Kelly’s neglected Mother

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Kelly’s neglected Mother
I’d been going out with Kelly, a blonde, curvy, “it” kind of girl for a couple of years, but more about her another time. I want to tell you about her mum, Kelly’s mum Kim was in her early forties, a great body (especially after 4 k**s), long blonde hair and a great rack which she also passed on to her daughter. Kim was quite posh on the outside, the wife of a police man, always well dressed and done up, even when just driving one of her sons to football practice in her Mercedes on a Sunday morning. But she didn’t come from money and was quite the party girl in her day, a side that would show it’s self on a few occasions while a little more than tipsy.
Well one weekend, her husband had taken their threes sons camping, leaving Kelly and Kim home alone. Kelly’s dad was pretty strict so I was never allowed to spend the night in their house, her mum was a little more liberal and relaxed and had told Kelly I could stay over while the boys were away. Now, as you can imagine, my dick almost exploded with the idea of all the sex we could potentially have.

Unfortunately, while her mum was out drinking with friends, Kelly and I got into an argument resulting in her telling me to sleep on the couch and her locking herself away in her room.
Around 2am, I lay on the couch in my boxer shorts with a blanket over me, I hear the sound of Kim attempting to put her key in the door.
Eventually she unlocks the door and stumbles into the hallway of their rather large house. She mumbled and giggled to herself as she kicked off her heels and dropped her bag down onto the floor. She peered into the living room with both hands holding her up in the doorway.
“Hello sweetie, I didn’t expect to see you down here.” She said through slurred words.
“She’s annoyed at me” I explained.
“Well let’s drown your sorrows then hey?” She offered with a wink, gesturing me to the kitchen.
I stood up, keeping the blanket around me and followed her as she stumbled into the kitchen, opening a chilled bottle of wine and pouring two glasses for us.

As she sipped away at her wine, her red lipstick sticking to the glass with every sip, she took out her earrings, let her hair down and took off her jacket, giving me a wonderful view of her big cleavage bulging out of her low cut tight top. She was at least a DD cup and this was one of the rare occasions I actually got a glimpse of them.
“At least when she calms down, you can have makeup sex” she joked, as I laughed a little awkwardly.
It didn’t take long for her glass to need refilling, which she did instantly.
“But I’m sure Daddy’s little girl isn’t doing any of that filthy stuff is she?!” She said in a disbelieving tone,
“ha, he still thinks she’s a virgin!” She scoffed. “I know she’s not, he doesn’t see all the lace panties and tiny gstrings in her laundry, he doesn’t tidy her room and find the condom wrappers and cum stained bed sheets! But I do!” She explained.
I didn’t really know what to do so I just sipped away at my glass of wine and kind of ignored what she was saying. ”
He just likes to think nobody is having sex because we aren’t! I’m sure Kelly has a much better sex life than I do!” She confessed, still drinking away.
I glanced at her with a cheeky smile while tasting my wine.
“Good boy” she praised.
“The only fun I get is with my rabbit while he’s out at the pub on a Friday.”
“I want to be fucked!” She explained.
This was a very surprising and awkward moment but I was so turned on by how sexy Kim looked and her choice of conversation, I immediately replied with
“I’d love to…..”
She spat out her wine as she laughed at my reply.
“I’ve heard you with my daughter when you think I’m out, I bet you could really make me cum couldn’t you sweetie?”
I wasn’t sure what to do at this point, but before I had chance to do anything, Kim was stood up and putting her arms around me. I could feel the blood rushing into my cock in my boxer shorts beneath the blanket.
“Let me find out.” She whispered as she started kissing me. I placed my hands on her still firm ass and embraced the situation. She pulled the blanket from around me and looked as I stood there in the kitchen in only my boxer shorts with a very obvious erect penis.
She pulled her top up over her head and unzipped the side of her skirt letting it drop to floor, allowing me to take in the view of her curvy figure in only her red lace thong and very fancy matching red lace bra making her tits look phenomenal. Instantly we were back in each other’s arms, kissing and running our hands all over each other. She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me towards the living room, ass she walked a watched her smooth ass in her tiny thong in front of me.

Once inside she shut the door and pushed me onto the sofa. She swiftly climbed on top of me, straddling me with my hard cock throbbing against her pussy through our underwear. She kissed me as she was grinding her crotch against mine, I grabbed her large tits with both hands, I could feel her hard nipples through the lace bra. I wanted to suck them, I reached around to try to undo her intricate lingerie.
“Let me do it, this was very expensive and I don’t want you getting impatient and ripping it.” She demanded with a cheeky grin.
As she undid the bra and removed it, her tits dropped slightly but not much at all, they looked fantastic. So big and smooth, perfectly shaped with big erect pink nipples. It didn’t take long for them to flop in my face for me to dive at the chance to suck and squeeze her tremendous breasts. She continued to grind, making my dick throb, unable to be any harder, I could feel her lips either side of my cock still through our clothes. I reached down to put my hand down the front of her panties,
“I don’t want that, I don’t want to be fingered like a little girl, fuck me like a woman!” Still slurring yet very sexily she ordered!
We removed what remained of our clothes and resumed our position on the couch with her grinding her hairless pussy against my cock, only now I could really feel it as her wet lips caressed my dick, her clit pulsating against the head of my cock. I grabbed her ass and sucked on her tits as she moaned, trying to be quiet. She pulled my head between her big tits and grabbed at my hair as she began breathing very heavy, grinding harder and faster, holding back her moans, her whole body tensed. She took short, sharp breaths and squeezed me closer as she stopped grinding her now soaking pussy against my still rock hard dick.
“I’ve never cum that easy in my life!” She confessed while trying to catch her breath. “We haven’t finished yet” I explained.

