just a regular goody two shoes

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just a regular goody two shoes
I guess you could say I was a little stuck up. Ok I was very stuck up. I was a goody two shoes when it came to sex. Missionary position, half ass blow jobs. That all changed when I met Devon. I don’t usually go for guys like him. But hey it’s hard for a black sista to find another good black man! He was tall, nice caramel skin, and eyes so clear milk chocolate deep you drown just looking at them. I usually go for some one a little older. He was younger than me clearly. He was a business man by day but at night in the bedroom he is an a****l. A fucking b**st.
I was at the café when that fine ass human being was in line in front of me. As he turned around with his coffee to walk out of the store I wasn’t paying attention. I was to busy sending emails on my iPhone. I walked right into him spilling his coffee all down my shirt and on my iPhone.
“Fuck! My freaking phone”
“I’m so sorry sweetie”
“Ummm I am not your sweetie and there is now coffee all on my iPhone sir”
“Ok, this is what we’ll do stop by my office on west 1700th street, suite 250 and ask for Devon, Devon Williams and I’ll have a newer upgraded iPhone for you….. Sweetie”
Oh the nerve of this Devon. Thinking he can sweet talk me pssshhhtt. I’m no bitch! But I will take a new iPhone.
“Well I guess, what time so I can check my – oh wait I forgot I no longer have a working phone –“
“Just come when you’re ready I don’t have any meetings”
“Ok fine. See you tomorrow. With my NEW PHONE. You better have it”
The next day I woke up and felt the need to get really pretty and then I felt ashamed. “You do not need to impress this man” I said to my self in the mirror while curling my hair. Some thing I never do.
I walked into my office hair done, flawless make up, fresh nails, and an outfit with matching shoes to kill. The encouraging stares I got from my male coworkers told me that I was lookin’ right! This gave me a little pep in my step and twitch in my hip when I was walking.
The morning could not go by any slower. All throughout my meetings all I could think about was Devon. I was counting down the hours and minutes to my lunch break. God! What is it about this man that has gotten me so excited?
Promptly at 1:00 I told my assistant shelly I am going out for lunch and will be back later. The time had finally come. I figured I would walk to his job since we worked in the same area and I just had to show off how good I looked. I picked us up some lunch because I felt that was the least I could do since I was getting a new iPhone from him.
About ten minutes later I was stepping out of the elevator and into his suite.
“I have a meeting with Devon Williams” I told the secretary.
“Yes he’s been expecting you go right on back, last office to your left”
Oh wow. I wonder how he is looking today. Probably still fine as hell. Girl! Snap out of it he is just giving you an iPhone walk to that door a strong independent black women and that’s how you shall leave. Well time to open the door.
“Knock knock I’m here for my iPhone” I said all chirpy and bubbly. Great now I look like a bimbo. “I brought lunch for you to it’s the least I could do”
“Shut up, close and lock the door, and sit down”
“…. What I’m here for-“
“I know what you’re here for do what I say!”
All I’m thinking is what happened to the charming man that I bumped into yesterday. I did what he said and sat down. Without saying any thing he got up and walked over to me swung his leg over my lap and sat on the desk. All I could think was wow his crotch is really close to my face, and I liked it. Then calmly and quietly he said,
“Pull my dick out and suck it”
“Ummm excuse me no no no I don’t know who you-“
“Do it! Now!”
He scared me so much I jumped and submitted to what he wanted I unbuckled his pants and pulled out his semi hard cock. It was so big and thick! I had to do what he said so I put my mouth around his dick and slowly started to suck his cock. I was starting to get wet. I’m suck a dirty slut was all I could think. All of a sudden he grabbed my head and shoved his whole cock down my throat. I started to choke and gag but that didn’t stop him, he just kept face fucking me. He then lifted me up pulled off my dress and bra.
“Oh you dirty little girl, you wore a thong for me, grind on me bitch”
Once again I did what he wanted I turned around put my ass on his cock and grinded. I could feel his thickness and it made me even wetter and hornier. I moaned and started to play with my pussy.
“Oh you like this bitch, you getting wet off of this do you want me to fuck you?”
“Mmmmm yes please fuck me”
“I’m gonna fuck you in all of your holes bitch. You’re my cum bucket”
I wanted him so bad. I wanted to feel his thick cock in all of my holes. After dry humping for a bit he turned me around and put me on the desk and bent over.
“I’m gonna eat you out bitch and I want you to moan real loud for me let all my office mates hear you”
He pulled off my panties and began to lick my pussy, he worked his way to my clit and flicked and nibbled and sucked at it. I felt an orgasm coming on. He then worked my lips and plunged his tongue in my tight hole. Then it was on to my anus. I had never been touched down there before but he did it so good. He licked it spit on it and sucked all while fingering my pussy. I had to scream out.
“Oh fuck yeah! Eat my pussy! Mmmmm sss baby!” I was in heaven. On the brink of my second orgasm he stopped. Fuck! I was really getting into it.
“Now its time for me to fuck that sweet little pussy”
He took his big dick and slowly moved it up and down from the top of my pussy all the way to my ass. Massaging me with his cock. That was enough to send me right over the edge. Finally he pushed his cock in me.
“Ahhhhh! Wait stop it’s to big and I’m to tight it hurts”
“Shut up! And take this dick”
“I cant, fuck I feel like a teenager right now who can’t take a-“
He just shoved it in! All of his manhood was filling me up. It hurt like fuck but as I was warming up it started to feel good. Really good. He slowly started to pump in and out and started to pump faster with each thrust. Soon after that we were fucking in full motion. Switching positions. Him on top, me on top, reverse cow girl, him back on top, legs bent all the way back. After doing doggy style on the desk top he did something that was so hot. He pushed me on my stomach, put my hands over my head and pinned them their, then put his full weight on me then began to fuck. His mouth was right above my ear I could hear him breathing hard and moaning. He then started to whisper in my ear. He was fucking me so good.
“I’m gonna cum” he said while hitting me from the back. I knew he said I was his cum bucket but I didn’t expect him to do what he did next. He turned me over put his cock in my mouth and put his whole load down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow it. I never tasted cum before but I knew I liked it and would love more cum in the future. He then got up and we got dressed he handed me the iPhone said thanks for the lunch then he said,
“See you again same time tomorrow ok?”
All I could do was shake my head yes and thank god for sending this fuck monster to me. I felt this was the beginning to a long great relationship, and I was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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