Life of an Indian Woman

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Life of an Indian Woman
On a cold and snowy December evening, Sameena was sitting in front of the fireplace, the flames dancing around lighting the magazine She was reading while sipping her warm tea. She held her breath, closing her eyes as if to block out a physical image, but the past crashed down on her despite what she wanted. Sameena was chewing her lip in nervous agitation.

Sameena’s 55 right now but when this all started she was just a k**. At this age, her restlessness is being driven by her memories: memories those have been haunting her for many years. These are c***dhood memories, which have faded a bit over the years, but still are as real as if they all happened yesterday.

Sameena’s mother was several years younger than her father. Thinking back on this story She was probably about ten years old at the time, while her mother was in her early thirties. Sameena’s mother was exceptionally beautiful, with sparkling wide eyes, high cheekbones, and beautiful full lips above her firm square chin. Her body was as attractive as her face, with perfect, luscious full breasts and a rounded ass, and many guys just drooled looking at her. At that age the sensual curves and full curvaceous figures drive many men crazy with lust.

Against that background, cousins on her father’s side started paying them frequent visits. Most of the time they would come while Sameena father was at home, but would never hesitate to come even when her father was out tending the store. They were very close and were always very kind to all of them, including her brother, her sister and her. Her mother always seemed to enjoy her father’s male friends and cousins, and in particular one of her father’s young cousins,named,Huseen . She always seemed glad to see them, but Sameena was puzzled because her manner was more reserved when her father was home.

Sameena was teen years old when returning home from school one day to find that the house very quiet except for some faint noises coming from her parent’s bedroom. Trying to be quiet and not disturb anyone, She crept over to the door to listen because she was sure that the sounds were of a woman moaning. By this time she got to the door the moans were quite loud and seemed very strange to her. her curiosity was strong now, so she quietly opened the door to see what the woman might be doing.

What Sameena saw stopped her, with her mouth and her eyes wide open, because she saw a naked man in the room, which was amazing to her and seemed so unreal at the time. She’d never seen anything like this in her entire life. His back was towards her and his hair was long and he had very broad shoulders. It seemed so surreal to her that he was butt naked! She had never seen a man’s ass before, but then, even more to her surprise, She saw it was her father’s cousin who was lying on top of her mother! she watched in total amazement as her mother had her hands on his ass pulling him harder and harder against her.

Their actions had her frozen on the spot and something different started happening to her. She could feel something new and different and it seemed to be emanating from her pussy. Flashes of excitement raced through her body, as she stood there transfixed by the movement of their naked bodies. At this point there was no need for her to be quiet, because her mother was being fucked mercilessly, shouting and screaming in pleasure.

Sameena does’t know exactly when her hand slid between her own legs to rub her pussy through her shilwar.

“Yes, Huseen fuck me! You needed your sister-in-law to fuck you! Take me! Take my cunt. Split me with your cock. Oh yes, yes!” Each “yes” was punctuated by an extra hard thrust. she watched transfixed as her dad’s cousin fucked her mother in an animistic display of lust and carnal need. her mother screamed, obviously wanting the hard pounding she was receiving. “Yes fill me!” she said to him. “Your cousin doesn’t know how to fuck. Show me you’re a real man and fuck me raw, you bastard!” Huseen increased his pace and her mother kept shouting at him. “Oh yes, Oh yes, yes!” Each “yes” was accompanied by an extra hard thrust down deep into her mother’s pussy. Holding each other tightly, their bodies were convulsing with excitement. Uncle Huseen caressed and kissed her mother’s breasts. “I can feel your seed spurting. There! Oh it’s hot! Oh it’s spreading inside me! I’m flooded!”

They jerked, shuddered, and then Huseen lay still on top of Sameena’s mother.

Sameena eyes were glued to their every movement and she did not know what to do next. Sweating, she felt stupid or maybe a better word would be ashamed. She did not know why the hell she had stood there witnessing this dirty scene. She would have never believed it, if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes.

Sameena thought, was that why they came here? Is that why she brought his cousins over to play all of the time? Was this happening all the time behind her father’s back? she couldn’t believe she had given her body to him knowing that he was so much younger than her. She thought back on the previous few years and remembered all the times she had gone alone with him and her father’s other cousins into a room even when she knew they’d seen them leave together.

Later that night while lying in bed thinking about Huseen and the scene that Sameena witnessed, she started feeling new things in her body that she had not felt before. Her nipples were fully erect and there was this strange tingling feeling in her pussy. To her surprise, when she reached down to her pussy she found it so wet and slippery. Something compelled her to slip a finger inside it. This new experience felt so good that she let out a moan. Was this how it felt to have a man’s cock inside? All of a sudden, she wanted to know. For the first time in her life, she was feeling sexual lust. In the seclusion of her room, she felt safe to explore her body. Her hands caressed her breasts and then, sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy, she brought herself to her first orgasm. This new discovery was so wonderful! For the next few days she wandered around the house with an enigmatic smile on her face and in her eyes. Her newfound pleasure kept her in her bedroom masturbating every chance she could get and fantasizing about Huseen .

“Are you OK, Sameena?” her mother would ask. “Are you sure you’re not ill or something?”

“No! There’s nothing wrong,” Sameena always replied. Still she wasn’t satisfied and every day asked her why she was upset. Surely she had noticed something strange for she was no longer a c***d. Even so, Sameena did not stop her activities. All the while she wanted so desperately to tell someone of her mother’s betrayal of their father with their own blood relatives. In her mind she mulled it over and over, but whom could she tell? What do she know with her little experience in life and really her lack of sexual experience? From what she knew, two people would not have sex for both pleasure and excitement, but only for the purpose of having c***dren. she realized that she was quickly growing up sexually, and her frustration continued to build. Sameena found herself masturbating twice a day and it felt so wonderful with all of the new and exciting pleasures her body offered to her.

As time passed, Sameena’s mother became more elderly and her uncle and cousins’ visits became more and more infrequent until they finally just ended. Her father had died and left them in a somewhat desperate situation. Being the oldest of the siblings, it was Sameena’s duty to care for the younger members of her family as she was the dutiful daughter who cares for her family. they appointed one of her father’s helpers as manager of the store, and she assisted him to do her best to support thier family no matter how difficult it was. Thier financial condition continued to worsen, for her father had owed a lot of money to suppliers prior to his death. They were cooperative, because her father was a long-time customer of theirs, but even so, they still did not have the financial means to meet their obligations.

In desperation, she decided to contact her mother’s old lover, Uncle Huseen . she was not quite sure what she would say, but it sounded like a good idea at the time. Now, Huseen was about 38, quite tall, well built, sophisticated and very wealthy. He flirted quite outrageously with her and she was also attracted to him. She liked him and he was often a part of her masturbation fantasies. She called him and she was glad that he answered instead of his wife.

“Hello, uncle. Can I bother you?”

“Of course, why not?”

“Where’s Aunty, are you home alone?” she asked.

“She’s gone with the c***dren to meet her mother. It seems I’m all alone.” she could almost hear the innuendo in his voice.

“I want to meet with you, uncle. I need to discuss something with you.”

“Sure. You can come any time you like, but just let me know when you want to come over,” he said in his distinctive voice.

“I need to see you now,” she said in a quavering voice.

“I’ll wait for you.” There was a pause before he said, “I want to meet you too,” and then he hung up the phone. She thought, he wants to meet her? He actually said that? What was that about?

At noon she nervously went over to her Uncle Huseen ‘s house. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and Huseen was right there to greet her and welcome her into his home. He led her into his living room and asked her to sit with him on the sofa. Nervously, she found her spot on the opposite end of the sofa from him. she had caught his admiring stare several times and she did nothing to discourage him, but when she realized his eyes were not leaving her body, she raised her shawl to better cover herself. she felt a deep blush envelope her and she folded her arms over her chest. This was the first time she had ever been alone with a man. she had butterflies in her stomach and a tingling somewhere deep inside her that scared her.

After they had observed the usual formalities, she asked Huseen if she could talk to him about her problem. He gave her his full attention and answered in the affirmative. “Of course. I want to hear what you have to say.” she was obviously nervous, clasping her hands in her lap and he asked her to tell him what was bothering her. she wet her lips and briefly told him thier financial situation.

After listening to her he said, “Sameena, I still don’t quite understand why you have come to me.” As he said this, he moved his body to rest his feet on the long sofa. her blushing face grew a deeper shade of red now. she looked down to her hands, doing her best to keep from wringing them with nervousness, making a conscious effort not to touch him.

she tried to adopt her normal posture and released a deep sigh, raising her gaze to meet his stare directly. “We need five hundred thousand rupees (currency of thier country, equaling to ten thousand dollars) to settle our problems.” she paused and looked down again at her hands. “I’m embarrassed to say that you are our last hope.”

He replied, “I would like to be able to help you, Sameena, but this is a huge amount, you know.”

“As I said, Uncle Huseen, you are our last hope.”

“OK, Sameena, if I were to loan you the money you require, what can you offer me in return?”

This question took her by surprise, and hesitatingly she told him, “I’m sorry, we have nothing to offer you except our store as collateral,” she mumbled dejectedly staring down at her hands in her lap.

“I don’t think that’s true, Sameena . I think you have a great deal to offer.” As he said that, she looked up only to find him staring directly at her breasts. She didn’t think she could blush any more than she was, and she looked down again to avoid his piercing gaze that seemed to be undressing her right there. she felt so ashamed.

“What exactly do you mean Uncle?” she asked indignantly.

“I am much more interested in you than in any collateral,” he responded clearly.

“Oh,” she shivered and didn’t know how to reply. she didn’t know what to think. What did he mean?

He laughed. “It’s not that terrible an idea is it?”

“I really don’t understand why you assume I would accept your offer!”

“No one will ever know what has happened if we don’t tell and we’re not going to do that,” Huseen said.

“Has anyone ever told you you’re a very beautiful young woman? Sameena, not only are you beautiful, but you are very smart too. I knew that you would resist the idea,” he said.

Sameena jaw dropped in total dismay. Losing all of her strength, she sunk deeply into the sofa. When she spoke, her voice could only mumble these words with shock. “You want me to have sex with you?”

He nodded his head. she asked again, “Why on earth would you want to do that with me when you could have any other girl who is much prettier than I?”

“You are a beautiful woman, Sameena . I don’t know any girl that’s prettier than you,” he replied.

“Uncle, there is no way I can agree to this. I just can’t do it,” she said firmly and coldly. Then something happened inside her, something she didn’t expect, as she blurted out, “I need to think about it!” These scary feelings aroused such erotic thoughts inside her and she knew her face was turning beet red in front of him again.

With Huseen’s many years of experience, he could sense her inner feelings of discomfort; he was not about to let an opportunity to have a young virgin woman slip through his hands.

Sameena rose from the couch and went to stare out of the window. she was thinking about whether a girl must be a virgin before marriage. It was strange but the more she thought about it the more excited she felt. This was Huseen! she had fantasized about him for years. As she thought about it she was beginning to think that she should accept his offer as it was an easy way out of thier problems. she’d intended to remain a virgin until she married, but after all she was now over eighteen, she argued with herself, and she’d has to lose her virginity one day.

“I really should go back home,” she told him.

With that Huseen moved closer and stood directly behind her. “But why?” he asked, “It’s the middle of the day, and we’re home alone.” When he spoke, she didn’t even have time to turn around and she jumped when Huseen grabbed her wrist.

“I was patiently waiting to get you alone,” he said and turned her around to face him.

“Why would you want me alone?” she asked and then looked up at Huseen and thought, “‘I’d been dreaming of this moment since I was a little girl.'” she licked her lips seductively stopping to bite a little on her lower lip.

“Because Sameena, I’ve wanted you for a long time now and I figured that today was our best chance.”

Before she could guess his intentions, Huseen wrapped his arms around her, pulled her into his arms and drew her tightly against his chest. She gasped as his hands came in contact with her and her nostrils were assailed by his clean, masculine smell. His tongue flicked and touched her earlobe. His tongue traced its way from her ear down her neck. This feeling was so exciting. As he was an expert so he knew this was one of sensitive spots of women? she was not prepared for any of this.

“Huseen, you don’t have to she never had a chance to finish her sentence. Looking down at her, he gave her a devilish grin. Hesitating only a second, he swooped down to kiss her mouth. His lips felt warm and firm and it didn’t take long for her to respond and give in to the urge to return his kiss, as she furtively and shyly slanted her mouth underneath his. Sameena felt his tongue probing her lips and it made her gasp. she had never experienced this before. Obediently, she gave him the opportunity to slide his tongue into her mouth so he could taste her. She was amazed by the way she reciprocated. It was as if she wanted this to happen all along, as if she were not compelled, but rather of her own free will. She could feel his cock grow hard and it was pressing against her stomach.

Sameena had never been kissed before, and while it was shocking in a way, it was also thrilling. She felt warmth spreading through her belly, and her knees were slightly wobbly. She felt his hands roaming her backside, and she gasped again when he skimmed one hand up her ribs to cup the fullness of her breast. He was kissing her while he squeezed her breasts through her qameez (long shirt, used in India).

Sameena’s eyes popped open and she stared directly into his as his hand brushed over her covered left nipple. she felt she should protest, but all she could muster was only a strangled moan of pleasure. His hand slipped inside the neckline of her qameez to cup her breast in his palm. Now his hand was touching her breast, skin to skin and she could hardly believe it. To try to control her excitement, she bit her lower lip. He pushed her up against the wall and with both hands on her ass cheeks, in a low masculine voice he said, “Oh, Sameena, I really want to fuck you now.” So many things were going through her mind at that instant. She did not know what to do, but she wanted it. She had waited for this moment, but she had to admit that she was afraid, even though she did not want to. She didn’t know what to do; she just knew she wanted him.

Sameena moved Huseen ‘s hand away when he tried to unzip her qameez, but he persisted and unzipped it. Huseen then raised her arms above her head and in one swift movement he took her qameez off and dropped it to the floor, revealing her white cotton bra. She immediately placed both of her hands over her bra trying to hide her breasts.

“Sameena, I’ve had dreams about being with you since the day you celebrated your s*******nth birthday, but I waited for you to become eighteen. I feel that if I don’t taste you soon, I’ll go insane with desire.”

He brought his hand downwards her thigh and he slowly slid his hand inside her shilwar. She shrunk back a bit as his fingers pressed up to briefly touch her pussy. His hand continued searching her virgin body, and each time he rubbed his hand over the sensitive area between her legs, she would twitch with excitement. she could feel her pussy getting wetter and slippery inside. His rubbing fingers quickened and then drawing circles around her pussy, his fingers found her clitoris, her excitement reaching new peaks.

Huseen gently spread her pussy lips wide; and her head was spinning so fast that she had a hard time containing herself. She was losing control of her body as it started slow rhythmic convulsions. He slid his middle finger in to the entrance to her cunt, and without entering he applied gentle pressure. Soon he pushed a bit harder and she felt his finger go into her up to the first knuckle. He kept his finger quite still until she got used to it, and then she relaxed slightly. He was soon slowly rotating his finger gently around the tight rim of her entrance. she closed her eyes as Huseen continued to thrust his fingers, deeper and deeper inside her, his finger continuing to circle her pussy tunnel. She was biting her lip, when Huseen picked up the pace of his circles and intermittently altered his technique with deep thrusts into her, and then shallow again all of which was intended to drive her mad with desire. It was working, for she now badly wanted him inside her; more than anything now, she wanted to know what it was like to have a real cock fuck her pussy.

All of a sudden, he withdrew his fingers. The blissful pleasure that she had grown to desire, and now more than ever needed, disappeared in an instant. It was the most electrifying sensation of her life and she wanted more. There was something that was hard for her to admit, but she took a deep breath and said, “Huseen, I have something to tell you. I’m a virgin!” For some reason, she turned her head in shame. She knew inside she should be proud about her decision to wait until now, but being in the presence of a very experienced man, she did not know what to do.

In a very reassuring tone of voice, which tapered off to a whisper he said, “I had an idea that you were, Sameena . Don’t worry, I’ll take it very slowly for you.” His lips caressed her neck and his hand continued to fondle her breasts through her bra.

Huseen unclasped her lace bra and let it drop to the floor. In doing so, her ample breasts were totally exposed. Facing each other, he kneaded her breast, rolling her nipples between his thumbs and fingers. Each time it felt like flames erupting from her areolae. His kisses traveled down her right cheek, down her neck and in between her breasts. He buried his face in her breasts. His mouth bounced between each nipple as he sucked them to full attention. He was brushing his teeth over them and they were like little pinpricks shooting so much desire through her body. He was like a baby sucking on her nipples. It was the first time she had ever experienced such erotic pleasure like this and marveled in the sweet sensations. her breasts were burring, her nipples throbbing, her eyes watering and she could feel her pussy juices now flowing down her thighs. “Uncle Huseen, I’m scared. we should stop,” she said with fearful hesitation.

Huseen hugged her once again and his hand reached to pull the string of her shilwar. The garment slid down to the floor and she stepped out of it and kicked it away. she didn’t wear panties and she really caught her breath as for the first time in her life she was naked in front of a man.

“I was eager to see your marvelous body fully nude,” he said and her head went down with natural shyness.

Huseen untied his own shilwar and let slip it down to the floor. What she saw was a thick long ‘snake’! she’d never seen a real cock in her life but only in photos in magazines with her friends, other than the glimpses the time she’d watched this man fuck her mother. Huseen Uncle was really long and thick, longer and thicker than any she’d seen in the photos. Surprising herself, she voluntarily slipped her hand down and grabbed his cock. she placed her other hand on his shoulder and dug her face on his chest, while stroking his cock.

Bending down to her ear he whispered, “Are you ready to experience the pain and pleasure of your captivity?”

Pulling back just a little, she looked up into his eyes and whispered, “Yes! Uncle, take me, make love to me, please!”

In one swooping motion he picked her up and take her to his bedroom, where he laid her on his bed. He turned to her and she was vulnerable, she was now lying spread-eagle on the bed. He climbed up the bed and positioned himself between her legs.

“This will hurt for a minute, but it’ll get better after that. Are you ready?” he asked. She nodded and bit her lip.

