Kimmy Nipples – An Adult Story

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Kimmy Nipples – An Adult Story
Written for a friend on another website

My list of things to due today. Morning wood – check. Big breakfast – cold pizza a beer – check. Put on old AC/DC black t-shirt and tan baggy cargo shorts – check. Remove old copies of Bodacious Magazine, Juggs, Score, XL, BBW, Voluptuous magazine and old D-Cup when they had stories and cartoons off couch in bed room – check. Log on PSP and PC computer in back room – 2 computers at same time – check. Upload galleries – check.

I just got done down loading some big boob blonde pics in a new gallery when I got a message from my pal “eightiespurefan.” His message was that a web site called “Kimmy Nipples” was closing down because they could not get a photographer for her. The website had lost there long time photographer. He was killed by accident in a running of the bulls in Spain and she could not find anyone in her small town. He gave me her website and he new I only lived about 2 hrs away from her. I emailed him back and said I would send her a email and my number and see if I could help her.

The next day I got a phone call from Kimmy and she gave me driving directions to restaurant near her house. I had always been a fan of Kimmy Nipples and now it was going to be exciting to meet her. She is about 5ft 6″ with blonde hair and a great big set of tits. She has a little baggage around the mid section and a great big ass. Her tits are 38 EE and has a 30 inch waist and a 40 inch ass. She has big hard nipples the size of the tip of your thumb and she does solo scenes and sometimes with girls. I don’t think she has done any XXX since she started in the adult industry. I packed a over night bag and camera and lights and lens and a few outfits she may like. I always keep big bras and platform shoes because all women especially big boob blondes love to parade in front of the camera.

It was about lunch time when I arrived at the restaurant. It was a road side diner off the interstate. The sun had been beating down on me when I drove my convertible. I really need a drink and a burger and was a little nervous when I went inside. I saw Kimmy siting in a back booth and walked up to her. The booth was a little tight and her breast rested on the table. She was wearing a small white sun dress that hugged her figure and showed off her great cleavage. She was eating a big salad. The ranch dressing had dripped onto her cleavage but she just continued to eat. I order a quick burger and lemonade and sat down.

I told Kimmy it would be my pleasure to take her pictures and she smiled and looked at my portfolio. “Have you ever shot nudes and do you know how to work a computer,” she said. I smiled and said “Yes! I take photos of women in my town. They come to my shop and I take pictures of them in lingerie or nude for there husbands or boyfriends. I have done photo shoots for adult magazines and websites before,” I said. She smiled and said “have you ever been, ummm . touchy feely with the girls. Have you touched them in a bad way?” I smiled and said “No! I’m very professional and take great pride in my work.” She smiled and said “drop the burger and drive me to my house. I will see what you got.”

I laughed and followed her out and I paid for lunch and held the door of my car open for her. She slid in and said “you can leave the top down I like a good stiff wind.” I smiled and put the top back down and followed the highway for about 5 minutes and then down a long dirt road to a trailer in the woods. There were no neighbors just the wilderness. There was a small lake and a creek that ran behind the double wide trailer and she had a few pots and lawn ornaments in her front yard. There was a car on concrete blocks out back and her car had a soft right front tire and she pointed to it as we walked up to her front door. The steps creaked and the 3 steps into her trailer were slippery. I was happy to get inside and not kill myself getting into the trailer.

It was small and she had a small kitchen and big brown couch and two small chairs. A big pink bean bag chair lay in the middle of the living room and brown shaggy carpet was on the floor. She had a small TV and a computer on the floor next to the bean bag.

She smiled and said she grew up in this trailer as a little girl and still loved coming back here. There were pictures of her and family on the walls and I followed her down the hall into a big bedroom that took up half of the trailer. There was a small bathroom just outside the door. She said “I have a few outfits I am going to wear today and you can get your equipment and come back here for the photo shoot.” I turned around and went to the car. I got the equipment and my bag full of clothes for her to try in case she needed to change.

