Kim, curtains removed for painting

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Kim, curtains removed for painting
Kim, my wife of 2 years, had been hounding me to paint the bathroom. She was right, it needed it, but painting is just not the most exciting home improvement project. One weekend I decided it was time. Of course I had to take down the curtains in the bathroom before painting, which is the only reason that you might care about my painting project.

Our neighbor Alex was a recent divorcee in his mid 40s. While we got along fine with Alex, we never did anything socially with him. We were all friendly but otherwise kept to ourselves. I knew that he thought that Kim was hot. There had been a number of times when Kim and I were in the back yard that I had seen Alex staring at her body. Granted, Kim was a cute and vibrant 24-year-old woman with a fantastic body, so it was not unusual to observe men checking her out.

Back to painting. I took down the curtains, removed the brackets, and primed the walls. Our bathroom is irregularly-shaped, so priming actually took longer than I expected. I know professional painters and handier men would have done it in no-time, but that’s not me. So, after getting the bathroom primed I decided to leave painting for the following weekend. It was our only full bath, so we would have to use it in its partially-painted state, but I didn’t see that as a big deal. And I didn’t even consider that the curtain-less window might allow someone to look in.

That week went by and I never gave it much thought. Kim wasn’t happy that I didn’t finish painting, but she was glad that it was getting done. The next weekend came and I had to work part of Saturday and there was a big Ravens game on Sunday, and so I decided it could wait one more week. Yeah, I was dragging my heels on painting.

On Sunday night Kim told me that she was disappointed that I didn’t get to the bathroom and plead to me, “Dave, please do try to get to it next weekend.”

So I promised her that next weekend I would finish the job. I explained that I didn’t think it was terribly urgent and I did need to work and it WAS an important game with playoff implications. She said that she understood having to work (didn’t mention the game), but that the only reason that she would prefer it to be done sooner rather than later was that she thought the Jim might be watching her undress and shower.

That hit me like a brick. I hadn’t even considered it. “What makes you think he is watching you?” I stammered.

“A couple of days ago I went in to shower. I had just removed my blouse, but still had my bra and everything else on. I glanced out the window and noticed him sitting at his window looking straight towards the bathroom. I wasn’t sure whether he was looking at me or just looking in my general direction. Anyway, the next thing I know his light was turned off. I figured that he had left so I continued undressing, removing my jeans. So I’m standing there in just my bra and panties when I thought I noticed movement right near the window where he had been sitting. I wasn’t sure what it was, or if it was anything at all, so I took a long look out. I didn’t see any more movement, but I thought that I could see an outline of him sitting right by the window. It was so hard to tell though because it was dark over there. I figured that it was probably just my imagination so I took off my bra and my panties and took my shower. ”

“And then yesterday when I went in to shower I took a look out. His light wasn’t on, but again I thought that I might have been able to see him at his window. Still unsure, I undressed and showered again, but right as I was about to leave the bathroom I flicked the light off suddenly so that I could see out better. My eyes were still adjusting to the dark, but I’m pretty sure that I saw him stand up and walk away from the window. So I’m really not sure, but I think he is watching me. And if so, then he’s seen me completely naked. ”

I told her I could put up some temporary curtains and take them down again when I paint next weekend. To my surprise, she said that it was okay as it was. She explained, “At this point, if he is watching then he’s already seen everything I’ve got so it doesn’t matter much now. Another week won’t make a difference. Just please finish the bathroom next weekend.”

I was full of thoughts and questions. I was glad that she wasn’t real freaked out. After all, it didn’t seem like it was that big of a deal to her if it went on another week. I wondered whether he was really watching her and what he could see. She showered at night, almost always around 10pm, and with the bright lights and fresh primer that we had in the bathroom, the room and everything in it probably glowed. But maybe it wasn’t as bad as I imagined.

After promising again to paint and re-hang the curtains next weekend, I went to the bathroom to investigate a bit further. I left the light off and approached the window. I realized that if he was really peeping that he probably saw everything on her. Our bathroom was oriented with the window and pot on the south wall, the vanity and mirror on the east wall, and the shower on the north wall. It was not a large bathroom. There was just a small area in the center of the room when one could change or stand when using the sink or mirror. And when she stood in the center of the room, anyone looking in the window would have an unobstructed view of her. Alex’s house had a couple of windows that were almost level with ours but perhaps two feet higher. I don’t know the layout of his house very well, but I think that these are both in his office. From these windows he would have had a perfect view and been able to see her tits, as well as her pussy and ass due to the two foot differential. There was not a lot of space between our houses so he surely had a fantastic view.