“OK,” Huseen said softly and placed his cock at the entrance to her vagina. Huseen ran the tip of his cock against her wet slit and coated it in juice. She moistened her dry lips with her tongue and tried her best to prepare herself for her cherry to be popped. He used his hands to support his body, which was hovering over her. Sameena could feel the head of his cock enter her pussy. Huseen moved into her slowly, an inch at a time, letting her adjust to his size, making no further attempt until She had relaxed a little.

Every time he went to push a little further she got a bit panicky, so he had to be content with easing back a little before any further attempts. Finally she felt his cock pressing again her hymen. “This is going to hurt some, but I promise you, it will get better after that,” he said to her.

Sameena just nodded and Huseen pulled his cock out so that it was just touching her opening. Then he rammed it into her, she felt it rip and she let out a scream! “Ooyyeeee, uuuffffff, uuuffffff, ooooooi, ooooo, hauiiiiii, and haiiiiiiii. You’re killing me, stop, stop, leave me, ooiiiiiii. You tore my pussy!” She screamed. She tried to push him away from her, but he clutched her and lay on her waiting for her to adjust to his cock now deep inside her. she can remember digging her heels into the sheets when he broke her maidenhead.

“Please, Sameena, just a minute. Please don’t cry, the worst is over, and the pain will soon subside. It will start to feel good now I have every inch of my cock in you,” he said lovingly and began to move in and out of her very slowly and gently. He proved to be right, as it did start to feel good. All she could do was to pull him inside her, yelped and then relaxed as he began to thrust in and out of her tight, wet and somewhat bloody pussy. she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him as deep inside her as she could. His thrusts were now more determined and she moaned as her hips thrust upwards to meet every stroke. She was sobbing and hanging on to Huseen so desperately as wave after wave of such fantastic feelings engulfed her mind and body. It felt like pins and needles all over her. It was wonderful!

Huseen’s sheer size was filling her up so well and hitting every right spot inside her that she couldn’t help but cum. She raked her nails down his back and used to her legs on his ass to pull him in as deep as she could get him.

Huseen Uncle grabbed her ankles and d****d them over his shoulders then leaned in to french kiss her. Thier tongues danced in each other mouths as they fucked even harder. She felt so much like an a****l, and his pace was so fast and almost violent now. Every one of his thrusts was met with her hips and pelvis grinding into his body and she loved every second of it, her pussy was so needy. Now there was total pleasure instead of pain, he was sliding in and out of her willing pussy in long, slow, deep thrusts. Then he increased the speed until their bodies were slapping together and they were bouncing so hard on the bed that they almost fell off.

“Oh Uncle! YES! That’s it! It feels so good now. I never knew it could be this good!”

“Yeah, you like that don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, I like it and I wanted it! Just don’t stop! OH FUCK Uncle , it feels so good. she never knew it could feel like this, Pound her pussy!” She grabbed his arms and wrapped her legs around his hips.

Huseen kept squeezing on her soft breasts. His fingers kept pinching and playing with her sorely swollen nipples. He moved his head down her neck and kissed a trail down to her breasts. He took one her breast in his hand and the other in his mouth and began to suck and fondle them both. she arched her back and let out a low moan. She was cupping his butt and he was all over her body, his balls slapping her ass with each stroke. her entire body tingled, and the tension and pleasure just kept growing. Violently, she shook her head side-to-side and screamed out as loud as she could.

Sameena would have begged and pleaded for him to stop, but she was gagged. She was sweating and breathing heavily. She couldn’t escape the force of pleasure. It overwhelmed her. She writhed wildly. Huseen leaned on her and sucked her breasts. He bit her nipples and kneaded her breasts. It felt so good to have Huseen ‘s body on top of her, sucking her breasts, fucking her fast and furiously. She didn’t want it to end, but soon her body betrayed her and she came, her cunt gripping his cock tight. Just when he was about to cum he increased his speed grabbing her hips and went inside her as far as he could then pulled out. They both came at about the same time. His cum was all over the bed sheet. Finally he collapsed on top of her kissing her, as they lay there exhausted

After light snacks they went back to bed and had slow, sensual sex. she asked him about the problem she had spoke of earlier. “I would look forward to any return you might consider, and you must know that nothing would ever equal the fantastic time we had, when you gave your virginity to me. I would do my best to please you any time,” he answered. Sameena dressed and she came out of there not only with a cheque in her purse, but also a blank cheque for the future! Returning home she was no longer a virgin girl but a young woman with trembling legs, wet pussy and a solution to their money problems!

Huseen gave her a cell phone so he could call her when he wanted her. she had sex with Huseen many more times, more as a reward rather than as a strong need on her part. she was an experienced woman now, having been fucked dozens of times.

For the next years or so Sameena had great fun, getting a lot of pleasure and money from her wealthy uncle, and they continued to have a lot of fun together until she got married.

When Sameena married, her husband never talked with her, that she was not virgin because her pussy not bleeds when they made love on the wedding night for the first time. they would spend every night having fun in bed but all these went just for a year hardly.

Sameer and Sameena’s husband Salman have been best friends since before their marriage.

They were living in a city near to each other and they started their business, built their houses and raised their k**s together, they did the same business. Nevertheless they spent a lot of time at each other’s houses. Sameer and his wife Lyla were either always at thier house, or her husband and she were over at their house. There is no one Sameer and Lyla would rather spend time with them and they feel the same way about them. They even took family vacations together. Sameer was like a brother in Sameena’s family and Salman was like a brother in Sameer’s family in fact.

They had keys to each other’s house and used to houses it while one family was out of town.

Sameena worked very hard at staying slim after having three k**s. She knew that her voluptuous body and prominent figure seemed to defy gravity; her height and slim figures receive a lot of looks from men, and she was definitely every man’s dream.

Sameena’s breasts are large for her liking and are like half a g****fruit. Her butt cheeks are two perfect round balls. Once Lyla said she’s an ass man’s dream.’

Sameer was a tall, touching six feet; He has a long nose, wide lips and his dark jet-black mop of hair gave him a boyish look. He’s intelligent, cute, good matured, and a very charming and impressive man. Sameer has a boisterous and loud contagious laugh, His eyes sparkled and misted when he laughed.

Sameer and Sameena had flirted very politely and harmless with each other for years

Whenever thier spouse’s were out, and even their presence, and the main reason was that Sameer and Sameena were both talkative and free minded while their spouses were totally the opposite. This flirting was nothing more than gossip and chatting, occasional rubbing against each other but only hands or slaps each other bottoms, nothing serious.

Sameer took every possible opportunity to rub up against her innocently. She wanted things to go a little farther, but she mostly kept those thoughts to herself, because she was a married, demure woman.

Sameer always commented on her manner but she knew that when he says manner, he actually meant beauty, and she knew that he liked her with all his heart and he always has a nice smile for her. Every time she had seen him he had looked at her like he was dying to take her to bed.

Sameena was however, still very devoted to her husband Salman, It was obvious that she worshiped the ground her husband Salman walked on. Salman and she were happy together, but their sex life was dead. In the first few years of their marriage, the sex was nearly every night. Their sex could never be considered outlandish, however, she found it fulfilling. Salman enjoyed sex few years after marriage, but the energy devoted to his job left his uninterested in sex on days that he worked. she had always been the more sexual, but these days Salman was always tired. Sameena was desperate for a good fucking. Increasingly, she found her mind wandering to the men around here, and Sameer was an easy target. She would have been thrilled if Sameer was up for it, but he just wasn’t.

Let say frankly she was a bit attracted to Sameer sexually, and she had fantasized about Sameer. Increasingly, she found herself using him in her fantasies when she was alone.

Maybe she shouldn’t be. Sameena always felt guilty when she thought about it and she said to herself that she wouldn’t be thinking about it, but when she met Sameer, again she felt that. The main reason was Lyla, that whenever Lyla met with Sameena, they got on the subject of sex, she would always bring up about her husband Sameer, that what a cock and what a stamina Sameer has and how he fucks her! Lyla also told her that she couldn’t satisfy Sameer, as she doesn’t like sex as much as Sameer wants from her. That always excited her, as Sameer had unfulfilled sexual needs. On the other hand Sameena’s husband couldn’t satisfy her over the last few years and he never made her cum. So many times she’s wished that her marriage and her husband could be like Sameer. Sameer give Lyla everything that she has ever wanted.

To tell the truth Sameena always wanted to be with Sameer, but she usually avoided being alone with him because she was afraid Salman or Lyla might notice how attracted she was to him, and in her view of things he was off limits.

There was a kind of tradition in thier friendship that when she went to her parents, her husband spent all his time with Sameer and Lyla. He ate his dinner and even lunch on weekends there, and when Lyla went in her parents, Sameer spent all his time with them in a similar manner.

As said before, Lyla was at her mother’s home, and that day, accidentally, Sameena’s husband had also gone to the city for two days. She was alone with, as the k**s had gone to a neighbor to play with their friends.

It was late afternoon: Sameena was sitting at the lounge watching TV when Sameer came and asked her to make something to eat. she went to the kitchen but as it was late and they had finished lunch, all the dishes were in the fridge and were cold, so it needed time to heat up.

Sameer shouted from the lounge to her, “Sameena! Hurry up you must give me something to eat soon otherwise I’m going to eat you, because I am so hungry.”

She answered him, “don’t say you’re hungry like this, I know you always ready to eat me.”

“Well, one piece of your sweet ass is enough for me on time,” he Shouted.

“I’m sure, Salman would have killed you if you even tried to touch it,” she loudly responded.

She didn’t notice when Sameer walked in the kitchen, stepped up to her and gave a quick spank on her ass.

“Oh, Sameer! Please don’t spank my ass, it’s too fragile and hurts.” He was trying to do more but she warned him off and asked him go in to the lounge otherwise she is not giving him anything!

Sameer went back into the lounge and she prepared a meal for him then brought it to him. They sat there talking as he ate and their conversation went to their spouses .Sameer told her that he was happy with Lyla, but their sex life was dead, Lyla had no more interest in sex while he needed it. So there was always a tension between them.

Sameena told Sameer that she is also facing the same situation. Salman had always been the more sexual one, but these days he is always tired from too much work. When the cat’s out of the bag, people have a tendency to relax. They had opened a secret between them, their relationship dropped naturally and comfortably into a new level of intimacy. Now they were talking more frankly.

Sameer asked her for a cup of tea and she rose, walked into the kitchen to prepare the tea. When she was walking she was giving her ass a little wiggle.

Sameena was wearing a shilwar (baggy trouser) and qameez (long traditional shirt) with very low cut neckline revealing the top of her breasts, as she usually do at home. Her qameez was not tight and her breasts were ready to just pop out of any time. When she returned from the kitchen and leaned forward to put the tea on the table for him, knowing full well that the low cut neckline would show her breasts freely as the neckline opened enough to let him know what were there.

Sameer jokingly said to her, “Keep your those melons safe, they are going to fall to the earth.” she saw the flash of lust in Sameer’s eyes as he leered at her cleavage and turned his eyes away.

“You, rascal! You’re saying they look like melons?” she said mockingly and breathed deeply which thrust her breasts more forward she raised her head.

“I am sorry, they are not melons they are apples and you are queen of our small realm” Sameer said.

“Yes! ‘Don’t tell me you don’t want them.” She smiled at him seductively, “and I know how much you want to eat these apples” She said jokingly.

“Oh! Who wouldn’t want them to eat?”

“Don’t be greedy man, these are not for you. Even I am not letting you to touch them you covetous man”

“Yeah! You are going to tease me to death, but I bet I would eat them,” he said it again jokingly, but there was a way that he leveled his eyes at her and she knew that his jokes were more like announcements of what he was really thinking.

Sameena noticed him becoming more nervous and he made no effort to turn his eyes away from her breasts.

So she coyly asked. “What’s the matter?”

“You’re giving me a hard-on attack! Did I ever tell you that you have a beautiful bottom?”

“No! Not verbally but your lusty eyes have told me this a dozen times. I’ve seen the way you lecherously ogle me.” she told him with a naughty grin.

They were joking like this and that, when she sat on the sofa next to him, a little closer than she should have. They were sipping tea and talking. This time her dreams awoke and she wanted him to talk to her and to touch her even. She was ready for everything. He smiled coyly up at her, perhaps reading her mind.

Sameer moved a little closer to her. She could smell his cologne. He reached up, placing his hand on her thigh and moved it upwards a few inches. He wasn’t touching her inner thighs or her vagina, his hand wandered frequently just running his fingertips on her thighs, caressing subtly. Sameena pretended to be shocked and looked up at him questioningly. What was he trying to do? She was reaching a level of awkward excitement that her heart sounded like it was beating against her eardrums. Could she go through with this? This was a friend. This was her husband’s best friend. The husband of her best friend, Lyla, who she consider her sister, and have spent years with her.

Sameena was getting horny and said to him, “please Sameer, you’d better stop.” Sameer stopped immediately and pulled his hand off her.

Sameena was nervous and sitting stiffly, her eyes looking ahead into nothing. She was stealing glances at Sameer from the corner of her eye – still too afraid to look Sameer in the eye. She had the feeling he felt the same, as he was not looking at her. They both were so silent that if a pin dropped, it would be heard.

Then, after taking a deep breath to compose him, Sameer asked her, “Why? What wrong am I doing? we’re two adults. Yes, Sameena, let us be honest with each other, I have thought of this a few times, I find you attractive, very attractive, and I know you like me and want it. Sameena, as an adult and experienced man I can say it.” He said all this quickly, looking at her with glazed eyes, glistening with desire.

“Yes! I like you.” she replied.

“You want it too?” He asked.

“I adore you Sameer. I find you very attractive. Not as a husband. I have one of those,” she laughed, “but as a special friend.”

“Oh! I am lucky you adore me and think me your special friend, now please let me do it, otherwise…,” he said, his voice trailing away faintly.

“Otherwise what?” she prompted.

Sameer suddenly took Sameena’s hand and pulled her on his lap. She became stunned and shocked. While this was not first time he had touched her, it was the first time he had ever deliberately touched her like this. Then she started to struggle to release herself from his grasp, but his hold was too tight.

“What are you doing, Sameer?” she asked him.

“I am doing what I should have done years ago. Sameena let me do what I want. I can’t wait any more…and tell me this Sameena – honestly, isn’t this what you wanted? my hands on your body, touching you, like this…and like this!”

Sameena felt her mouth go dry and said to him, “Please! Sameer, she think it would not be right for us, we shouldn’t do this like this, you’re a good man and I like you, but what about us? What about our relationship? I wouldn’t want that to suffer.”

Sameer tried to tell her that this was what he wanted more than anything else and said, “Don’t stop me today Sameena, you’ve tortured me so much, and there has been so many times over the past decade when I felt a nearly uncontrollable urge to take you, but I never did, never pressed it for fear that you were just teasing, that you would castrate me and fear that if you told Salman he would finish his friendship with me, let me do this now or I will never do it.” Sameer looked at her, very serious now, with an imploring look, almost of desperation. she stayed that way for some time, not speaking. She wasn’t sure what to say, what to do next. “Please! Sameer, you should think once again”

“I’ve been wanting you for ages, Sameena, this is the perfect time.’

“But please, Sameer, I request you, please leave me alone.”

“If you don’t want to, just say so, I will go home.”

“You can stay! You can stay as long as you want…but be a gentleman.”

“I want you Sameena, don’t ask me to leave you.”

All this talk was turning her on as well, while sitting in his lap avoiding eye contact, not knowing what to do next, wishing that something more should happen, wishing that she had the courage just to kiss him first although she knew he wanted to make the first move.

Sameena was in two minds. On the one hand she wanted what he was doing as she’d dreamed of it for years, but now when he was doing what she wanted, she was afraid from some unseen and some unknown things.

Sameena don’t know when one of her hands went around his neck. She was moving restlessly, and adjusted her position in his lap.

Their eyes met and she could only stare into them, speechless. He leaned forward and kissed her neck, following it along the jaw line. She leaned her head back into Sameer shoulder. He put his lips on her and began to give her long, gentle kisses. She didn’t respond at first. But she knew she couldn’t resist for long and parted her lips in welcome. She was soon responding warmly, kissing him as passionately as he did her. After a long passionate kiss she buried her face in his chest and lightly raked her manicured nails across his back.

He slid his hand over her qameez and cupped her full breast, teasing her nipple that quickly hardened as he touched it with his hand. “Does it not feel better?” he asked, rubbing her breast.

She was caught wiggling between shame and pleasure, that first time, Shame won out and said, “yes! It feels nice.” she blushed red, telling him. And it was, her dream that was coming true.

His semi-hard cock sprung to full attention, tenting up in his shilwar (baggy trouser) and was touching her firm ass cheeks. “Oh my god!”

“You’re very pretty. More than that…you’re gorgeous.”

“I’m not, don’t lie.”

“You are.”

“I’m an old woman.”

“You’re not old. You are younger than Lyla and we are the same age.” She felt his hand on her back over her zip.

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

“Something wonderful!” Sameer replied in a hoarse whisper.

“But please Sameer, don’t do anything we shouldn’t.”

“What am I doing? It’s a little fun and this is the dream of my life, and above all I promise I won’t go any further if you tell me not to.” Sameena kept silent as Sameer quickly unzipped her qameez and pulled it up. She offered little resistance when he pulled up her bra to reveal her breasts and then turned her back around to face him.

“You’re so silky,” he remarked.

“You don’t like it?” she asked.

“No! No, Sameena, no,” he said. “It’s perfect, like the rest of you.” He placed a kiss just above her exposed mound.

“You’ve got a very pretty pair of breasts. Your breasts are beautiful!”

He said, staring at them as he mused, “I wonder why gravity has no effect on them.”

She don’t know but his expression satisfied her, and she smiled shyly for a moment.

“Your breasts certainly command respect, Sameena!” he said. “Why do they not sag? They’re too firm. I’m just curious – Lyla’s sag so much.”

“You say Lyla’s breast are sagging? she think they’re perfect, but you’re right. I have noticed that they have dropped a little after your last son was born,” she said.

“Sameena, I have to tell you have the finest breasts I’ve ever seen! They are so beautiful!”

“Thanks, Sameer! But does that mean you’ve seen a lot?”

“No! I’ve not seen so many.”