I set up the cameras and lights and waited for her to come out. She made a big entrance and had a blue silver spandex outfit on. It hugged her body and breast and she slowly took of the her clothes. I turned on a fan and lights and started to take her pictures. She was sexy and cute and gave my great facial expressions as I took her picture. She changed in anther outfit with a nurse’s hat and uniform and big red platform heels and she took off her clothes and posed on the bed naked. I told her “Kimmy your hot, take your right breast and lick your nipple, Bite the tip and give my a great big smile.” She bit her nipple and tugged on her other nipple and her breathing increased. About 20 minutes later she had completed her first set. She got up and changed and came back into a cheetah outfit, she got naked again slowly taking off her cheetah outfit and looked at me and said “that’s a great big bag you got over there. Is there more cameras in it.” I smiled and said “I brought some outfits for you. I can size up any women from her pictures and I know you will look hot in these. There are shoes and jewelry that go with them.” She bit her lower lip and pointed at the bag.

I set my camera down and went to the bag and pulled out a black pantie hose outfit that covered her body and her breast would slide through the holes in the front and hang down on her chest. She smiled and I handed it to her along with a pair of black six inch platform heels. She teased up her dirty blond hair and painted her finger and toe nails blue and she wore blue eye mascara and dark red lip stick with a black outline of her lips. She was stunning as she came out of the bathroom and sat on her knees and looked into the camera. After 20 minutes she switched outfits and put on a fishnet outfit the made her breast look great. Her nipples rubbed ageist the material and popped out the fishnet holes and she tugged on her nipples and I heard her moan for the firs time. She put on the last outfit I picked out and she looked stunning in black leather. She slowly got on the bed and moved and posed and she rubbed her pussy for the first time. I got a sweet musk smell and my dick was now fully erect. I had an erection since I met her at the diner but know it was struggling inside my cargo shorts. She smiled and laughed and did every pose I gave her and then after about an hour said she needed to relax. She went into the bathroom and I went to the bathroom door and then back to sitting on the bed.

She took a long shower and came back after 30 minutes wearing a big white robe and white fuzzy slippers and looked at me and said, “I love the outfits and shoes and you really know how to take a picture of a women. Is there any way I can see the pictures you just took.” I showed her some pics and loaded 3 into her computer before it crashed. I said “Kimmy I passed a hotel about 2 miles back and I can use my laptop to download the pics and when your computer comes back up I can send them to you.” She smiled an said “Buck stay overnight and you can come back tomorrow and take some more pics and work on my computer. I am tired and need to take a nap.” I closed her trailer door and looked inside through he window and she was sitting on her bean bag chair in the middle of the living room looking at her computer screen playing with her nipples.

I drove back to the motel and slipped the front desk k** twenty to get a big room with a fireplace and big king size bed and jacuzzi. About an hour later I got a call from Kimmy on her cell and she said my pictures did not come in good.’ I said “I am sorry Kimmy maybe my computer is not transmitting the photos correctly.” She said what hotel are you at again?” “Le Bordeaux. Suite 8!” I said. She laughed and hung up but I could here her walking and laughing in the background. I herd her say “Fuck Kimmy you slut I can’t believe how horny that photographer made you.” I heard her grab some keys and put on a coat and the trailer door close and then the line went dead.

I quickly straighten up the room, turned off the porn channel and put some clothes on. About 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door. I peeked out and saw Kimmy standing outside the door with a white fur Mink coat that went from just under her knee caps to just under her earlobe. She had on the black 6 inch platform heels and her blonde hair flowed down the back of the mink coat. I smiled and shifted my dick in my shorts and grabbed my camera and opened the door.

“Good evening Buck, are my pictures ready,” she said. I took her picture in the doorway and she bit her lip and followed me over to the round table in the room were my laptop was. I reached over on the remote and turned on the fireplace an she turned her head to the side and saw the fire. She then looked down and looked at her pictures. “You sure now how to take a picture of a women boobs. My nipples and ass have never looked better.” Her breathing increased and she leaned against me as I sat in my chair. I could smell her sweet perfume and her breathing was increasing. She looked down and said “Buck all great photographers take pictures and try to hide them from there models.” I smiled and clicked on a hidden folder and her secret pics came up.