I gripped her hips and lifted her, allowing me to place the tip of my pussy juice covered cock between her dripping lips and allowing her to lower herself down the entire length deep inside her, she dug her nails into my neck and let out a loud moan of sheer pleasure.
“Shhhh, we can’t let Kelly hear us!” I worriedly reminded her.
She didn’t seem to care much as she began riding my hard cock up and down, her huge tits bouncing infront of me while I sat back and enjoyed the feeling of her wet, waxed smooth pussy wrapped around my dick. After a while she stood up,
“I told you I wanted you to fuck me!” She demanded. I jumped up and pushed her onto the couch with her ass out for me to admire. I rubbed my wet cock between her ass cheeks for a while before positioning it between her dripping slit and pushing deep inside her. I began to fuck her, using the whole length of my cock to please her. I squeezed at her ass as she began to rub at her clit and caress my balls as I pounded away at her. I grabbed her hair, pulling her head up.
“Yes, that’s it big boy, fuck me like I should be.”
I sped up, fucking her harder, my hips slamming into her ass, pulling her hair harder.
She rubbed at her clit frantically, squeezing her tit with the other hand as I pressed her into the back of the sofa fucking her fiercely from behind.

It wasn’t long before she was loudly groaning and screaming with pleasure, luckily muffle as her face pressed into the padding of the sofa,
“I’m cumming” she shrieked, muffled by the padding.
Her legs trembled and her pussy convulsed as she gripped into the cushions and pulled away from me exhausted and twitching with pleasure. After a few moments of kissing the back of her neck as she calmed down, I turned her over. She sat on the sofa, her huge tits sitting naturally, legs spread, her fantastic body glistening in sweat, her now soaking pussy spread from the fucking it craved.
She ran her hands over her face and through her hair as she collected herself and tried to catch her breath. Eventually she composed herself and looked up at me standing infront of her, still rock hard, my dick dripping in her juices.
“How are you still that hard? My husband would be fast asleep by now on the rare occasion we actually have sex.” She questioned with much enjoyment.
“Well seeing as you’ve given me what he never does, I suppose I’ll give you what I never give him!” She reached out for my cock and leaned forward to run her tongue around my balls and the base of my shaft, licking the entire underside length of my cock up and down.
She knew what she was doing, I think she may have even liked having a cock in her mouth but simply refused her husband out of spite.
She sucked hard on the head, tasting her pussy and my precum as it throbbed in her mouth. She raised her hand and stroked at my balls as she started to fuck my dick with her mouth. Stopping every now and again to hold it deep in her throat with no sign of gagging. She got faster and faster, running her tongue all over my dick she sucked and stroked my cock. I held her head, my fingers parting her hair as I thrust into her eager mouth. It wasn’t long before I uttered the words
“I’m going to cum.”
She deepthroated me quickly one last time and pulled my cock out of her mouth gripping it hard and stroking it fast.
My dick throbbed as I pumped my warm pearly cum all over her wonderful tits, it was a very big load and looked so sexy all over her.
She sucked the tip of my dick one last time as she rubbed my cum into the soft skin of her large breasts. I collapsed on the sofa beside her, us both panting and smiling as the sun began to rise.

She kissed me and said
“We’ve been very naughty”.
“I guess so.” I agreed sheepishly.
“But I’m not going to let that stop you from doing that to me again.”
I smiled at her proposal.
“It’s only a little fun, we wouldn’t want Kelly and her daddy to find out would we?” She explained as she gathered up her clothes throughout the house.
She threw the blanket at me,
“Now you go to sleep sweetie, I’ll make a nice breakfast to cheer Kelly up and get you out of the doghouse in the morning.” She said before kissing me and heading up to her room.
I put my boxer shorts back on and lay on the sofa, my mind racing from what had just happened. Nobody would ever believe me, and even if they would, I couldn’t tell them incase Kelly or her dad found out.

This would most certainly not be the last night I spent with Kim like this but at this point it was one of the best nights of my life. In the morning I was awakened to the smell of bacon and French toast as Kim cooked away in the kitchen in her dressing gown while Kelly sat at the table in a little pair of shorts and a t-shirt. “Here he is.” Kim announced as Kelly jumped up and hugged me. She whispered “I’m sorry I made you sleep on the couch. I’ll make it up to you tonight” Into my ear as I hugged her, looking over her shoulder to her mum, who winked and blew a kiss at me. This was going to be quite a sticky situation but, ever hot moment like this made it all worth it.

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