Then he ran his hands up and down her sides, over her breasts, massaging them. He turned her round to face him as he leant down to kiss her firm tummy, working his way up to her breasts which he encircled with his hands as he gently kissed first one, and then the other.

“Sameer we can’t, really.” she told him.

In one swift movement, Sameer grabbed her hand and put it on his hard and throbbing cock. It felt so different. She guess it had to be different in every way. He’d really got a big one, lyla is right, she thought! It felt like putting her hand onto a long, warm pole, so hot and hard. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She worked on him, her hand stroking the rest of his shaft, up and down for some time before she stopped.

She looked at him then, wide eyed and frightened. Still, she protested.

“Sameer, I can’t.”

“Sameena, do you want to stop this?”

“You want me to sleep with you.”

“The question is Sameena, do you want to sleep with me?”

“Well, I…”

“Of course you want to!”

“I don’t honestly know. I tell you honestly, I’ve never been with Anyone else but Salman.”

“Think of it? Just for excitement, we swap.”

“Are you serious?”

“Of course! I mean, we are both suffering and I know you like me and I’ve wanted to do you for years, it’s like well we’ve known each other forever. We’ve got this far. Let’s not waste the opportunity.”

“Okay,” she finally said. “But Look Sameer, if it’s what you want, then I’ll do it! But you have to do something…if you want this, we’ll do everything at night. But you would have to promise me not to tell Lyla or any one.” she demanded, staring intently into his eyes.

sameer raised his hand as if taking an oath and said, “I promise you that this will be our secret.”

“Ok! We’ll meet tonight.”

“Sameena,” he moaned, “I’m going crazy for you. Please, I’ve waited for it!”

“No, not now!” she said. “You’re going to have to wait until tonight!”

“Oh! But how can I wait?” he murmured in her ear, snuggling into the nape of her neck. “I don’t think I can another minute.”

“Since we’ve waited for years then we can wait a few more hours.”

Sameer grabbed me and pulled me to him. “Well then, tonight I’ll get my fantasy!”

“Oh, and what if I say no?” she chuckled.

“You can’t to do that, I know you have decided now my sweet heart.”

After that he left and went to work, promising that he would be come later night, and that she shouldn’t wait on him for dinner.

Sameena was getting restless, thinking about the close proximity to the man she had fantasized about for so long now made her a little horny and reckless.

She changed the sheets and made her bed neatly. Then she took a long shower and freshened herself, soaping every inch of her body thoroughly, paying particular attention to her breasts and vagina. While showering she toyed with her body and imagined how it might be. She came out of the shower and dried herself carefully, then selected a fresh shilwar qameez from her drawer.

Sameena walked over to the dresser and looked at herself in the mirror to make sure her outfit looked perfect. She removed the loop type earrings she had been wearing, combed her hair nice, she had deliberately kept it simple today. her make-up was subdued and plain. She gave herself one last look in the rear-view mirror before she left the room, biting her lip as she looked. Perfect, she thought.

To think of meeting with Sameer that night, alone, filled her with an excited nervousness that had never been part of her life before.

For all of her fear, for all of the anxiety, for all of her wanting to find a way out of this, there was a tingle deep in her belly. That tingle increased as she remembered the feeling of his bulge against her belly that afternoon. She was really anxious of cheating on her hubby. she was a good wife still and had always been a faithful wife to her husband.

Sameena was ready for sameer. Her mind was ready, her body was ready and her soul was ready. She was ready to be a very active participant and was going to give Sameer a night he wasn’t going to forget any time soon.

She kept a dim light on in the hall when the k**s went to bed and waited eagerly for him. Sameer arrived a little late and he crept quietly, not wanting to wake the k**s up, and in a husky whisper said, “Hey, Sameena!You there?”

“Sameer? Is that you? What’re you doing there?” Come on in.”

“Yes. It’s me. I didn’t mean to wake the k**s. I’m here.”

He came in, full of enthusiasm. She greeted him warmly and there was a short silence.

She felt like he could see everything in her mind as they looked at one another. she trembled. She felt her nipples tighten. She was ashamed of her body’s reaction it felt like a betrayal.

Sameena was terrified and nervous, like a deer in headlights. “Oh, Sameer. I’m afraid, I don’t know why” she averted her eyes as he looked at her.

“Don’t worry honey. You’ll be just fine. You shouldn’t be trembling like that.” He reached up and brushed a tear of doubt from her cheek, then hugged her. She squealed and nervously clutched his head to her chest.

“You look more beautiful than ever,” he whispered in her ear, putting his arm around her shoulder.

Sameena flushed red for a brief moment and smiled. She was finding it difficult to hide her excitement; “You’ve always wanted me and tonight your dream is happening!” She whispered in his ear. She was trying to catch her breath after smelling him so close again that day. His cologne was barely perceptible and it lingered in her nose.

Sameer kissed the top of her ear and squeezed her a little more before they went into the bedroom. She closed the door behind them and walked through the darkness. She turned on the light. He took her in his arms, hugging her tenderly while she buried her face in his broad chest.

“Look at me,” he whispered, “Look at me, Sameena.” she looked up into the ruggedly handsome face of their long time friend. “I want this, you want this, and we’ve waited so long, let’s make this night extra special.”

He gently caressed her face with his fingertips, allowing them to drag across her forehead, cheeks and moist, half open lips. She gently held his finger between her teeth as it slipped inside her mouth.

“I’ve been dreaming about getting you alone like this for years,” he said in a throaty voice before he pushed her against the wall. His hands tangled in her hair. Immobilized, She watched as his face came closer and closer. Thier lips met. He began with light pecks, occasionally taking her lower lip between him and sucking it gently. Then he placed his mouth fully onto her. His manly breath washed over her face and flooded her senses.

Sameena lips parted, allowing his tongue to enter her mouth. He introduced his tongue into her mouth for the second time that day. It was so different from Salman’s, warmer and moister. She kissed him back with just as much passion, hungrily wrapping her arms around his neck, melting into him.

He was giving her encouragement by gently rubbing her back. She felt his hand slide down her back to squeeze the flesh of her ass while he ground his stiff cock into her belly.

As sameer started to undress Sameena, she said, “Sameer, I’m so embarrassed!”

“Don’t be! It was too late; we’re on point of no return. See my bulge?” and within no time he pulled the zipper of her qameez down, lifted it off over her head and dropped it on the floor. She tried her best to cover her bra-covered breasts with her hands.

Then he pulled her shilwar string, pushed it over her hips and let it drop to the floor. “I feel so naked.” She said.

“You’re beautiful and I like you naked…that was my wet-dream!”

“You’ve seen me naked, now please let me switch off the light.”

She went and switched off the light and turned on the bathroom light; now only the light from there lit up the room, enough to see each other.

Now she gasped out loud and stood nervously in front of him in just her bra while she’d not wore any panties. sameena heart raced faster at the thought of him looking her like this. His hands ran across her breasts and cupped them firmly but tenderly. He broke away from her mouth and kissed down her neck to her chest. He cupped her breasts, pushing her bra down so that he could claim her nipples with his mouth. her breasts stood out proudly from her chest, courtesy of her routine exercises. Her breasts still sit high on her chest with little hint of sag.

He nuzzled her breasts, breathing in the unparalleled fragrance of warm, fresh skin, brushing his cheek against her firm nipples; he teased her nipples gently with his tongue. He licked his lips and immediately bent and put his mouth on her breast. He buried his nose into the soft white tissue of her breasts. He squeezed her breasts more tightly, bunching them together so that he could flick his tongue back and forth between them.

Sameena held him tightly, pushing his head into her bosom. He took her one nipple in his mouth he suckled it like a baby for what seemed like an eternity. She kept squirming as he continued to lick and bite her ripe breast and nipple. He sucked first one and then the other into his mouth. She was gasping as he sucking her nipples, stroking it roughly with his tongue. He kneaded her firm bottom and stroked the backs of her thighs. At that point, She was so consumed by passion that she became aware of her heart’s incessant pounding in her chest and found it difficult to fully breathe.

Sameena was now breathing heavily, and moaning with a pleading lilt. Again, covering her mouth with his, she let his hands roam all over her body. As she kissed him hungrily and started to pulled his shilwar string and pulled it with a single movement and his shilwar went down to his feet and his dick sprung out, hard as a rock. Ignoring the stringency of his cock for the moment, She began on the buttons of his qameez. They slipped out of their shoes, and then she wrapped her long slender fingers seductively around his hard cock and began to play with his cock and balls. Sameer sighed deeply as she began to work his large cock from the head down to the base, slowly massaging it.

He began to suck hungrily on her breasts. her pink nipples stood erect. He craned forwards and took her right nipple in his mouth, rolling it over with his tongue, gently nipping it and tugging at it; a soft moan escaped her throat. He turned his attention to her left nipple now, repeating the action, her grip on his dick tensed and she began to stroke it at a faster rate. His hand moved over her belly and reached down to her vagina, he rubbed for a while and then he thrust his finger deep into her vagina. She was soaking wet down there and his finger slipped in and out with ease as he began to finger fuck her hard and fast. T hey moved to the bed and Sameer helped her to sit before lying down beside her.

She said rather weakly, “Sameer, I’ve never done anything like this before, you know.”

“That’s Ok Sameena. I know it. I’ll take care of everything. Just lie back and enjoy!”

He lay her down on her back and knelt back to admire her. “Sameena,” he whispered, “you are so beautiful!”

Sameena felt pride and wanted more attention from Sameer. He started with her forehead and made his way down every inch of her body until he reached her feet. He took her leg in his hand, raised it to his mouth and started to lick her foot; he licked her sole and the pad right below her toes. He stuck his tongue in between her toe and the one next to it, running it in and out and back and forth. Then he took her toe in his mouth and began to suck it. She was truly enjoying and became proud, what he was doing to her foot. He sucked her toe into his mouth and manipulated it for a little while, then moved on to the next one in line. Once he had licked all of her toes, he replaced that foot with her other one, sticking her toe right in his mouth. She made soft little moaning sounds but caught herself as she was in heaven, because that was the ultimate sign of love one can have showed to her. He licked every inch of her body except her pussy. Now he started his moving from her feet upwards to her thighs and was kissing and licking all her legs and then he was on her pubic area.

sameer swallowed and let out a deep breath. “You’re so beautiful. I could eat you up,” he whispered as he kissed and licked her thighs near her pussy lips.

He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath. her heart was beating a mile a minute as he lowered his eyes, focusing on her pussy, which was almost in his face. She took several deep breaths. She wanted him and was lying there, waiting for him to take her.

“At last I’m going to eat you up,” he said, and dove on her like a dog coming upon a plate of gravy, licking the length of her pussy with his tongue. She screamed in lust and lifted her knees and crossed her ankles behind his head. He reached around and, while lapping from anus to clitoris, he squeezed her breasts with his hands, tugging and twisting her nipples. She felt like she was going to pass out. She closed her eyes, then took in and released a deep breath. Sameer’s mouth on her labia, and the way he sucked and licked them, sent a thrill of sexual joy over her body. She put her hands to the back of his head and held his face to her pussy. A shudder of pure eroticism filled her being. It felt so good to be loved. She braced the backs of her legs against the bed and twisted her hips, grinding her crotch against his mouth, feeling reckless and so damned sexual. His mouth on her pussy lips was driving her wild! She was scratching him, biting him. The feeling was so indescribable. she was so overcome with lust by this time that she could only croak,”Yes! “It’s the sweetest feeling I ever had! Please don’t stop!”

“Don’t worry Sameena, there’s better things to come!” he said.

She opened her legs, giving him greater access to her pussy. “Sameer, I’m going to cum in your mouth if you keep that up.” She humped his face to encourage him to explore her further, her pussy on fire with desire.

Sameena was surprised at the skill that he had shown at sucking and licking her. As she was so inexperienced and no one had licked her so she thought that he would also be inexperienced. But she became surprised at the level of his oral skills although she hadn’t had anything like this to compare it with. She cried rhythmically, louder and louder until suddenly, she froze, holding her breath. Every muscle stiffened as if she had turned to stone.

Sameena held this for quite a few seconds, then screamed, gulped in a big lungful of air, and again froze, holding her breath for a few seconds. Again she screamed and gulped and stiffened. During this, he moved his tongue to gently and slowly lick all over of her sex. After the third scream, she again began breathing in great ragged breaths. In her urgency, she spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him towards her. She ran her fingers through his hair, pushing him to her. She felt his hands on her back pulling her forward, urging her towards him. She cried out softly as his teeth grabbed at her clit as her fingers grasped his head, pulling him forcefully away from her sensitive areas and simply lay there spread-eagled, staring at the ceiling for a very long time. She made no move to cover up, but just lay there smiling. It felt so good, so damn good. She couldn’t believe this man was so skilled a lover. It felt so good, so good. She couldn’t believe this would be nice like this, as She’s never done this in her life.

“Stop it, Sameer, I need you now”

Sameer lifted his mouth from her pussy and looked up at her, a dazed, happy look on his face. He shook his head. “I never, ever, felt this way before.” He licked his lips, tasting anew her juices.

She licked her lips as she saw his erect cock. She was amazed that his cock was so hard and it throbbed out from his body, slapping against his belly, she couldn’t imagine that one can became so hard at the age Sameer was.

Sameena’s pussy quaked at the thought of filling her with that cock.

“You know too much about how to please a woman, Sameer.”

“You’re all wet, darling. Bet I know what you want?”

“I’m glad,” she gasped, “Get that marvelous tool inside me now.” Sameer positioned himself between her legs; He was now on top of her, holding his weight off her body with one arm while the other still held her.

She tried to looked down between their nude bodies; she saw his stiff cock, posed to ravish her. “I think it’s the time that I was dying for,” he said grinning down at her, and let his hard cock press against her pussy.

sameer rubbed up and down between her pussy lips, lubricating his cock with her juices, preparing to enter her. “Take it easy, Sameer. Your cock is twice bigger than your friend’s.” Sameer nodded.

sameer slowly teased the tip of his penis against the hood of her clitoris in a circular fashion. She let out soft moans of pleasure, pushing her pelvic region forward, begging him to enter her, wanting to take his cock in her pussy immediately, she couldn’t bear it much more and It seemed to take ages, her breathing coming in ragged short gasps. She put her hand down there and began to guide his dick towards her waiting pussy. Her wet and slippery pussy lips parted, surrounding the head of his cock without penetrating further.

As Sameer eased his huge length into her fleshy folds slowly, she screamed out. Without penetrating further, Sameer withdrew, a soft smacking noise announcing that thier flesh had parted.

“Oh, your pussy lips and my cock are kissing,” cooed Sameer, as he repeatedly pressed his cock into her folds, just parting her lips and then withdrawing, each withdrawal accompanied by the lewd smacking noise.

Lust having overcome her inhibitions she lustfully panted, “oh! Don’t tease me anymore Sameer please do it. Please, just do it.”

“Do what?”

“You know what!”

“But you didn’t want it.”

“Oh I always wanted it Sameer, Please Sameer, do it!”

“Tell me what you want?”

“You know! You know, what I want!” she said like a slut and not a married housewife. That day she realized just how hungry for his cock she really was.

“I don’t know, tell me. What you want?”

She reached for him with one of her hands and held his cock. She pushed the head against her opening.

“Do me, Sameer. Do me!” she whispered. Sameer pushed, sinking his cock into her pussy a little deeper and her body responded automatically by wrapping her legs around his waist, punching her hips up to get more penetration. He then entered her with a driving force that nearly made her scream. “Oh, Sameer! Do me as hard as you can, please!”

His girth stretched her and she yelled as he fully entered into her, unbelievably hard as he throbbed inside her causing her to moan all the while.

sameer put his hands all over her lower back, thighs and stomach, rubbing them ever so gently while he fucked her hard.

“Oh, Sameer, you’re so hard!” she sighed as he plunged into her.

“You’re too wet and hot.”

sameer slowly fucked her first and she rocked back and forth as he fucked her at a slow pace. She flexed her vagina around his cock, loving the feeling of being filled as she had never been filled before. She shook her head in wonder at why this not had happened before.

She was pushing up against him, hungry for the motion of his meat inside her. He kept his pace steady, staring at her face, bathing in the glow of how it looked as she gave herself to him.

Sameena locked her legs behind his, her feet softly massaging his calf muscles. He withdrew almost all the way and pushed back inside her again, repeating the rhythm and gathering a steady momentum. She licked her lips and kissed Sameer as they created a rhythm of thrust and withdrawal. She sighed as she kissed Sameer and he began to ram himself into her pussy, her soft moans were becoming slowly louder as she was feeling as though everyone in the world was asleep, and this man and she were allowed total privacy to explore thier primitive desires fully and without repercussion. He leaned forward and kissed her to make sure she wouldn’t alert the k**s sleeping other room, pounding his cock deep into her hot pussy, grunting his pleasure and telling her what a hot, wet cunt she’s got and it felt good and at that moment she could feel his balls, heavy with cum slap against her ass.

As her passion grew, her kisses became more frantic, moving from his lips she began planting tender, loving kisses all over his face, whispering in his ear, “do me, hard.” She moved her lips down to his chest and began kissing him there, her tongue rolling over his nipples. She was trying to control her volume, but not doing very well. She locked her legs harder around him and forced him deeper.

He squeezed her buttocks together as He increased his rhythm now, moving in and out more quickly, thrusting hard. He fucked her harder and harder, his cock flying in and out at a lightening speed, his balls pressing her ass crack wildly. He began to thrust more insistently against her as he bent his head to take a nipple between his teeth and flick it with his tongue. She felt as if electric shocks had passed through her and I began to thrust her hips in a perfect give and take with him. Now he started going at it like a jackhammer; fast and furious, a good hard fuck. In and out of her pussy. Each thrust was harder and deeper than the last and now her body was being forced to slide up and down the bed with the force of his thrusting. her breasts were swaying with each deep penetration.

Sameena never knew a person could move so fast and to add to the sensations he was drawing it in and out about a few inches with each stroke. That was making the head of his cock plunge against her womb each time he slammed in. She began to arch her back with each thrust and actually tried to find something to hold onto. He was giving her the hottest fuck of her life. She didn’t want Sameer to stop fucking her so beautifully. Her head moved from side to side on the bed, occasionally meeting Sameer’s eyes, and his breathing was increasing dramatically.