Initially, I was mostly surprised and shocked that Alex might be watching my wife. As I thought about it more I realized that I was also turned on. I wanted to see for myself if he was watching. When Kim was ready to take her evening shower, I went to another window with a good view of Alex’s place and turned the lights off. I told Kim that I was going to watch for her but asked her to shower normally and call out to me to tell me what she was doing while in the bathroom so that I could get a better idea of whether he was watching her. I also told her that it was probably better for her to pretend that she didn’t know that she might be being watched. “He might get the wrong idea,” I told her.

I was looking out the window before Kim entered the bathroom. I noticed that there was a faint light on in the office. It looked like he was working there on his computer, in the dark. As Kim entered the bathroom and flicked on the light, a lot of light splashed into his office. I watched as he stood up and repositioned his chair to look out the window right at our house.

“I’m undressing now. I just took off my t-shirt and shorts, so I’m standing here in my bra and panties.”

I couldn’t imagine him looking out his window and not noticing her. I’m sure that she looked absolutely stunning in her underwear. I wondered what I should tell Kim. I could stop her from undressing any further and prevent Alex from seeing her naked again. Or I could let her continue, knowing that Alex would be seeing my wife’s body in all its glory. It was an incredible feeling, knowing that if I did nothing that his eyes would soon be devouring Kim’s exposed hot 24-year-old body.

“Is he watching?” she asked.

It was the moment of truth. “I’m not sure,” I lied. “Keep going.”

“Okay, I’m unsnapping my bra. It’s now off and I’m standing in front of the window topless.”

I couldn’t believe that our neighbor Alex was now looking at my Kim’s beautiful and bare tits. From the way that he had been watching her in our back yard I know he thought she was hot. And now he was being granted this view of her naked breasts.

“I’m taking off my panties. Okay, now I am completely naked standing in front of the vanity.”

Standing in front of the vanity meant she was perpendicular to the window affording him a profile view of her nude body. From the way that he wasn’t moving, he was taking her in by the eyeful.

“I’m going to turn around now and start the water for the shower.”

Turning around meant showing Alex her cute little ass. I could hear the shower door slide open and the water turned on. She was surely bent over while adjusting the handle. I figured that her tits were swaying some as she worked to get the right temperature.

“I’m stepping into the shower.”

I heard the door slide shut. Our frosted glass shower door was not very transparent, so he could probably see a figure showering but nothing more. Alex moved away from the window and, from the light entering the office, could tell he had left the room. He returned just a minute later and took up his position again in front of his window. I heard the water shut off and the shower door slide open. With the door open Alex received a wonderful full-frontal view of Kim’s dripping body.

“I’m done showering. I’m going to dry off now.”

I could only imagine the view he had. Kim was standing totally naked facing the window, sliding a towel back and forth across her wet body. She reached behind to dry her back, thrusting forward her shoulders and tits. All of the drying motion caused her tits to shake back and forth while she stood facing the open window unashamed of her exposure. Her hands were guiding the towel across her breasts, her stomach, her legs. Kim was surely doing this all while knowing or highly suspecting that Alex was watching. I found it strangely arousing that she would continue exposing herself anyway. It’s true that there wasn’t anything new for Alex to see as he had seen it all, but I started to wonder if Kim enjoyed being watched. Did the attention from this older man excite her?

“I’m done drying myself now. I usually brush my hair next at the mirror, so that’s what I’ll do.”

Now that seemed a little odd to me. It’s true that she usually brushed her hair in front of the mirror, but it was almost always AFTER getting dressed. Brushing her hair made her tits bounce up and down. Alex remained glued to the window for the several minutes it took for her to tend to her hair.

“Done!” she proclaimed as I heard the bathroom light flick off.

I watched the window as our voyeur moved away from his perch. Alex’s office light was turned on. The timing left no doubt that Kim was the focus of his nighttime gazing.

After getting dressed in our bedroom, which was out of everyone’s view, Kim asked me whether Alex was watching. She used a tone of casual curiosity, but I sensed excitement in her voice.

I told her, “Alex was looking out most of the time that you were in there and left the window after you turned off the light, so yeah, it seems that he was watching you.”