She smiled and looked at the pictures. I had taken some photos when she was not looking. There was a set of when I slowly opened the bathroom door and peeked in and she had just finished the photo shoot and she was rubbing her tits. I captured her ass and her fingers pulling on he cunt lips. She then saw the next set of pics of the top of her tits when she sucked them and tugged on the nipples and she thought I had stopped shooting. The best were the pics of her masturbating on the pink bean bag chair on the floor when I was leaving. I could not resist taking them. When she saw her facial expression and licking her pussy juices on her fingers she reached up and let her white mink coat fall to the floor. She put her right hand on the table to steady herself and she brought her left hand onto her pussy and she began fingering herself. I leaned back in my chair and started to gently run my fingers on her ass when she moaned and screamed and the musk sent of her pussy filled the room. It was beautiful. She was naked and orgasming and her pussy juices were going down her thighs. I reached up and tugged on her nipples and fondled her breast and stuck my finger in her wet box.

I got up and stood behind her and fondled and squeezed her big breast. She moaned and rubbed her ass on my crotch. She turned around and got on her knees and yanked my cargo shorts to the floor. She reached up and pulled down my boxer briefs and my dick popped out and hit her on the lip. She swirled her tongue around my purple head and rubbed her finger nails on my hairy balls and pulled on my scrotum. I kicked my boxers on the bed and she slowly engulfed more of my dick. “I never had a nine inch salty cock in my mouth,” Kimmy said. She reached up and put her finger nails on my ass and brought my dick farther into her mouth. She swirled her tongues around the shaft and gaged as I moved my dick farther into her mouth. She titled her head back and slid a little but underneath me and 2 more inches went in. I felt her throat open and the back of her mouth muscle relax and a big thick goo of saliva fell out her mouth off my dick and onto her chest. My knees wobbled and she sucked harder and looked up at me into my eyes. Fuck she was a good cock sucker, she was on par with that whore that deep throated me on vacation last year.

My cock slid back and forth and she sucked and spit on my cock. She brought out my cock and I rubbed my head and shaft on her chin and forehead and face. She smiled and sucked on my cock and pulled it out of her mouth and she began to jack my cock with her hand. I slipped it in her mouth and when she finally got her lips to the base of my cock I started to fuck her faster. She gagged at first but relaxed and played with her pussy as I fucked her mouth. I reached down and played with her boobs and tugged on her nipples and I used my other hand to bring her mouth down on my cock. I looked down and said “Kimmy gives good head, does she like to swallow.” She smiled and deep throated me harder. I tensed up and she sucked my cock hard and the air was all gone from her mouth. My cock could not take it anymore and I shot a big load into the back of her throat. My warm goo coated her throat and mouth. Spurt after spurt washed down her throat and she continued to suck my cock. I looked down and a small amount of cum leaked out and onto her chest. She picked up her breast and licked off her nipple. She had deep throated me for about 45 minutes and before I came she squeezed just the right place stopping my climax and when she finally let me cum it was glorious. I pumped more sperm in her throat then any chick I had done before. She got up and grabbed my dick and lead me to the front of the fire place.

I laid on my back and we got into a sixty nine. She reached around and pulled her ass cheeks open above my face. I stuck my tongue in her hot ass and licked her butt hole. She moaned and I played with her pussy and sucked her big cunt lips. She started to suck my cock and deep throat me again. I was rock hard and her pussy juices leaked on my fingers and she rubbed her boobs on my cock. She used my dick to fuck her breast and she licked my head went it popped out her cleavage and into her mouth. After twenty minutes she rolled over an I mounted her and brought her high heels up next to my head as I rammed my dick into her pussy. With one hand on her ankle and the other on her right breast I fucked her long and hard. Her pussy was wet and tight and my cock felt great fucking her pussy. I pulled out after 10 minutes and she got under my dick and jacked another load on her face and breast. I looked down between my thighs and she was covered in cum. She placed my cock back in her mouth and deep throated and cleaned off my cock and ran her tongue under my shaft and licked my balls with her red hot tongue.