After a while, now that they were fully re-acquainted with each another, he slowed the tempo down to get some full-length thrusts going. Hugged him and held tight with her legs wrapped around him as he lounged into her. Then started coming. “Oh Sameer!” cried as her pussy clamped his raging hard-on, “Oh Sameer! Love me! Love me!

He fucked her ragged for about half an hour and reckon must have had at least three big orgasms in that time.

“Tell me you are mine,” he roughly whispered. looked back at him and answered in gasps. “I am yours forever, you made me darling! I never ever sought pleasure like this in her life. I never thought I would feel like this. Fill me. Take me. Plunge into me, Sameer.”

With those words he thrust into her hard and deep, fucking her now with full, powerful thrusts and her whole body jerked under his thrusts, her breasts bouncing up and down. The bed creaked loudly as her sumptuous ass pounded the mattress.

He reached down and grasped her breasts, her nipples were massaged hard and squeezed as he looked up and groaned. “Take it! Take all of it. Oh Sameena, can you feel it spurting? It’s Cumming inside you. Feel it!”

“Cum in me, Sameer, come in me more than you cum in Lyla.”

Sameena felt his cock jerking in anticipation of the explosion of his cum and thrust herself upward, impaling herself on his instrument. Grinding her pussy against him, she felt herself explode with pleasure as his hot cum left his raging cock.

She reached her peak as he accomplished his own release. She came too with a long, lusty moan. She squeezed her pussy tight against his cock and squeezed his balls with her hand. He shot a huge stream of cum deep into her pussy, as she moaned and wailed with reckless abandon, her body thrashing wildly on the bed, her legs spread out to their maximum on either side, her feet twitching with every wave of pleasure that passed through her.

For her it was the most intense orgasm she had ever had, while Sameer shot time and time again. She thought he would never stop Cumming. Even after Cumming in her he wouldn’t stop for a long while, hammering away at her delicate pussy, making her crazy and making her cum again.

Eventually though, he did as her thrashing slowed down, and her orgasm subsided, his cock began to shrink to it’s normal size, his seed spent, they collapsed together, both breathing hard.

She wrapped her arms around him and her breasts crushed against his chest. They kissed. Hugged. Held each other. She kissed him intimately, whispering thanks in-between breaths. her pussy sent little tingling sensations of pleasure over Sameer’s cock as the last of the waves of pleasure from his orgasm subsided.

He kissed her tenderly, lovingly. “I have never experienced sex like this before. I feel as if I have died and gone to heaven. I don’t know if I can get enough of you.”

“Oh Sameer.” she whispered, “It was wonderful for me also, and, yes, you don’t know how much I’ve fantasized over you.” she thrust her hips upward in a fucking move, as Sameer’s cock was still snugly held deep inside her tingling pussy.

Sameer let his body sag against her. He kissed and licked at her neck, whispering in her ear, “you are wonderful. I’d miss you.” She was feeling a strong spurt both of their juices runs down the crack of her ass.

She hugged Sameer to her, squeezing his cock with her vagina. Her husband had not even satisfied her like this during their honeymoon.

They lay together on the bed; they kissed and cuddled like a true couple. She looked at him. His cock was soft now and lay flaccid and innocent between in his thighs.

They lay together on the bed; they kissed and cuddled like a true couple. She looked at him. His cock was soft now and lay flaccid and innocent between in his thighs.

Sameena’s hand was resting lightly on his cock, her breasts were pressed against his chest, and his arms were around her while their lips were almost touching. His cock lay up between his thighs, still slightly stiff from their recent lovemaking. Suddenly it twitched beneath her fingers.

“Oh, It looks like I’m going to have to take care of this thing again.” she gasped, watching it become hard again in minutes; “you still act like a young boy, Sameer,” She said.

What the hell you’re saying? Did you think me too old? Do you think you’re too old?”

“Yes! We are, but you don’t look it!”

He pressed a finger against her lips. “Shhhh,” he told her. “You’re also young, don’t think like this, you proved it, you’re a young and hot woman, I could eat you up.”

“You have made me a happy woman, Sameer. You make me so happy to be alive. I’m no longer that unhappy woman.”

“Sameena! You don’t know how much I’ve wanted you for years.”

“I know it now Sameer, and I’ve also been waiting a long time for a night like this. I’ve never been so ready for something in my life. I want to do everything with you and to you tonight Sameer. I want to feel every bone in yours in my body, especially this one,” She winked at him as she squeezed his cock. “Give me all that you got tonight and I promise, you’ll get all from me.”

He opened his mouth and placed it against her, tasting her tongue licking at his lips, then past our lips and into his mouth. her stiff nipples were pressed into his chest, his crotch glued to her.

His hands roamed her body, sending little sexual thrills to her brain as he caressed her back and firm ass cheeks. her stiff nipples and full breasts pressing into him became his next target. He moved his hands from her ass around her waist and up to her breasts.

She leaned forward and kissed his neck, then his ear, breathing heavily, she whispered, “Sameer, your hands are so exciting. I’m getting very turned on.”

Sameena admired him, especially the way his cock stood up against his flat belly. Sameer’s final target was between her thighs. He rubbed her mound, and then a finger ran up and down her pussy lips. She opened her legs as he slid his finger up and down her sensitive lips and then between them and into her grasping channel. He followed this finger with one more and finger-fucked her, his thumb rubbing against her clit.

She was breathing harder now, her hips moving in rhythm with Sameer’s fucking fingers. She licked her lips, “Sameer, you know too much about how to please a woman.”

“You are loving, talented and also know how to please your man, but my wife never admitted this.”

Sameena slowly climbed on top of him, her pussy pressed against his hard cock. “Do you mind if I’m on top this time?”

Sameer, almost too excited, told her, “you can fuck me any way you want.”

Then she got on her knees on top of him as he held her hands and she positioned her pussy over his stiff cock. She had her hips hovering just above the tip of his cock. She rocked, letting it rub the lips of her pussy up and down. And then, in one smooth motion with her hand around the base of his cock, she guided herself down on it, groaning with satisfaction. She dropped down with his cock going hard into her pussy. She paused and let out a breath, and then she pulled up slightly and inhaled as she lowered herself again, letting him go deeper in. Oh! Stars burst before her eyes as his cock rushed into her cunt.

How he spread her open as she settled downward. Her pussy stretched and his thick head pressed against her insides, touching sensitive nerves and making her gasp. She was so wet he groaned as he felt her pussy clamp around him. His hips bucking upward met her downward strokes.

She rose up quickly, closed her eyes tightly and took another deep breath. His hands stroked her waist, sometimes reaching back to touch her hip. She moved down again, ready for the stretching, the pleasure, the delight of his cock moving within her. She bit her lower lip as she vowed to take it all this time and let herself fall right onto him.

Sameer asked her, “Let me suck your breasts, Sameena. I just love it when I do that.”

“Yes why not? These are for you now my dear”

Sameena leaned forward; he opened his mouth and engulfed one nipple, pulling it in and out of his mouth. She moved up and down on his cock in sync with his sucking of her nipples and breasts. She was in heaven. She smiled at him, and then thrashed up and down on his cock as if she was a jockey riding a racehorse. She leaned forward against him, her breasts compressed onto his chest, tingling from the contact. He moved his hands up to stroke her back and kissed her mouth again. One hand moved behind her head and kept her pressed to that handsome face.

Then he started to move with her, arching his hips and sliding deep inside her. He pulled back slowly and she felt her muscles clinging to his cock, trying to keep it inside, but having it slide out nonetheless and causing her pussy to jump and spasm at the retreat.

Soon they were fucking like bunnies. He thrust upward, meeting her downward movements as they both worked to get his cock deeper into her pussy. She was screaming. He slowed down a bit since she was panting, but she pushed her body making him give it to her more. As he continued to rock her body with him, she was licking her lips. She slowed down and savored each stroke.

Sameena hand reached down between her legs and stroked her clit again. She closed her eyes and rocked back. She dipped her head down towards him as he moved his head up and their lips locked while their hands also locked. Their bodies were completely locked in with each other as she moved her hips all over him, riding on his cock to perfection. they continued to kiss with while she felt his cock get harder and harder every step of the way. He built up momentum, torturing her pussy until he was moving in and out of her like a blur and she was screaming constantly.

sameer held her tight, not letting her up as she felt another orgasm coming. She bucked her hips against his thrusts, trying to make it reach faster, trying to increase a pleasure that was already too much. Yet she wanted more.

sameer pumped faster, moving like a machine. She strained against him, letting out high-pitched sounds as her hips slapped against him. The pleasure was rising to a peak. The unbearable crescendo was approaching, stroke by rapid stroke. She bucked back on him, whipping her hips in time to his thrusts. She grabbed him tightly, buried her head in his shoulder and it hit her.

She let out a scream into his flesh then bit his shoulder as she smashed her hips hard against him one final time. He slammed his cock hard into her.

Something melted in her, his sperm-rushing forward, and she was suddenly wet all over, inside and out. The liquid drenched her, coating her. For the second time that night he filled her pussy with his sperm.

Sameena pressed herself to him, felt his sweat coat her breasts and her chest. She moaned into his neck, finishing her orgasm and hearing for the first time in a while his ragged breathing, his crying gasps. She collapsed on him, feeling his cock deep inside her, wanting it to stay there forever. They lay there a few minutes, catching their breath, holding each other.

After some time he rolled her over and his cock slipped out of her.

He lay beside her; It was almost 3 in the morning when they slept.

She don’t know when and who slept first. But they were deep asleep.Safe in the comfort of each other’s arms.

It was still dark when Sameena woke up: the first thing she thought about was if what occurred last night was a dream or reality. She never meant to cheat on her husband was feeling so guilty, and now, she just do not know what to do, when she did all, she shouldn’t have. She was so sad and so happy, how can she be both so sad and so happy about last night? How could she be sad that she cheated on her husband but was so happy that after so long she had a man who filled her up?

Sameer was still asleep on his side next to Sameena. She looked down at his face, calm with sleep, his smooth chest rising and falling with each breath, one arm slung across the pillow, the other across his body. She gazed at his body lying up against her own, trying to comprehend what had happened tonight. So forbidden, so secret was their lust for each other.

She didn’t want to disturb or wake him. Rolling onto her side, she braced herself on one elbow looking down at the man still asleep. Bending lower she pressed her lips to his forehead and feel the moist heat that is there.

Suddenly, his body rolled towards her and his arms engulf her, pulling her to him. Moving lower, she let her lips trail down between his eyes and along his nose until she reach the tip. Moving away slightly, she notice his face reaching up, his lips pouting slightly. She made her way to the full lips and felt them pursed against her fingertips. Moving her hand away, she moved closer, her lips brushed his. She felt his lips move under her as his arms crushed her to him.

She sank down onto the bed. One arm moved under his neck, the other slid around his waist. She felt his tongue pressing against her lips, begging entry. Moving her lips against his, she parted them and allowed this gentle invader to slide past. His body shifted and his weight felt welcoming as he pressed her down. Clutching at his back, she pulled him towards her, his lips crushed against mine. His hands ran the length of her body, and she shivered despite the heat. He ran his hand back up to her breast and soon, he began to knead her breast, his thumb flicking at the nipple, causing it to rise and greet him like an old friend.

Looking down, she saw him looking back up at her, and then watched as his lips surrounded her nipple, sucking it between his teeth. Gasping, she felt his tongue lash at the tender flesh. she ran her fingers through his hair, pulling him to her. She felt his hands on her back urging her forward, urging her towards him. She cried out softly as his teeth grabbed at the nipple, pulling it from her body as her fingers grasped his head. He lay between her legs as she wrapped them around his waist, pulling him towards her.

He took his cock in his hand and guided it to her pussy. She felt his need, his hardness pressing against her pussy. She knew they both wanted thier needs, they wants, they desires fulfilled. She moved her hips towards him, urging him to enter.

Sameena was too horny and wanted him right now, “Fuck me, Sameer,” she whispered urgently. “Shove your cock in my pussy, and fuck me. I want you so badly, right here, right now. Please, Sameer. Please fuck me.”

After a hard morning fuck, they lay there for some time and then she felt his body rise up and he rolled over her and laid next to her. She slid her hands behind his head and pulled him close to her, kissing him. Warm lips touched her and hungrily she opened her mouth wide and consumed his. He hugged her to him and she wrapped her arms around his back, enjoying the intimacy.

It was daylight: they’d fucked all night! She gathered her clothes, covering her body demurely, and crept out, shy and embarrassed, took a shower and changed in the bathroom. When he was going into the bathroom, she told him; “Sameer! Breakfast will be ready in few minutes,” and headed to the kitchen and fixed breakfast. He sat down at the kitchen table with her and they ate scrambled eggs, bread and tea without discussing anything. All the time her head was down and she was feeling too shy and ashamed. The guilt washed over her as she remembered how last night she had enjoyed Sameer, the best fuck she’d had in years, while her modest husband vainly tried to please her in bed.

After eating their fill, Sameer stood up and came behind her, bent over and wrapped both hands around her neck and kissed her on both cheeks. When Sameer looked her in the eye, her face was flushed red.

She told him to be careful, as it was time the k**s woke up and they may catch them.

“Ok! my sweet heart,” he said with a lecherous grin, “I’ll come at noon to meet you.”

“Why at noon” we’ll meet at night, I’ll be so busy at noon.”

“I can’t tell you why, but I’ll come.”

“I’ll see you then but if you don’t mind, leave now.”

“I don’t mind, but I want to be near you every time, anyway I should go now.”

Sameer went, thanking her again for last night and looking forward to noon. Before leaving, he hugged her and she gave him a lingering farewell kiss, and he slipped out before the k**s woke up.

She was in the kitchen when Sameer rang the doorbell at just after twelve.

“Oh Sameer, you really came!”

“Did you forget that I was coming?” he asked courteously.

“I didn’t think you could come so quickly. Come in.” she replied.

“But I have told you I would come.”

“I really didn’t think you would.” She was hot and sweaty, as she’d been cleaning the kitchen for about two hours while now she was cooking.

“I told you I would come, we won’t get a chance like this every day.”

“Come in.” she invited him in the kitchen and resumed cooking. He sat on a kitchen stool to watch while they talked, but after a while he stood up and caught her from behind.

“Sameer,” she hissed, “what are you doing? Let go of me, I’m all sweaty from work!” she protested.

“Don’t tell me that, your sweat smells sweet, like jasmine.”

“But we can’t do it in the kitchen.”

“Why not?” he drawled and pressed himself against her back pinning her to the counter. “You don’t want it?”

“We could go into the bedroom, Sameer, but not here!” She suggested and whispered to him.

He kissed her neck and cheeks and said, “no! I want it right here, right now” It was a command rather than a statement, and she understood. “Ok! As you wish, I surrender and give myself to you.”

He was grinding himself into her, smooching and caressing her. He was thrusting, ramming his cock against her ass through clothes. He turned her round and hugged her, pushing her to the wall. she could feel his cock prod her belly through his shilwar as he lean down and kissed her neck, nibbling her earlobes. His hand went under her shilwar and cupped her ass.

As her knees became weak she smiled at him before slowly, teasingly, she started to slowly open the string of her shilwar and pulled it slowly down over her hips. It slid from her hips and fell to the floor. He also opened his own shilwar and took her by the hand, leading her to the nearby stool where he sat and asked her to sit on his lap. She sat there, giggling at the feel of his cock touching the cleft of her ass. He was trying to enter her in this position but couldn’t.

He said; “We can’t just carry on like this. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s better, don’t mind me.”

She rose up little and sat in his lap sliding her legs over his. She raised herself up until she was right over his cock and then she watched his face as she took his cock in her hand and rubbed the head against her pussy lips.

He gritted his teeth to hold back, and then she adjusted her hips a bit so her pussy capped over his cock head. She let her weight down on him and thrust down with a small sigh as their bodies met. She rose up again and then down once more. She opened her eyes to watch his face as she slowly bent over him, placing her breasts against his face. He opened his mouth to take her nipple in his teeth and nipped gently as she moaned her approval. She began a steady up and down motion, fucking him slowly and deeply. He ravished her breasts as she fucked him. It was fantastic.

She was moving up and down like there was no tomorrow. She was crying and screaming like a mad wild woman.

“Sameer. It feels great to take you like this!” she screamed, her hand on the back of his shoulder. “Oh Sameer!” she managed to moan. “I didn’t know it would be like this…”

Sameena continued this for sometime until he took control by putting his hands on her hips and helping her movements, taking the weight off of her knees. He would lift her up and then lower her down on his cock. As he got into it, he began to raise himself up into her and then pull her down with him. Sameena felt her breathing increase and her pussy walls beginning to grip tighter. She knew she was close to an orgasm. He held her hips just above him and began to fuck her in earnest. He was slamming up into her again and again as she whimpered almost continuously. He went even faster and finally he pulled her down tightly against his cock as he pushed into her as far as he could go.


As he came so did she. For a long, luxurious moment they both just held on tight, letting the pleasure run its course. Then she collapsed on top of him and they lay that way in each other’s embrace for some time. They were both breathing hard, unable to speak for a while, but as they recovered, he said, “Sameena, was that not amazing?”

She opened her eyes and looked plaintively at him, trying to determine if she had done it properly and pleased him. He let her know with a deep kiss how well she had done. She put both arms around his neck and kissed him. He went back after that sensual fucking and one cup of tea saying, “Good. OK, Sameena, I’m going now, be ready for tonight.”

“Will you come for dinner?”

“I think I should.”

“Ok! I’ll fix dinner when you come.”

When he went back to work she finished cooking and clearing the dishes, then took a quick shower and went to bed for nap.Her pussy was literally dripping and throbbing the whole time she waited for him! She’d just finished having another hot shower to try when the doorbell rang. She went to answer the door and Sameer was there. When he saw her, he looked at her like she could be his next meal.

He gave a low whistle and said, “Very nice! Very nice indeed!!

She was so shocked and said, “don’t look at me like this, and be careful, the k**s are around!”

“Ok! Don’t worry, they’re k**s, I’m not!”