She played it cool, but I thought I detected a small smile on her lips. I offered to go talk to him but she quickly answered, “Well, you can’t tell him to not look out his own window! It’ll only be another week and it’s not like he hasn’t seen a naked woman before, not to mention me. If he wants to look, so be it.”

I reacted with equal cool, but inside my head was working hard to process everything. She was acting indifferent to having Alex see her completely nude. It didn’t bother her that he had seen her tits, pussy and ass, and was going to see them over and over again for the next week. Moreover, she was giving subtle hints that perhaps she even liked having Alex watch her.

The next evening she went in to shower at 10pm as usual. I snuck into the other room to watch our neighbor watch Kim. Since Kim was acting like this was not a big deal, I wanted to do the same.

Therefore I didn’t get the play-by-play this time from Kim but the scene must have been similar. Alex watched as before and stayed for the entire show. He was apparently not getting bored watching her strip and shake her naked body around. It seemed like she spent a long time brushing her hair this time, but I couldn’t be sure as I didn’t usually time her. That evening Kim didn’t say anything about being watched but was more active than usual in bed.

On Tuesday I was wondering whether he would be watching again. After all, how long can you remain fixated on one naked woman? But sure enough, as Kim turned the light on around 10pm, Alex appeared primed for the show. I had dug up a pair of binoculars because I wanted to get a better look, if I could. I looked to Alex’s window and observed that he also had a pair of binoculars out and was watching Kim in the bathroom. I didn’t think he would need them to see her very well but I guess he wanted an even better view of her nakedness. He then got up and seemed to be fidgeting with something about a foot from the window. I quickly realized that it was a video camera resting on a tripod! The bastard was recording my naked wife! It was obviously too late to do anything about it now, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about Alex having video of my nude 24-year-old wife! I wondered if I should tell Kim.

Later that evening Kim asked me if I had noticed whether Alex was still watching her. I lied and told her,

“I looked out once and he was there, so he still seems to be watching,” pretending, as she obviously was, that it was not a big deal.

“Figures,” she responded dryly.

It was clear that she enjoyed flashing her body to Alex but didn’t want me to know. Maybe she was concerned about jealousy or that I would think she was being a deviant or something. In reality

I was finding her exposure arousing so it was easy to understand how she could too. But for now we were playing this game where we both pretended that this exhibition was unintended, unavoidable, and just not a big deal.

On Wednesday night, just before 10pm, I had noticed that Alex’s car was not in the driveway. It looked like he had something more important to do than watch Kim. I was almost disappointed. It then occurred to me that this was an opportunity to get a sense of what he could see. No, I wasn’t going to break into his house. But I could easily go into his yard and, if nothing else, see how bright the bathroom was. I snuck outside and into his yard. I looked up and was amazed at the sight. First of all, the bathroom was so bright it begged for your attention. Although nobody had any reason to be walking around back there, if anyone did pass by their eyes would naturally be drawn to the bright window. Second, although I wasn’t sure if I would see anything other than the bathroom ceiling from this angle,

I could plainly see Kim from the waist up.

She was standing in front of the window, facing out, in just a thin bra. She then reached behind her back and slipped off her bra. Her gorgeous breasts sprung into view. She was still facing the window. Not only was she not making an effort to limit her exposure, she seemed to be intentionally trying to give Alex a good show. This became even more obvious when she stretched her arms above her head to stretch, thrusting her breasts out and towards the window. She was really dragging out the undressing process. She slowly bent over and seemed to be removing her panties. Of course I couldn’t actually see this but it was not hard to imagine. She spent a couple of minutes looking at her reflection in the mirror and wandering aimlessly around in our bathroom before turning towards the shower. I could only see her shoulder blades and above, but Alex would have been able to see much more. After spending several minutes in the shower, she emerged wet and glistening. I could just see the top of her tits as she began drying herself off. After drying off her body she moved closer to the window and began drying her hair. Remarkably she faced the window as she guided the towel through her hair. Her tits shook vigorously just inches from the window. She pulled out a brush from the cabinet and began to slowly brush her hair. She was now primarily facing the mirror, but the side view of her breasts was great. For several minutes her tits gently rocked while she brushed her hair. I couldn’t believe that she was exposing herself like this, intentionally giving Alex this impressive view of her private parts. Or at least so she thought because he wasn’t there at all.

