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Last night I got a call from a horny couple that i’ve played with recently.
I really liked this couple, Beth and Joe, they are in thier early30’s and love to fuck.
It helps that they are Bi and Beth is the more dom of the 2, and has great control over Joe.
Beth asked over the phone if I wanted to fuck Joe, and I said sure, love to.
She said on one condition, that she just got a new strap-on and wanted to try it out. I really got excited and ran right over. I wore a matching bra and pantie set with a garter belt and stockings. I am a naughty little slut, I put my panties on after I put on my garter belt, so the panties are easy to take off without having to remove my garter belt.
After I got to thier house, we exchanged pleasantries while smoking a little hydro to relax. I was feeling really high, not just from the weed, but also from anticipation.
We moved our little party to the rec room in the basement and sat on thier foton.
Joe isn’t into wearing womens clothes, that is something Beth likes more than Joe, but he does like cock. As Beth excused herslf to go change, Joe and I started to kiss. As Joe started to undress me, I rubbed his cock through his pants, stopping only long enough for him to pull my shirt off over my head.
With my shirt and pants finally off and in a pile on the floor, I had to get my mouth around his cock. Joe hadn’t showered since getting off from work, the strong musky smell was intoxicating. I love a man to smell like a man.
I leaned over and drew his cock head into my mouth and just sucked on it while flicking my tounge back and forth on his piss hole. I loved the way he sucked his breath in and muttered “Oh God”. He pulled my hard cock out of the side of my panties and slowly stroked it. After a few moments, he stopped me and suggested a little 69 action.
After we rearranged ourselves on our sides, I started to really work on his cock while massaging his scrotum. I didn’t hear Beth return, but knew she was back when I felt some lube being applied to my button.
Without much in the way of warning, she slid half way to the base and started saw back and forth into my ass. God it felt huge. Without being able to see her srap-on, I had to just enjoy and wonder how big this monster really was. When I wondered to myself if I could handle any more, I felt the leather of her harness against my ass. God was it great. It feltwonderful and painful at the same time.
Joe tried to keep sucking my dick, but I had rolled in a way that he had a hard time keeping my cock in his mouth. I was mostly on my chest with my ass in the air and panties pulled off to the side and throwing my ass up to meet her thrust.
Joe moved in front of me a shoved his cock in my face and I wrapped my mouth around it and let him fuck my throat. Thier timing was great, almost in perfect time. Joe came deep in my throat. God the taste of cum really turns me on. I grap my cock and started to masterbate while Beth plunged deep into my ass.
I came all over the foton and as Beth finished fucking me. She pulled out of my ass and I felt sore and empty. She came around in front of me and I could finally see what had violated my ass. It was big and black, 10 inches of the nicest shaped dildo I have ever seen. As she had me suck on it, she told Joe to clean up my cum. I got on my hands and knees so he could get under my belly and lick it up.
Ater a few minutes she pulled out of my mouth and took off her harness. I turned over onto my back and she lowered her wet pussy onto my face. As I licked her pussy, Jeff lifted my ankles onto his shoulders and enterd me. Sorry to say that after Beth’s srap-on, I could hardly feel his cock. I payed a lot of attention to Beth’s clit, rolloing it between my thumb and forefinger as I lapped up her pussy juice as she came. Joe didn’t last that long, sadly, and came shortly after Beth. She licked her pussy juice off of my face and chin and we kissed passionatly for a few minutes.
We smoked some more weed and talked about the experience and what we would try next time. Joe has agreed to let me fuck him in the ass next time, I can’t wait. I’ll tell you all about it when it happens…. KISSES….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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