When Sameer came in she went to fix the dinner. Dinner went by quickly, After they ate, she asked the k**s to go to their room while Sameer and she sat talking for some time until he pretended that he was going and went to her bedroom. She went to the k**s’ room and checked that they were sleeping and then she went to her bedroom where Sameer was waiting for her.

When she came in, Sameer was sat up in bed. She sat down on his lap and put her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, “noon was really fantastic.”

“But you were not willing.”

“I was the fool, I enjoyed that very much.”

They got undressed and lay down side-by-side and Sameer started kissing her again tenderly. He began fondling her creamer breasts, massaging them gently. She responded with a low moan as he continued to build up her excitement, teasing her nipples, making circles around them without touching them, moving in slowly, ever decreasing circles, until finally his mouth opened wide and he took first one nipple, then the other, into his mouth.

His tongue heated them up, and then he drew back and blew on them, cooling them before sucking them once more. His hands pushed her breasts together, enabling him to take both nipples into his mouth at once. She groaned, her back arching to push her breasts closer to him. Her body squirmed under him, her legs opened wider, and she could feel his hard cock gently brushing against her, leaving a trail of pre-cum on her skin. The ache spread, and she moaned once more. “Fuck me, Sameer. “Do it! Do me now! I’m yours to do with as you please.”

He looked her in the eye and said, “get on your knees Sameena.”

Without another word, she knelt with her ass up high. Sameer was just behind her. He bent and picked her up, spun her around so her ass was facing him. He showered kisses across her buttocks, nuzzling his face into her ass cleft. She was a bit surprised and excited when she felt his mouth licking her from the bottom of her pussy right up and over her ass. He stabbed his wet warm tongue deep inside her. He started to lick her asshole and she told him; “do not lick there, it’s dirty.”

“Don’t say that, you don’t know this is a place of perfect pleasure?”

Sameena wanted to push back to get more, but she held perfectly still, enjoying the sensation.

He fell to his knees and guided the head of his cock to her pussy. His cock found the hole, her pussy lips flared out, welcoming him into her. He slowly wedged the head in, and then shoved forwards.

Sameena’ took deep breaths and moaned long and loud.

He grasped her hips and withdrew slowly, then penetrated her completely once again, taking one of her breasts in his hands, squeezing and pulling her onto him as he thrust into her deeply. Now he quickened his pace and his hips and lower abdomen began making a deep, slapping sound. Then he pulled her up by the waist, bringing her to a position from where his cock could assault her better, long hard thrusts. Then leaning forward he grabbed both her breasts and began to squeeze them real hard, pinching the nipples.

She loved the way he was fucking her; he was pulling his cock out with just the head in place, and then forcing it all the way to the bottom.

He then spat in her ass hole and she felt his finger press against her anus.

“Do you like it here?”

“Maybe or Maybe not…”

Ever so slowly, he pushed his finger coated with his saliva slowly into her anus. His erection was half inside of her as he concentrated on this new exploration. Sameer slowly pushed his finger into her rectum, twisting his wrist until he was deep into her ass. She jumped as his thick finger bore into her anus. “Hey!”

Slowly he began finger fucking her ass and her pussy at the same time and soon she was rotating her hips with anticipation.

She had started to moan, and when his finger was in to the second knuckle, she began meeting his advancements with her bottom, rocking back into him then pulling away. Soon she was absorbing his finger and his cock together at once.

He fucked her this way for some minutes, hard and brutal then he pulled out his cock. “What are you doing, Sameer?” she asked impatiently, looking back into his eyes.

“Let me do some thing new, Sameena.”

He was rubbing his cock head up and down her slicked up area. She thought he was going to bury his cock in the usual place. But to her utter surprise, before she knew what was happening, he dribbled a large gob of spit between her cheeks and lined his throbbing cock up against the entrance of her smaller hole. He pushed the head past her ass muscles and slowly began try to fuck her there.

“Sameer! What are you doing?”

“I want to fuck your ass.”

Sameena’s eyes opened wide with fear. The thought of this fat cock shook her.

“No, not there, please, I’ve never done this before…never.” she was begging for him to stop while he started begging her to let him do her ass!

“There will be another time, Sameer. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Please let me do it,” he begged again. “Don’t worry I will be gentle and soft. You will enjoy it, I promise.”

“Sameer, do you really want to fuck my ass?”

“Yeah, Sameena, I do want to fuck you. I love your ass, and you know that. I’m fascinated with your ass, and your asshole. This is her fantasy and I’m a fanatic about it.”

“All right, so you really want to fuck my poor little butt. Since I love you, and since I want you to be happy with me, I’ll give you this one chance. You can fuck my ass now. I’m almost sure I won’t like it, but if I do, we can do it again. If not, you will never ask again for it?”

He had his hands on her hips, controlling her by her hips and guided his cock to her ass hole.

When his cock head entered it was like someone was tearing her apart, like a huge pole going up her ass. She screamed a mad scream as the pain shot through her body, and would have moved away if he had not held her..”Sameer please dont, its hurts too much!” Her screams did not make him stop; he was pushing his cock in her and adding some more his saliva as lubricant. She tried to move away and he tried to push forward and the length of his cock slid in to the hilt. He kept the pressure on and she felt herself losing it.

“Oh, Sameer, oh Sameer, oh Sameer, it hurts!” was all she said. But he was doing what he wanted. He held her thighs in a tight grip and just lifted her ass up, sinking into her being. her legs flopped, her arms flapped, her throat screamed as he continued to assault her anus.

Sameena howled with pain as Sameer penetrated her, and his cock was pushing further down her ass hole. Then, she actually felt a thrill run through her body knowing that he was buried within her ass.

Sameer began fucking her harder. “Awwuuuuuuaannnnnnnghieeee!”

She stiffened, as if to fight him off, but he was sinking deeper into her tight virgin ass.

“Don’t fight me, Sameena, this will only hurt a bit.”

He pushed as hard as he could, and his cock was inside now, to the hilt. She howled. Sameer reached down in front of her and grabbed her pendulous breasts, squeezing them hard. “Sameer, no!”

She was fighting to get away, but he started to ram her ass as deeply as he could. She could hear his balls slapping with her ass cheeks as he pummeled her from behind.

“I am not pulling out Sameena.” He kept this up and she finally realized she would have to submit to him this way. She started to cry and begged him to quit. But, he wasn’t having any of that. her crying turned into low groans and she actually started moving her ass around.

He buried all his cock in her at one time. She let out another scream and then went limp.

“Is it in all?”

“Yes! My sweet heart, it is in all, you can feel it.”

“Oh! I wish I could see,”

He pressed his tummy with her ass flesh and she could feel that all his cock was in her ass hole and that gave her relief that there is no more left to enter. She closed her eyes and relaxed, trying to catch her breath.

He slowly began to pump her. She moaned in pain at first and then the pleasure took over the pain as he kept adding more saliva, fucking her in long strokes.

He was steadily pounding her ass now and she was responding with some great ass moving action. She was really getting into it now. She started screaming, “fuck me Sameer, and fuck me hard.”

“Does it hurt now?” he asked.

“Yeah, it does… but don’t you dare stop, don’t…fucking… stop!” she said under her breath.

His dick was going in and out of her ass now, and after a few minutes, she was even pushing back at him. He started to pick up some speed when he noticed she was relaxed enough. His cock was deep inside her and his hard thighs were pressed firmly against the cheeks of her ass. His balls were nestled against her pussy and he slowly reached over her and let his hands cup her hanging breasts and his fingers slowly rolled her hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Than his hands slid down and rested atop her pussy. He was pressing on either side of it with two fingers forcing it to slide from within its sheath as his thumb stroked the exposed surface. At the same time he began to work his cock in and out. She went mad.

She begged him. “Oh do it, yeah… do me faster… do my ass faster!” She moaned into the pillow. He grabbed her ass and started pushing in and out quite quickly, and she was really getting into it. After a few minutes of fucking, she pushed her ass back every time he pushed into her, her moans now little yelps and screams.

“Do it… do it…yeah…that’s so good…I can’t believe it…fuck me harder, I need you.” She began to cry.

“I knew you wanted an ass fuck, but you couldn’t say, why?”

She said. “Sameer, I like you to fuck my ass.”

“Only me?”

“Yes! her ass is only for you. I don’t want anyone else to fuck me there.”

“Sameena, where do you want me cum?”

“Please Sameer, shoot you’re cum in my ass.”

He reached underneath and started to squeeze her breasts. This made her very hot and she really got vocal then.

“**** me with your big shaft, squirt your cum in me!”

He was fucking her ass hard now, pushing all the way in with one stroke and doing that over and over again. Suddenly she felt she was Cumming.

“Oh my Sameer, I’m Cumming, that’s so crazy, I’m Cumming!” She screamed into the pillow, he rammed his dick as hard as he could into her ass. She screamed and moaned and she knew she was just having the orgasm of a lifetime.

“Oh fuck… I’m squirting… I’m fucking squirting!” I screamed.

“Keep doing it, Sameer!” she moaned and her hand went between her legs and tickled his bollocks whenever he bounced against her. her lust peaking and falling, rising and falling till she think she passed out.

As she came her eyes became wide in an orgasm but and he was still hammering away. Then he came. As he burst inside her she could feel the throbbing cock spit hot lava in her ass.

She was getting into it now. She pushed back against his cock and he gave her all he had. He slammed one more time into her tight butt and then shot all his seed, like a raging volcano. It felt like he blew a gallon of cum into her ass!

Sameena could feel her ass muscles gulping, taking his hot love brew. It was a few minutes before he finally squirted his last bit of cum into her, then he collapsed on her body.

The room reeked of sex, and their bed was a mess, a large puddle had formed just underneath her pussy.

Finally when he slowly pulled out and she turned around to him, looking at him, he was as exhausted as she was. Sameena was too sore to even walk.

After she finished cleaning him with a towel she said, “Sameer, I wanted it but was feared it would hurt, but that was not so painful as I was thinking, I would like it again.”

Sameer stayed over the whole night that second time. Of course, they fucked like bunnies on those sleepless nights and in every position they could think of.

“Sameer! I wished we had a week instead of two days.”

“Yes, I love you, Sameena, and you know that is what you want me to do, isn’t it? thier first love, but it won’t be the last will it, Sameena. You tell me it won’t be their last!”

“No, Sameer, it won’t be our last time. It won’t be the last time we made love. You’re my first love, so that I love whenever you want me to.”

“But I wonder how we’ll manage it?”

“When a woman wants it, then she manages it in one of the legs of a pair of trousers!”

Since that time, they have become regular lovers. They used Sameer’s home or their house where they could manage. What a great life they have spent after that! Laying in each other’s arms whispering and giving of them to each other, body, mind and soul. They both were living like in heaven but luck turned its face as Sameer migrated to USA along with his family and business. Leaving her starved for his cock as she’d been addicted if his big and throbbing cock.

They both were living like in heaven but luck turned its face as Sameer migrated to USA along with his family and business. Leaving her starved for his cock as she’d been addicted if his big and throbbing cock.

Sameena missed Sameer’s loving so much it was hard to think of being with anyone else, but he had awakened such feelings of lust in her that she soon started looking for ways to satisfy herself. She dated several men and made love with all of them, but once they got tired of her, once they got what they wanted, they went looking for someone else and she was alone again, lonely and unsatisfied. So, for the past two years she could not make love in the normal way. her sexual urges were getting more and more powerful day by day, and as time went on, she got more and more obsessed, trying to find a lover to keep her sexually satisfied. She hadn’t hope on her husband as he never satisfied her in his youth and now he was too old, but couldn’t she was not too old but only in her early forties and still reasonably attractive, not slim like she once was but still better fleshed than fat. Her milky-white breasts now got little more flesh, and her wide but shapely bottom sways back and forth as she walk.

She couldn’t find any man of her age, even though she was desperately searching for someone to love her. The only males she ever came into frequent contact with were young boys and most of them were friends and schoolmates of her son Sajad. He had many friends, but his best friend was a boy named Juned; for the last ten years Juned and Sajad had been constant companions and he seemed to visit they house almost on a daily basis. They were always playing computer games either in their house or in his, as he lived less than a mile away.

The two boys had grown up together, and were now almost twenty. In the last year, she had noticed that Juned was growing like a beanstalk and was now almost six-foot tall. He was a young man now, with a well-developed body, starting to fill out nicely, though still rather slim. He had an athletic body and was a weight lifter and a good cricket player. Juned was not a typical teenager but a real physical specimen and seemed really cute, as well as being a good conversationalist. Due to Juned and her son best friendship, Juned and she had become very close; he developed the habit of calling her Aunty and they were able to talk to each other about anything.

Sameena obsession with Juned did not begin until one fateful day when he came from cricket to meet Sajad. He was not home yet but had told her to ask Juned to stay and wait for him. She told Juned that Sajad would be home soon and he wanted him to wait for him.

“OK, Aunty. Can I take a shower while I wait? I badly need to freshen up.”

“Of course, Juned,” she told him and off he went to the bathroom.

Some time later she was just passing by the bathroom then she heard a groan coming from inside. She went closer and found the door closed, but she peeped through the keyhole. her heart started racing when she saw Juned with his cock in his hand. It was fully erected and looked like a curved pole, his hand just able to encompass its thick circumference. A hot flash raced through her pussy as she focused on him and his big, thick and fully erect young cock as he masturbated. She gasped, and her mouth grew dry when she saw his erect cock spurting its creamy load of quicksilver. It was such an erotic sight: she couldn’t take her eyes off it, and she was instantly aroused, as a sweet shiver went through her pussy, she felt its wetness soaking her panties.

Sameena couldn’t stop herself from thinking about him when she went to bed that night. She was unable to sleep thinking about his big cock and his virile body. She now realized she was sexually attracted to Juned and she couldn’t sleep without masturbating herself to orgasm. It was a habit she had learned when she was in her teens and she’d seen her mother do it to her father’s cousin Zahid. Though she doesn’t do it regularly, the lack of sexual inactivity with her husband even before he went to jail caused her to masturbate more often, because there was no other way for herto release the heavy sexual tension she often felt.

She had often hugged Juned like he was her son, just like she hugged Sajad. One day she hugged Sajad and after that she moved to give her second son a hug. She wrapped him in her arms, and then she remembered the day she seen him in the bathroom, and this time it was not a maternal hug. She hugged him harder than before, and she noticed how good he felt, how good he smelled. He also wrapped his arms around her and when he pulled her closer to him, she felt so relaxed in his arms she allowed him to hold her for a long time.

After that day every time she saw him she was instantly aroused and every time she masturbated, it was Juned she fantasized about. When he was not looking, she would lustily gaze at him, just thinking about the big cock he had hiding under his clothes. Her thoughts were centered on Juned and she never missed an opportunity to rub her body against him so she could feel his body against her. Alas, he never took the hint and she was impressed by his careful manners and his attitude; he always behaved like a true gentleman.

She couldn’t stop herself from thinking how his cock was big, thick and hard and frequently fantasized about it as she masturbated. It always felt really good; Juned was always the object of her fantasy on these nights and her session ended always with a sweet wonderful orgasm. Juned had an enormously long cock for a boy of his age and she continued to fight her a****l-like urge for sexual satisfaction as her thoughts continually returned back to Juned and his cock.

Now Sameena often dreamed about Juned touching her, his hands massaging her neck, back, legs, and chest. She would place his hands on her body at every opportunity. She hugged him, pressing her body against him with great caution. Her nipples would grow hard; her cunt would flood at the thought of him and his cock. As time passed, her desire was increasing for his hot young cock, as she still remembered the size of his cock, a huge size for a young man. With his stamina, she was willing to bet he could fuck like a bull, hammering her hungry pussy. Juned would be the best fuck she could ever imagine as she masturbated, her pussy flooding more than ever. The truth is that she was completely obsessed by his cock, even though she had only seen it that one time.

Her mind was in turmoil, her physical desire toward him evident by her growing nipples and damp wetness between her legs, and yet, he was her son’s friend and she was so much older than he was. her thoughts began to run wild, “What can he see in me? I’m so much older than he is. She can’t compete with the girls of his own age.”

She needed time to think about these emotional and physical feelings that were surfacing. It had been two years since she had sex with anyone and thinking about Juned like this way was the odd sensation of being totally relaxed with him alarmed her. She needed time to contemplate this strong sexual attraction as her inner voice whispered caution, while her body screamed for release.

In the morning after showering she stood naked looking at her reflection in the full-length mirror, studying her middle-aged body. It certainly wasn’t perfect. She was pretty in an unusual way, pretty in the right light, the right clothes, the right make-up, but she knew that she didn’t possess that fresh, natural beauty anymore. She smiled as she looked at her full breasts, hanging like two small size melons. She gently touched her nipples and found them responding to her touch. She twisted them as she watched herself in the mirror. She bit her lower lip as her imagination grew about being in bed with him. She made up her mind and convinced herself that she had to have him between her legs, but she hadn’t figured out how to lure him into her bed.

“Well, just go with him, it might be fun,” a silent voice spoke in her mind.

Juned intent gaze had given her the feeling that he was peering directly into the very depths of her soul. She was trying to seduce him, but always remained within permissible limits. Although she started wondering if all the time and energy that she was spending on Juned was really worth it, her growing desire for Juned and her hunger for a sexual relationship with her son’s best friend were not diminishing. She did not have the courage to tell Juned what she was thinking and just wondered how she could ever tell him, how could she seduce her son’s friend? She needed a plan, but none caherto mind.

Suddenly everything happened very fast. It was a nice sunny day, not too warm but comfortable, when the doorbell rang. When Sameena answered it Juned was standing there, smiling. He stepped inside, and she leaned forward to kiss him on the cheeks, as she usually did when he came. This time she liked it more than before, and her breast stuck out and pushed against his chest. It wasn’t much, but was a pleasure. This time, instead of just kissing she put her lips on his cheek and left them there for longer than usual, not they normal kissed.

Juned looked her right in the eyes and gave her a wicked smile. He leaned forward and gave her a slow kiss on the lips. She smiled even more lasciviously and slowly licked her lips. “Coherin, Juned,” she managed to say in a husky voice.

They walked in to the front room and sat there on the sofa beside each other. they were alone at home, just talking. She asked him what he was doing, how he was finding college life and other small talk. Then she told him, “Juned, I’m tired and my feet are killing me.”