On Thursday evening Alex was home again and recording more video of my wife. It was relatively uneventful but I was drawn to watch anyway. If it went on for another month I would probably watch every single night.

As Friday evening approached, we both knew that it was likely the last night as I had mentioned a couple of times that I would be painting on Saturday. I expected Kim’s shower to go as it had the previous nights. As 10 o’clock neared, I got ready to watch Alex watching and taping my wife. Kim had a different idea. Kim went into the bathroom and turned on the light. A few moments later she opened the bathroom door and called for me. When I got to the bathroom, she was standing in the doorway in her bra and panties.

“What’s wrong, Hun?” I asked.

“Oh nothing, I just hoped that you might join me in the shower,” she replied while flashing me her sexy bedroom eyes.

“Uhhhh, he’s probably still watching,” I responded with obvious uncertainty.

I was torn. I really had no interest in having Alex see me naked, or taping me naked. At the same time Kim looked sexy as hell. I had never turned down a request to shower with her before and I wasn’t sure that I could resist her now. Our joint showers nearly always led to sex, and believe me, I was craving it.

“You’re not going to let him interfere with our fun, are you?” she asked with a bit of a pout.

That was it. I caved. I grabbed her and kissed her while she started pulling me into the bathroom. I kicked the door shut. I started unbuttoning my shirt while Kim worked on removing my jeans. Before long I was down to my briefs. We kissed some more and I slid my hands behind her back to remove her bra. As I dropped the bra to the floor Kim leaned back to let me see her tits. She appeared proud as I ogled them. It suddenly occurred to me that she wasn’t just showing them to me, but to Alex as well. I supported the small of her back with one hand and reached forward to grab a tit with the other. I couldn’t resist bring my mouth down to suck on a nipple for a bit. I released her and Kim immediately brought her hands to my waistband and pulled my briefs down to my ankles. I kicked them off my feet and quickly dismissed the unwanted thought that Alex was looking at my cock. I reached out and grabbed her panties with two hands and pulled them down while Kim assisted by stepping out of them.

We were both standing there naked in front of the window. I was very aroused so I pulled Kim into me hard and began kissing her passionately. The intensity was increasing by the second so Kim stopped kissing me back and started pulling me towards the shower. When she bent down to start the water there was only one thing on my mind. It took a lot of self-control, but I managed to just wait for her to finish getting the water to the right temperature.

We stepped into the shower and closed the door. I knew that Alex couldn’t see much now. Kim and I sensually lathered each other up with soap. Her soapy tits and ass felt great on my fingers. Hell, everything on her felt great on my fingers. I was really turned on, sliding my hands up and down her body. Her touch on my chest, back and legs felt great too. I remained hard the entire time.

We rinsed off and turned off the shower. We stepped out of the shower and started drying ourselves. Kim was standing in front of me, facing the window. Alex’s view of her body must have been superb. As I was drying myself, Kim backed up into me, rubbing her ass against my hard cock. It was not accidental. I reached around her to grab her tits and kissed her neck. Kim kept grinding her ass against my dick.

I was quickly reaching my breaking point where I needed to be inside of her. I gently bent her forward and then slammed my dick hard into her juicy pussy. Kim stumbled forward and braced herself by placing her hands on either side of the window. It felt so good to be inside of her that I was barely conscious of the view that Alex must have been getting. I started pumping her from behind, causing her tits to shake vigorously right in front of the window. The thought that she enjoyed being watched by Alex only heightened my excitement. While we had been having regular sex during the week, it had been nothing compared to this. For some reason, some sexual charge that had been building up in me all week long was now being released, and it felt fantastic. I’d love to say that I repeated nailed her like that for hours, but the truth is that I was so worked up that I lasted only a few minutes. After ejaculation I pulled out of her and turned her around to kiss her on the lips. The look in her eyes told me that she was also extremely aroused, if not satisfied. We cleaned up and headed to the bedroom for more lovin’.

On Saturday I did as I promised and painted the bathroom. That evening I put up the curtain rod and the curtain. Privacy had finally returned to our bathroom. Kim hid her disappointment well, and thanked me for my hard work on painting the bathroom. But I don’t think we were thinking much about the paint job. I had discovered that I enjoyed having my wife seen by others, and that she did too, even if we weren’t open to each other about it. I was already thinking of ways to let her get seen again by others. Little did I know that so was she.

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