“She took my hand and brought me to the bed. I laid with my head on the edge of the bed and she turned around and faced the table an lowered her pussy on my face. She relaxed her pussy muscles and I ate her pussy and she pulled my hair and screamed and moaned. “Fuck eat Kimmy pussy!! Make her scream!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fucker!!.” She kept moaning and screaming. I was breathing from my nose and eating her faster and faster. She rubbed her breast together and I reached backwards and tugged on her nipple and she power orgasmed on my face. She climbed off my face and went into the bathroom. I waited a few minutes and she called for me to come in.

I started the hot water and it fell into the big jacuzzi bath tub and she smiled. She was sitting on the big white toilet with her ass cheeks hanging on the edge looking at me. She was playing with her nipples and brought her left breast to her mouth and licked and sucked on it. She reached down with her free hand and parted her pussy lips and closed her eyes. My dick was starting to come back to life and I walked over to her and stood about 4 inches from her. Her eyes were still closed and she reached with her hands trying to touch me. I kept moving and her breathing got quicker. Just before I sensed she was going to pee I brought my cock up and shot my warm pee onto her exposed vagina. As my hot pee hit her hole she exploded and started to pee into the bowl. My pee was running through her stream and she moaned harder as she was orasgming and peeing at the same time. My dick trickled on to her thigh and I climbed into the jacuzzi. She played with her pussy for about another 5 minutes and she climbed into the jacuzzi. We rested and held each other for about an hour and then went back o the king size bed and fucked the rest of the night.

It was about noon when we both woke up and she got up and went into the bathroom. I hit my remote for my laptop and the little red light came on and I rubbed my dick. Kimmy came out and climbed onto my lap and said “Buck I love your cock and the things we did last night were great. I am usually not like that. I am not a whore or interested in a one night stand. I really like you and hope when I need you to take more pictures of me and run my web site you can still be professional.” I leaned up and we Frenched Kissed for about 5 minutes and she begged to deep throat me again. I got up and place her head on the edge of the bed and forced my cock down her throat and I fucked her face for about ten minutes and she took another load.

I still take pictures and run Kimmy website. Its been two years and I am trying to get her pregnant so we can explore breast milk and make her tits bigger. She still deep throats my cock and we spend long hours fucking and sucking. I moved into her trailer and we go to “Le Bordeaux” every weekend to unwind, the k** behind the counter gives me a dirty look when he sees Kimmy in the car.

I showed her the videos I made of her from are first night and the secret pics of her sleeping and me rubbing my cock on her breast and face while she slept. She likes to look at my lap top as I fuck her in the ass from behind. We make some hot porno movies and hope she will let me update them on her website. I still email and trade pics with “eightiespurefan”.

Before Kimmy had come over that first night I sent him the photos from the shoot and told him Kimmy was coming to the “Le Bordeaux” and there maybe some action. I turned on my camera on my lap top and streamed him some live fucking between Kimmy and I. It turns out it was so hot that he drove to “Le Bordeaux” and rented a room next door and listen to us and watched the fucking on his laptop in his room. He even went and watched from the window outside. I noticed some white goo on the the window and on the wall outside of the hotel. I heard the housekeeper knock next door and then I heard them fucking and she was screaming in a french accent about Paris and his Eiffel Tower between his legs. She screamed and he yelled for her to deep throat his cock.

I did not put everything together until I took Kimmy outside and we were getting in the car. She said “fuck those french people are nasty. Listen to her, the stuff the guy is saying to her. Fuck he must have a big dick to get her to scream that loud.” She put her hand in my crotch and started to rub my crotch and I looked over and saw this black french sport car in the corner of the lot. I slowly drove by and while Kimmy face was on my lap deep throating my dick I saw the license plate – it read “8tiesPurFN” (eightiespurefan)



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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