“Oh! Aunty, let me massage them for you!” he offered and without waiting for her answer immediately knelt on the floor in front of the sofa to rub her feet. He began massaging her foot with his strong hands, tentatively at first, because this was the first time he had touched her. It felt so nice because she had been longing for his touch for a long time. She wondered if he had read her thoughts, and sighed as she moved her leg further, plopping it in his lap.

“You’ve got nice feet,” he said.

She looked at him and said, “Thanks.” She jumped with excitement when he slid one of the legs of her shilwar up and began gently squeezing her flesh, giving her a pleasant warm glow inside. She felt warm and sensuous, and she began to think her dream was coming true, so she asked him, “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing this for you, Aunty. You told me you’re tired.”

“Thank you,” she said, with a shy smile.

“I can’t believe this is really happening,” Juned commented.

“What’s not to believe?” she asked, wondering what he was about to say.

“That I’m actually touching you and rubbing your feet,” he replied, giving her a strange look. He looked at her and she looked at him, and then they both laughed at the same time. Then he said rather nervously, “Aunty, I want to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know how to start.”

“What’s the problem, Juned? Do you need some money?”

“No, Aunty, I don’t need money. I want to tell you something.”

“OK,” and with a smile said, “tell me.”

He took a deep breath and said, “Aunty, I admire you so much. I think you are an incredible woman.”

She smiled and said, “Thank you, Juned! I like you too. You are a nice, handsome, young man.”

At this moment her heart was racing, and she knew that at this point she had to try. She was horny and hot and feeling an explosion of passion and lust. She decided that if she was going to get him this was the perfect time and she knew that this might be her only chance so she couldn’t afford to be shy; it was now or never. her heart began pounding and her palms started sweating. She couldn’t control it so she reached forward to take his hand in her, entwining her fingers with his.

Sameena heart began to pound in her chest like a hammer upon an anvil as she held hands with her son’s best friend, a boy who was much younger than her. Perhaps it was the warmth of his hand in her, or the way she carried herself with a natural and relaxed confidence, or was it nothing more than her sexual fascination with him? It was not like her at all to take the initiative in a situation like this but Juned’s age and projected innocence heightened her feelings. Her blood pounded in her ears as she tried to fight off the heat that began building in her loins. He was strong, handsome and sexy, but young and shy. She realized that he was as nervous as she was at this moment. He was looking down and was sweating.

She moved and leaned in even closer beside him and whispered quietly in his ear, “I like you very much, Juned, and I know you want me, don’t you?” She was licking her lips as he gazed in her direction.

He pressed against her as he said, “Aunty, you’re right. I do want you.”

She thought for a moment and then tried bluffing him, as she didn’t want to project herself as a horny woman to him, so she pushed him away, breathed deeply and stood up, telling him, “Juned, as I said, I’m tired. I’ll catch up with you some other time.”

She clearly saw the look of disappointment in his face as she got up to leave. She wanted him to stop but tried to disguise her emotions. He got up as well and stopped her by grabbing her hand and embracing her tightly, saying, “No, Aunty, don’t leave! Please, I beg you.”

“Juned, please don’t do it!” she managed to say.

“Please, aunty!”

She pushed him using all her strength, releasing her body from his clutch, and told him, “We’d cross the limit and I don’t want that.”

“Aunty, if you’re feeling like this, I’ll never come here again, but I want to confess to you that I love you, no matter what,” he began. “I know you’re the mother of my best friend but you are the center of my world and I never want to lose you. I have loved you all my life. I have admired you, because you’re beautiful. I don’t think I can get you out of my mind. Aunty, please tell me, you feel the same way?”

She had never expected such a confession from him. She nodded and whispered, “No, Juned! I didn’t mean it like that. I like you but I’m scared if some one saw us what they would say?” He didn’t know how badly she had wanted him for a long time.

“How could any one see us? You just don’t like me,” he said, bowing his head down with disappointment.

She placed her hands on his shoulders and turned him to face her as she lifted his chin to gaze into his eyes. She gently stroked his hair and caressed his forehead. “You mustn’t feel like this,” she spoke softly as her fingers continued to massage his forehead. “I love you too, but are you telling me you want to have sex with me?” She asked him.

“Yes, Aunty,” he whispered, trying to come closer to her and rub his body against her.

“We shouldn’t do it, but I would, because I want to have sex with you, too.”

“You do?” he said with wonderment in his tone.

“Yes, I do, but tell me, Juned, you’re my son’s best friend. How do you think he would feel about this? She feel as if she’s betraying her son.”

“Do you think this is wrong? I know that you’re my best friend’s mother, but I’m a grown man, and you’re a mature woman.”

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and hugged him, as he hugged her in return and his arms felt so good, so strong. They became engrossed in softly stroking and caressing each other. Her eyes were closed, and she was biting her bottom lip.

That was all the invitation he needed. He kissed her, softly, sweetly, hesitant at first and then she kissed him back.

“You smell so good,” he whispered pulling her tightly against him. she ran her fingers through his hair, affectionately palming the back of his head as he looked up into her eyes. They held each other’s gaze for a moment, and then she was pleasantly surprised when he leaned forward slightly, hesitating. He looked into her eyes then took her face into his hands and brought his lips to her. She parted her lips and kissed him just as she had been dreaming about for two years, and he slipped his tongue inside.

Their lips touched, and as they kissed she felt as though butterflies were dancing in her stomach. She kissed him and softly bit his lower lip with her teeth. Feeling the tip of his tongue on her lips, he pushed his tongue in to her lips and slowly her mouth opened. He tasted so sweet, and she held the kiss, sucking his lower lip, drawing his tongue into her mouth. Her body was trembling as they kissing continued, getting more and more passionate. She felt weak as he slowly raised his hands, cradling her head. Her breasts were crushed against his chest and his warm breath on her cheek instantly caused her to become aroused.

She could feel his cock growing hard as he was pushing it into her belly as they both exhaled throatily through they kiss, her hips grinding in a measured way into his as they embrace became more and more fevered. His hands slid slowly down her body and were roaming all over her body, until they reached her ass and she felt her heart racing as his hand gently explored her ass.

After some time she moved back a little so she could take his hands and place them on her breasts, one on each, and then she whispered to him, “Squeeze and pinch them, but be gentle at first. You can be rougher later.” He caressed and pinched her breasts through the fabric and then he slipped his hand inside her neckline. He grabbed one of her breasts harder and his fingers pinched her nipple so hard it hurt which set her cunt on fire. Her nipples were getting so hard and she could feel her pussy getting wet. Though she had kissed and made love with many men of her own age, Juned’s kisses and the feel of his body was the best she had ever known. She had never felt so horny, so turned on.

She spoke, almost in a daze. “I was planning to seduce you, you’re such a beautiful k**! But you knew we were going to do this, didn’t you, you little fucker!”

He took her in his arms and squeezed her tight while kissing her. “You teased me for so long, Aunty. Now we’ve got this far, you really don’t think I’m not going to lay you, do you?”

“No, I don’t really think that, Juned,” She replied, and after a pause went on, “But I’ll die if you don’t!” She held Juned’s hand and pulled him into her bedroom. When they got there she turned to face him and they began to kiss again. She reached her hand down and grabbed his cock through his shilwar and it was hard like steel. Something in her mind was screaming that it was wrong to do this with this young man but her body and hands had other ideas.

He was playing with her nipples, pinching them between his fingers, and because her nipples are the most sensitive part of her body it was taking her to a different level all together. Her cunt was on fire, but when he asked her remove her qameez she told him, “Not yet!” and she lowered the front, then slowly moved her hands to the back and started opening her bra clasps, until her bra hung loosely down. Juned pulled it away, releasing her breasts to his eager hands and mouth.

“Aunty, your breasts are gorgeous and prettier than I ever imagined,” he said, as he took in the sight of her naked breasts.

She blushed at his words while she stood in front of him bare breasted, but managed to say to him, “These are for you.” He bent his head down to kiss and lick her breasts, kissing first one, then the other, and then he tried to take one completely into his mouth and said, “Oh! How sweet and marvelous they feel in my mouth!”

“Suck them, Juned,” She pleaded as she pulled him a bit closer. He was treating her breasts like a k** with a candy in his mouth.

“The nipples, Juned, don’t forget the nipples!” she said breathlessly. He moved to kiss first one, then the other and then sucked gently on them.

“Use your tongue, Juned, your tongue!” She urged him again breathlessly. He started sucking her nipples, while at the same time using his tongue to bathe her nipples, first one then the other. He was expertly giving attention to both her breasts, taking one in his mouth while using his fingers to massage the other.

Her body was shuddering and rocking, holding his head gently with her breast, as he sucked on them, licking them, then playfully biting them. “Bite them, aah, that’s it, harder, harder!”

She stood there in a fog as he pawed, massaged, sucked, pinched and seemingly trying to experience her breasts in every way he could, like a starving man trying to stuff himself before his feast was taken away. He was sucking her nipples really hard and sometimes biting them. It felt so good, she could feel her pussy getting really wet and she really wanted to feel his cock inside her now. She was a little worried some one would interrupt them, but thinking about his hard cock made her forget about anything else. She took his hand and put it between her legs and he raised his head from her tits to look at her.

“Yes!” she whispered, “open it now!” He pulled her shilwar string, her shilwar went straight to her feet and she kicked it off.

She reached down to undo his shilwar and pushed it over his hips, and down his legs, kneeling to push them all the way down. When she looked up, his cock was pointing right at me. It was even bigger, hard and more beautiful than she remembered and she just sat there staring at it in disbelief! It was huge! It was so thick and the head was so big.

She hurriedly grabbed his cock in her hand and it looked so long and powerful in her petite hand; when she wrapped her hand around it, her thumb and middle finger could hardly reach around it. Looking at her hand wrapped around his shaft, her fingers looked tiny and as she gripped his cock at the base her hand only covered half its length. She stroked it lovingly, and he groaned as she stroked tentatively, as if it were the first time she had ever done this.

Until Juned had persuaded her to try, she had never had a cock in her mouth but now she really wanted to taste Juned’s. She moved over him, bent her head down and began licking just the tip of his cock as she stroked him. He merely groaned and shoved his hips at her, begging silently for her to take it into her mouth. She opened her mouth and engulfed him in her mouth; she began moving her mouth up and down that thick shaft of his. It felt so good that she just kept fucking that big dick in and out of her mouth. He started pushing his hips towards her and she could feel his dick throbbing in her mouth; she could feel his hands on her head and then he was pulling at her hair moving her head up and down faster over his cock. He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair. She looked up at him and smiled inwardly, seeing the sheer pleasure on his face.

Then he said, “Aunty, I want to put it in your pussy!” her pussy was itching badly and she knew she just had to have his cock inside her.

“Oh, come on then! Do it, Juned, do it for you’re your friend’s mother!” she moaned. “I want it so much! Do it, do it, now! Fuck me, Juned, please put it inside me and fuck me now! Come on, oh, I can’t bear it any longer!”

She went over to the bed and as he followed her he tried to fold up the rear of her qameez. She looked over her shoulder at him and asked, “W-what are you doing?”

“I want to see your ass, Aunty. I want to see if it is as really as nice as it looks in your clothes.”

She smiled at him, and said, “No, Juned. That’s not for showing!”

“But I want to see all of you.”

“OK, later on you will see all of my body, but for now you’re just going to fuck me!” She said. “Come and fuck me long and hard with that lovely cock of yours!” As she said this she lay back on the bed, folded her knees up and spread her thighs wide, indicating that he should lie on top of her.

He lowered onto her, and she pulled him between her legs, where her wet and swollen pussy, was eagerly waiting for him. He moved the head of his cock around her clit and he rubbed his cock on her clit massaging it. The head of his cock was so close to the opening of her pussy that she couldn’t stand it any more. Although she was really wet she thought Juned’s cock was too thick to go in easily, so she moistened her fingers with her tongue and then placed her fingers into her pussy. She reached for him and held his cock with her other hand. She pushed the head against her opening, and he just buried his cock in her pussy, like a hot knife through butter. He looked down at the sight of his cock disappearing into her wet cunt until his balls were pressed firmly against her pussy lips. His cock was hot and hard like wood, and she could feel her cunt-stretching wide to accommodate Juned’s big long cock. It had been a long time since she had such a cock insideher and she let out a little cry of pain and pleasure. No one’s filled her after Sameer like this and Juned really filled her more than Sameer.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked, seeming genuinely concerned.

She shook her head, swallowed, and said breathlessly, “No.”

At first Juned moved slowly and then picked up the pace until he was pistoning in and out ofher really hard and fast, much too fast to make it last; she calmed him down and tried to convince him to slow down to make it last longer so they could enjoy the fuck so much longer. He didn’t follow her instructions but seemed very eager to pleaseher.

He went from zero to a hundred in a few strokes, slamming himself in to her with every stroke and she was swaying her body to keep up with the momentum of his pumping. His stomach was hitting her; his balls were slapping her ass. Every time he thrust she grunted and moaned. She pulled her legs wide and prodded him in to her even harder with her heels on her butt and thighs. His dick kept going while his eyes lustfully watched her breasts jumping like a pair of kittens.

They were fucking hard with no thought, just an a****l passion. After his first few full strokes she came almost immediately. “Oh yeah,” she moaned, “That’s better!” Juned had really great stamina, as she’d seen when he was masturbating, so it was no surprise when she came first.

“Aunty, your pussy’s really warm and tight!” he whispered in her ear.

“I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve had such a hard cock in me,” she managed to say between thrusts, looking up at his youthful face.” But you are really so hard and big and I don’t believe how deep your cock feels inside me.”

“This is for you, aunty,” he said, flexing his cock muscle as she squeezed her pussy around his cock and encouraged him to fuck me harder.

“And this is for you,” she replied, “I’ve never had anyone ever make me feel this way, Juned!” It didn’t seem strange hearing such words coming from her mouth, as she was never quite innocent or naive in bed with any man other than her husband and he never knew the real her.

“How does it feel to have my hard cock inside you?” Juned whispered in her ear while his dick was ramming her pussy like a hammer.

“So, so nice and sweet! It feels like I’m taking real cock in my life for the first time.” She reached her hands behind his head to hold his hair tightly, while he would reach down to her breasts every now and then to put them inside his mouth, alternating between each of them and sometimes biting them so hard that she screamed. She knew that she was absolutely under his control as she was flexing her body keeping pace with his hard pumping.

She was moaning and making a lot of noise, and though he was trying to keep her quiet by putting his lips over hers to drown out the noise, the bed was shaking as he just kept pounding his cock into her pussy. He was fuckingher like an a****l and she came over and over again. After each orgasm she could feel the next one building up, and after the third one she lost count.

He was pinching and squeezing her nipples between his fingers and thumbs and that felt really good. Her fingers gripped his back muscles; her legs pulled him closer, in an effort to completely melt into him. She wanted to be a part of this young man forever. She have good control of her pussy muscles, so she made her pussy ripple and massage his cock. Her juices were pouring out of her, making him slide easily in and out, in and out. Every time he thrust she grunted and moaned and saying, “Yes! That’s it, Juned, that’s it!” As they built up in speed and force she switched to “Do me!” as he pounded down onher. Finally, she started shouting, “Do me, you motherfucker! Give it to me! Use your cock, use it, make me yours!” in a long unending string of fragmented words.

her words turned Juned on even more and he grabbed her ass in his hands, pullingher up so that his cock rubbed directly against her clit and his cock head massaged deep inside her cunt. He was giving her deep thrusts that only a huge cock can do. She wanted him to hurt her with his cock; she’d never felt anything like it.

Suddenly he said, “Aunty, I’m going to cum, what should I do? May I cum in you?”

“Yes, Juned! Pour your hot juice into your Aunty’s cunt, I want it!” she moaned and began to thrust her hips up in time with his movement, rubbing her aching clit along his pelvic bone, feeling the most exquisite sensations. He was also pushing his cock deeper in her and just ground his hips back into her, rubbing his cock head against her cervix. It had paid off in a big way because he made her cum more times than her husband or any of her lovers had ever done in twenty years. This young man was a sex god by comparison with any of them.

Juned could hold off no longer, jetting stream after stream of hot cum into her pussy. When she felt him throbbing inside her and heard his cry it pushed her over the edge again and as he suckled her nipples one after the other, she came hard one more time around his cock, milking the last of his cum deep into her pussy.

When he finally finished spurting, he dropped his head down her chest and lay, panting on top ofher still with his cock insideher. She hugged him tightly, running her hands through the back of his hair and kissing him gently on the neck. He stayed insideher until his cock got totally soft and then pulled out. She pulled him down on top of her and kissed him repeatedly, holding him with her arms, legs and lips. Finally she eased her grip on him and he lay down beside her; she put one hand on his head and wrapped the other arm around his shoulders, running her fingers through his hair.

When her breathing got back to normal, she said earnestly, “Oh, Juned that was so unbelievably good.”

He replied, “Aunty, my dreams came true today. You are really one sexy woman.”

“Never before has a man made me feel so complete, Juned. I wish we’d done this a long time ago!” she said.

“So,” he asked her, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes. “Just how long have you been keeping these feelings for me inside you?”

She blushed, then looked down and said, “Since the day I saw you masturbating in the bathroom while you were waiting for Sajad.”

He looked surprised. “Really?”

“Yes. I remember it just like it was yesterday. I was amazed, and couldn’t stop staring at you, or actually,” she said, blushing a bit, “the size of your cock!”

He giggled and a few seconds passed before he asked, “So why didn’t you make a move? Why didn’t you ask me out or anything?”

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t have the guts. I was afraid that if I asked you, you might have lost any respect you might have had for me and I hadn’t wanted to set my self up for disappointment.”

He said, “I really wish you had, Aunty.”

“I think we just wasted time.” she took his cock in her hand that got hard as if by magic. “You’re already hard again!”

“You make me hard! I want more of you!”

“My pussy is almost raw, but I want to take care of you.”

“Then what are we waiting for?”

“I’ve always wanted to ride you, Juned.”

“Aunty, I want you, and you may do whatever you want with me.”

