Late Night Movies (chapter 7)

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Late Night Movies (chapter 7)
I woke the next morning full of curiosity. Only it was closer to mid afternoon when I finally did wake. After the bathroom I made my way toward the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen. I knew before I rounded the corner that mom would be there making pancakes and bacon from the smells and sounds and I was right. I stood silently behind. Her hair was a mess and she was still wearing her pink nightie from the night before. Her ass was completely exposed and it looked like she wasn’t wearing underwear either. She must have just rolled out of bed and started cooking her usual Saturday morning breakfast.

“Good morning mommy.” I said with a yawn. She startled a bit, not knowing I was there but then turned holding a perfectly brown pancake on her spatula. With the morning sun shining into the kitchen the see-throughness of her gown was much more apparent. Her tits were huge, big dark nipples poking at the sheer fabric. They swayed as she reached to drop the cake onto a stack of others.

“Good morning hun!” she said with a smile. “Did ya sleep good? She asked this question every morning but today was different. It reminded me of how upset I was when her and daddy sent me to bed last night. I just replied with a grunt and went to the living room to watch cartoons and wait for my breakfast. She sighed and continued to cook.

I sat on the couch, the hide-a-bed already had be pushed back inside and the cushions placed regularly. I scanned through the channels but all my favorite cartoons had already aired. I left it on a football game and watched for a bit, not really understanding what was going on. My mommy came in carrying a plate of pancakes and bacon, already cut and smothered in syrup along with a cup of milk. She sat it down on the coffee table, her left breast falling out entirely as she bent down. She casually wrapped the pointless sheet over it then laughed while looking at the screen.

“Since when do YOU like football honey?” She asked with sincere surprise.

“Daddy and Chris like football. I wanna be like them.” I answered honestly.

“Ahhh I see.” she said with a smile, going back to the kitchen. She came back with another plate, sat it down then repeated the task again. “Breakfast is ready!” she yelled down the hall. I heard a groan come from my Dad and I started eating. Daddy came out exactly as I saw him before I went to bed the last night. He was wearing only a tshirt and his penis hung between his legs, half hard with a bead of fluid clinging to the tip.

“Good Morning.” he said while plopping down onto the couch beside me. He took a huge drink of milk nearly finishing it before even starting to eat. My mom hurried and refilled his glass. “Where’s Chris?” he asked after noticing his absence.

“I think he went to play football with his friends.” My mom said while setting a new cold glass of milk in front of Daddy.

“Well he better be at the field when we go by or home soon or he’s gonna miss out.” Daddy said before filling his mouth with a big bite.

“Oh?” my mom asked curiously.

“Yeah… I figured we could all go golfing today.” Dad replied.

Immediately my ears perked up upon hearing this. I hadn’t ever been allowed to go golfing with the three of them. I’d been taken to a driving range and practiced often but never actually got to go out and play despite even having my own custom clubs mom and dad had given me last year for my birthday. I was always told I had to practice learn the game more before actually going onto the course. “Really!? I can go too!?” I asked. My excitement was ignited in seconds.

My mom looked at me smiling. “Actually that sounds like a fantastic idea.” she replied and I quickly devoured my breakfast. When I came out of the shower I threw on my clothes and ran out into the living room to find my mom STILL eating and my dad still half naked rolling green cigarettes.

“Are we gonna go!?” I whined.

“Yeah in a bit bud. First rule of golf is no rushing. We’re gonna be playing alllll day so if that’s too much for you…”

“No. No sir. I’m sorry. I won’t be impatient. I promise.” I begged. Maybe I was overselling a bit but I was really not wanting to be denied yet again. Telling someone my age to be patient is more often than not ridiculous. But I was desperate. I tried my best not to sigh, roll eyes, groan or look at the clock over the next HOUR that went by. Daddy showering, and packing the cooler while mom showered, did her hair etc. Eventually we were in the car and driving by the middle school football field where my br other often played football with his friends.

The familiar huddle of boys my brother went to school with came into view and immediately I recognized his green hoody. “There he is!” I called out. My parents told me to go get him. I ran as fast as I could and he saw me halfway, halting the game and coming towards me at a jog.

“What’s up?” he asked, a bit of concern on his face.

“C’mon! Mom and Dad said we could go golf today!” I said, unable to hide my excitement one bit.

“ohhh” he said and the concern shifted to annoyance. “They said YOU could play too?” he asked with surprise and what seemed like disappointment.

“Yeah!” I replied. Not letting his question spoil my mood in the least.

He thought for a bit then shook his head. “Nawww. I wanna play football. Tell em I’ll go next time.” and with that he turned and ran back to the huddle. I ran back to the truck and told my parents.

“Christopher! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!” My mom yelled out the window. He sprinted over and stood at the passengers window, sweaty and dirty. “Get your ass in the truck! Were taking Robbie golfing today.” she said and I blushed a bit, finally feeling like mom had my back.

“but I wanna…”

“You can play with your friends another day. We’re having the talk today.” she said and his face turned. For a moment it looked very serious. Then an almost evil smile broke his face. He called out to his friends that he had to go and obeyed mom, getting into the other backseat of the truck on the other side of the cooler. I expected him to glare at me, or sigh as he got in. He did neither. Instead he smiled at me and we started on the road. I had hoped the ‘talk’ would be soon but hadn’t expected it right away. Were we still gonna golf? What did they want to talk about? Why was it so important?

I stared out the window and thought about all these questions and more. Chris had his own questions. “Dad? Can I have a beer NOW?” he asked. I couldn’t believe it. He must’ve been k**ding! I even laughed a bit, thinking Daddy wouldn’t even respond. He DID in fact respond.

“Not till we get off the highway bud…” he said and I did a double take. Wait! What!? Then he continued, “…ahhh fuck it. Gimme one. And you keep yours down an’ only drink when there’s no cars.” huh!? What was going on!?

Clearly my br other could see my surprise and played it off all cool like it was no big deal. He passed one to my dad, between the front seats rather than over his shoulder, then took one for himself before closing the cooler. He popped it open, looked to both sides and inconspicuously took a drink. He sighed like a coca cola commercial. I was still staring at him with wide eyes and he finally chortled at me, “WHAT?” he just laughed at my expression and said, “I’m allowed to drink beer when I golf.” as matter of factly as he could.

“Dahhhad!?” I called in a tattling voice before realizing how vain it was. After all, I heard the permission only I’d thought it was a joke.

“He’s right. And you can drink a little too when you’re golfing with us.” my dad replied.

“So can I…” I was interrupted before I could finish.

“Not today bud. We’ve got some important stuff to talk about with you today. You can have your first drink another day.” he said as if that made me feel better NOW. My br other just grinned, looked both ways and took another swig from his beer. I sank in my seat a bit. “Dont worry Bud. We’ll have fun.” he said, grabbing my moms thigh and shaking it. She smiled at him and told Chris to pass her a beer as well. I felt so utterly left out…

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