all watched as Mandy opened her mouth and moved towards my throbbing cock and engulfed it, inch by inch. She worked her mouth up and down me, slowly and expertly as Marie brushed Mandy’s hair away from her face so we could all see perfectly. I could feel Mandy’s tits on my thighs as she worked on me and I took a second to look across to my naked, exposed wife to enjoy the moment. Jon’s eyes were fixed on her tits and his right hand was gently caressing them too which made my cock swell in Mandy’s mouth.

As Mandy hit her rhythm, I looked over to Marie and smiled, nodding towards Jon’s erection. In seconds she had him deep in her throat and I knew that because of the hours of teasing, neither Jon nor I would be able to last long. Mandy’s mouth was so good I didn’t want it to stop but I had other ideas too.
I stood up and told Mandy and Marie to kneel on the couch with her asses pointing back to me and Jon and, to our delight, the girls turned to each other and continued to kiss seemingly oblivious to two pairs of eyes feasting on their naked behinds. Both Marie and Mandy were knelt with their knees apart and the smooth pink mounds of their cunts were unashamedly on display.

I sat between them, wedging myself between their naked torso’s and we all three shared a kiss as my left hand fondled Mandy’s tits and my right, Marie’s. I felt a hand on my cock but had no idea which of them it belonged to and quite honestly I was past caring.

As our kiss broke, I looked down to see Jon knelt behind Mandy, licking hungrily at her pussy while his hand reached across and stroked my wife’s ass. Marie’s back was arched nicely so I knew she was pushing her ass out to expose her cunt to Jon’s fingers again.

Marie and I kissed and made eye contact just before I got up, the smile on both our faces telling us we were both having fun and there were no need now for any rules. Anything we wanted to do was acceptable.

I took my place behind Marie and pulled her ass open exposing her moist, swollen lips before lining my cock up to her and finally easing my throbbing member into her. Immediately, she pushed back onto me wanting my length deep inside her at once. As I began to fuck her, I noticed Jon watching Marie’s big tits as they bounced around wildly. While he watched me fuck Marie, who was passionately kissing Mandy again, I reached across to Mandy’s ass and slid a finger into her pussy. She too pushed back on my hand and I told Jon that I thought Mandy needed to be fucked too. “Go on then” he replied and swear I felt both Marie and Mandy’s pussies contract on my cock and fingers as he said it.

I knew Marie wanted to watch me fuck Mandy as well so I asked her to lie on the floor and had Mandy kneel over her in a 69 position. Marie reached up and opened Mandy for me and her tongue slid along my length as I knelt behind Mandy and entered her for the first time. Man she felt good. I fucked her with long, slow, deep strokes and watched as her cunt lips gripped me as I withdrew on each stroke. Marie was licking my balls now and I knew I would have to cum soon.

Jon had been watching from a chair behind Marie, taking pictures of the three of us, so I told Marie to open her legs wide to ensure he got a good view of her pussy. Marie obliged at once and Mandy began to moan louder as her orgasm began to build. It was this, and when Mandy’s head lowered and began licking Marie, that made me lose control. I managed to ask Jon where he wanted me to cum on his wife and he told me to spray her ass and pussy. I fucked Mandy faster now and was pleased and turned on to give her a nice powerful climax just as I felt my balls tighten and the pressure of my orgasm built inside me. I pumped her deep and hard right up to the last stroke before my cum began to spurt. Cock in hand, I sprayed her ass cheeks and her pussy with 4 or 5 powerful jets of pure white cum while Marie continued to suck on my balls. As my erection began to slowly subside, I lowered my cock into Marie’s mouth and she alternated between my shaft and Mandy’s pussy as she cleaned up our combined juices.

Mandy rolled off Marie and lay on the floor on her back, legs spread and breathing heavily. Marie didn’t move other than to reach down to her pussy and started to finger herself, desperate to cum also. I took a seat to recover and be a spectator. “Perhaps Jon can take care of that for you Honey” I said as Jon dropped to the floor and lay between the girls.

I had kind of expected him to bury his face in Marie’s pussy but to my surprise, he lay next to her and stroked her clit with his fingers as he kissed her on the mouth. It struck me that he must be tasting my cum on Marie’s face as they kissed but I thought nothing of it until he edged over towards Mandy’s pussy and licked hungrily at our joint residue.

As Marie’s climax approached, my cock jumped back to life as I heard her breathless whisper in Jon’s ear. “Fuck me” she said. My wife was a slut and I was loving every second of it.

Marie moved onto her knees and brazenly presented her ass and pussy to Jon. She crawled toward me and took my re-hardening cock in her mouth as Jon prepared to fuck her as she had demanded. I felt the moan of pleasure in her throat on my cock as he took her. “Reach back and pull your ass wide for me so I can see him inside you” I insisted and my whore of a wife immediately did as I asked.

Mandy had done a great job of licking Marie’s pussy and I knew from her moans that she would cum soon if Jon could last. Mandy had recovered now and now knelt beside Marie, alternating between kissing her and sharing my now fully erect cock.

Jon was doing great and pounded into Marie for ages, making her yelp as his cock rammed deep inside her and Marie’s body tensed and shook as he brought her off to a massive orgasm. He continued to fuck my wife and watching this had made my second climax already build so, when Jon finally announced that he was going to cum, I stood up and had the girls kneel between us. Jon and I were facing each other as the girls sucked and wanked us both toward completion.

“All over their tits” I said and Jon began to cum. I took a step back and watched both our wives work on his cock and balls in unison. At one point they were kissing with his helmet in their mouths, much to my enjoyment.

Marie sat back on her heels and cupped her huge tits in her hands, offering them to Jon as a target as Mandy sucked and wanked him for those final few seconds. The first jet hit Mandy on the cheek as it took her by surprise but she quickly aimed Jon’s cock lower and at Marie and then back toward her own tits. He showered them both with an impressive amount of cum and I noticed one particularly long strand dangling from Marie’s left nipple. When they had both sucked Jon completely dry, I retook my position and in no time had added my cum to the girls tits as well. Mandy lowered her head to Marie’s glistening boobs and set about cleaning her as Jon leant in and kissed my wife deeply on the mouth.

We all had a drink and chatted as we lay around naked while we played back the video of our performance on the big plasma TV in the room. Mandy noticed the time had crept past 2am and decided they should head back to their hotel. On the couch, Marie lay on me and I stroked her naked body as we watched Mandy pull on her stockings. She told me later she had felt my cock twitch in her back which I could not deny.

The sight of Marie standing naked and kissing a fully clothed Jon also turned me on and my swelling cock grew against Mandy as we hugged and kissed our goodbyes. It was my slutty wife who finally asked the question we all wanted the answer to as they headed to the door. “Yes” Jon and Mandy said in unison “We’d love to. See you tomorrow”.

We knew they only had one more day in our City so we spent the next hour or two thinking of how to entertain our guests for their final night. We hoped it was going to be as much fun as this had been and as it happened, we weren’t disappointed…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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