“OK, then, lay on your back for me , Juned.” She said and he turned over. She squatted on him, positioning herself so that her bare pussy was against his swollen cock as she held it in her hand. Holding it upright, she looked him right in the eyes as she started to ease herself down on to him, making him throw his head back in pleasure. His cock slipped into her wet pussy so easily and she started moving her hips slowly, so that the lips of her pussy were stroking his cock. She felt his cock become hard as steel in her pussy and moaned softly as she moved her hips back and forth. He thrust in time with her motion; she wanted to stay on top of him forever. She was riding on him and her breasts were dangling over his face.

He reached up for her breasts as she rode him, and rubbed them, massaged them, cupped them in his hands. He pulled her down far enough for him to lean up and suck each of her erect nipples, which had been dying to feel the heat of his tongue on them. As he did so, the tautness of his abdominal muscles senther over the edge, and she cried out in ecstasy. At the same time, he thrust deep inside of her and threw his head back, engulfed in the sensations of his own orgasm. He sucked her full nipples and played with her breasts like a starving k** and he rubbed her belly as she went up and down on him.

Her movements began speeding up, and she knew that she was reaching a second orgasm. She rode him faster and faster, biting her lips and crying every time his cock was buried deep inside her. They both panted hard and concentrated on giving each other pleasure. She went over her edge and cried out in ecstasy, the orgasm so intense it almost hurt. She felt cum pouring down her thighs and then he groaned as he finally released his load straight up her hungry cunt.

She held him and they kissed for a few more minutes. They suddenly realized that it was getting late and that Sajad would soon be home. They got dressed again, and then as he was leaving, he said, “Same time tomorrow, Aunty?”

She smiled and said, “Same time tomorrow, Juned!”

She held him and they kissed for a few more minutes. They suddenly realized that it was getting late and that Sajad would soon be home. They got dressed again, and then as he was leaving, he said, “Same time tomorrow, Aunty?”

She smiled and said, “Same time tomorrow, Juned!”

She felt a connection with Juned, which she had never felt with any of her lovers before, not even with her husband. She had an insatiable lust for sex, and he, especially for Juned who had been absolutely a stunner in bed. He had been pushy and aggressive in wanting her, he was forceful and she liked that. She had become a slave to her body’s desires and the longing that lived deep in her heart. She mainly thirsted after his full youth as he recovered after orgasms so quick, he quenched her thirst at least three times in one session. He was the answer to her prayers and Juned was gift from heaven to her. She wanted his hard young cock that never seemed to go soft. As her husband snored beside her, she had recalled all the episodes and decided that it could be ok as long as they were careful, even she didn’t care any one when Juned name came between.

After the first fuck of their lives, they became lovers in every sense even though they had to behave like the normal aunt and nephew that they were for the sake of the society. They never missed any opportunity to make love and be in each other’s arms. He became a demanding and exciting lover. During the passing of time she would encourage him to try different positions. But, still she was reluctant to go for anal although she had had anal sex so many times with her different lovers except her husband, who never asked for it. She didn’t want do it with him because she didn’t want him to think her a whore.

Juned had been requesting anal often and she told him that they would do it some time. He was very eager for it and would become angry at each new denial. He was becoming more demanding every day.

She didn’t know why, but what she did know was that she would let Juned have her ass; the most important thing in her life was to please this young boy, to do whatever he needed.

She couldn’t deny him any more so she decided that she would let him explore her just a little more, and would let him fuck her in her ass, if he had nerve to try it.

Once when he was expected, she went to take a bath and that day she decided that today she’d let him fuck her in her ass. Before his arrival, she wanted to prepare her little ass hole for his big cock. So she took the honey lotion from the dressing table and unscrewed the tube of lube. She squirted some of the lotion onto her hand and began applying it to her ass crack. She rubbed it on the hole of her ass and thus she lubricated her ass well. she inserted one of her fingers and started to slide it in and out. Then she slid her two fingers and prepared her ass for big cock. Her pussy ached at the thought. She fingered her clit, back and forth, remembering him fucking her, hard and deep. When he came she was in the kitchen waiting for him, he came directly to the kitchen and wrapped his arm around her. He moved his arms to enfold her, with both hands on her breasts. I didn’t move a bit, but she just leant her body back on him.

He held her from behind and was kissing her neck while massaging her breasts and pinched her nipples. He was kissing the back of her neck, moving his hard cock slowly in an out against the cheeks of her ares. He took one hand and rubbed it between her legs feeling her moisture dripping from her cunt. ” Why is my sweet aunty in the kitchen?” he asked her. “Just waiting for you, have you locked the door?” she replied to him. “Yes! I’ve locked it,”

“What are you thinking?” he asked her, pushing his bottom hip forward to her as she pressed his semi erected cock into her ass crack.

“Nothing more than about you,” she replied,

“What about me?” he asked. “You don’t know how I love you and I am scared, do you love me?” “Yes! Aunty I love you. I would marry you if we could,” he replied.

“Okay,” she said, pulling out of his arms and reached to the kitchen counter. “Let her prepare something for you.”

“No,” he said, grabbing her hand and pulling her into him and hugging her tightly, she also wrapped her arms around him. He kissed her checks, her neck, nibbled on her earlobe and said. “Stay like this aunty.”

She raised her eyes and looked at him, but just smiled, she thought about him, she was seriously in love with this young stud. “May I ask something?”

“What?” she asked.

“What you’re so lost in thought about.”

“I’m feeling that I am drowning in you, trusting you in ways I know I shouldn’t.”

“I also feel that I am in love with you, aunty, You are a beautiful woman, you know that and I told you I would marry you. ” he said holding her against him, cupping her breasts and then moving one hand down her belly, seeking the wetness between her thighs. “You’ve a more beautiful and tighter cunt than a young girl.”

“Thank you, alas, how I wish, we could marry.” she smiled, knowing he was not k**ding. Then her one hand slipped and reached to his cock she grabbed his cock and started to stroke it lightly. “Aunty, it really feels nice when you are stroking my cock, please a little faster, please and cup my balls.” He said kissing her. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” she said to him and they went. There they lay in bed in each other arms. Soon she opened his shilwar and he opened her shilwar. Now they were naked but not fully wearing their qameez.

She grabbed his throbbing cock in her hand and asked him jokingly what plans he had made for that day. “I want to enter you from your back door today.”

“You’ve never tried the back door thing? What, so you’ve never fucked anyone up the ass?” she asked, putting her arms around his neck and beginning to brush the back of his hair.

“Never, in my life,” he responded.

“Do you like Asses?”

“I like them but I love yours,”

His eyes were incredulous, and she could feel his mouth was watering.

“So when are you going to fuck me up the ass?”

“”Oh aunty you’re going to allow me to fuck that sweet ass of yours?” he asked her with disbelief.

“Yes! Juned, you wanted it,”

“Get on all fours. I feel like I am going to die and want it now.” He said.

“No! I want to see you when you fuck me in my ass. Let’s do it this way.” she had wanted to lie on her back and watch.

“No! I wanted to fuck you from behind with a full view of your full ass.” he indicated that he actually preferred dogie style; head down butt in the air.

“Ok! You tell me what you want. She just want to please you. “She lasciviously replied.

“Get on your knees.”

She turned over on her stomach and worked her knees up until her ass was in the air and her legs were spread, presenting her ass to him. “Do it now, fuck your aunt’s ass Juned.”

She heard his breath coming fast; he was so excited for this. He quickly settled on his knees between her legs. She could imagine the lust in his eyes. He leaned back to get a good view of her bottom. She reached both hands back, going down to the floor on her shoulders, and opened herself to him, using her fingers to spread her cheeks as wide as she could. She was waiting for his cock, but Juned had another idea in mind. He bent and I felt his breath on her thighs, he put his mouth in her ass checks and kissed all over, and then he started licking her ass crack. He was rimming her anal crinkle and fucking her dirty hole with his tongue, while fingering her clit.

The sensations made her weak and dazed with lust. He grabbed her hips to keep her from moving, licking her asshole. She was feeling much shame so she hide her face in her arms and said, “Juned, Please, don’t,” but she was feeling too much excitement and in her heart, she liked it. She didn’t want to but couldn’t help pushing her hips against his mouth.

He didn’t obey her but started using his tongue more eagerly now, back and forth over the soft crease. She felt his tongue stiffen, probing a little into her ass. “Stop it Juned now, please do something new,” She said to him.

He stopped and he spit onto her already wet and lubricated by lotion ass and squeezed it against her asshole.

She felt him adjusting his position behind her. He grabbed her hips and pressed his cock against her. She felt the tip of his cock brushing along the crack of her ass.

He spread her ass wide open, and slid the head of his cock into the opening of her ass; he eased forward and pushed gently. She had to consciously work at surrendering to the force of his cock, so she relaxed her muscles enough to make it easier for him to get it in. He increased the pressure and the head of his cock spread her asshole open. Slowly he slid his cock head in her tight ring of ass muscle.

“Its going in your ass, aunty,” he growled, his cock was pushing at her tightened hole.

“Just be gentle.” she told him.

He slid the length steadily inward, and he fully entered her with much pain. The pain was excruciating, but his prick had successfully gone in her ass. There had been much resistance and then her ass sucked greedily at his cock, the tip of his cock pressed into her sphincter and he pushed past the very edges, slipping into her anus with slow, deliberate pressure.

She became aware of him inside of her, plunging further and further into her depths. It was painful but she encouraged him as he went deeper into her ass.

“Feel that, aunty? That’s my cock in your ass. My entire cock!” she heard the pleasure in his voice.

“Yes! You’re in my ass, I feel it.” she replied with excitement.

He waited for a while and after some time His cock started up with a steady pace and kept it up. He had started gently, but then he began to hump her ass with a passion.

He grabbed her hips and thrust himself into her center, making her moan. He was slamming into her; she felt this huge cock deep inside her. His cock felt to her like a steel rod, coring her to a searing hot depth that went far deeper than her own belly. He pounded into her, harder and harder, his ball sack slapping her pussy as he rammed her as deep as he could go. The flesh around her asshole flower was opening as he pulled back, easing almost all the way out of her. She could feel the tip of him, the ridge that had felt a little painful, easing out, and then back in.

“Slowly. Please, do it slowly.”

He was moving very fast now, in and out of her ass.

“Oh, Aunty your ass is so tight around my cock, it feel’s better than anything I could think of or even dream about, It is a different experience for her. It is tight, hot and surprisingly flexible,” How does it feel to you?” he asked her with a smile. “So nice! So interesting, so amazing. “she replied with a little moan. “Did you want it?” she pressed back against him, feeling how hard he was inside of her. “Do you like fucking any ass or only my ass?”

“I like asses but I love your ass.” He said.

“Ok fuck your auntie’s ass, Juned; this is your Sameena auntie’s ass.”

“Tell me Sameena aunty, am I the first here?”

She told him “Yes, you’re the first”, although he was not.

He was groaning, driving harder against her, and she met his thrusts, rocking against him. He was pulling her back to him again and again. She loved the feel of him grinding into her, the sound of his grunts and moans. His lust, his pleasure, his excitement sent her soaring, and her fingers moved and reached over to her clit. Her fingers became wet and slick with her juices as she rubbed her clit.

“Oh, Juned! Fuck! Don’t stop! Fuck your Sameena auntie’s ass Hard,” she gasped.

Her hand reached back for his hip, wanting to shove him into her. Sensing her eagerness, he began, using all of his weight to drive into her, half-strokes, rubbing against that spot.

Such a wonderful full feeling! she loved it when his balls slapped against the front of her pussy.

His big hands began to rove over her hips, and then moved to her lower back and waist and eventually up to her shoulders. He was so slow and gentle and sensual, he was as an experienced boy now.

“Oh, fuck your Sameena auntie’s ass!”

He began thrusting his hips so hard that the sounds of his hips striking her ass echoed. His hands kneaded her breasts and then squeezed her hard nipples and finally his hand, which had been brutally fondling her breasts, pulled them away from her body, all things that were guaranteed to make her final crest to orgasm that much more intense.

His hands slipped down to her thighs and he inserted his fingers in her cunt and a thumb was rubbing her clitoris. She shot off like a canon. He was giving her pleasure in both of her holes.

He could hold back no longer and pushed into her one last time, with a grunt, before releasing his load like a canon deep inside her ass. He came so hard, and she felt the cock ejaculating round after round of sperm, filling her.

Her asshole, too, reacted. Her already tight butt clenched hard on his cock in time with her spasms, grabbing and relaxing, holding him deep in her, squeezing him like a cock-ring.

Such a wonderfully full feeling! She loved it when his balls slapped against of her pussy. She was looking back at him as he fucked her ass.

She groaned when he slid his cock out of her,she felt his semen was leaking from her and was dripping out of her ass at the tenderness of her flesh, and the aching hole he left when he went. He collapsed beside her, gasping for breath, looking at her through half-closed eyes. It took him somewhere, too, she thought. She didn’t know if it was the same place—but she knew she loved going there.

For a while she was really happy with her life with her virile young man taking care of her sexual needs, but she always knew that one day it would come to an end. Sure enough that day came when Juned broke the news that he had been admitted to Delhi University. He told her that he didn’t want to go, and that he wanted to stay with her. In all honesty she also wanted him to stay for her own selfish reasons, but she was not selfish enough to ruin his life, for he was still a young man and she couldn’t risk his future and her reputation in thier small town.

“How could you think of passing up a chance to get a degree that will make your life so much better?” She asked him. “Do you want to dig ditches for the rest of your life?”

“Don’t you understand I love you?” he pleaded with her.

“I love you too, but I won’t ever stand in your way.”

“I thought you would be happy I would not leave you but you seem almost mad at me,” he cried out.

They talked for hours and she finally convinced him that she didn’t want anyone but him, but for his sake she wanted him to go to university and that she would wait for him to return. That day they had sex non-stop for hours, doing everything to each other they had ever done until they could do no more.

The next day she learned from a neighbor that he had left early that morning for Delhi and she was shocked that he would leave so abruptly without even saying goodbye. She waited and waited to hear from him, but eventually she came to realize that he was gone from her life, leaving her alone once again. A few weeks later her husband came home from jail, but he was a broken man, and was of no use to her as a sexual partner, not that he ever had.

Soon her son also got admit ion in University, and left . Now she was alone at big house.

Soon her son also got admission in University, and left. Now she was alone at big house.

Sameena couldn’t control her sexual desires and started desperately looking for someone who could cool her off. she’d only gone a few months without sex but felt she’d go mad if she couldn’t get some relief soon. She checked out a lot of men and her milkman Khalid was one of them. As she started to look more closely at him she saw that he was very different than any other lover she had ever had and he began to look appealing and desirable. Although Khalid was an unruly man, dark and strong looking, she think she decided to go after him because she thought his body looked like he would be powerful enough to give her a long hard fuck. She found no one else as appealing and Khalid quickly became her best hope to become sexually satisfied. She started thinking more and more about it and soon she wanted to be with him more than anything.

Sameena began doing things to seduce him and to encourage him to make a move on her. At first she started talking to him and teasing him by giving him glimpses of her cleavage or her ass. She went so close to him that she could smell him, although the smell was not a perfume but his own manly smell, which she found to be sexually stimulating. When she came that close to him he always became nervous and she enjoyed seeing him so nervous.

One morning Khalid came early and she was alone in the house, as her husband had gone to his office. Sameena made up her mind to be even bolder than usual, so she went to the front door to collect the morning milk, knowing that Khalid was still there. Sameena opened the door and bent down to pick up the milk, making sure that in the process her full breasts spilled out to form a delectable cleavage. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Khalid was staring eagerly at her breasts, unable to take his eyes away from them.

She looked up into his face and saw the burning passion in his eyes, which sent shivers up her spine and a warm flood of juices flooded her already wet pussy. she’d had this happen before, but this time the gush of juices was different, as they flowed and flowed without a break. Sameena trembled before his strong gaze, and she was turning towards the house when she tripped over the doorstep, and stumbled, in the process ending up with both of her full, almost naked breasts in his hands. Khalid extended his strong arms towards her and tried to hold her. He held out both his palms and dragged her closer to him. After such a long time without being touched by a man, it felt reassuring to be held in the grip of such a strong man, and it sent her feminine defenses crashing down. He jerked her towards him in such a way that her breasts jiggled at his touch. She felt both his hands on both of her breasts and felt bolts of electricity shoot through her nipples as he pulled her upright. they just stood there, his hands still on her breasts and he made no effort to remove them. Sameena didn’t say a word but stood still, lost in the moment. Then Khalid’s hands began to kneading and slowly squeezing her breasts, bringing them to life and sending waves of pleasure flowing through her lust triggered body.

“What the hell you’re doing?” she asked, indignantly.

“Oh, mistress,I want to try milking them. don’t waste this juicy body,” he said very boldly and kissed her on her lips. His kiss was very different from other sensual slow kisses; it was hard and slightly brutal.

“Someone might see us,” she said to him breathlessly.

“No one can see us,” he said and pushed her inside the house. He closed the door and held her in a bear hug, his massive arms fully enveloping her body. He grabbed one of her tits and gave it a twist. “I’m going to fuck you right here and now, whether you like it or not, so you may as well not struggle because I’m not going to stop!” She couldn’t believe those words were coming out of his mouth and didn’t say a word, just standing silently as she could feel her breasts getting crushed against his broad chest. her excited body started giving in and she wiggled her hips, pushing towards him as if to hit his crotch. His hand reached towards the knot of her shilwar and at one single tug, he pulled the string and her shilwar came right off her hips, falling in a heap at her feet. She was shocked to see this for all her lovers had gone down on her dozens of times, in so many places, but no one had almost ripped her shilwar off in the process. Next he pulled the string of his own shilwar and quickly brought out his steel hard dick, which was now throbbing with as much anticipation as her pussy.

He forced her on her back on the carpet and without hesitation knelt between her thighs, which spread in automatic response because there was a part of her that wanted him to enter deep into her. He grabbed her legs by the calves, lifting them high and wide in his hands and thrust his cock right into her willing and wet pussy. In one single plunge he entered roughly deep into her cunt and she screamed in delight as his cock stretched her wet cunt walls which gave it a fully lubricated welcome. She shrieked in passion and cried out in lust as he began fucking her with long, deep, thrusts, rocking his lean hips steeply and swiftly to and fro, flexing and unflexing his taut buttocks. His cock slammed in and out of her cunt, glistening with juices, piercing deeply with each inward thrust.

Her body jerked back and forth on the floor and she gasped and cried out in a frenzy of joy, her fingers spread in tension, scrabbling at his arms, the floor or anything she could reach. He was stroking into her sloppy pussy with deliberate motions and her body throbbed with lust as her pussy started leaking its juice on the carpet. He pumped his cock into her incessantly and her cunt muscles started clasping his cock in greed, milking it to new heights of passion. His face was flushed and he was panting heavily, his nostrils flared, and his mouth open. Her cunt was unrelenting on his distended cock, and his body was tense and taut, veins popping in his neck and forehead, his muscles cording powerfully and his entire body glistened with sweat.

Sameena’s head rolled from side to side and sensing her pleasure, he squeezed her breasts hard, tugging at the nipples. His cock felt wonderful in her slit, long, heavy and hard, mashing her engorged clit as it passed to and fro across it, as it probed the deepest recesses of her cunt, stretching her cunt-lips to their fullest. In her ecstasy she gripped his buttocks, keeping him pinned inside her and began moving her hips deftly in gentle undulating circular motions. She was crying and sobbing out of sheer lust and joy, as he was pounding into her pussy roughly and crushing her body against his. His thrusts continued in a steady rhythm, with thier missionary style fucking enabling her to gaze at her milkman’s lust aroused, dark face. His hands now fully cupped her tits, massaging them roughly, squeezing and kneading the trembling orbs.

She was moving her hips easily and rhythmically in a steady up and down motion, her cunt a hot vortex that engulfed the throbbing mass of his cock-flesh, squeezing and contracting greedily on its thickness. Sameena screamed for him to fuck her harder and, driven him by her wanton behavior, Khalid thrust into her harder and faster, deeper and deeper into her ever-willing cunt, reaching depths that had not been reached in a long time. There was no talk between them, as their bodies mingled and their eyes met in the course of this searing union. His face got wilder and wilder, as if a caged tiger had been released. Every thrust carried her heated body to higher stages of yearning and she wanted him to pump harder and faster. His organ stroked deeper and deeper into her cunt, jerking her head from side to side. He was ramming his hard cock in and out of her cunt like a machine, and she gasped and moaned with every hard stroke Khalid slammed into her willing cunt. She was taking it all and moaning her lusty approval every time a thrust found its target. They fucked for fifteen long minutes and then the sheer novelty and passion of the situation overcame both of them. He reached his climax with a roar and she caught on, thrusting her hips to him greedily.

Sameena had needed a good fucking and he had given it to her and done it well. She could hardly believe this was happening after so much waiting, so much dreaming, so much longing, and those endless masturbation sessions alone in her bed. She could think of nothing but cock till he spurted his cum in several long spurts deep inside her cunt. He mashed her breasts in frenzy as he came and that brought her to another explosive climax as she absorbed every drop of his cum.

Like a true chauvinistic male he just released her hips with a grunt, let go of her feet, pulled his shrinking dick out of her pussy and quickly pulled on his shilwar, retying it before she could move. There she was, lying back, well fucked and she hadn’t even touched the cock that gave her so much joy. She looked at him and felt like a horny whore. He disappeared without one word of farewell, leaving her gasping in pleasure in that naked, well-ravished state and absolute wonder that she had cum twice in less than fifteen minutes. She lay there for a while almost in a state of shock, and then she slowly fingered herself, allowing the mixture of their juices in her pussy to spread all over her fingers.

She love the feel of her pussy when it is wet, and lying naked on the floor with a somewhat satisfied glow all over her body, she kept smiling to herself with her hand around her pussy mound, not caressing it but simply allowing it to lie where she loved to have it the most. The quick explosive fuck in the morning was a dream for any fourty year old woman like her. Eventually she rose slowly, with her sweaty braless qameez still open, but her shilwar was in her hands and she couldn’t decide whether to put it on or to clean herself up. Her thighs were sticky and some cum still settled wetly over her puffy pussy lips, as they had not yet begun to dry. She ran her fingers over her cunt lips and felt them tenderly. She scooped some of his cum out of her cunt with her fingers and brought them to her nose to smell the sexy aroma. She went into the bathroom and as she looked in the mirror she saw her hair was disheveled and her clothes wet with sweat. She took a bath to freshen herself up, but still she was left with the euphoric feeling that Khalid had left her with.

Next morning when Khalid came she went to collect the milk and he immediately grabbed her by her hips and pushed her back inside the house. She panicked and hissed at him to stop, pointing at the bedroom where her husband was still sleeping, but he had no intention of leaving. When he tried to open her shilwar, she whispered frantically to him that her husband was at home in their bedroom. Not giving a damn, he opened her shilwar and turned her around, opening his shilwar in the same motion. Strangely, she felt herself obeying him, while she was still gesticulating towards the bedroom door where her husband was sleeping. With strong and silent efficiency, he once again gripped her hips and shook her like a doll. The risk that she felt in the situation was already becoming overcome by her lust as she felt the heat of his rock hard cock pressed against her already naked ass. her body throbbed with lust and her pussy started dripping, as she wanted to feel that hard dick penetrate her depths again.

“Let’s go into the kitchen,” She whispered to him and as they went in there he wasted no time, bending her over the kitchen counter. She stood there lewdly with her legs parted on their own accord and he quickly reached behind her quivering ass. She wriggled her hips and pressed backwards as if to hit his crotch. She needed badly to get hard fuck and her obliging milkman began giving it to her. He had merely hiked her qameez flap up and placed his huge cock at the entrance of her slushy pussy and then thrust his dick right into her willing cunt. His hands held on to her by her full breasts, and immediately began pumping hard into her pussy. Her cunt muscles started greedily clasping his dick, milking it to new heights of passion.

Because of the risky situation, the sex was hurried and even more thrilling than the first time. Khalid started fucking her with hard, rapid strokes, wanting to please her as much as he could. He stroked in and out of her with deliberate thrusts, making sure he penetrated her as deeply as he could. As he ploughed, piston and rammed his huge cock in and out of her steamy twat, her body jerked and vibrated under his tremendous onslaught. He was simply ravaging her wet and willing cunt, and she began wailing and screaming very lowly and continued her high-pitched response to his speedy, hot strokes into her cunt.

Guttural sounds were coming from her mouth as Khalid fucked the hell out of her lusty, stacked body, every inch of her responding to his explosive fucking. His hands mauled her already sensitive breasts, but his grip on them was so firm that she felt her nipples might burst out of her soft and firm mounds. Sameena thrust her lush, hot ass back at his cock begging him with moans and urging him deeper with hoarse grunts. It was mating of the highest intensity and she was getting fucked like never before by the young milkman and with the knowledge that her husband was sleeping in thier bedroom just two rooms away from the kitchen. they didn’t care as they continued fucking intensely until she felt the first flood of her orgasm. Khalid noticed it too and keeping his searing rhythm timed his own release to coincide with her orgasmic spasms. He shot loads and loads of cum and she felt her whole insides being washed with his hot seed causing her pussy to continue to throb and clutch fiercely at his ejaculating cock for few more minutes. She had never known such a mind-blowing orgasm before, probably because she had never been fucked in such a risky situation before, nor had she been fucked this well by any one. Khalid slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy and this time seemed in no hurry to leave. As she glanced at the kitchen clock she saw that the whole horny encounter had taken less than fifteen minutes. Sameena asked Khalid to leave quickly as she was still worried that her husband would awaken soon.

After that day Khalid brought her milk for her coffee and cream for her cunt, and they fucked nearly every day for more than a year. Once he told her that he had fucked dozens of frustrated housewives just like her, sometimes two or three of them in the same day, and this turned her on so much that they had the wildest sex they had ever had that day. She thought this affair would go on for ever, but of course a man like that is always looking for fresh pussy and all too soon he lost interest in her.

After that day Khalid brought her milk for her coffee and cream for her cunt, and they fucked nearly every day for more than a year. Once he told her that he had fucked dozens of frustrated housewives just like her, sometimes two or three of them in the same day, and this turned her on so much that they had the wildest sex they had ever had that day. She thought this affair would go on forever, but of course a man like that is always looking for fresh pussy and all too soon he lost interest in her.

Alone again, she still needed an outlet for her sexual desires and it was only a few weeks later that she met Naveed, whose family had just moved into their neighborhood. He was looked near twenty, very cute, sexy with an innocent face and a strong body. His chest was broad and deeply cleaved, his belly hard and flat and he took good care of himself. He was clean-shaven with square jaws and his cheeks were sexily hollowed, with full, wide and sensual lips. His eyes were dark and deep-set under thick eyebrows and his hair was thick and dark.

She caught him a dozen times staring at her, and soon she started wishing that by some miracle she would be the one to take his virginity. She started to tease him and whenever he met her she gave him a chance to peep at her lush tits. He was unable to stop looking at her and she knew she had it in her power to seduce him. She wanted to fuck him, for Naveed was tall and athletic and she knew that he could make a woman very happy. She really enjoyed the sport of seducing him, hunting him, taking her time and drawing it out, savoring the exquisite torture of denial. It seemed like he wanted her, but she couldn’t quite be sure, for still he seemed quite shy with her. After teasing him for a long time, she decided to find out if Naveed was really interested, and an opportunity soon arose for her to find out.

There was a wedding ceremony at one of their neighbor’s houses and the whole neighborhood was invited. In today’s busy lifestyle such occasions are sometimes the only way to get together, and all the friends and neighbors were gathered there, laughing and teasing each other. It was quite crowded and noisy with people gossiping, fooling around and roaring with laughter.

Naveed was standing so close to her he could see the beginning of her cleavage, and being taller than her kept looking down where the necklace chain around her neck disappeared into the neck of her qameez, which was cut in a deep “V” that gave a generous view of her chest, the swell of her breasts squeezed together underneath it. Naveed was staring her so lovingly that she felt that he wanted to pull off her clothes, squeeze her breasts, and make passionate love to her. Was it her imagination, or could she really be that lucky?

Naveed went just behind her and due to the crush of the crowd he was forced to stand very close to her. When Naveed gave her ass a quick friendly squeeze she squealed and looked back in mock anger towards Naveed. He grinned and started squeezing her midriff from behind her in an absolute frenzy, but she couldn’t do anything because there were dozens of people around them and she didn’t want to let them know what Naveed was doing to her. Her silence seemed to encourage him to continue, but she was taken by surprise when he slowly pressed his hard cock up against the crack of her ass. Feeling his hardness between her ass cheeks started to drive her crazy and she gasped in growing lust at the wonderful feelings his hard dick up against her ass was stirring in her. She started to push her ass back against him instinctively, slightly rotating it, but with care, trying to make sure that no one could notice what they were doing.

Eventually, she looked back at him and whispered, “Naveed, please stop now. I don’t want to be doing this here. If you come to my house at noon tomorrow, I have something, I want to ask you, OK?” He nodded and eventually moved away from her, and she didn’t see him for the rest of the evening.

Next day he arrived exactly at noon and they sat there for a while, talking, sipping tea and flirting with each other. She was waiting for him to make a pass at her like he had in the crowd the previous evening, but he was not so bold today. She decided to force the issue, so she moved nearer to him and he leaned against her. Surprisingly she felt a gush of wetness in her pussy, just from him being so near to her and then she knew she had to have him. She put her hand high on his thigh and she looked deeply into his eyes, “Tell me, Naveed, do you have a girl friend?”

“No, I don’t,” Naveed replied.

“Why not?” she asked. “You’re very good looking, you know!”

“Because I don’t like girls.”

“Oh, I was just wondering why. You seem so sweet and you’re really special.”

Naveed looked down at her hand on his thigh and began to stammer. “Well, you see… I… I mean…I don’t like thin girls, but I like big women!”

“Oh, I see! So now you’re teasing me last night because I’m a big woman!” She laughed.

“Oh, no. You’re a perfect woman, don’t you know that?”

She leaned towards him and said, “No, I didn’t know. No one ever told me that.” Her lips found his and she could feel his body flow against her. Her arms were now full of his strong body and she thought to herself that it felt so heavenly. Naveed began to return her kiss with a great passion that she never expected from him, and as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him she could feel his chest against her. her hands started exploring his chest and shoulders and everywhere she touched was on fire and still their kiss went on. He also ran his hands up and down her back and he tried to pull her even closer to him. they shifted until his back was against the couch and she was leaning over him, and her weight pushing him into the back of the couch. He was trying to get her to sit on his lap so he pulled her down to sit on his lap facing her. “Oh, Naveed be careful! I’m a big woman to put all my weight on you! I don’t want to hurt you!” she said, laughingly while trying to not put her whole weight on him.

He grasped her shoulders and pulled her all the way down until her body pressed his cock between their bellies. “Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me. You are the most wonderful thing I can imagine and I want to feel you on me.”

“Oh Naveed, I shouldn’t take advantage of you but you’re so sweet that I can’t control myself,” I said. “I’ve wanted you since the day we met!”

He reached forward and rained a dozen small kisses on her face then began to laugh. “I’ve wanted to touch you and kiss you since the moment I saw you. You were bending over and you were so round and soft and everything I had ever dreamed of. You’re not taking advantage of me, I’m an adult and I want to make love to you! I want you, so will you please show me how to make you happy!”

She took his hands in her, dragged them over to her breasts, and showed him how to fondle them in his hands. Unhesitatingly she reached for her qameez flap, yanked it all the way up to her head along with her bra revealing her full breasts. He attacked them, grabbing both her tits in his hands and started kneading them. As he fondled them in a steady rhythm she moaned out loud, “Squeeze them, pinch the nipples!”

He reached out to grasp one breast and raised it to his mouth, taking her hard nipple in her mouth and sucking on it as if his life depended on it. He buried his entire face in her breasts, and then, gasping for air, he pulled back and changed sides, sucking on her other tit as he lightly pinched and pulled the other one. “Harder Naveed, suck and pull them harder,” She sighed and moaned as she squirmed on his thighs, thinking he could feel her wetness. She grabbed hold of his hair and pulled him even closer. She was bouncing and wiggling so much he wrapped his other arm around her waist to try to keep her on his lap as he bit and sucked and twisted her nipples. He had to bite her nipple to keep it in his mouth and this sent a thrill through her body and I began to rub herself harder and faster against his thighs, until she could stand it no longer.

“Come with me,” She said softly. “We can’t wait any longer, Naveed, come on!” They laughed and stumbled their way across the room until they reached her bedroom.

She led him over to the bed and pulled him down next to her. they lay there side by side and she couldn’t believe she had another young boy in her bed after so long. Her hand had been rubbing his tight stomach so she slid her fingers down his lower body and unknotted his shilwar, pulled it down and he gasped as her fingers curled around his cock. She began to lightly stroke his cock until it was hard as rock, and then straightened up to meet his lips for a long kiss, still jerking his cock tenderly. It throbbed and quivered as she pumped it gently, raking her fingernails up and down his shaft. She rolled over on her back and kissing him hungrily she drew his body over her, spreading her legs wide, bending her knees.

She was delighted when he told her, “Please show me what to do. I have never done it before.”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to teach you everything. Just do everything I tell you to do,” she murmured as she took his cock in her hand. “Let me guide it in for you.” She placed his cock on her pussy and she felt his dick head on her cunt lips. “There, go in there,” she said. “Can you feel the heat of my cunt now on your cock?”

“Yes, I can feel it.”

“Good! Push your cock into my cunt now!”

Naveed gasped and began to slowly lower himself down on her. Finally with a hard thrust his cock was all the way in her pussy, his weight was on her and she was in heaven. She moaned, arching her body under his, and her cunt rose to meet his dick and he gasped at its heat and tightness, and at its fierce convulsions on his cock. When she felt him fully inside her cunt, she told him, “Oh, Naveed, you don’t know how many times I’ve dreamed about this!”

He started fucking her at high speed, savaging her cunt, taking her brutally, ramming his cock in and out of her pussy so fast that she came in less than a minute.

She let out a long and shrill cry. “No, not like that!” she hissed sharply. “Don’t do it so fast, you’ll come too soon! You must fuck me slowly.”

She arched lazily and her hips began to writhe under his, churning her pussy around his cock. She wrapped her legs around his hips, so her cunt was impaled on his cock. The bed rocked and bounced as he fucked her, pounding furiously in and out of her pussy, his hips bobbing and bouncing in frenzy over her thighs. It felt so wonderful and she whimpered softly, caressing his body, stroking his powerful back and shoulders, clenching his buttocks, pulling him deep inside her. “Oh, yes, Naveed! Fuck me hard but slow! Get on your knees and grab my hips,” she instructed the teenager, murmuring her directions and gasping in pleasure as he obeyed. Her ass was so big that he didn’t have to lift on her hips at all to stay inside her while on his knees, so she lifted her legs up against his chest and he wrapped his arms around her fat soft thighs as he pounded into her wet pussy over and again. He felt very good to her as his cock was sweet and hard, his will was strong and his mind was firm. Her head jerked to one side, her chest heaving, her hips bucking, her face twisted in lust, her eyes screwed shut, her mouth torn open. Her cries rang in his ears, arousing him further.

He was now fucking her slowly. He was doing it right and that was really nice, so she told him, “Yes, just like that, slow and easy, it seems so much better.” she clamped him between her huge thighs and he forced his head and face deeper into her breasts continuing to lick there. He never stopped thrusting and that felt really sensual, she had never felt anything like that before in her life. He was pushing into her cunt, thrusting deeper and deeper, pulling and pinching her nipples. He couldn’t hold back for very long and his cock exploded, jetting its heavy load of cum inside her. When she felt him climax it pushed her over the edge for the third time. After he came, he collapsed on her and then she rolled him over and cuddled with him, whispering in his ear how she would let him do whatever he wanted. She took a small handkerchief and wiped her pussy with it and then wiped his cock.

She was really happy now that she had found her new fuck toy. Naveed became a demanding and exciting lover and could fuck her at length without coming. After that first time, they established a routine where he would come to her house every day at noon, and they would go straight to bed where he would fuck her unhurriedly for at least an hour.

What more could a buxom 52 years old woman want?

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